Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Research Scholars Academy Curriculum

The CBE Research Scholars Academy is a selective curriculum designed for those chemical engineering undergraduates who have demonstrated high accomplishment in their academic record and who show strong research potential. The objective is to provide these students with unique opportunities and support to follow a research plan culminating in significant contributions to the field of chemical engineering. Many graduates of the CBE Research Scholars Academy are anticipated to pursue advanced degrees in graduate school and professional schools.

The Research Scholars Academy consists of a three-year curriculum beginning in the sophomore year, and focuses on three areas of excellence: Research, Leadership, and Academics.

Application and Admission

The on-line application to the Research Scholars Academy can be found at this link. Students interested in the Research Scholars Academy should complete the online application in the spring semester of the first year, by May 9, 2016. On your application, you may put your future project advisor (if already matched) or your top choice if still in the selection process. Admissions decisions to the Research Scholars Academy will take into consideration successful placement into a research lab as well as Spring semester grades.

The School of Engineering Major Declaration deadline is April 8, 2016.

Admission to the CBE Research Scholars Academy requires securing a research position for the Sophomore year of study. While interested students are encouraged to select projects offered by CBE faculty, research in any STEM field is acceptable. Research position placement can be obtained through the Aresty Center (Summer Science, Research Assistant), Douglass Residential College (DELLC, Project Super), and the Louis Stokes Alliance (LSAMP).

Many CBE Research Scholars Academy scholars will secure their initial research positions through the Aresty Center, either through the Summer Science program or the Research Assistant (academic year) program. The deadline to apply for the Aresty Summer Science program is March 7, 2016. The deadline to apply for the Aresty Research Assistant program is April 7, 2016.


By developing depth in their field of research after three years, it is anticipated that CBE HA scholars will publish their results in peer-reviewed articles in scientific and engineering journals.

1. In their sophomore year, Research Scholars Academy scholars will participate in research and professional skills development through the Aresty Center, LSAMP, or Project SUPER. Through these programs, Research Scholars Academy scholars will be paired with faculty to conduct cutting edge research and attend research and professional skills development workshops. All scholars will present their work as a research poster at the CBE Undergraduate Research Day and at the university-wide Undergraduate Research Symposium in the spring.

2. CBE Research Scholars Academy juniors will take 6 credits of research with their research advisor (CBE Special Problems Research 491/492). Students will also participate in professional and research skills development workshops tailored for careers in chemical and biochemical engineering research and practice. Students will present their research to the department during the spring.

Before the end of the junior year, Academy members will apply for the James J. Slade Scholars Program for their senior year.

3. In the senior year, Academy members will participate in the James J. Slade Scholars Program by taking 6 additional credits of Special Problems Research (above the minimum credits required to graduate) and preparing a scholarly thesis. Students will present their research as a public seminar.

Research Scholars Academy scholars are encouraged to stay with one adviser for their three years of research if possible, but are not required to do so.  


CBE Research Scholars Academy scholars will gain leadership experience while serving the chemical and engineering community through participation in student organizations and peer learning and mentoring opportunities. Examples include taking officer positions in a student professional organization (see representative list here), or serving as Learning Assistants.


CBE Research Scholars Academy scholars are expected to maintain a minimum cumulative and departmental GPA of 3.5.

Additional Opportunities

Research Scholars Academy members will be given opportunities to travel to regional and national conferences to present their research to a wider audience.

Upon completion of the Thesis, Research Scholars Academy scholars will be nominated for membership in Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society, an honor reserved for those making written contributions to scientific and engineering research.

CBE Research Scholars Academy members will be well positioned to complete an accelerated B.S./M.S.


For more information on the CBE Research Scholars Academy, students should contact Professor Fuat Celik, CBE Research Scholars Academy Advisor,