Use (hold) your shoes for almost the entire workout.TrainwithMarc logo.jpeg

1. Front shoulder raise (60 seconds)(shoes)

2. Front shoulder hold (60 seconds)(shoes)

3.Lateral shoulder raise (60 seconds)(shoes)

4.Lateral Shoulder hold (60 seconds)(shoes)

5.Arnold military press (60 seconds)(shoes)

6.Hands ups (60 seconds)(shoes)

7. Arm scissors (60 seconds)(shoes)

8. Push ups (20)

9. Good Mornings (20)(shoes): with arms across your chest, standing completely upright, legs about hip width apart, bend forward from your hips Bend as far as you can without breaking your form, and then go back to upright position.  Repeat.

10.        Straight arm squats (20)(shoes)

11.        Upright row (60 seconds)(shoes)

12.        Fast hands, Leg forward (60 seconds)(shoes)

13.        Curls (60 seconds)(shoes)

14.        Thruster (60 seconds)(shoes): you start with your forearms bent in so your hands are at your shoulders, palms facing shoulders. In one fluid motion you bend at the knees and then jump straight up. As you jump up you "thrust" your arms straight upwards so that your elbows are right next to your ears.

15. V-ups (10)(shoes)

16. Suitcase (60 seconds)

17. Figure 8 (60 seconds)(shoes)

18. Recliner (side to side) (60 seconds)

19. Straight leg fire hydrant (20)

20. Donkey whip (10)

21. Power T pushup (10)

22. Straight arm squats (20)(shoes)