UKU Junior Outdoor Nationals and Schools Championships 2017

TD & Contact

The tournament desk will be set up in the tent on the fields; here you will be able to see an updated copy of the schedule and results as well as hand in your game and spirit results.

TD:         Benji Heywood        07896 919900 

Please come to the Coaches/Captain’s meeting at 10:10am on Saturday morning

to collect any new information and a team game-disc.


The Pavilion, Moor Lane, Birmingham B6 7AA. There should be ample car parking on site.

NOTE: Do not bring dogs. Do not let parents bring dogs. No dogs.

Toilets and Changing rooms

There are a large number of changing rooms and toilets on the ground floor of the building.  Female changing/toilets will be clearly marked.

Eating and drinking.

There will be a tuck shop van on site selling cups of tea and snacks, but we do not expect to be able to provide full meals. No one ever buys much food anyway at these youth events – schools tend to bring their own. So bring your own!


There will be taps by the pavilion where players will be able to fill up their own water bottles. We are not able to provide water points out on the fields, so it is imperative that your players do bring their personal water bottles which can be refilled from taps before their games.


There will be bins placed around the field. Please use them. Please clear your rubbish when you finish a game. Thanks!

Score Reporting

At this tournament, we will be collecting game scores in person.  Someone will find you after the match and they will radio the score in to our tournament desk.

Spirit of the Game

For Junior Outdoor Nationals we’re using the standard UKU spirit scoring system. Please ask at the tournament desk if you have any queries.


Spirit scores will be entered through an online form, which can be found here: 

You should be able to access the form on your smartphone (or someone’s phone – some models seem to struggle more than others) and facilities will be available at the TD desk to input your scores if you can’t get it to work – but be aware there may be a queue for just one laptop there! Use your phone if you can.

Please enter scores as promptly as you are able – in particular, we expect to award a spirit trophy based on the results that have been entered before the presentation.

(If you end up, a week after the tournament, with the highest spirit – but someone else took the trophy – that’s hard luck I’m afraid. Take it up with the teams who submit late!)

In the Schools Championships we will be using a simpler system for awarding Spirit of the Game where we will ask each team to vote for a top 3 out of their opponents.

Accidents and Emergencies

We will have a first aid team on site for the duration of the tournament. They will be based at their ambulance which will be clearly visible – either on or very close to the fields.

The nearest A&E departments are:


The schedule and pitch maps will be made available separately to this pack. Each team will also be given a copy of both, upon checking in at the TD Desk on Saturday morning.

Games will start in both competitions at 10:30am on Saturday morning.   We are planning that the final of the Schools Championships will start at 4:00pm, and the final of the Juniors will finish around 4pm – and so we expect that awards ceremony will take place at approx 4:30pm.

The pitch map is below.

Conduct and player behaviour

Our sport and community has a great reputation with the venues that we use on a regular basis.  Please do your bit to help make sure it stays that way!  That means having respect for anyone and everyone else at the fields; respect for the venue itself; and showing great Spirit of the Game at all times – on and off the field.

And finally – a quick reminder about not taking discs that do not belong to you.  A disc that doesn’t belong to you must obviously belong to someone else!  So just leave it where it is and the owner will come and get it soon enough.


Discraft sponsor all UK Ultimate tournaments and are of course the suppliers for your team disc at this event.


We wish you the best of luck for the weekend and hope you have a great time.

Pitch map 2017.jpg

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