Peel District School Board

Turner Fenton Secondary School

Our Notes From Nov. 7, 2016  

Slides from the presentation on Feb. 22 2017

Warm Ups

Formative Assessment & Technology

Estimation180 - Collection of 180+ visual estimates. Great for starting class, or starting a topic.         

Visual patterns - Collection of visual patterns. You are to determine the number of “items” in the 43rd step.         

Would You Rather - Collection of WYR tasks. Visual prompts. - Which One Doesn’t Belong

SolveMeMobile - Visually solve equations

OpenMiddle - Challenging math problems worth solving

My Warm up File - adapted from Mary Bourassa

Knowledgehook Gameshow

Desmos &

Freshgrade - Capture student thinking - Online portfolio with a markbook.

Three Act & Problem Based Resources



Hands On Activities

Explain Everything (iPad)

Barbie Bungee

Clothesline Math


Bottle Flipping

Explain Everything app

Jon’s Explain Everything activities

Pentomino Puzzles for algebra

Percent Pile Up - for percent

Random Winner Game - game to play for a variety of topics

Parallel Lines - angles between parallel lines.

Extra Resources


Nix the Trix

Mathematical Mindsets

Making Number Talks Matter

What’s Math Got To Do With It?

13 Rules that Expire

5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions

Search Amazing Lessons

MTBOS Search Engine

5 Practices Blank Monitoring Sheet