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Student Progress Guidelines

Wisconsin Virtual School (WVS) recognizes that only through continuous communication can students be successful in an online course. Within each course the instructor can provide weekly minimum work requirements. It is essential that the student and instructor maintain regular contact through email.

To ensure that our students are aware of this commitment, the process outlined below is recommended:

WVS students acknowledge that during the first 28 days of being activated into their online course, they may drop the course without penalty or payment due to WVS. The student understands that for each online course there are a minimum number of assignments that must be completed each week. Failure to submit the minimum number of assignments on a weekly basis may result in removal from the course by WVS and the local school district and may result in a failing grade or incomplete being reported to the school district.

Wisconsin Virtual School Student Drop Policy

If you need to cancel a student’s course, request a course drop within 28 calendar days in Genius by going to the “Student” module, selecting the student, choose “Drop Request” from the left side navigation menu, then “Request New Drop.”   Choose the course and reason, then select “waiting_review.”  WVS will evaluate whether the request was within 28 calendar days and approve the drop.  Following this procedure ensures that the billing/refund information is correct at WVS.

A full refund (if already paid for) will be given if the drop request is received within the first 28 calendar days.  All drop requests received on the 29th calendar day and beyond will be billed for the full course fee.