Flatbush Avenue


"New Buildings," BRERIP v. 1, n. 35 (July 26, 1884), p. 3.

-903- Pacific st, s w cor Flatbush av, two two-story brick stores and dwellings, one 30x50, other 61x24, flat gravel roof, wooden cornices, owner Abraham Knox, 6th av cor Lincoln pl, architect M J Morrill, builder J M Brown $5,250 ea.

“New Buildings,” RERBG v. 56, n. 1445 (November 23, 1895), p. 751.

1914- Flatbush av, w s, 150 n 8th av, 2-sty brk bicycle academy, 50x177, steam heat; cost, $40,000; Rambler Bicycle Co, 350 Fulton st, Brooklyn; ar’ts, J B McElfatrick & Son; b’r, E Johnson, Brooklyn.

Fifth to Sixth Avenues

South Side


“Buildings. Projected. Brooklyn,” RERBG v. 18, n. 436 (July 22, 1876), p. 572:

Flatbush av, s. s., 157.10 w. Bergen st, one four-story brown stone store and tenement, 25x50; owner, P. H. Quinn, 174 St. James pl.; architect, Thos. F. Houghton.

[similar building through the block on Bergen]

192-194 Flatbush Avenue

"Building Intelligence; Brooklyn," AABN vol. 12, no. 354 (Oct. 7, 1882): p. 176.

– "Flatbush Ave., s s, cor. Dean St., four-st’y brick and stone stores and flats; cost, $9,000; owner, F. Darrigrand, 452 Dean St.; architect, F. E. Lockwood."

Buildings Projected, Kings County,” RERBG v. 30, n. 759 (September 30, 1882), p. 897:

928– Flatbush av, s s, cor Dean st, one four-story brick and brown stone stores and flats, 50 and 21.6x75.4, tin roof, wooden cornice; cost, $9,000; owner, F. Darrigrand, 452 Dean st; architect, F. E. Lockwood.

196-218 Flatbush Avenue

This row appears on the 1880 "Bromley" Brooklyn Atlas.

226-242 Flatbush Avenue

“Buildings Projected, Brooklyn, N.Y.,” RERBG v. 22, n. 544 (August 17, 1878), p. 691:

Flatbush av, w s, between 5th and 6th avs, eight four-story brown stone stores and tenements, 20x53 and 62, gravel roof and wood cornice; owners, D. and M. Chauncey, 209 Montague st; architect, G. L. Morse; builders, F. Kelly and Morris & Selover.

West Side Flatbush av, between 5th and 6th avs, eight 4-story brown stone stores and tenements; architect, G. L. Morse; builders, F. Kelly and Morris & Selover; M&B vol. 10, no 7 (July 1878): p. 152 ("Building Intelligence; Brooklyn, N.Y.").


The row appears on the 1880 "Bromley" Brooklyn Atlas.

Sixth Avenue to Seventh Avenue


“Buildings. Projected. Brooklyn,” RERBG v. 18, n. 437 (July 29, 1876), p. 586:

Flatbush av, cor Prospect pl, four three-story brown stone stores and tenements, 20x55; owners, Messrs. Hartt Bros.; architect, James H. Cornwell, Jr.; builders, Messrs. Morris & Selover and Francis J. Kelly.

270-276 Flatbush Avenue

These buildings appear on the 1880 "Bromley" Brooklyn Atlas.

280-286 Flatbush Avenue

These buildings appear on the 1880 "Bromley" Brooklyn Atlas.

Seventh Avenue to Eighth Avenue


"Building Intelligence; Miscellaneous; Brooklyn, N. Y.," AABN vol. 50, no. 1040 (Nov. 30, 1895): p. xvii.

– "Flatbush Ave., w s, 150' n 8th Ave., two-st’y brick bicycle academy, 50' x 177' 7", tin roof; $40,000; own., Rambler Bicycle Co., 350 Fulton St.; arch., J. B. McElfatrick & Son, New York City; bld., E. Johnson."

312-322 Flatbush Avenue

“Plans Filed for New Construction Work, Brooklyn, Stores, Offices, and Lofts,” RERBG May 25, 1912, p. 1128:

Flatbush av, Nos. 312-22, 2-sty brick stores and offices, 131.4x50, felt and shingle roof; cost, $40,000; owner, Plaza Amusement Co., 35 Nassau st; architect, Chas. Werner, 26 Court st. Plan No. 3182.

336 Flatbush Avenue

“Buildings Projected - Kings County,” RERBG October 10, 1891, p. 455:

1826- Flatbush av, s w cor Sterling pl, one five-story brk store and tenem’t, 25.6x66 and 80, tin roof, iron cornice; cost, $10,000; Peter Hart, 236 West 42d st, New York; ar’t, H. Vollveiler; b’r, not selected.

"Building Intelligence; Houses; Brooklyn, N. Y.," AABN vol. 34, no. 826 (Oct. 24, 1891): p. xvi.

– "Flatbush Ave., s w cor. Sterling Pl., five-st’y brick dwell., tin roof; cost, $10,000; owner, Peter Hart, 226 West Forty-second St., New York City; architect, H. Vollweiler, 483 Hart St."

DOB folder contains NB app 605, Sept. 4, 1891, for store & 5 families; owner, Peter Hart, 236 W. 42nd St., NY; architect, H. Vollveiler, 483 Hart St.; mason, not selected.

338 Flatbush Avenue

DOB folder contains 1912 NB app; owner, Andrew Baird; architect, Pasquale Fagliardi.

342 Flatbush Avenue

DOB folder contains NB app #1282(485), July 14, 1887, for a stable; owner, H. E. Begneliu/Bequelin, 56 8th Ave.; architect, F. Carles Merry, 150 B'way, N.Y.; mason, E. H. Smith, 99 Quincy St.; carpenter, M. C. Rush, 329 Franklin.

346-352 Flatbush Avenue

358 Flatbush Avenue

DOB folder contains NB app, August 16, 1911, for a garage; owner, Packard Motor Car Co., 61st St. & Bway, Manhattan; architect, Albert Kahn; carpenter, D. J. Ryan; mason, Industrial Eng. Co.

Flatbush Pavilion

Flatbush Pavilion

Park Slope, Brooklyn

ORIGINAL Built in 1912 by John Bunny, a silent-film star who was called Film’s First King of Comedy, it was known as the Bunny Theater until it closed in 1929. After a series of reincarnations — it has been called the Plaza Theater and the Plaza Twin — the Flatbush Pavilion opened in 2001 and ended its run as one of the oldest surviving movie theaters in the city when it closed in 2004.

-NY Times, Nov. 14, 2010, p. 10 ("Once Palaces, Now Chain Stores")