Please follow these steps to create your student or parent portal account at

  1.  To start, please visit your son or daughter’s school to get your student’s Perm ID Number and Verification Code.  You will also need to know the Home Telephone Number on file with the school district.
  2. Go to
  3. Click “Create New Account” to get started.
  4. Choose either parent or student account.  Students and parents can have separate account, but they require different email addresses.
  5. Type your email address into the Email Address box and the Verify Email Address box.
  6. Choose a password and type it into the Choose Password and Retype Password boxes as shown in the example. Click “next.”
  7. You must confirm your email address before continuing.  Open your email to verify your account first.  In the email click “Confirm Current Email Address.”
  8. Go back to the Aeries page and click “next”.  Add your students.  Enter the Permanent ID Number, Verification Code and Home Telephone Number on file with the school district.  Click “next”.
  9. On the final page titled “step 5” click the circle next to your name.
  10. Go back to and sign in.