1/27/2013 - Zu's Street View: Failed mugging at STM Station McGill (NSFW)

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Published on Jan 27, 2013

EDIT: Was cut short on a request by the STM to limit the showing of employees 1645H Central Time, 2/7/13.

A man got in an altercation with three individuals, with one knocking him with a single punch and profiting from the stunned victim to try to empty his pockets. Thankfully, a citizen was able to run after them and get the victim's belongings back. STM employees called for users to stop this by having more inspectors and monitoring of visuals to limit such acts.

REFERENCE A: (2008/SPVM) A reassuring presence in the metro

For more than 20 months now, the SPVM Division du réseau transport en commun has been accompanying Montrealers on their travels around the city and offering a reassuring presence to the users and employees of the STM network.

The officers of the Section métro de Montréal and the neighbourhood stations (PDQs) patrol the metro stations in the island of Montréal every day on foot. They rely on the support of the members of the canine unit and the task forces. When problems are identified, police visibility plans and intervention plans are quickly implemented, in cooperation with the PDQs and the regional Services à la communauté. Officers from the Section métro also respond to calls in the metro network.

Major prevention efforts have been focused enforcing laws and regulations and encouraging respectful behaviour among public transit users. In total, 1902 misdemeanours and Criminal Code infractions were reported inside and around Montréal metro stations in 2008. This is a drop of 8% compared to 2007.

The increase in police surveillance is an important factor behind this drop in crime. The stations most often patrolled by police officers posted the greatest decreases in their crime rate.

The public is reminded that the Info-Crime Montréal telephone line, 514 393-1133, is an effective way to share information anonymously and confidentially with the police. The line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

REFERENCE B: Montreal's Crime Stats 2006-2010


REFERENCE C: Crime and Justice Research Paper Series: Neighbourhood Characteristics and the Distribution of Crime on the Island of Montréal


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