The Godfather of Morocco – draft 3

Restricted Dossier

Special Analysis


The Godfather of Morocco

by Naima Mouali, President

United Chambers of Commerce and Industry

First Edition  – 23 April 2013

Second edition – 10 September 2015

Total number of page : 160

To the attention of :

His Majesty King Mohammed VI

Kingdom of Morocco

e:   voice: 32 2 472 86 20 80    fax: 1 206-339-7486

Table of contents




The Real Economic Situation Of Morocco

The Face Of Misery In Morocco

What Is The Cause Of Misery ?

Has Morocco Someone Maneuvering In the Darkness ?

Morocco's Strategy, Product, Brand and Leadership

Which Sector Of The Moroccan Economy Is The Most Dynamic ?

Who Are Morocco's Customers ?

Where Are The Assets Of Morocco's Industry ?

Where Do The Earnings Go ?

The Factual Morocco -Belgium Partnership

Who Is The Commander Of Your Economy ?

How Colonization Is Imposed

The Godfather Works With A Plan

How He Works Out His Plan

The Impact Of The Godfather On Morocco

The Impact Of The Godfather On Belgium

The Impact Of The Godfather On The Rest Of The World

How I Know About The Drugs And Prostitution Mafia

Who Is The Godfather ?

How I Discovered Him

The Devil In Person

Where I Have Seen Him

He Pretends To Be Half-Moroccan By Marriage

He Pretends To Be Entitled Half Of Morocco

Be Prepared If He Pretends To Know Me

The Values Of Sidi André

Sidi André, The Master of The Moroccan Government

The Forcing Of Belgian Partners On The Moroccan Migrant Entrepreneurs

Sidi Moulay André, Babysitting The Moroccan Enterprises

The Hidden Agenda Of The Godfather

The Satanic Economic Policy Of The Godfather

Imposing The Boyfriend-Culture

His Satanic Legislation

How To Kick-start Legal Actions Against The Godfather

Sidi André The Magician

Futile and Fake Projects

The Typical Traits Of Suspicious Business Models

The Godfather Of The Moroccan Women  

A Business Model For Shrimps And Prostitutes

From The Factory To The Brothel

The Book Of Charges Against

The Godfather

André The Orchestrator

The Godfather's List Of Crimes Against Humanity

Aggressions On Me

He Directed A Manipulative Mob For The Survival Of His Folks Only

The BECI Was Ransacking My Sites

He Paid A Dentist To Disfigure Me

He Paid A Hairdresser To Damage My Scalp Repetitively

He Paid The Copyrights Organization To Deny My Creativity

Aggressions On The People In My Immediate Environment

Work For Us Or We Kill Your Niece

He Paid Others To Evict My Parents From Their Home

The Burning Of An Indian Investment To Prevent The Sponsoring For Me


Catering With The Fist

He Corrupted My Lawyers

Aggressions On The International Investors Related To My Projects


The Death Of A French Member Of The European Parliament


A Violation of Morocco's National Integrity


The Corruption Of The HLM Kids In France To Loot The QIA


The Corruption Of Muna AbuSulayman In Saudi Arabia

Manufacturing Legal Trouble For Prince Nayef Of Saudi Arabia

Attempts To Loot The Islamic Development Bank

The Concoction Of The Zionist Conspiracy Against The Muslims


Facebook Versus S-ME


Groupon and Lyoness Cashback Versus CENEBP


Codage Versus Anaccell

Aggressions On The Belgian Civil Society And Companies

The Revenues Of Belgium

Where Belgium Finds The Liquidity For Running Her Economy

The Exorbitant Country Taxes And The Interests Are The First Sources

Human Trafficking and Criminality Is The Second Source

The Corruption And Embezzlement Are The Third Sources

One Sample Case : The Advanced Status

The Exports Of Ammunition Is The Fourth Source

The World Bank (and the like) Is The Fifth Source

The European Funds Are The Sixth Source

The Ratio Of Revenues For Belgium

What If The International Conditions Change ?

The Grand Conclusion

On How To Catch A Son Of A Bitch

On What To Expect After He Is Captured


Annexe I           The Central American Coffee Pest

The Lavazza Boycott

The Take-over Of The Lavazza Group By The Campesinos

Annexe II          Help ! My niece Is In Danger

The Plan To Return My Niece To Rabat Or To Taïf

Annexe III        

The Death of An MEP

Annexe IV        

Discovering Lavazza Innovation Center

Annexe V          

In Memoriam Ron Brown

Annexe VI          

Is Miss Legsaï  Your Investment ?

Annexe VII        

The Dentist Who Wants to Destroy My Smile

Annexe VIII      

Torture At The Beauty Parlor

Annexe IX          

There Are No Human Rights Without Capitalism

Annexe X          

My Parents Got Punished For My Choices


Your Majesty,

I will be using the word “you” very often in this dossier.   Please understand that I don't mean you personally.   I am addressing myself to the Moroccan government in general.   Know that I mean to remind our government of their responsibility in order to bring the country back on track.   I am counting on your comprehension should  my words sound to you like criticism.   I only mean to open your eyes.

This analysis proved to be the most challenging I have ever done in my life, because there is something that I discovered which you need to know urgently.   My understanding of the real economic situation of Morocco began to develop right when I was on the verge of giving it all up.   It is because despite the many previous letters and reports, you are simply not waking up.    I guess, if you didn't get the point with all the other reports before, you will get it this time.  

What discourages me most is the thought of being laughed at for writing another report because I want to create a job in your country and it takes me one decade to do it.  I imagine they say with laughter,“she thinks she is better than the Belgians... She said she wants investments and her own chamber of commerce... kkkkkk”.   The Moroccans are very much like this, aren't they ?   They think that the jobs that Belgium brings are better.   It's because they are slaves, and that is what this report is all about.  I don't know if after reading these pages, anyone in your government will ever laugh again.

I also am disheartened having to write everything down, and this could get me in trouble some day.   There are disagreeable things that are better told orally.   I have no other choice but to write.  This time you will be irritated, but it is to help you see extremely dangerous things that are happening in your country... and I don't even live there.   It concerns dirty money.  

You will regret not having taken any radical actions earlier against Belgium.   You will also regret not involving me in any investigation related to my projects, locally in Morocco, because something very serious has been going on in your country, which takes a woman to see.   I wish I could address this document to a female minister in your government, but there is not one.  That too is a mistake, which was perhaps decided by the godfather on purpose.

You have a mafioso in your country who is making sure that no Moroccan makes money, because he wants us to make money his way.   That is why he started impeding the flow of investments from various sources to Morocco and to the Moroccan people abroad.   I informed you about my case, and you somehow continued listening to a godfather, who made you fall into his trap, and in many other traps to do harm to your entire country.  

Your actual government and all the previous ones will regret listening to someone who shuts their eyes constantly, and who re-opens them with his lousy development aid programs and his filthy money.  It's the heaviest caliber of a colonizer who was sent to Morocco, because the Kingdom of Belgium has plans which Morocco continues to ignore.  You have let Belgium shape your markets according to her likes and wants.   When you find out what she wants, you may regret working with them all your life.

Everybody is taking sanctions against Belgium for the things they do in Morocco...  but I don't see much change on behalf of Morocco.  

I also didn't see much change in the Moroccan system, for so far, which tells me that you like it the way it is.   All the Moroccan migrants in Belgium who want to start something in their country have experienced obstacles with the Moroccan administration.  If you ask their opinion, they will all say with fury “c'est de la merde !”  My apology for the terms, but unfortunately I have to write it down so that you know what they will never tell you.  Their fury is so intense that it risks to shake up Morocco some day, as this could be part of the program of your Belgian partner, about whom I found precision.

Everybody knows that it must be a powerful person with very long arms who is blocking their progress inside the Moroccan administration.  The risk is that some Moroccans will think that the powerful person is His Majesty the King.   What is more dangerous is that a growing number of Moroccans believe (or made to believe) that the Zionists are doing this to them.  It could explain the rapid rise of antisemitism in Europe, this time on behalf of the North African Muslims.  They ignore they are semitics themselves and that they could end up like the Jews.

At first I didn't understand how Belgium could have so much power throughout the Moroccan system.  As I don't live in Morocco, it has been very difficult for me to figure out with precision who in Morocco sabotages the registration of the intellectual property documents, for example.   Who makes the people in our administration pass on information to him ?   Who attempts to loot the Arab funds, the Belgian and the European subsidies with my things ?  Who harasses the investment companies that I solicited ?

I am also not in contact with any Belgian authority in Morocco, because I am not a Belgian national, but a Moroccan passport holder.  For doing anything in Morocco, there is technically nothing the Belgian authorities can do for me that I can't do myself... unless my country is a Belgian colony.   So, without any collaboration or feedback from anyone in Morocco, I couldn't possibly know who the Belgian person is who was conspiring with our officials in Morocco to deny me any kind of support.  

Could it be that the problems with the Moroccan administration concern the Moroccans in Belgium more than the Moroccans in the other European countries, and in the USA and Canada ?   If so, there is definitely something specifically Belgian about this problem and that is where all the “merde” comes from.    

I was determined to investigate what the problem was.  Without any means to travel down there, I set myself to resolve the riddle just through reasoning and through the gathering of the clues in the various reports that you have received during the past 30 months.  

I hope that through my reports, you have been able to develop a high awareness of the economic situation in Belgium.  You know more about her colonial history and it's population with the different linguistic groups.  You understand the enterprise environment and you have an idea of the country's financial state.  You have become more efficient in your relations with this country, and you begin to make better decisions in the interest of Morocco when dealing with Belgium.  It's the kind of homework you should have done, before doing any cooperation with them.

Since someone related to the Moroccan and the Belgian administration was keeping me and my business out of Morocco, I started wondering what kind of businesses the Belgians have in Morocco that generate sufficient income for supporting it's enormous social system ?    To find the answer, I've tried to analyze the real economic situation of Morocco, this time (p. ).  

My research has led to the startling conclusion that the drugs, the prostitution and the slavery are indeed very important State-driven sources of income for Belgium on your territory.  That is where Belgium generates the income from to compensate for the low productivity and for supporting their heavy social system.  Remember that in “The Real Economic Situation of Belgium” I calculated that 105 % of the population was depending on the government and that one person has to support 9 other persons.   I've always been wondering how they did it.  Now I know.   The Belgian economy is entirely supported with criminality.   That is why the air planes from Brussels to Morocco are always full with Europeans, every day.  Both the vices like the drugs and the prostitution fit the picture of the rapid spread of HIV in your country.  

There weren't just 80 women in the case of Servaty the pornographer of Agadir (p. , , ) and the 400 rapes in Marrakesh, some 20 years ago or so.  There must thousands of unreported cases because of shame.  Someone was given the authority to shape the Moroccan economic programs, he started with the destruction of the accepted ethics and he replaced them with his “modernité” to serve his country's goals, not yours.   Ever since, the Moroccan society got totally disoriented and the Moroccan authorities must have faced an increase of crimes which never occurred before, and that are usually related to sex, pedophilia, drugs, alcohol and  mass tourism.  Isn't it ?   It is not the World Bank who will come and tell you that.

It is only for this reason that Morocco is an important partner for Belgium, for everything else, they don't respect Morocco.   Anyone in Belgium who hears the word “Morocco” begins to laugh loud.   It's because you don't have any authority, even if you are in a position of authority.   You 've been saying “yes” to a mafioso for anything he would suggest.  For what ?   For the title of a “Statut Avancé” for your country.  That is how he took over your authority.  In fact, you gave it to him... to create jobs for us and to attract big business for the country.  I hope you're happy with your  “Statut Avancé”.  Note that the “Statut Avancé” expires in 2013... that's today !... and the mafioso expects you to renew it.

I am done struggling.  Ten years of abuse of trust, intellectual exploitation, manipulation and stagnation caused by Belgium locally and in Morocco.  Ten years in a woman's life, is a huge price to pay.  If I'd tell you all the things that Belgium did to me in the 15 years prior to 2004 when the worst started, you would be devastated and cry for weeks.  During all those years Morocco was signing agreement after agreement with Belgium for trade and cooperation.  You were giving away so much business while I was paying the price of being a Moroccan, and the price of not being helped by Morocco.  I am still paying today, and I will always be paying for the injustice given the duration.  I am not alone.   I just happen to be one who made it her job to inform you

so that you call all  your people back, all  immediately

and disconnect from the sources of criminality for your country

I am convinced that after reading the report, you will begin to do what you should have done 2,5 years ago when learning about the injustice.  You will finally discover the silent war against your country, on behalf of a country who said that she was a friend.  This report will show you how severe that war is.  

That is the price that Morocco will be paying for not having simple attitudes that help avoid these situations.  These attitudes are : listening to the complaints from your people, investigating the complaints immediately and not 10 years later, understanding how the injustice was produced, taking radical measures to protect your population against that sort of injustice.   That is how you will detect if  unhealthy foreign interferences are at work on your territory.  

This study shows that tourism in Morocco has been a major stream of revenues for Belgium and not for Morocco.  Belgium thinks that you will never figure out her dirty business and her revenue streams.  The purpose of this study is to provide a solid basis for the legal charges and for handling the situation in an exemplary way for other poor countries to follow, and in a definitive way.  

If Belgium has been laughing at us, you can now turn the tables and have the world laugh at Belgium hard.   Previously, they were laughing with the people who have no money to do their projects, or who aren't born rich.   You make the world laugh by showing where Belgium gets the money from to do her projects to implement something fast in order to be called the first.  They do it with money from the hookers, from the pimps and from the junkies.  Invite the international news channels like Al Jazeera, CNN, CN TV, MBC, Al Arabia, BBC, the Pravda so that the whole world is advised about how Belgium keeps her AA rating.

Morocco is a victim, because of inexperience, illiteracy, gullibility and a poor sense of judgment.   There were other victims of Belgium before, like Thailand from which the sex slaves were literally shipped to Antwerp (p. ) in the 1980ies.  All the developing countries who were made dependent on tourism, have similar problems like Morocco.  The same model was spread through the World Bank, a fake bank through which all the southern countries never came out of colonization.  For resolving the drugs and prostitution mafia in Morocco, I think a global response is necessary, otherwise it will never get resolved.  The problem in Morocco will simply move to another developing country, where the money machine for keeping alive the corruption system continues turning.

You will now understand how hard it was for me to put down this delicate information in a report.  I was truly about to give it up because I don't know if this was going to change something, given the indifference towards the previous dossiers that could have resolved all this “merde” sooner.  

You owe my decision to continue this analysis to Fatima, a Moroccan friend, with whom I shared my horrible findings.   Just when I was about to learn to play the guitar in order to join the godfather's business club in a different way than with prostitution, she told me that if I don't explain everything, you would never know.  That is why I continued.  

I have tried to be fair in how I present everything, because I am not skilled in diplomacy.   I think diplomacy is how you understand nothing.   If something is ugly, I am not going to beautify it, because I need you to understand everything quickly.   In any case, you will soon have to face the ugliness on your territory.  You can't let it continue destroying our society for one more minute.   Yet, I would like you to take the information with calm and reserve, because what you will read is revolting to excessive degrees... and if our people hear this, civil unrest will break out at both sides of the Mediterranean.  That is guaranteed.    

So when you catch the godfather, you should expect a violent war with Belgium, perhaps some problems with the Belgian Royal House, and a bloody repression of the Moroccan population in Belgium.   That is how powerful he is.


You owe my steps to Fatima

The Real Economic Situation Of Morocco

Apart from the fact that I know it is a developing economy, I have no data and I haven't seen my country for a quarter of a century.   I have been working off-line, without the ability to access the Internet as much as I wanted during the months when I was preparing this report for you.  I've been analyzing things based on all the previous reports and I relied on experiential data.  This is data from the Moroccan community in Belgium, and from what I collected from the press over the years.

There is a lot that don't know, but with a minimum of information I think got a picture of the economic problems in Morocco.   I found out what type of business the godfather is running on your territory and also how Belgium makes money to support it's vast social security system with 0,7 % of active population which is not depending on the government.   It's with slavery.

As everything happens in the illegal sphere in your country, there is no conclusive data available about it.  For this reason, I am sharing with you in this report the entire thought process that led to the kind of conclusions that I am making.  When you are convinced, please check from your end and get the facts that fit the reality in Morocco, before taking any steps.  Where I can, I will suggest how you can constitute the evidence.    

When I ask the average educated Moroccan to show me the Moroccan economy, that person shows me an orange, a tomato, a fish, an olive, a few mint leaves, or related factories, some banks and hotels.  Almost nobody will show me the Moroccans.  Few understand that the people are the essential part of your economy.   Your economy involves all the people in your society.  

The Face Of Misery In Morocco

I once read that Morocco is struggling with social deviations, like a strong increase in the divorce rates, criminality related to sex, pedophilia, drugs, alcohol, murders, illegal documentation and human trafficking, massive migration of people as young as 10 years of age, frequent drownings of people who want to make it to European land, a rising problem of single motherhood and the problems around the rights of the fatherless children, still 50 % of illiteracy, an unexpected decline in demographics, and of course an ever increasing poverty, a growing gap between the rich and the poor, despite an apparent economic progress in Morocco. All these things are robbing the future of your children and the safety of your community.  How do you explain that ?  

It is because that is the true economic situation of Morocco

What Is The Cause Of Misery ?

You may not accept my words, but alcohol and murders for example, are part of your economy.  Your government must be overwhelmed with the heavy load of social deviations, not knowing how to tackle them nor how much to spend on dealing with the social phenomena...  There is too much bad going on.   It makes people say that Morocco is full of bad people.  I think that the hookers and the pimps were healthy people at some point, before they were made very bad by the system they are in.  The system aims to make your population not deserve any investments.  It also aims at making you underestimate your own people and unwilling to listen to them or to speak with them.   I know that from experience.    

Have you ever thought about what causes the social deviation in your society, or do you also just think that your people are bad ?   Let me tell you what causes the misery in your country :

Underneath your economy is a business system

and that is the cause

Has Morocco Someone Maneuvering In The Darkness ?

If your economy is your society, then someone is making money with the underlying business system which drives the social deviations.  Could you be this person, Your Majesty ?   Is it the entire Moroccan government, then ?  In that case, it doesn't look like your Islamist government commands the Moroccan environment very well, with the long list of un-Islamic social phenomena described above.  This is because they don't think in terms of a money machine driving it all, and they also tend to tackle certain parts of an isolated problems, instead of taking a holistic approach.  

The Islamic approach is a good step forward, but it meets opposing forces in the society, and they need to be identified for the Islamic approaches to take effect.  The opposing forces come from the money machine which is driving the misery.   This study analyzes the money machine or the  business system with the aim to make it fall apart, just like you would ruin a commercial company.  The opposing forces will be neutralized and then your approaches will work in lasting ways.  That's how your economy will not be ruined.

Last September, I have observed that our government attempts to fight a social plague like alcoholism with the wrong measures.  For example : instead of forbidding alcohol our government decided to increase taxes on the alcohol consumption.  The focus was only on the price of alcohol, not on the access to alcohol.  They think that the people won't buy the alcohol if it is more expensive.   You don't have to be an alcoholic yourself to know that an alcoholic is the same like a drug addict.  He will steal money, or commit another crime like selling drugs or sex, or accept corruption money in order to get drunk.  That is how alcohol is linked to other crimes.  The crimes are linked through money and that is the business system that I mean which should be ruined.  

I was also wondering if anybody sees the earnings from alcohol that the country was going to make.    I could hardly believe that this measure was created by an Islamist government.   I think it was inspired by someone un-Islamic.  That person gave the wrong advise on how to combat alcohol in our society, and he made our Prime Minister make the announcement as if he had the idea to increase the prices of alcohol.

Someone is messing with your society, your legislations, your financial system, your markets and your tax system.  Someone aims to make money from the alcohol consumption by doubling or tripling the prices, particularly in the highly dynamic hospitality sector.  However, by increasing the taxes, it looks as if the Head of State and Leader of the Believers needs this type of income.   That someone is now laughing hard in hiding, watching my Prime Minister do exactly what he commanded him to do, against his better judgment.

Your environment is commanded by someone

whose values are what you see in your society

That someone remains in the darkness like a devil

Morocco's Strategy, Product, Brand and Leadership

Like leader, like country, they say.   The social deviations are the effects of an invisible commerce going on in your country, and that commerce is led by someone.   Who is it ?  You tell me.   But be warned : with 50 % illiteracy, our population will think it is you or the King.   Since you don't talk to me, I will derive the answer by myself on the basis of a strategy :  

For 10 or 12 years I've been hearing about some plan for modernité (modernization) and ouverture (openness), which Morocco was conducting all these years to revamp your country's economy.  These terms are so vague.  They mean absolutely nothing, to me.  “Modernité and ouverture of what ?” I always wondered.   Yet,

Modernité and ouverture are the values of your strategy...

… and we we all have to accept that, right ?   Then please explain how this modernité and ouverture applies on the Moroccan industry (oranges, olives, sardines etc.), on the Moroccan workers, on the entire population, and on the Moroccan trade.   How do you evaluate or measure the modernité and ouverture anyway ?   With what ?

I bet you've been relying on the World Bank statistics for evaluating your economy and for finding out about the problems in your country, instead of questioning the population yourself.   How else do you think the World Bank does it ?   You measure through direct contact with the population.  You closely monitor the productivity of the programs on the field.

I did that for you.  I  inquired about the real economic situation of Morocco and I tried to measure the modernité and ouverture by talking to my compatriots that I discover that your modernité program turned out concerning certain parts of your people's bodies and not their brains, and the ouverture seems about opening your doors to Belgian colonials and looters.   That is what your people say.

Your people's bodies and their brains is your product

If you don't agree with what your people say, then what did you mean with modernité and ouverture ?  

Is what you see today in Morocco the modernité and ouverture that you wanted 12 years ago or not ?  When you look at the social phenomena and the health of you population, you see that in 12 years time you have achieved more diseases, more rapes, more pedophilia, more male and female prostitution, a rise in atheism, like some Moroccans organizing public picnics to protest against the Ramadan, during the Holy month.  Every time I watch the Moroccan TV at my parents' house, I see the same disgusting stories they report about some junkie who stabbed his mother to death because she couldn't advance the cash he needed for buying weed.  I will spare you from some other monstrosities displayed by a new Moroccan TV channel which reports this kind of shocking stuff all them time.   Is this the “modernité” you wanted ?    Probably not, but

That is what your illiterate population thinks you wanted

because all these social phenomena are Morocco's brand

Morocco would not be Morocco without the misery that you see.  That is how strong your brand is.  When intricate social problems is the case of your society today, then either this was your idea of  modernité and ouverture 12 years ago, or you were vague in defining your modernité and ouverture program at the onset, or the whole idea comes from someone else.  

I know you feel like arguing with me, because you don't feel that this is your brand.  “This is not Morocco”, you would say.  Well I am not talking about any another country right now.  So, was it your modernité and ouverture or was it someone else's modernité and ouverture that Morocco was pursuing ?    Who engineered the outcome (the product) of that modernité and  ouverture ?  

I don't think it was you, but someone who wants to be you.   It's someone who thinks you understand nothing about your economy,  and while projecting  modernité and  ouverture, he  conspired a totally different program against your country.   He eventually wants you to pay the expensive bill for the misery in your country, because

colonialism is the business system in your country...

and misery is your brand

You have authorized someone to shape your economy.   He applied a colonial model based on his value system (p. ).   A colonial model is based on slavery.   The business and the revenues are generated from slavery.   The mass of your people are slaves.   That is what the social deviations indicate.  Therefore :

The leader must be a colonial

If it wasn't slavery driving your economy, how else could you explain that you have an apparent economic progress and an increasing poverty, which even your university professors don't understand ?   There is a lot of activity in the country indeed, there is a lot of new construction, more air traffic and faster public transport etc.  The people are working indeed, they have increased significantly the number of civil servants (through regionalization of all the public services ), they have also formalized the work of the domestics.  They have done everything to mask the huge job market consisting of the non-official workers of whom the activities are in the list of social deviations above.  

Your population is busy doing these activities : drug dealing, prostitution, and many other crimes, but the gross of the money goes to someone else than the workers themselves.  That is slavery.   It may not look like the ouverture and modernité that you initially wanted, but that is the business system in your country.      

The commander of your economy has smartly hidden his business system behind a program named modernité and  ouverture.   You thought it was a program or a strategy, and you didn't understand that it was a system for generating money for himself.   He was building a commerce.  That's what is underneath the social deviations that you see in your society.  He has chosen Morocco exactly because of a lack of understanding of his system.  This is because we may have enterprises, but we don't have an entrepreneurial culture in Morocco to understand what he is doing.

That person applied his system on me.  I worked extremely hard every single day for over a decade, and others take the money and get the promotions, including some people in your administration... and it's considered normal by the same person, who has concealed the hideous business system behind the modernité and ouverture slavery plans.

It must be someone who works on the apparent worth, and not on the actual worth.  Someone is projecting illusions to you with hollow words exactly like modernité and ouverture, and he is producing devastation with alcohol, drugs, male and female prostitution, pedophilia, and with corruption because he pays people to manage his business emporium.  

When we understand where the money comes from, how it is generated in your country, and where it ends up we will be able to find the country which the colonial works for.   Let's have a closer look at the business system which supports your economy : we have identified the workers, by analyzing the activities in your society.   The majority of your workers are not wealthy because just like me, they are not getting paid.  As we can't see how the money actually circulates, we will deduct that from analyzing where they work.  

Which Sector Of The Moroccan Economy Is The Most Dynamic ? 

The tourism and hospitality sector can be considered almost as the main source of income for Morocco, isn't it ?  Unfortunately I don't have the figures because the Minister of Economy is the same man like the Minister of Finance, and he is sitting on the figures.  Now, I am completely lost about the truth of your economy, because it is with the finance of your country that you are able to measure or identify the underlying business system which is driving your society.   Mr Baraka is aware of everything that I am telling you here.   He knows about the drugs and the prostitution devastating your population.   If he doesn't know it, then he is not a minister of economy and finance, but a puppet... or a slave like the rest of the country.

The Commander of your economy made sure that the Moroccan economy depends almost completely on the hospitality and on the mass tourism.  I am sure of that without the figures, and for many years you were pleased with the success of your country, being rated for quite some time as the “most hospitable country on Earth”.... most hospitable right ?   Well I have news for you :

“Mass tourism” is the business system

and it is a less aggressive word for colonialism,

and that was the true program.   

Thanks to the Commander, Morocco is also beginning to attract small and medium businesses, mostly from Europeans fleeing the high labor costs in their countries.   I doubt that these businesses will influence the Moroccan exports.   I think they are related to the tourism and the hospitality, like the hotels, the restaurants and the cafés, for employing more slaves for the Commander

Who Are Morocco's Customers ?

The customers are the millions of tourists that pour into Morocco the year round.   Before, we use to have touristic seasons, with peaks in the Summer, during the Easter holidays and during the Christmas holidays.   Nowadays, the tourists come in and out of Morocco every day, because they do “business”.

What do you think, Your Majesty, makes the masses of tourists from Europe take the plane every day to Morocco ?   What does Morocco have that you can't get in many other countries ?   Why do many Belgians and other Europeans like to do “business” in Morocco, despite the 50 % of illiteracy, the incompetence, the ignorance, the selfishness, the resentment, the anger against the misery, and a host of other poor attitudes towards life.   Don't you find this curious that the Belgians open businesses in these circumstances ?  

So what do they like about Morocco other than the Sun, the sea, the nature, the desert, and these things ?  Did you ever wonder why the poverty is increasing while more and more Europeans are setting up businesses in Morocco ?   When this is the case, then the businesses must be generating big revenues that the Morocco doesn't see or get.    

Where Are The Assets Of Morocco's Industry ?

Do you think that the hotels and the riads are your assets ?   Without any customers inside they are worth nothing whomever owns them.  Therefore, they are not assets, they are like empty boxes, but the customers are your assets.   Where is the customer ?   In Europe, in countries like Belgium.    Your customer is not in Morocco.   Therefore all the assets of your tourism industry are in another country.

Do you think you have any control over your customer ?    No, because the customer is in another country and thus someone else controls the customer.   To have control over the customer, you need to be in the countries where you customers are and take control over the customer.   For 9 years I have been telling Morocco that you have masses of people in the countries where the customer is , and they are sitting here vegetating with nothing to do.   Does Morocco have any travel agencies or tour operators where the customer is, to organize the trips ?    Also no.    Then what do you have ?

When Morocco loses 100 % of the income, you have nothing

 then that is total slavery, and that is the industry that you have

Where Do the Earnings Go ? 

The customer pays the invoice with the tour-operator in Belgium before he comes to Morocco.  So he spends most of the money and pay taxes first in Belgium and then he goes to Morocco.  He arrives in Morocco with pocket money for the baksheesh, the transport, for buying an ice-cream, some souvenirs and for the restaurants and cafés owned by Europeans, who repatriate all the profits to Europe.  

Morocco gets only a small part of the earnings that were invoiced in Belgium, mainly to cover the hotel accommodation.  You don't know how much you are getting compared with the amount that stays in Belgium.... and you think Morocco is making good earnings ?   I wonder how much profit the hotels make with the Belgian tour-operators....

The Commander of the Moroccan economy made sure that the recent Moroccan investment legislation makes it easy for the foreign investors to have 100% ownership in any type of property,  I would agree with that legislation, if our economy and society were up to standards, which is not the case.  Morocco is still a developing economy, and we are at risk of being reduced to slaves by an aggressive partner, just like Belgium is doing, who takes advantage of our people's naiveté.

The Commander of the Moroccan economy also included the freedom to repatriate the profits, if I am not mistaken.  He also made sure there are off-shore areas in Morocco, as if Morocco can afford that, and at a time when global developments were already taking place to modify the offshore investment laws.    

Really, it looks like the Commander of the Moroccan economy worked very hard in his own personal interest, and essentially to supporting his country.  That is why Morocco is a very important economic partner... except at the level of the tour-operator.  At that level, there is no partnership, but colonialism.   The Morocco-Belgium relation is a colonial partnership.  

Let's find out to what extent Morocco is supporting the Belgian economy and with which activities :  

The Factual Morocco -Belgium Partnership

In the very last page of the report entitled “The Real Economic Situation of Belgium”, I summarized that Belgium will not be able to generate sufficient public budget to cover any of the fiscal advantages that she promised to the Chinese enterprises with the small base of 0.7  % of active population to support the 99.3 % of inactive population.  I explained how Belgium is a graveyard for any enterprise by showing the high rates of bankruptcy against the low rate of company creation. With a country's debt exceeding the 100 % of the GDP, and without natural resources or any significant industry, one would wonder how Belgium does it to keep her head above the water.

I finally found where Belgium gets the money to support the country when all her banks and enterprises are bust.  I know now how she does it to continue to gain the international trust in her public budget, without too much austerity.  Apart from the World Bank who invests in the Belgian sovereign, the Belgian economy is entirely supported with criminality.   There are huge amounts of earnings that Belgium makes in Morocco, mainly with drugs and prostitution, in addition to ripping off the income from the flight, the hotel accommodation and the consumption.

Drugs and prostitution is what I suspect because of curious business company models which I found involving lots of women, and which were developed during the past 10 or 12 years, in parallel with the modernité and ouverture program, the Statut de la Femme (the Moudawana), and the Statut Avancé program with a focus on the women in the rural areas in the Riff and in the Ouarzazate-Zagora region... these are not the women from the urban center who would slap in their faces.    

This was also in parallel with the Millennium Goals of the big fake World Bank (is the same like Belgium), which concerns women and youth employment and the tourism sector development “to fight poverty”.  These important mutations coincide with the increase of cooperation agreements with Belgium and with the rapid expansion of Belgian interests in Morocco, like wildfire.

I now understand much better why Morocco was such a “privileged” trade partner for Belgium.  However, I still don't understand why with such an powerful status Morocco was still behaving  meek with Belgium.  It almost feels like you don't have any authority.  The tourism in Morocco is more important for Belgium, than for Morocco, because of the prostitution.   I don't know precisely how prostitution is sold to the customer, particularly when the dirty activity happens in a country where it is illegal, but I presume it happens in the following way :

I suspect that the prostitution and drug consumption is included in the prices of the travel packages which they buy in the travel agencies in Europe.  For example a customer in Belgium pays a travel package which includes a return air ticket, hotel accommodation, restaurant, excursions, fitness coaching, etc.  In this way the income and the taxes are generated locally in Belgium.

I suspect that the customer can add the sex services to his or her basic travel package, or even the search for a wife.  The sex services will not appear as such on the tourism menu or on the invoice.  They will probably classify it under a different label like “private entertainment”, “massage” or “escort services”, and they are sold very expensive.  The invoice is produced in Belgium where the sex services are legal and taxed like any other activity.  By having the customer pay for the service in Belgium, they circumvent the legislation in a country where this sort of practice is illegal.  The Belgian government could be making direct income this way.  

The income for Belgium is all the more interesting when the labor force is cheap.  Sex is too expensive in Belgium, and that explains the high number of tourists in your country.  I imagine that the prostitutes and the dealers are part of the hotel habitués, known by the hotel staff, but they are not  on the hotel's payroll.  They live from the tips they get from the tourists.  Hence the poverty resulting from slavery.   As the tourism sector is one of the most important source of income for Morocco, and almost seen as holy by your all your Ministers, this sector is highly protected by the Moroccan police, through which it becomes a zone for impunity.   If in addition everyone is being corrupted to keep their mouths shut, and the victims are ashamed to speak, then the impunity is complete (see one sample case on page )

You will now understand why there is an increase of drug-related crime, male and female prostitution, including young boys selling themselves.  That is what happens when you don't control your customer before the departure.   In fact, you don't control your tourism sector at all.  The Commander of your economy does.   I always knew that the massive tourism in my country was bad news, but for you it was good news.  You thought Morocco was so successful thanks to Belgium.  Now you know why.

Morocco is successful because of the kind of modernité and ouverture that Belgium designed for Morocco.  Any other modernité and ouverture like the one that I propose will cause Belgium to go bust instantly.  That is also why Belgium tries to take control of all the foreign investments for Morocco, like funds from the Islamic countries, because otherwise the Moroccans will not accept to work as drug dealers and prostitutes to produce income for Belgium.  

Who Is The Commander Of Your Economy ?

Now that we know from where the money comes (Belgian businesses in the tourism, hotel, restaurants and cafés, World Bank investments, etc) and where it goes (Belgium), we will know  who the commander is of your economy.


Since the money goes to Belgium, the commander of your economy must be a Belgian person.  His style is colonial and mafia-like, because it involves slavery and contraband.  He has been challenging our values during one or two decades.   It is someone who laughs at you when you defend our Islamic values and tradition.  It is someone who has the values of which the manifestations are the social deviations that you see in your country.  

The social phenomena indicate that Morocco is morally bankrupt, one proof is that Morocco is already missing the ethics not to see that the commander of your economy is a criminal.  A moral bankruptcy always precedes a financial bankruptcy.   It is just a matter of time, but the conditions are perfect for a hostile foreign force to take over the country.

How Colonization Is Imposed (possible scenario)

The population thinks it is His Majesty King Mohamed VI who is the Commander of your economy and running the country, because during the past 12 or 13 years the press was citing every day the “modernization plans of King Mohamed VI”.   In my understanding, the modernization of the economy was not the plan but “the wish” of His Majesty, and I think someone else filled up the modernization plans with his personal wishes and likes, resulting in the social aberrations.   That is why I asked earlier if it was your modernité and ouverture or someone else's that you've been following.   

I suppose the result is not exactly what His Majesty and you wanted, but it is what some mafioso wanted.  A monkey designed the plan and you all followed his program to the letter, like blind people.  He is making money from drugs and prostitution for his country through the mass tourism industry for which he needed more airports, more electricity, more telecoms and more infrastructure, like any industry needs.  Together with his bunch of crooked ministers, he made 10% of gains in every contract, while making you believe that your country needed all that.  He persuaded you with hollow promises that you will be able to attract big businesses.  He rehearsed the rhetorics that caress the egos, which he probably found in the colonial archives of the Royal Museum of Africa in Tervuren (Belgium) and which the Belgian diplomacy still uses today in all the developing nations.   It's all theater and comedy, and it works and the World Bank too was using those scenarios in all the developing countries.  

A proof that it works is that you gave him the key to every city, so to speak.  You thought he was a friend, but like a sworn enemy he quickly grabbed the opportunity with both hands and with a “din oumek” type of attitude, while thinking “the hell with your modernité and ouverture”.   Now he is going to make meatloaf out of all the Moroccans.   Instead of designing your own programs for advancing Morocco, you have been relying on his illusionary programs aiming to loot funds, and on a fake bank for doing nearly everything.  That is how he became the commander.

A great deal of politicians have become rich through those impressive financial systems, mistaking a base mafioso for an accomplished business man, ignoring how exactly the corruption money is produced in the hotels of your country.  He impresses them, and they think that someone who spends money like this can be very rich.  I imagine you decreed him as an authority.  Now everyone fears and respects him.  He blinded them all with money, to dominate like a tyrant.    

He made sure that the people at the level of the government would not be severely affected by shortages, so that when some Moroccan complains that what he does is not standard, she will not be listened to.  The World Bank and his EU programs are “the standard”.  They are indeed the standard of a criminal organization through which he quietly started shaping a colony for his country.   With a hostile determination, he started sinking the Moroccan population massively into poverty, to obtain as an immediate effect a record breaking sex slavery and sales of drugs, of which the huge gains are used to continue corrupting your government and enriching his.  That is how he became the godfather.

He is quietly hitting us right in the heart.  Together with his friends in your government, he is running an invisible economy in your country, of which the effects are only visible in the social aberrations that are unacceptable and it will result into an extremely violent popular uprise.  

When the Moroccan people find out about the sex and drugs economy, you will not be able to contain their rage.    “You've been selling off the Moroccans and their land to the tourists.  Is that the modernité and ouverture you want for us?”, they will ask with fury.  His Majesty and yourself will have to find another country.   I am sure that this was the plan that the godfather had in preparation long before he ever put a foot in your country.  That is how he rehearsed to take over your entire country.  He is only waiting for the right moment.  

Belgium already declared supporting a revolution in Morocco, should there ever be one (attachment_01).  This is a country from whom you have accepted development aid against trade.   You've awarded billions worth of contracts in all the markets of Morocco.  You've signed agreement after agreement.   You've adapted your investment legislation just for them.   You've given to Belgium all you could possibly give to mark your sincere friendship, and then she wants to support a revolution in your country ?    You think these are human beings who will understand that you bend over backwards to support the growth in their economy ?

I warned you of that and you did nothing.   I am convinced that you were not taking me seriously, because my finances are not like the ones of a mafioso.   You were taking seriously the successful tourism business run by the godfather, who is 'honorably' married to a Moroccan woman to misplay his loyalty to Morocco... for now.  Later he will use that to justify his leadership of the country, after you are gone.  He will tell your people that he has better plans than the  “modernization plans of King Mohamed VI”, with more democracy, more political parties, more jobs, more health care, more labor unions... and more debts to sink us all.  That is how he will become

The godfather of Morocco   

That is how colonization is imposed without anybody realizing it, particularly when one is pampered by the godfather, with goodies, perks and gifts.  The godfather starts with corrupting you, then the people around you, and he finishes with corrupting everyone... against you, with money from the hasheesh in your country.   That is what happens when you say “Sidi” to a monkey.  He goes over the top.

That is the price you will pay for not thinking your own programs, for not being in control of your own economy, for not trusting your population, and for wanting to belong to a civilization which does not correspond with yours.  The difference between the godfather and yourself is that he had a well-defined plan for Morocco and you never had one of your own.  He doesn't like competition, that's why he impeded my plans (to show others how to think their own plans and how to get their own investments).  Only his dirty plan and his dirty money has to prevail on your territory.

The Godfather Works With A Plan

While you have trusted a highly sophisticated murderer, a thieve and a liar, it's the trust in you and in Morocco which will be breaking down on behalf of the Moroccan population.  You are now waking up to the reality that you will have to re-build your economy from zero.  You will finally turn to your Moroccan competences living abroad (the MREs), like your should have done a long time ago.  Well here is what your MREs will tell you:

“Go and follow your godfather, your World Bank, your Belgian partners to wherever they end up, if you think they will bring a lucky future for your country ! Take your modernité, your ouverture, your Statut Avancé, and all that with you !  Keep following the monkey who reduces your country to a shantytown !”

That is his plan

The liberation of Philippe Servaty, the pornographer from Agadir (p.) was a first betrayal which particularly marked the spirits of a militant generation of Moroccans living in Belgium.  The Moroccan authorities seem to have changed their minds about Mr Servaty's further detention.  They released him to return like a free man to his country rather quickly after the discovery.

In who's interest was that ?   Belgium or Morocco ?   I think that someone made you believe that “a further detention would cause bad publicity for the tourism in Morocco, with repercussions on the country's earnings and on the employment... because the man is a journalist with a leading Belgian newspaper.   The country was kept in poverty, it needs earnings, and the unemployment is very high.  Given all these factors, a sudden drop of tourists is catastrophic...”  Yeah right :


The bad publicity is for which country, if the tourists stay at home or go to another country ?

Which country is not respecting the fundamental human rights ?   Which country deserves a boycott ?

Tourism in your country represents revenues for Belgium more than for Morocco.  Belgium has it's secret business system organized with lots of trained staff in Morocco.  It takes years to grow an efficient system and it takes a few days to break it up, and Morocco is still afraid to keep a pimp in detention ?!   I don't understand why you are afraid of Belgium if your country is more powerful and represents something like petrol for Belgium.  

The population feels betrayed...  some think the Moroccan authorities are part of it of the illegal business.  

How can you prove that the Moroccan authorities are  not part of it ?

That is the point that horrified me many years ago, when I observed the forgery with my project plans, with or without the prostitution and the drugs.  I knew the aim was to fail Morocco's economy, and then to turn the population against the Head of State.  As soon as I noticed the large extent in which Wallonia, was involved in development aid, I understood what was going on.  It's colonization.

When this comes out in the open, the danger is that the critics of the regime are going to wonder to what degree the Moroccan Royal House and yourself are financially involved in the massive scandal.  Just like me, they don't know the godfather of Morocco and they don't know that he does nothing the whole day but calculating how to fool everybody without getting caught.

How He Works Out His Plan

A typical praxis consists of 50 % legal (the visible part) and 50 % illegal (the invisible part).  He applies double standards like the whole of Belgium does in everything.  In every field of the economy and society they have a dual system.  They don't realize that, but it explains the fiscal pressure and the bankruptcy of  the country.  

Some will realize it now that the cost of maintaining double standards in an economic system becomes untenable.  They run, for example, a policy for the natives and one for the foreigners (like the Muslims) in everything (education, employment, training, and now even in the unemployment indemnities.  They are ridding the unemployment system of unemployed workers of migrant origin, they are also denying the nationality to the Moroccans, in order to prevent them from being entitled to unemployment benefits.  The list is long and it requires a separate administration and a separate budget, a normal one and one to pushing down those who want to get ahead and in which you find resistance.  That is where the gross of the Belgian expenditures go to).  Hence the cost of double standards.  

In the tourism for example, Morocco sees a small part of the legal 50 % from the invoice of the customer which is produced in Belgium.  The other 50 % of illegal money is produced with criminality in Morocco and it arrives in Belgium in some way.  It's difficult to trace, and that is the problem.  In any case it contradicts the spirit of “a Morocco-Belgium partnership”.  

If you can prove this, you will be able to show the critics

that the Moroccan government wasn't participating.  You should prove that you were unaware that illegal money was being produced on your territory,

because it was hidden. 

I think it is the 50-50 praxis that explains why the godfather wants companies owned by Europeans in Morocco and not companies owned by the Moroccans, like I planned while keeping a branch in Europe as well.  He risks to fall on some Moroccan who one day will question the origin of the money.   He also increases the number of Belgian and European citizens on your territory to influence the legislations in the interest of the Europeans.  That is how your country's ethical system gets affected in the long run.  You should prepare demographic statistics in this sense.

I was attacked for my plans, but nobody in Belgium is telling me what they precisely want from me.  I suspect it is something bad, of which they know upfront that I will not agree with it.  Therefore, they seek to force me into their interests, which is to produce income for Belgium their way.  Note that absolutely nobody explained this to me.  What I am telling you here is the fruits of what I am analyzing in my private home, of what I think is happening in my country, and in Belgium they don't know that I have figured it out.   If they (the entire Belgian French-speaking political class) knew that I was aware of something, I wouldn't be alive.   I think that is why the mafia searched my Google database.

As my plans concern an important structure to host enough individuals from the big migrant community, the godfather may have seen my plans as an opportunity for whitewashing big amounts of dirty money produced with criminality in Morocco.  Perhaps he wanted me to help him repatriate the dirty money, while I am doing everything to keep his mentality and his kind of people out of my business.   I despise his interferences.  They were dirty from the start, and I need to see this only once.   I am not like you who needs tons of indications and years of time to understand before starting a different economic program.        

There is also the question of ownership, in which I don't compromise whatsoever.  I sought to place the initial ownership in Arab or Muslim hands.  He doesn't want fifty-fifty with the Muslims here, and because of this he harassed the investors he found in a document that leaked to him.  He wants all in his dirty hands, for when everything is working well he will take everything and everybody over with his dirty money, and he will give it all to his people, leaving us with absolutely nothing. The ownership is why he doesn't leave me alone, and Morocco still doesn't seem to get it.  The godfather wants to own Morocco and her people with dirty money produced in Morocco, and he wants me to cooperate.

I know for sure that when it comes to colonizing or exploiting a developing nation and it's people, practically everyone in Belgium finds it a normal thing to do.  It's up to the developing country to defend herself and not to let it happen, just like I insist on my independence, and it is exhausting. From my observation, Morocco doesn't offer any resistance when being exploited and that is why the godfather lives there.

Colonization is also when the indigenous people are disadvantaged by the establishment in their own country, compared to the European (fifty-fifty).  I have analyzed the same fifty-fifty rule in a forced partnership.   You will find more details on page .

This fifty-fifty rule makes that Morocco is an informal colony of Belgium for 50 % of the time.

You need to provide the evidence that you have never earned

part of the 50 % illegal money  

To make it a 100 %  formal colony, all the godfather needs to do is to topple the King with something, and to take his place, and this is his ultimate goal.  The end justifies the means.   He will use the other typical praxis of the Wallonia species which consists of hateful lies, manipulation and betrayal of secrets, to rapidly fill the voids, if you aren't quicker that him to fill them with hard proof.  

The void is the 50 % of illegal business that he owns, but he will tell everyone that you are the owner, because he is only a governor of and a foreigner.  He is going to say that he didn't decide the modernité and the ouverture, and the employment of the women.  He is not responsible for Morocco.  You are.  How will you prove that you are not the owner of the illegal business and that you didn't earn the 50 %  of illegal income ?

He will also play on your unawareness about such cruel things ever happening in your country.  Not knowing something makes you look weak, and your population won't believe you, because the godfather is a foreigner and you are a Moroccan living in Morocco.  You know your country better than he does, while he will be excused for not knowing what's going on because he is a foreigner.  He stands for “human rights”, because the “human rights” come from Europe, and not from Africa.  

As the frustration of the population rises because of misery, they will think you have bought your palaces, your yachts, your private planes, your companies, your farms, and I don't know what else, with that money earned on the backs of poor girls from rural Morocco, who got disgraced by the tourists.  Now they have no future, but you have one.   “Is that why you changed the Moudawana[1] ?”, they will ask.    In the shadow is the Devil doing as if he cares about you, whereas he has been paying everyone to create this type of difficult condition for you.  

In the face of the angry crowd in the streets – just like in Square Tahrir in Egypt – you wouldn't know how to think about an urgent situation that you never heard of in your life... wide-spread prostitution in your tourism sector ?   You thought it was due to the family values declining just by themselves, that it was due to the modernization of your society, and that you can't foresee these changes.   It was the godfather who foresaw these changes for you, behind your back, during many long years, and you believed his mask.

Your task, Your Majesty, will be to direct the popular anger against the godfather in a convincing way, and to make radical and lasting changes.   You make sure the balloon pops in his face and not in yours.  On page    of this document contains cases from which you can extrapolate criminal charges to capture the master of evil and his helpers in his secret universe.

One way for proving the 50 % illegal business is to question the origin of the capital of his companies, like his Lavazza innovation Center and his two new Lavazza offices, which he opened within a year or so.   It doesn't look like he can pay all that just by selling a cup of coffee.

Another way for proving that he corrupted a vast amount of people in Morocco, he bailed out Mr Servaty  (I am sure), he pays people in the Moroccan public services to block dossiers of all the Moroccans in Belgium, maybe he paid the Moroccan ministers to pass my letters to him, he paid the masses of people who he has mobilized against me in Belgium, in Saudi Arabia.   You will find a summary of all the corruption and aggressions against me (p. ), my friends and family (p. ) and my investors (p. ).

Eventually, you will be able to prove with evidence the share of Belgium in the Moroccan criminality market exceeds the 50 %, you can measure that now with the 50 %  of revenues from illegal sources that go to Belgium.  

Belgium can't afford to be independent whilst you can.

The difference between your economy and the economy of Belgium is that your economy will not collapse when the prostitution stops, but the Belgian economy will.  Yours can only go up.  

The Impact Of The Godfather On Morocco

It is cruelty made in Morocco that fuels money into the Belgian system (the companies and the Belgian treasury).  Your economy is in the process of being destroyed, Your Majesty.   The bankruptcy of Morocco was carefully planned and executed by one Belgian man who's interference has huge negative consequences on the entire Moroccan economy.  This means all the Moroccan people, including you and I, who lives abroad.  You only need one person like the godfather to bring down your entire country.  If you want to know to what extent Morocco is supporting the Belgian economy with criminality, all you need to do is to find and capture this Belgian man.  

The Impact Of The Godfather On Belgium  

When he gets caught, you witness the collapse of the entire Belgian economic system within days.  The extent in which Morocco was supporting Belgium in this way will be known.  The whole of Belgium will be wiped and that is why this man is so important in Belgium.  That is why he got cooperation from absolutely everyone to harass me, to harass my investors, my family, my friends and anyone who is either favorable to me, or unwilling to join his mob.

The Impact Of The Godfather On The Rest Of The World

Belgium has a similar flourishing contraband economy in the other developing countries.   The profits allow them to cheat with the figures and to fool EuroStat.  It allows them to disobey the European Commission in all the sectors and to defy the sentences by the European Court of Justice.  

It is for this reason that Belgium is not scared of any bills or fines.  They are rich beyond belief.  Now we know how they do it.  It's because they have their own businesses, their own products and services and their own special bank.  Need I tell you which bank it is ?  

The monkeys have their own petroleum.  Their own brown gold comes out of the rears of people for paying all the pensions and everybody.  In 1974 there was the first oil shock with the Arabs closing the taps, and causing a slow down in the world economy.   You can replay this in 2013, with the first poop shock causing Belgium to go stone-broke within days, if the hookers in the developing countries shut their buts with masking tape.

How I Know About The Drugs And Prostitution Mafia

Allow me to summarize how I know about the drugs and prostitution mafia business :

Your Majesty, if I tell you that all the violence in this list comes from Morocco, how would you take it ?   You would take it as an insult, because you don't want Morocco to be (called) a ground for terrorists and mafiosi.   You will surely tell me that you have signed an agreement which says that our country is vowed to combat this type of crime, etc.  

You can't combat crime with signing a piece of paper, Your Majesty.  The person who made you believe that you can, is a criminal himself.   He had you sign so many cooperation agreements for 45 years, you're are still a developing country, and you continue to listen to him and to believe him ?  The list of social deviations above shows that you have a big criminal running around freely on your territory, Your Majesty.

When you read the series of macabre events related to me in this study, you will understand that you are dealing with a mad man.   He takes himself for a godfather, or so he seems to be doing.   He is treating Morocco as his personal thing.  If you see what he is doing with my plans for business and I don't know the man personally, then what do you think he is doing with the rest of Morocco ?   He is supposed to be locked up in prison, but he is enjoying his time most certainly with criminals like himself.

Who Is The Godfather ?

He is a secret informal leader.  As a possible shareholder of the National Bank of Belgium, he is in contact with the entire Belgian society, which includes all the political parties, the labor unions, the universities, the enterprises, the ministries and the municipalities.   He makes use of his power to influence people in all these institutions.   He makes or he breaks you, whether he knows you or not.   He makes you, if your are a European and white.  He breaks you if you are anything else, just like most of the Belgians do.   If you are a Moroccan be sure that they are out to destroy you completely, but they are smart enough not to resort to physical harm, for which they can be caught.  They are very experienced in using hidden tactics for which they almost can't be caught.

For this reason, after quitting the university in 1989, I stayed out of the Belgians their way until I changed hair salon, in 2003.  My circle of friendship and my work environment consisted of people from the expatriate community in and around Brussels, mainly the Brits, the Americans, the Canadians, and also the Italians, the Spanish, the Congolese, the Ghanaian and the Moroccans obviously.  Within this community I led a relatively normal life and career, hidden from the bad eye of the Belgians.

My experience is that when certain Belgians notice that you have the talent, the potentials for success, or just something nice, they destroy you, even if you don't show off.  The simple fact of speaking with the right accent, through which you don't sound Moroccan or foreign, is enough for a vendetta.   I experienced that already at school and at university.   They only like you better when you are helpless, unambitious or retarded.  A lot of foreigners give into downgrading their goals in life, just to get going.  I don't, because we are born to grow up, not down.  Thus, I go as far as I can possibly go.  

When they committed themselves to humiliating and demolishing you since you were still a child, there is no way you can ever be on the side of Belgium, in adult life.  If you have been living all your life under highly negative vibrations and coming from your direct environment, all you want to do is to get out of that environment.  

The expatriate community started shrinking when the multi-nationals started cuts in their expatriate  budgets.  Many companies left Belgium and moved to East Europe or to China.  Then, I also started thinking of leaving Belgium, and going back to Morocco.  

In May of 2004, when the idea of group-purchasing of electricity attracted the attention of Mr Joseph Gheysens.  Mr Gheysens is a Belgian man and the companion of Beatrice Dewilde, a Congolese beautician with a hair salon (p ).  

Since then, I have been bugged for sure by the mafia in from Wallonia, and at that time I was unaware that it had anything to do with Morocco.   I've been undergoing manipulative situations that resulted in failures which affected in a chain reaction all the sectors in my life, like the relationships with friends and family (see page ), the (self)employment, the finances, the health etc.  It caused me to dedicate my time to resolving one area at a time, to get something under control.   I'm still busy doing this, as if a bad eye was working on me.  Today I know it was the godfather following me.

On 26 July 2005, Wallonia published an article about group-purchasing of electricity, containing elements that simply come from the discussions with Joseph (attachment_02).  I knew that the both the complexity of the Belgian business environment and the one of the electricity market were huge obstacle that sort of approach.  I knew that Morocco had a simpler business environment and between 2004 and 2005 I wrote my first letters to H.E. Mustapha Salaheddine, Ambassador of Morocco, explaining the value of new strategies and inquiring on how to start a project in Morocco[2].  I never received an answer.   Today I know it was the godfather blocking the answers.

I continued struggling like that for years and when I discovered manifestations in Belgium from material that I sent to Morocco and to Saudi Arabia, it became clear to me that the Belgians were making it impossible to progress for me in both Belgium and Morocco, and nobody can deny this today.  It is a real war they started against me, just for having one idea in 2004, and their motive is repression.  It is meant to be hostile and violent, and it is based on hatred.   I can related that today to the character of the godfather.

The goal was obviously to achieve my bankruptcy, if not my total disappearance, or just to make me inefficient so that they can say “she can't do these projects, they are not hers” and so that they can take the money, or perhaps it was done to force me into prostitution as a way to climb up the social ladder faster; all the more because they don't like that I solicit the investors independently.    They want me to involve them.

I've tried to involve them.   They've been given one chance to help me set up the International Colors project (attachments_03) and an outsourcing project to teams in a tax free or off-shore zone in Molenbeek (Brussels) to attract companies (attachments_04A and _04B).  I used to call this project “United Colors”, like the United Colors of Benetton.  I requested the authorization from Benetton (attachment_05A and_05B), and when they said no, I promptly renamed it in International Colors, and I started taking the first steps with the European Union (attachments_06, _07, _10, _11)  to have the selection, training and team-building program funded and their response was positive, only I had to go through Belgium.  

It didn't feel to me that they liked the idea in Belgium (attachments _ 08 and _09).  Like usual they try to take the money out of your hands, so that they decide who will be employed and who won't.  I aborted all the steps after receiving a manipulative letter from ORBEM (the Brussels Employment Office) suggesting to send my proposal, but that the fundings were already closed.  When someone states “our funding is closed, but send your proposal anyway”, what does it mean ?   It clearly means “we would like to find out more about your ideas but don't expect money”.   It also means “you can't have your company, but you can work for us” or “we want to have your company”.  I assessed the risk very quickly, I kept shut and I didn't do a thing.

I knew they were looking for new recipes for themselves, or perhaps for the godfather, in order to loot funds.  As this came right after the theft of the group-purchasing of electricity, there was nothing else I could think of Belgium.  And, when you see a little further down all the intimidations that were happening around me, you will agree that I was right to take the decision to drop them fast.   Please have a look at the unemployment statistics in Brussels today, exceeding the 20 % of the population and getting worse by the hour.   It will show you how smart the Belgian employment authorities are.   If they come now, I will surely show to their migrant youth how to make of Brussels a world famous cosmopolitan city overnight.

The number of people who agreed to carrying out the antagonism against me in the Moroccan administration and in Belgium is really frightening.   Apart from the electrocuted couple, Mr Crocodile, the dentist and the hairdresser, I don't know any of all the other people personally.  As everything was organized beyond my cognition, it was also difficult for me to be prepared and to defend myself at every violent occasion.  

For example, when you go to your habitual hairdresser or to your trusted dentist, you prepare for being taken care of properly, you don't prepare for being burnt, demolished or poisoned, do you ? (read more about this on pages ,  and ).  People who were normal with me at one point, changed their attitudes with me at another point of time.  I changed too, as soon as I sensed aggression of some kind, be it in the tone of voice, in the words or in the gestures, I fled and I never returned.  

I don't know what has been said about me to make such a high number of people and organizations participate.   Most probably they acted on the basis of false rumors, errors and prejudices, and this is something for the criminal investigators to determine.  I couldn't imagine how anyone could say “yes” to bringing down an individual who has not done or said one thing against anyone.  I never published a book or articles to specifically harm anybody.  I remained professional in my relationship with them.  I only started writing angry reports about Belgium in 2011, when it was really up to here.  

For several external interferences to harm my progress with such a precision during 9 years, someone must be orchestrating it all by instructing others to harm me in a targeted way.   Today I  figured out that the mobbing wouldn't have been so successful unless all these people were paid or richly rewarded to cause damage to someone else.

For as far as I couldn't put a name of an individual on the problem I was calling it Belgium, or AWEX, or mafia.   Today I feel very confident in suspecting a man with origins in Belgium, living in Morocco.   His name is André Azoulay, your Royal Advisor.

I believe he was the one steering a gigantic conspiracy against me, in cooperation with some members in the Wallonia government (Minister Jean-Claud Marcourt (plan Marchall, plan W) and Minister André Antoine), the City of Liège, the members of the Liège Expo 2017 Cooperative, AWEX, the Brussels Chamber of Commerce (Beci) and members of the MR party (Mouvement Réformateur) amongst which Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders, including a very huge number of regular citizens, like Mr Crocodile (Daniel Renson).  It continues.  He is involving a lot more organizations, it is just too much to mention, but you will come across some names in the following pages.

That makes a enormous number of individuals against one Moroccan girl !   The mob is so big that it will have many survivors long after the gang is rolled up by the police.    

How I Discovered Him

Last January I heard about the Central American coffee pest.  Unlike the bird flu, I felt it was a man-made calamity with the objective to make money from those Central American countries.   It's the big size of it.  It sounded very Walloon, a GSK-AWEX-Texas A&M type of case.  If I wasn't sure of my feelings, I would not have spent my time finding indications directly pointing towards Belgium. (see full report in the Central American coffee pest on page )  

It was by scrutinizing the major Belgian coffee brands that I found the Lavazza Innovation Center in Torino (Italy) (see add-on Lavazza_09).   It bears most of the attributes that I have defined in the Concept du Centre d'Innovation”, in the documents that were at SABAM and which he may have collected either from Ambassador Mustapha Salaheddine or from the Kingdom Foundation.   It shows the same university partnership model that I have designed for the Université Libre Internationale.  The Lavazza Innovation Center also includes diversity and elements of small projects that I completely forgot about like the Prodigy Food and Design project.  It's a culinary arts program that I developed for the Thai Cultural Center in Waterloo (read more about this on page  and in annexe IV on page  and annexe_ ...).   He made of it Lavazza gastronomy proposition and his Lavazza interior design.  Like this he also has both food and design.  

I even found he copied some principles from the Halal Village, and I wonder how come that document leaked towards him.   He started new enterprises on that new basis, because you will find the same Halal reasoning applied on the real estate in his Lavazza “sustainable architecture” (see add-on Lavazza_09 and Lavazza_10) and I am discussing this in details in the chapter named “The Lavazza Innovation Center” on page .  

I happened to know from Mr Crocodile that Lucien Leuwenkroon was the owner of Lavazza coffee.  My documents have landed in his hands through some source, because a lot of principles that I defined are being used to raise the value of the Lavazza concept.  Perhaps Mr Leuwenkroon was forced by someone else to use my concept and to become the only coffee baron on Earth by the destruction of the plantations who supply the coffee beans to his competitors.  It's that simple.  The business is killed at source.  

The same has happed to me.  My business is killed before the start by someone who sends around everything he finds from me to everyone.  He did everything he could to keep the better projects for Morocco out.  Everyone who represents growth, well-being, personal worth or dignity, community benefits and diversity is systematically destroyed.  All these values must not work in his business , because he wants criminality in his business and in our country, and thus it is not in his interest that my models advance in Morocco.   His interests are :

You know the song by now.    He must have blocked everything for me with everybody, so that we don't make money.   Slavery is what he want for us, remember.  

The concepts must have spread to everywhere except to the Moroccan authorities or to the Moroccan enterprises.  The Moroccan ministers who help him hunt for the documents find it normal that he steals plans from Morocco and that he deprives Morocco of those plans.  Meanwhile that person is being treated as the most important man for the Moroccan economy. “He is bringing tourists”.  Everyone has to get out of the way, for Sidi André[3].

André Azoulay, The Devil In Person

If he is known to all in Morocco, I didn't even know that this man existed until December 2010 (see further down).  I have prepared this portrait of André Azoulay to help you detect the exact manifestations of his personality and his psychology.  I have seen him one time only.  However I have experienced his tyranny indirectly, through the agents who act in his name, during 9 years, with certainty, or perhaps during 25 years.

25 years ago, my life got seriously shaken up again with absurd circumstances that I am not responsible for.  The Antwerp judicial system entangled me in a crime that I never committed.  I was accused of forgery of false passports and arranging white marriages.  The first lawyers I took were pushing me deeper into it.  I kept changing lawyers until I fell on one who noticed that there was question of another Naima who seemed to have played a big role and who was never questioned by the police.  

There were more innocent people caught into this, and the defending attorneys concluded that they used people like me to cover up someone else.  Later it appeared that the frauds were people within the establishment through which the crimes remained unresolved.  They condemned me to pay a fine and this judicial affair caused a the refusal to get the Belgian nationality.  I was not sad about it, but the circumstances may concern exactly the same mafia that I am discovering now.  There is one element that I think this dossier shares with the false passport mafia, and that is why I think that I may have been the target of the same godfather for 25 years instead of 9.  I need to verify that first, and if confirmed I will make Belgium pay 25 years of damages to me.

I don't have much details about Mr Azoulay, but I heard that he was born in Morocco.   From his name one would think that he was originally from Spain.   “Azul” means blue in Spanish.   “Ay” could come from “œil”, which is the French word for “Eye”.  

He is the bad eye for sure

He is not behaving like someone who was born in Morocco.  Perhaps he is originally from Wallonia, from parents who were Nazi's and perhaps he was introduced in Morocco with false birth certificates.  May he paid people to get the necessary papers of someone who is part of Morocco, whereas he could be sent (by Belgium) to colonize Morocco for them, after they failed to colonize Flanders between WWI and II.  

His ancestors must have been Neanderthal cave dwellers and already copying everything from the humans.  They were simply hiding in a hole until they saw the Cro-Magnons building houses with stones, and they started imitating them[4].  That is how Mr Azoulay is still advancing today.  

From this study I concluded that he has a powerful informal role.  He must be one of the most important people for the Belgian economy.  Perhaps this makes that everyone is afraid of him, because he makes or breaks your career.  In my case, he has been breaking my career at least since 2004, or maybe even sooner, and I don't know the person at all.

Where I Have Seen Him

I've seen André Azoulay only once.  That was on Thursday 18 October 2010 at the occasion of the  EU-Morocco relation conference in Brussels.  

There is something repulsive about André Azoulay.  He obviously doesn't feel like one of ours, because for him, we are all like shit.  At the conference, I could see how he kept himself at a certain distance from practically everyone.  It is like he doesn't want to have any Moroccan people around him.  There must be something other than a human being inside of him.   I don't know if he doesn't feel like Ibliss to you, but to me he does.   He feels precisely like Daniel Renson who also behaves like this, and he too looks down on people constantly.  They think that they are interesting and attractive with that attitude.  In fact they are repulsive.

He appears taller than actually is.   If you take his clothes off, you will see that he looks exactly like Spirou[5]:  Spirou is a re-creation of the prehistoric Neanderthal hominid, based on bones that were found in Spy (Wallonia), and probably this is his ancestor.  The Spirou-type is small in stature, skinny, yet with large hips and he has enormous feet.   The big shoes stroke me about Mr Azoulay.  He was standing there straight like a candle, with his legs put together, like a colonial, which indicates that he is ruling the territory on which you are standing.   “This is my empire”, his body language was stating.  

I could read the contempt in his eyes that are cold and empty.   Another person with eyes like this is Philippe Suinen, the Managing Director of AWEX.  The eyes are not human.  They are full of hatred.  The color of the skin is not rosy, but pale greenish, and when tanned, the pigmentation is grayish – bronze, not reddish – bronze.   The same traits was found in other despotic leaders with a small stature, like Hitler.    

There is also the more massive type of Neanderthal hominid, which I call the Engis-type.  This one is also small-sized. In attachment_11 you will see a comparison between the Cro-Magnon (the French human type) and the bones of the Neanderthal from Engis (Wallonia)[6].  The Engis-type  is exactly like Mr Crocodile.  The tibia of their legs are disproportionately shorter, which makes that the leg is shorter than the rest of the body, which is massive and very muscular, and their hands are big.  They could crush a human with their hands.

They move their bodies and heads like robots, like the Nazi Military.  They are never vegetarians.  Both types are described as cannibals in the many historic books about North Europe.  They need to eat meat or blood, slightly cooked or preferably raw (like tartar steak and raw ham) or like the blood sausage.  Their stomach could well be very different and much bigger than the one of a regular human.  Their private parts could also be different, but perhaps nobody thought of verifying this.

The Neanderthal is the caveman and he used to live in mountainous areas, which is the case of Wallonia, while Flanders is flat and does not have fossil sites.  Most Neanderthal fossil sites were found in mountainous areas (list of fossil sites)[7] and DNA studies show that the populations near the fossil sites mostly have Neanderthal ancestry.  As you will see, we have the in Morocco also.  Guess in which area.

The Neanderthals don't mingle with other groups.  So, the people who were talking to Mr Azoulay at the conference was someone who also has very little in common with the Homo Sapiens.  

That is Mr Daniel Renson who I nicknamed into Mr Crocodile.  He has big warts on his face, with blemishes of acne and very deep scars, just like the skin of a crocodile, hence the nickname.  He once said that he had a car accident in which the windscreen blew in his face.  Today, I wonder whether his scars rather come from violent gang operations.

Although physically they are different, mentally they're one of a kind.  They are very wicked with no limits, only the Spirou-type like Sidi André is swifter than the Engis-type, who is mentally slower.   That is why you will find the Spirou type in the leadership positions, preparing traps for people to fall into, and then afterwards the Engis-type follows, just like the mob that was sent after me.  When it works, I suppose he laughs in an uncontrolled way, like a chimpanzee does.   They love doing this, they love hurting people and laugh at them.  It's their favorite occupation, no matter how life-threatening or damaging this can be for their victims.  They have fun fooling and pestering, and that is what they like doing when traveling to places where everyone mistakes them for normal people.  

They take nothing seriously about life.  If you take them seriously, they laugh at you, no matter who you are.  If your government has been crazy to take up loans from their fake bank and even crazier to repay it dutifully, of course he is going to continue fooling you around.  They only take you seriously when they are interested in your money.  Everything else is comedy and companies and entire nations waste their time doing the impossible, which is to adapt to them.  Their true nature appears when they have very big and complex problems.  At that moment, they search for people to come and resolve everything for them.  As you understand, there is an immaturity about them (no patience, selfishness, violence, anger).  Hence the wickedness.  

Both men are full of complexes, and they are hiding everything under expensive clothes and shiny shoes, big titles, lots of money, being in the press.   It's clear that with his nose in the sky, his statement is not only : “I'm the godfather”, but also “you are nothing”.  You could see that he has a special idea of himself, just like Hitler and just like Mr Crocodile who stared at the Moroccans from the corner of his eyes, with a shocking contempt.  

Generally their thinking is negative through which their actions also become negative or damaging.  They realize afterwards that it wasn't the right thing to do.  They repeat the same mistake later on, and that – according to me – is genetic.   I have observed this in the 9 years  of several attacks.   It started with the killing of an MEP, the destruction of my parent's home, the burglary, the hacking etc.  Now and then they were changes, like my parents got refunded certain costs and André Azoulay's tactic during the past three months have changed.  I think 9 years later he begins to realize that he made mistakes against someone he never really had a conversation with.  9 years later, is not how investments work.   It is clear from this simple example the André Azoulay is not a true business man or a financier, and that he is not worth working with, yet he heads or sponsors many organizations, like the Anna Lindh Foundation and the Euro-Meditterranean network and  certain banks like the HSBC Bank.

Intellectually, they have a very good memory.  I have the impression that they rehearse their conversations before talking to you in all circumstances.  I saw Mr Azoulay reading out his  speech.   I didn't find him structured or to the point.  That is why he needs someone else's documents, through which he sells an imagine of himself, which does not correspond with his true self.  He comes across as unreal.  He does everything to impress, to come across like a good man by copying the convictions of someone else.   I think that is how Sidi André managed to be viewed as the solution for your country with corruption and with someone else's material.

These early humans are extremely dangerous or even deadly for anybody better looking, smarter and happier than themselves.  They profoundly envy the populations like the Mediterraneans for their attractive appearances without expensive clothes, jewelry or even money.  For making themselves valuable, they have to rely on other factors than the appearances, like on lots of money and on the weaknesses of the others.  (move to appearances)

Mr Azoulay found too many weaknesses in Morocco and he took advantage of that situation to shape an economy of his own.   He likes the helpless people for this reason and he wants them to stay that way, so that he can dominate forever.  Hence his arduous engagement in the development aid, as a way of  making himself important and of having people depend on him.   Worse than : he enslaves them, in the name of aid.   If the godfather and Mr Crocodile happen to meet someone stronger and independent, they will do anything to make him or her weaker artificially.   I'm not totally helpless, and I don't think I need them, and they hate me for it.

The godfather is weak and he feels comfortable with weaker than himself, and he thinks that the developing nations are necessarily weaker.   That is why he doesn't accept the stronger or the powerful capitalists who come from the developing countries, like HRH Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and Mr Lakshmi Mittal, who don't need criminality to get where they are.   He is so jealous that I think he attempted to destroy their businesses, by paying people to spread indecent rumors about Prince Alwaleed), and by paying arsonists to put into flames the ArcelorMittal Exports offices in Liège... because they don't fit in his mold.

You have to fit in their mold.  They've tried to labor me into their mold for 9 years, it doesn't work and it never will.  When I feel people trying this, I throw them out of my life.   It produces a strenuous competition when you don't fit their mold or in any mold.  The energies are incompatible.  Mine is based on justice.   Theirs is rooted in injustice and jealousy, and in an overwhelming racist tendency.   Simply negative.   You think you fit in that mold ?   No ?    Well that is the case that I'm in.    The godfather is hiding his ugly racist nature well behind expensive artifact, and that is why I didn't talk to him.  I have learned to see through the smoke.    

I am naturally insisting on creating and directing my own business, just like any independent business owner does.   That is why I wrote those projects and I don't understand why this is disturbing them.   I did not write plans to become Mr Azoulay's employee, and that is the mold they want.   His type of people are not logical and they bring trouble to projects.  They are unproductive, and that is why I don't want to work with them or have friendship with them.

I have kept out of his way and out of the way of anybody from the Walloon government in Belgium as well, long before I ever knew about the prostitution of Moroccans.  I have not responded to any of the provocations because I know they were not looking to value me.  No Moroccan has ever been valued in this country.  All they were looking for was to make me fail in everything.  They could get me involved in dangerous and illegal activities, be it looting subsidies from the Belgium or Europe, or whitewashing dirty money, or recruiting prostitutes, just to neutralize me afterwards by sending me to prison, and then to take over the business that I would have created.  That is how they fit all the Moroccans in their mold every day.

Mr Azoulay is sickly jealous of anybody who has a type of wealth, be it money, intelligence, charisma, desirability, eloquence, humanity, anything positive.  He needs to destroy that whatever it may cost.   I think he is jealous of our King, and he thinks that he should have Morocco and her  people, because he ultimately wants to enslave the whole of Africa.  

He Pretends To Be Half-Moroccan By Marriage

To own Morocco, he married a local woman from Morocco, obviously not for the love – if you look at his  economic hostility – but to cover a variety of interests related to our wealth :  

With that marriage, I feel exactly like they say in French “Il nous a tous baisé”.  It looks like his marriage is part of a meticulous long-term plan that you ignore.  His marriage requires a profound investigation, and if found unlawful, have it canceled by Justice, prosecute and condemn his wife for prostitution, fine her parents.  Have her tell everything she knows about his criminal practices.  Also investigate if he corrupted her family members to work for Sidi André, and with what kind of money.  Apply the appropriate punishment and make sure you advertise the case, so that all the women in the kingdom are warned.

He Pretends To Be Entitled Half Of Morocco

Sidi André is manipulative and slick.  He basically wants to dominate, but without accepting any responsibility.  He plays on the ego of people.  He first makes them want something so that afterwards he will never be accused of forcing anything.  I think that is how he corrupts everybody. If someone like him was mandated to “modernize” the Moroccan economy, it takes many long decennia to uncover the skillful double-dealing European at the highest level of a developing country.  At the end of it, you will have to start everything, but absolutely everything all over again.  That is when you will understand that he wasn't serious with you.

People like him are usually difficult to catch... unless you outsmart them by denying information for them, by becoming better informed and by being formal or rule abiding.  Someone like him does not know how to maneuver within the constraints of laws and regulations.  That is why he puts himself above the law, like a mafioso, because that is easier, and further more he operates like an undetected Fuhrer.   He decides who goes up and who goes down.  He can become dangerous to the point of eliminating any perceived competing power.  I think that was the case with me starting from 2004, and I wasn't looking for power.

He wants to have the last word about everything that happens in the Moroccan economy.  He is the kind of man who wants you to seek his approval before taking any action.   I am sure he wants me to discuss this very analysis with him first before discussing it with you.   He places himself above the law, and I am sure he wants you to discuss all my reports about him, with him first before contacting the Moroccan judicial police.   He wants to be in control of all.   He is the godfather of the Moroccan economy.  The whole of Morocco listens to him and that is how he likes it.  

He wants your entire administration to come to him with all their problems, because that is how the important documents leak to him, that is how he learns more about the innovative plans intended to make your country strong, that he can use to cash in big investments from around the world for his country, long before we do, and that is how he ends up earning all the money, and we never do.  That is all he does the whole day, besides running a drug and prostitution network in your country,

This total stranger to me and my family, and with whom we share nothing, wants to have the last word, whatever it may cost.   His last word about what ?   About who I can speak to, who I should marry, where I must live, who is entitled the investments and for whom I must work... That is colonization.

Be Prepared If He Pretends To Know Me

I don't know him personally, but I suspect that he will lie about this fact.   Allow me to prepare your for it, because André Azoulay is a gossip and rumor monger, and he changed my people and the Moroccan administration against me.  He was certainly loyally helped by Daniel Renson (Mr Crocodile), who observed my moves perhaps in order to influence me in another direction than the one I want.  It obviously didn't work out, because I wasn't discussing my plans with Mr Crocodile.   Both the men must have been in contact with each other on a continuous basis, and I wasn't aware of that.  Note that I wasn't hanging around with Mr Crocodile.  I was using (or renting if you like) his meeting facility.  

So, in all likelihood Mr Azoulay will manufacture what he knows about me from what Mr Crocodile reports to him.   The man himself doesn't know me.    

If he pretends that he knows me :  

He will admit not knowing me, and when he does, then that is a key indicator of theft of private documents and enterprise concepts.

The Values Of Sidi André

Prostitution, human trafficking, false documentation, drugs, illegal arms smuggling, piracy, slavery... all the criminal things you can imagine.   That is how he generates the money to corrupt everyone.   These are mafia values, which you mistake altruism.  

Does Morocco expect to compete with the same profile and the same values like Mr Azoulay ?   I hope your answer is “no”.  

Then why did you let him shape your economy ? 

And why do your ministers tell or show to Mr Azoulay how we intend to approach our economy ?   He has sent around everything he found in my Google database to the whole of Belgium, to all the chambers of commerce, the unions of SMEs, labor unions, to the press, to the politicians, universities, to America and to without any doubt to other European countries to maintain his race's “white superiority”, and to have yours depend on narcotics.   They all set themselves into deciphering the new approaches to solve the situation of the immigrants, and which previously to the theft did not exist in Belgium.  All in the effort to destroy my company, because it is not in his interest.  My company will engage amongst others the Moroccan men and women who know how to communicate with the Europeans and everybody.

He came to shape your economy with nothing in his head and your moronic minister gave him the answers which Mr Azoulay didn't have previously.   He received collaboration nearly from everyone in Belgium and in Morocco.  He ultimately wants to engage in his sex business the same Moroccans like the ones I need.   He is Sidi André the monkey.

Sidi André, The Master Of The Moroccan Government

I realize that his wickedness must be very hard to uncover for the average public officer.  He is indeed difficult to be caught in action, because he inspires trust through which people listen to him.   He probably calls all your ministers “mon frère”.   Everyone in Morocco is “mon frère”.    He then instructs them to do the wrong things, and he makes them believe that it is the right thing to do, because “so and so also did it and look at what he has achieved.  He has a villa and two farms with workers, three big Mercedes cars, his children are at school in Canada and in France, his wife has four shops... And look at you... what have you achieved ?” It's called corruption.  That must be his way of working.   That is how he orchestrates very large international mobs.

Nobody in the Moroccan government will believe it if I say that he is a mafioso.  I could even risk jail for incitement to racial hatred against a Belgian.  The entire Moroccan government follows André Azoulay, like sheep.  By telling to the Moroccans “let me take care of that, if you want”, he does nothing else but spotting for new opportunities of which the best go to his country and the rest is used as ropes to hang the whole of Morocco.  That is when he replaces the good programs with the very bad ones, like he replaced all my enterprise projects with one-shot conferences.  

Some members in the Moroccan government won't see it that way.   They are even grateful that someone relieves them from doing the hard thinking by themselves.  When they are confronted with a challenge, they just “ask André”.   Their career is running on wheels thanks to “Sidi André[10]”, many blessings to him.   That is why nobody dares to criticize him.  He brings millions of tourists[11] to Morocco, and they never think of asking him how he does it.  

I suppose he buys stocks in all the Moroccan businesses and sells stocks of his companies to his Moroccan friends, and nobody thinks of asking where he gets the funds from.  They think he is richer than Bill Gates and the Albrecht brothers, but that he doesn't want to be famous.   With his money, he creates massive jobs for the Moroccan women.  He is a good man.  Who am I to call him a jerk ?  I must be a fool because anything Sidi André says and does is right !  Everyone else is wrong.  And this is how the incompetence became the norm inside the Moroccan public function.  Sidi André is the model that they all follow.   He is Sidi Moulay[12] André.  

You have armies of staff, you have fiduciaries now, you have banks, you have industrials, you have so many highly qualified people...  Does anyone wonder where he finds the money to pay all the people in that massive administration ?   Do you think it all comes from his country's government subsidies, from the profits of his companies, from his family inheritance, or from his savings, or some other assets ?

Do you think he is going to waste his assets on buying the equipment and cars for the ones, on paying the rent of someone else's shops and on university studies for entire families, on vacation trips, on paying ministers in several countries, entire companies and political parties, and a very very vast number of individuals etc. to fulfill his wishes ?  Do you think he works with capital or with loans to corrupt anybody ?   Do you think he is a rich man ?  

Allah ya'fu alekum as we say in Dareeja.  He is a godfather.  A mafioso.  A master of Evil.  He uses crime money to impress you and to pass for an incontestable rich man, and you believed him for over 10 years and you entrusted the structuring of your economy, to help you all become as rich as him.  He took the opportunity to implement the only business system that he knows to generate money in your country with the hasheesh and with the people's butts, under the cover of tourism.  He pays the massive number of people like Mr Crocodile, the bailiffs and your entire administration with the 50% of income from the tourism which Morocco doesn't see.  

To impress you with other business systems, he steals projects from others, like me.  He has to keep throwing “la poudre de perlimpinpin[13]” in your eyes all the time and for as long as possible because all will end when your awareness grows.  He takes advantage of countries and people without an enterprise culture, which is the case of Morocco, where they don't notice which economic model is being applied on their society.  It's the colonial model, it starts with listening to total outsiders, it continues with entrusting everything you have to the total outsider, and it ends with the outsider taking your place.  He made you believe that Morocco will become a member of the European Union.  With the kind of efficient corruption that he does, it will become a European member state without you and your people.   Allah ihdikum !  

Apparently, without him you can do nothing in Morocco.  That is what downed on me while studying your economy and this man.  That is also the perceived authority he has been awarded, by (bad) practice.  He is the godfather of the mafia in Morocco, and your destiny depends on him and his mood swings.  He must have caused the leaks of the letters and the concepts which I sent to the Moroccan Ministry of Economy in Spring 2009 towards the government of Wallonia.   He must be the one passing everything on to AWEX and to InfoDev.   He must also be the one who sent my niece Hafida to work in Washington.   The family reported that she works at “some bank” and her siblings are proud of it... for the moment.   It must be at the World Bank where she is working... as a hostage.   For more about her situation and a plan to release the hostage safely and very soon, please turn to page ).

No wonder I don't get answers from my Minister of Economy, Mr Baraka.   For him, the prostitution in Morocco is better than my suggestions, and more lucrative that is why I don't get answers.  He is the minister of the monkey-economy that he created together with his friend Sidi André.  He is covering up the real figures of your economy, the figures of unmeasurable slavery in your country.   That is why he took charge of the finance seat in your government.  Like this, his friend Sidi André indirectly has full control of the reports about what's happening in your society.     You have to believe the picture that your minister paints for you, or rather the picture that the godfather painted for him to give to you.   Otherwise his flourishing trash economy will collapse.  It is through this minister that you ended up listening to a motherfucker, I dear say, who controls your economy.

One year ago, I have suggested to introduce a law that forbids one minister to cover two ministerial seats.   Now you have two puppets in one.  How can you get rid of just one puppet without erasing the other puppet who is inside the same man ?   It is not wise to have one man do the two big jobs, it causes the entire government to become unstable if something happens to him alone, and no rule-following capitalist will want to invest in your country, if the minister of economy is the same man like the minister of finance.  You have allowed it, and I just don't understand it.

Our ministers and our ambassadors are not aware of Sidi André hidden agenda and underground maneuvers.  They judge the man at face value, they probably discuss everything with him by phone or over a meal, instead of communicating by letter.  A lot of situations like this can be avoided by imposing stricter work procedures, especially for dealing with foreign partners (see standards p...).   You've made it all too easy for Belgium, thinking that one day this country will ease up the way for us.  When ?  Never, and that is where the unequal commercial relations comes from.   You create the imbalance by allowing too much for too long, while Belgium makes difficulties for Morocco on her territory all the time.

The Forcing Of Belgian Partners On The Moroccan Entrepreneurs

In a recent conversation with a retired Congolese lawyer with whom I have discussed the case of Morocco, I learned that most Moroccans who came to work in Belgium in 1968, were part of a deal that Belgium signed with Morocco, after Congo rejected it given the atrocities that Belgium committed in that country.  Congo was not prepared to send her people, they knew their population will not prosper and that no one will protect them.   The lawyer himself was involved in the negotiation of that deal and I have his details should anyone want to verify.

Morocco was prepared to send her people to a place where no one will protect them.   The evil plan which originally was intended to screw with the destinies of the Congolese people, was eventually applied on the Moroccan people.  The results are measurable today, in the very high unemployment, the very poor education, the numerous aberrations in all areas of life (divorce, drug abuse, criminality, violence, extremism, prostitution, HIV-AIDS, homosexuality) and everything that signifies that the Moroccan migrants are going through a horrifying mental stress as a consequence of remaining trapped in the wrong country, in which they are constantly exposed to hostilities.   There is no indication that they are leading good lives, but at the same time, no Moroccan would admit the misery he or she lives in.  Most of them fear that telling the truth would hurt the diplomatic relations between Belgium and Morocco, and that it would land them into prison, because Belgium is such “an important” partner country for Morocco.  

This illusion left the Moroccan migrants without any perspectives on how to escape from this hell.   This also left the Moroccan leaders unaware of the untold stories.  Belgium makes them believe that the Moroccans are very happy living in Belgium.   So, every time a Moroccan would complain about Belgium, the government (you) would not believe a word, you would go and ask Sidi André and you believe him.

With all the hate against the Moroccans and the Congolese who are living in Belgium, I have been wondering what that the agenda behind the deal was, which Belgium failed to sign with Congo in 1968.  I think I found the answer : the plan was to recolonize the country under the cover of migration of Congolese citizens to Belgium, to cruelly deny them all the chances here, so that they return, to have them take the Belgians with them.   It's currently happening the Moroccans living in Belgium :

Belgium is informally imposing Belgium-Morocco partnerships on every Moroccan entrepreneur who wants to return to Morocco.  Like this they hope to push the Moroccan partner out at some point to take 100 % foreign ownership on Moroccan territory, where only the Europeans can get rich, and where the Moroccans are used as slaves.  They do it by creating obstacles in the Moroccan administration for every independent-minded Moroccan.  That is allowed in Morocco, because Sidi André demanded it to allow the Belgians to own everything, and he got the deal from you.

The Moroccan administration is more flexible with the Europeans than with the Moroccans.  

I think what was expected from me it to ask Mr Crocodile – who has never been in Morocco – to come with me to Morocco and to help sort out my problems with the Moroccan administration for starting my company.  Like this he becomes a partner by fact, even though he has not contributed in the conception of anything at all.  For God's sake, why would I as a Moroccan get associated with a Belgian to open a shop in Morocco ?  The Belgian will simply get half the ownership of a Moroccan business that he didn't create.  

That is what Sidi André is organizing together with the Moroccan administration by severely penalizing the Moroccans and privileging the Europeans when they need a permission, a registration, a certification, or just a piece of paper from the public administration.   When the Moroccans have no freedom in their country, what's that called ?   That is colonization.

That is how a lot of Moroccans in Belgium ended up taking to Morocco just any Belgian who is willing to go on holiday with them to address the Moroccan administration for them.  This can be a neighbor, a post man, a student, a homeless, a mentally disabled or just a hooker who passes for a fiancé, just to get the papers from the Moroccan administration.   They usually try to take someone who is not smart enough to understand the revenues or someone who is about to die, and in business this usually generates bankruptcies.  Some are prepared to even pay any Belgian to travel down with them every time they need a document from the Moroccan administration.  

Here is My Personal Story

The Moroccans told me to sort out my problems in Morocco like that, to get ahead faster.   Get ahead faster ?   Rearward faster is the right expression.   You will get stuck with the Belgians forever.   However, if you are someone stubborn like me, who doesn't want to understand that this is how they want it to work, you can wait your whole life for an answer from the Moroccan administration.   They simply don't move a finger for you in Morocco, if you are a Moroccan.

Then I explain : “What happened to our independence ?  Why does the white European has to be seen as the one who is bringing in money to the country all the time ?  I've applied for Arab equity.   If I take a Belgian with me, he or she will get half of my fortune simply because the Moroccan administration is like garbage with me”.  That is indeed how the mafia works.  They want everything for free, and that is why I don't want a Belgian in my business.    

Again, the Moroccans think it is a question of a piece of paper, but it is also a question of ownership.   They don't know at which stage in the game the Belgian will play the trick on them.  The standard procedure is that when a Belgian takes business to Morocco he or she must go through the chamber of commerce of her country.   That is where I expect André to teach the tricks to his folks, like arranging the 25 %  of foreign equity which AWEX/Sofinex offers without interests.   I analyzed this in the MDM Invest model, on page page 6, point 3, and on page 13 and 14.   I thought it was Islamic finance because of the 0% interests, but now I believe it is the dirty drug and prostitution money which was produced by enslaving the poor girls in Morocco.  They call that equity.  Al least we know now where all the dirty money goes.  It goes to AWEX/Sofinex who uses this to buy up assets in Morocco, in addition, they expect it to be paid back, adding insult to injury.

The entire Moroccan system is accomplice with the mafia of Sidi André.  It's become the standard.  It is a standard practice when people in the Moroccan community begin to tell me to just take any Belgian with me to do the word for me at the Moroccan city hall for getting “my own birth certificate” - so to speak.   That is the end of Morocco.  So people who do everything independently with the investors of their choice, like I try to do, that is not normal.  That's a violation of this rule.    

My business is not about moving around pizzas or opening a coffee shop (like all the examples in the MDM Invest document), but about moving up the value scale with innovations, about working differently, etc.  Imagine if I involved Mr Crocodile in this ?    He will pass for the one who studied and thought it all out.   He will eventually fight me off from all the investments, kick the Moroccans workers out and bring in his folks, and that is the ultimate plan he and his gang have in mind.   They did everything to get it this far, like erasing the intellectual property at SABAM and preventing it in Morocco, whereas I have never revealed one thing to him about everything I was doing.  

If I went accompanied with a Belgian to the Moroccan administration, they would have arranged everything for me on the same day, for sure.  I would have had a lot less trouble receiving all the answers I wanted, including the foreign equity which I analyzed in the MDM Invest paper, which they will have me pay back to the Belgian partner, so to get me in trouble.   It is just an absolute form of colonization that Morocco mistook for the Belgians appreciating our country and bringing “investment”, “business” and “tourists”.

It's probably what Mr Crocodile was waiting to hear from me, after I started experiencing delays with the Moroccan Ministry of Economy.   He wanted me to ask for his help to sort out an administrative problem in a country that he's never been to before.  I wasn't confiding my problems to him, because I didn't want to involve him in my business.  I played as if I was not affected by it.  From time to time he said that he never saw Morocco and wanted to visit that country one day.  The uninformed Moroccans would be happy to hear those words and say “oooh, welcome I'll show you my country.”  I didn't.  I developed barricades to shut him off.  

One day in a conversation he offered that if I wanted to visit my family, he would be prepared to buy a ticket.  “We can go there, I go to a friend and you go to your family”.  Today I know that the friend that he meant is André Azoulay.   He noticed that I was financially isolated and that he was looking to make of me his captive.  I realized that he wants me to depend on him for everything, over there as well.   “Fuck you” are the words that I really wanted to use, but instead I politely said to him, “I can get there myself or with my family, thank you for your offer, you are big enough to go there by yourself !”

As a woman, it is my fullest right to distrust him, because he is a man.   I remained elusive for him at professional level too, I show him nothing and I talk with him about the weather, the crisis, and the traffic jams.  I thought I was playing smart, and I was unaware of how much he already knew about my work through Sidi André.  In the hope that I would open up more, he tried to hook me to Belgian women through Jump (a Belgian professional women's network), or by sending me invitations to events for women at his MR party (the godless party of Minister Didier Reynders), and to a conference with Françoise Schepmans, the current Mayor of Molenbeek (a commune in Brussels with the highest concentration of Moroccans).  Nothing worked.  He does not realize that I am aware of their plans to use my models or to obtain more clues on how to work them, in order to loot someone's money, instead of letting me create my enterprise freely.  

He has put a lot of energy in making me do things his way.   I struggled forward my way.  I was always where I wanted to be.  When offered, I accepted his material help for which I politely said “thank you” and “keep the rest” if it comes to accepting his advice, his opinions, his company and his plans.   That is how I am when I feel politics or manipulation working on me.  No feelings.   I made sure he felt that.   I really didn't care if he stopped helping me all of a sudden.  I would say “just go, and don't come back”.

I was an unsympathetic victim for him to spy upon all day long, and he tried his best not to upset me, but to please me.  Despite all that, I wasn't one of those humble Moroccans that his kind is used to, those who say “oui, oui, oui monsieur” all the time.   They are used to those who are afraid to be fired, afraid of going to Court, afraid of registered letters and of bailiffs to confiscate their belongings, afraid of losing their social pension or of being evicted from their homes, or afraid of getting disqualified for whatever.  Afraid, afraid, afraid.   That is what the lives of the Moroccans  are all about, and it keeps them stuck in their situation.   I was one who said “no”.  If I didn't behave like this with him, he would go over the top.   He can't push me around like he is used with many Moroccans.

His help diminished when he lost his stakes in other people's businesses.   He borrowed money to several friends amongst which one French associate (Jean-Marc Nicolic ) with whom he has a company named 3-D Factory (3-dimensional software).  They spent money on stands in fairs and on traveling around together giving presentations, and they never got hold of one account.  They never sold one software package.

He also put money in a French watch maker for children (Bruno Graff ).   They lost everything in a law suit against a French bank which turned an investment into a loan without prior notice.  The watch maker had to start repaying the bank sooner than planned, and he didn't have the money.  The sales were slow, and there was no money to produce new watches.  The bank started confiscating property, cars and everything, and this is how Mr Crocodile lost his stake of 50,000 Euro with that company.   The day when he came back from Paris with the Court decision, he collapsed and he was taken to hospital where they diagnosed a blood clot in his brains.  The hospital bill was an unexpected additional expense.  That was in May 2011.

He once told me that between 2008 and 2011 he lost about 120,000 Euro.  It could be more, because he is a lier.  The question that I am asking to the police is how he earned about 120,000 Euro if he was on welfare in the years prior to 2008.   He founded his World Bureau of Marketing in 2008.  It's a company with limited responsibility.  That too costs money (7000 Euro).  Where did he find the money ?    The amounts that he was investing don't match with his reality.  Perhaps he was receiving money from his friend Sidi André, for looting my brains, for monitoring my moves and perhaps the Internet traffic as well, as I was using his office facility.

I walked away when I felt he was hunting for my USB keys.  I understood that he was crowding bailiffs around my house to increase pressure on me and perhaps to have me solicit for his help.   That was in March and April 2012.   In stead, I solicited the police when I connected his attempt to read my USB keys through the WiFi's, with the burglary and the disappearance of an envelope in my house, and particularly with two physical attacks on my Indian-born associate Bart Schram.  Bart's house also got burglarized.

Right now Mr Crocodile is going bankrupt very rapidly, not because of me, but because of his own mafia-type of people with whom he lost about 120,000 Euro.  This is a man who takes himself for a Business Angel – probably with prostitution money from Sidi André.   This is the investor who wants to partner with me with 25 % of equity from AWEX Sofinex without admitting that this is what he wants.  He is not even suitable to cross the street with, leave alone for a partnership... and  he sought to impress me with all that.  

When we see how he is getting ruined by taking stupid decisions ?  When you the projects originate 100 % from me, the investors are not Belgians, and Morocco is my country.   Why would I offer to any Belgian the privilege to own my business or to have authority over my inventions ?  All he or she will do is sell the wrong image of Morocco to the world.   That is what Sidi Le Chien[14] was doing in Morocco, so that he can tell to Europe the Moroccans needs more “development”, and that is how it all restarts.

Does Morocco notice anything about Belgium imposing partnerships with Belgian people on every single Moroccan citizen ?   I don't think so, because when a Moroccan and a Belgian arrives at the Moroccan administration, the public servant only sees two happy faces.   One face is happy because the person is finally getting her documents sorted out, to get on with her life... as someone's captive.  The other face is happy because he or she is coming to become the owner of a company for free, to enjoy the good weather for free and to be treated by the humble Moroccans also for free.  

The public servant is not going to question the history of the partnership or the technical background of each person to see if they truly match for the kind of business they supposedly want to do together.  He is not going to ask “how did you meet ?” of “what are you coming to Morocco for” to the foreigner.   He is not going to check if the people are prostitutes, pimps or junkies, capable of ravaging his sisters one day.  He only sees a white face, not knowing if that is a human or a hominid.  He just issues the papers on the spot, with a surprising efficiency that he doesn't care to have if it were a Moroccan alone requesting anything.   He too is happy because he thinks that the entrepreneurship programs of Sidi André are producing good results, that Morocco is very successful, that the Moroccan business environment is perfect as the foreigners seems to seek doing business in Morocco.  And perhaps that is where part of the 25 % equity goes to, to his pocket, and that is why the civil servant too is happy.

This is how masses of Europeans pour into Morocco every day to get rich and have fun in ways they can't do in Europe.  They don't always come because they wanted it, but because a Moroccan needs it.  They don't need to work for anything they want, and thus they don't want to return living in Europe afterwards.   They eventually own the companies (and the Moroccans), and this too is seen as normal in Morocco.  “Europeans have more money than us”, the Moroccans think, so they keep pampering any European whatsoever.  As a consequence, the Moroccans only clean, cook, babysit and open their legs for the Europeans in the hotels for one Euro, and that is becoming normal too.  Morocco is cheap and not so far, just 2,5 hours flight, the weather and the food is great.  Morocco is doing great, there's prosperity in the country and the unemployment has magically dropped, so the Moroccan Minister of Economy and Finance tells you.

Meanwhile Sidi André laughs and laughs like a chimp, because he and his friends probably managed to own many companies in Morocco only by doing this, by forcing the Moroccans into partnerships just like they force the innocent women into sex slavery, and by taking the chances of the Moroccans away while at home in their country.  

Sidi André arranged for this process, more than a decade ago, through a development aid program, his country helped fashion the private company legislation in Morocco for them to work out like this.  That was the “modernization” of the Moroccan economy.   Through that program he corrupted his Moroccan allies one by one to do exactly as he says.   He has everything in place everywhere to informally own 100 %  of the Moroccan market – his personal empire – while the official statistics indicate that Belgium only covers a meager 5 % of the Moroccan market.    Like this Belgium officially does not look like a threat.

The culprits quickly modified their behavior when they realized that we know what was going on, given the reports in my Google database.  They realize that we succeeded by ourselves in dissipating the mystery, or at least getting close it.   Their plan began to fail when the awareness against this danger started to arise.  Now they dread that it will all come out in the open.  They feel caught because they will never gain your trust again and that is why I was called a bitch.  

I think once they noticed this, they started planning for colonizing another country, or five at the same time, like the Central American countries.  They prepared a coffee pest for these countries, in order “to solve the problems of the coffee farmers” afterwards.  The monkey will first come with his Lavazza Foundation, like a Christ who is going to save us all.  Then he will send his friends from the World Bank and the other UN organizations who will be talking with the people with the right words, to handle the emotions, because Sidi André prepared them on what to say, how to say it and when to say it, from books in his library at the Museum of Africa in Tervuren (Belgium).  And finally he will send his country's banks and companies, as private partners for developing a  “governance” and “a private sector” which fits his country's purposes.  They all get contracts because he empowered and corrupted his helpers and his spies a long time ago,

By relying on Belgium for solving their problems, the Campesinos[15] will never rise.   He will offer a faked help because his country needs the Central American people the day when Belgium has a problem.   Now you understand that Belgium is not trained in solving any problems, but experienced in creating them.  It's their standard way of operation.  

When you refuse your help to them, they will tell you “When you were in shit, we helped you out.”   Out of what ?  Out of a problem which they created so to invoice your country for it.   If your standard is to solve problems all the time, and if you accept to help them, you will be showing to them how to do it, and then they will rush to show that to other countries so that they get paid.    So, DON'T HELP THEM.

Of course, Sidi André plans to become Señor André, to repeat the same process with his friends in Central America and everywhere in the developing world, and that is why they need more “highly educated” migrants, who at some point want to return to help their countries, and to force partnerships on them, like they do with the Moroccans.   That is how Belgium becomes the most powerful country in the world, without natural resources, without much brain, without any money or land, just with manipulation Made in Belgium.

Sidi Moulay André, Babysitting The Moroccan Enterprises  

On Tuesday 30 November 2010 at the occasion of the Morocco-Belgium Economic Development Opportunities conference at the Brussels Chamber of Commerce (BECI), I didn't speak with Mr Leuwenkroon.  I experienced that conference as an initiative that was copied from the letters which I sent to the Minister of Economy in Morocco.  Only in this copy the Moroccan enterprises are not supposed to develop any business in Belgium or in  Europe.  That was not the godfather's idea of a Morocco-Belgium trade relation, and that is why he rushed to take my place.

It was not supposed to be a Belgian thing at all, to begin with, but a Moroccan thing.  It should be organized by the Moroccans themselves.   Yet it seems that the godfather received the budgets to do it and I didn't because my letters were deviated by him.  That said, I wasn't looking for money with those letters, but that is what he thinks, because that is how he is.  I also wasn't necessarily targeting Belgium as a base for doing my projects, but because my address is here, he thinks I do.  The purpose of the letters was to explain the opportunity of engaging the Moroccans abroad in the international development of the Moroccan enterprises, and to inquire about the intellectual property registration for products that I was developing.   His version of my plans show that he is against the international development of the Moroccan enterprises, and that is why he took charge of the plan and he robbed the funds, to stop that sort of advancement.  

As he interfered with my business, I applied the principle that I learned in the good companies, which is to never speak with a crook at a conference or anywhere else, other than at Court.  This entire report indicates that I have many legal issues with this man, and my attitude to avoid contact with the transgressor spared me from a bigger danger, which I wasn't aware of until recently.  It is to get sucked by the mafia itself.  Perhaps I was invited to that conference to get myself involved in a conflict with him, but I followed through with my personal objectives the whole time, which is to meet and greet the Moroccan delegation, and nothing else.  By the way, I didn't know who he was, nor that he was screwing with my plans, I thought it was Minister Nizar Baraka and Ambassador Samir Addahre.

I only had time for the Moroccan enterprises with whom I had a great time.  I handed over envelopes with the Gold Key Services of the Multi-cultural Enterprise Network.  I explained that I was building my own chamber with people and opportunities to all parts of the world.  I showed to them how the Moroccans in Europe would love to have the job of serving them.  “That's what we want !” they shouted with a burst of enthusiasm.  “I know, I know”, I said “but this is not what Belgium wants, so here is a plan, read it at home or on the plane, but don't show it to anybody Belgian”.   They followed the instruction in an impeccable way, and even the Communications Director of Maroc Export, Miss Fatim-Zohra Mohandes hugged me for it, which showed me that they were being crushed and that they needed a helping hand.  She is a tall young woman with long hair.  During the conference I saw her sitting on the first row, with her head down, dispirited and missing a great deal of the slide show.   I could sens she was oppressed by the godfather who actually was babysitting all of them.

When a Belgian economic mission goes to Morocco, they take about 400 enterprises from Belgium and Luxembourg with them and they are usually accompanied by Prince Philippe.  They come back from Morocco with contracts worth hundreds of millions of Euro, while considering Morocco “a developing nation”.   The Belgian and the Luxembourg enterprises are represented in Morocco by Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon.  

Unless Mr Leuwenkroon was instructed to prevent that any attention will be given to stronger solutions like mine, and to drain Morocco's funds, he was entrusted with the task to organize “a Road Show” for Moroccan enterprises in parallel with the Halal forum, an event that he shared with a Moroccan quality services company (Qualilab International).   The Road Show took place in Luxembourg on 29 November 2010 and in Brussels on 30 November 2010.   The Halal forum took place on 1 and 2 December 2010.  

When you hear “Road Show”, you would imagine several dozens of enterprises from Morocco, or an equal number like the Belgian economic mission.  That is what I imagined until I went to the conference on 30 November 2010 to discover that there were hardly ten Moroccan enterprises.  Only one local Belgian construction enterprise was there.  It's name is BESIX and it is a member of the Brussels Chamber of Commerce.  That company is reputed for being respectful of foreign cultures and I remember in 1995 they brought from the USA Steve Mariotti's Nifty program across to Belgium for helping inner city youth become entrepreneurs.  All the other Belgian enterprises were either not informed or not interested.  

I also thought that it was going to be a “Road Show”,  but it took place in a meeting room inside a building.    I imagined that there would be demonstrations or a show, like the title of the event says.  There was no show.  The conference room was filled with the visitors from Morocco themselves.  The Moroccan enterprises weren't given the chance to give a presentation of their businesses.  All the presentations were turned towards doing business in Morocco, not towards doing business in Europe.  The Moroccan enterprises were hearing what they know.  It was lamentable.   It was clear to me that it was bogus and that the events were one-shots and not regular programs that would lead to longterm commercial collaboration, because such collaboration needs to be driven by an infrastructure of it's own.  That infrastructure is the novelty that I was trying to introduce for my country, and I kept my mouth shut about it while contemplating the disasters by Leuwenkroon or by his superiors.  It was clear that the godfather was mocking with Morocco, just like usual.

Mr Leuwenkroon brought the Moroccan enterprises with him as if he were the Minister in charge of the Moroccan economic mission.  Where was the Moroccan Minister of Economy or Industry ?   He was not allowed to go out of the country or what ?  The Moroccan enterprises accompanied him like prisoners.  They were allowed to do nothing without his consent.   They were just about allowed to speak a little and eat.  He kept an eye on them constantly.  I think that is why he kept their number low.  He can only handle 10 Moroccan enterprises at a time lie that, and not 400, I guess.  

Mr Leuwenkroon advanced his departure to Morocco with two days, the entire Moroccan delegation advanced their departures with him, even if they wanted to stay longer, or even if they were not concerned by the heavy rains in Morocco which caused Mr Leuwenkroon's office in Casablanca to be flooded.  

It was 30 November 2010.  There were still 2 days of partnership building left with the Forum Halal, on 1 and 2 December 2010.  That forum was somewhat also his thing, but it was organized by a different team with whom his chamber had a conflict (what else can you expect from a man with such an evil intentions).  He must have created or co-created the Forum Halal to loot the brains of the Moroccans and to pass on the the ideas to the Belgian industries (Halal club ), with which they tried to loot the Islamic Development Bank (See Development Aid - Morocco Gate on page 65 of DNA Business Finance, Know Who Are Dealing With).  

Now he seems to abandon the Road Show, the Forum Halal and the business to business encounters, which were meant to develop the Morocco-Belgium Economic Opportunities, leaving behind the sponsors of the Forum Halal.  That was it.  The Road Show was over.   What amazed me about the Moroccan enterprises is that despite the unhappiness, they still followed him as if he were their godfather.   It shows that they dreaded him.  They don't know to whom they should complain about him, I think, and they are afraid to disturb the “economic interests”.

I was told by Mr Crocodile, who was there also, that the water reached 3 meters high in Mr Leuwenkroon's office.  When thinking of it again today, I think it was a lie to prevent the Moroccans living in Belgium to develop partnerships with  their compatriots from Morocco.   The godfather and Mr Crocodile try to control the world with lies.

The mafia needs the Moroccans to remain helpless, so that they rely just on his help all the time, and so that he can push around in any direction that he wants.  For example : there was a Moroccan engineering company who was looking for stainless steel plates.   The delegate of that company heard me speak in Arabic and he learned from the others that I was localized of Belgium.  He asked if I knew of any steel companies in Belgium.  “Of course, it is one of the biggest industries here”, I replied.  He was told by the BLCCM that there weren't any at all.  So Mr Leuwenkroon's chamber of commerce misinforms the Moroccan members, I discovered.   For what ?   It's so that he can earn percentages, in order to make the business more expensive for all.   I am sure that the Moroccan engineering company turned to another country for the stainless steel supply, by now.

In the meantime 3 big steel companies in his country (Carsid, ArcelorMittal and Duferco) shut down their plants.  The mafia realized his wishful thinking, which is that there aren't any steel companies anymore in Belgium, indeed.  They will continue to sabotage other people's businesses until this country goes stone-broke.  That is how the jealousy will backfire on this country.

For a while, it wasn't clear to me if it was the Moroccan Minister of Economy who was assigning to Mr Leuwenkroon the new tasks which I defined in my letters to him, or was it someone else taking the initiatives away from me.  Thanks to the discovery of his Lavazza Innovation Center in Torino, through which I found new elements, I found out that either Mr Leuwenroon was indeed copying all my solutions, or he has been requested to by someone else, while my country is not benefiting of any of them, except in one concerning ethnic diversity :

Multi-cultural diversity is something to which the majority of the Belgian politicians are opposed to.   In 2005 I wanted to do something about it, and I thought Europe would appreciate it better if diversity was seen as an economic driver.   That brought me on the path of creating a “Center for Excellence in Diversity Competence and Globalization”.  I had this sequence of words printed on my business card with my name as the CEO.   Mr Crocodile (Daniel Renson) received one card when I met him, end of 2005.   Through this channel the idea of combining diversity with globalization went viral in Wallonia.  “Diversity” was discovered.   AWEX started looting European funds to supply export training to qualified immigrants.  

Around that time, Mr Azoulay must have learned about it in Morocco, and he may have inspired our authorities to engage in the promotion of “diversity”.  He didn't suggest it as a driver for the economic stability of Morocco and for global business.  Hell no !   He suggested it for the show business, and not on a continuous basis, but only during festivals.   This is not the same profitable diversity that AWEX has tried to implement in Belgium.  Eventually, it didn't work out for them at AWEX, because their racism overrides their sense for doing business.  

This is how Mr Azoulay has been trying to bypass me with his transvestite versions of my projects, resulting in insanity which is practiced nowhere in the world.   However, for some reason – perhaps through a development aid agreement – Morocco  delegated the entire task to design the Moroccan exports to Mr Azoulay, who eventually made of Morocco exactly what he wanted : a colony to be exploited to the last drop.

When Mr Leuwenkroon and his team left for the airport, Mr Crocodile walked over to me.  He asked if I knew who Mr Leuwenkroon was.  I shook my head “this is the first time I've seen him” .  He explained that he is now the President of the BLCCM and that he used to work as a consultant in the exports department of the Brussels Chamber of Commerce just like himself, that he was married to a Moroccan woman, that he was the owner of Lavazza and the he never wants to return living in Belgium.  

Of course, he doesn't want to return to Belgium.   In Belgium nobody will go out of his way for him, like they do in Morocco.  He likes that when the Moroccans shower him with invitations, gifts, meals, etc.  He feels taken care of in a way that he won't find in Belgium.   That is why he doesn't want to return to Belgium.  The taxes are too high in this country, and there are too many laws to protect the people.  He makes more money in Morocco where he thinks the laws are made only for the poor and naïve people who the mafia exploits.  

I made no comments about Mr Leuwenkroon being married to a Moroccan woman to Mr Crocodile, knowing that he was fishing for my opinion.  I realized that my country was actually going backwards rapidly, because more and more Moroccans are led to believe that they will rise in status by getting married to a mafioso like André Azoulay, whereas they will sink deeper and deeper into the underworld.

When all his money is gone, which is likely to happen, given the illegal nature of it, his Moroccan wife will discover that she made the wrong bet.  She thought that he was an accomplished professional, but he actually is a gangster who does nothing else the whole day but looting the people of her nation.   To keep his status he needs the Moroccans to be poor and helpless, and at the same time they have to be bright, so that he can brain drain them for his country.  

I know all this about him, just from observing his actions and his behavior.  I could read that this man had an agenda of his own.  That is the only strength he has compared with the Moroccan government.  

The Hidden Agenda Of The Godfather

His agenda is to bring everything out of balance in Morocco to make of his mafia law the rule, otherwise his country will get poor.  That is what he believes.   He believes that if you progress, he will go backward.   If you move up, he will go down.   That is why he puts himself on top and he is despotic.  It's so that you don't move at all.   That is the general belief system in his country.   Only a small sector in his Belgian society believes the contrary, and they too struggle everyday with the majority of the people in Belgium.   You can't change Mr Azoulay's belief system.  You don't even have the right to change his conviction.

We are convinced of something else.   We belief that progress is for all the people who want progress, and the more numerous we are, the better for us all.   We also belief that if we push down, we will all go down.   We belief in the law of Nature or the Cosmic law.   That is our belief system.  It is supported by our religion and shared by all the religions and by most philosophies in the world.   Mr Azoulay can't change your belief system and he doesn't have the right to do that.  

Your belief system strongly diverges with the belief system of Mr Azoulay.   That is why I disapprove that you have entrusted your economy in the hands of someone with whom you don't share the values.   That is why you see things happening in your society that don't match your values, but they match the agenda of Mr Azoulay.

When something is straight for you, he will crook it to fit his program.  For example :   If all the forward-looking initiatives concerning the Moroccans living abroad (MRE) that Mr Azoulay was proposing to the Moroccan authorities, coincide with the times when I tried to bring my solutions to the attention of my authorities with the request to help direct me towards the competent administrations in the country, then everything that I designed was almost automatically redirected to Mr Azoulay, Mr Azoulay would invent an inferior version of whatever I suggested, and despite the low quality he was probably awarded all the contracts.   That is how something balanced and meant to generate new assets, ends up twisted and unsuccessful, and it impacts the Moroccan economy.

What's become of all that today ?   Let me tell you what's become of that : he ran off with the data about all the Moroccans everywhere in the world for free.   How do I know that ?  Because I've heard of Moroccans who grew up and who studied in America ending up working in Brussels for a major Belgian bank.   That's what you get when you show an innovative approach to modernize your country to a rival nation.   The good effects for your country get aborted right there.    Since Morocco was not doing it properly, Belgium may have recruited masses of them to work for the World Bank in Washington and in the research centers of Wallonia.   I have predicted this in Analyse Top Secrète, that Belgium who doesn't have migrants around the World like Morocco does, is going to use yours to advance her enterprises.  It wasn't a premonition.  It is a logical consequence when you deal with enemies and with idiots in our administration.  

When he notices assets he will replace them with debts.  Valuable projects get corrupted and investments get diverted to somewhere else than Morocco.   He sends our women to the West.  My niece is an example and here in Belgium, I have observed the arrival of more and more undocumented Moroccan female immigrants.  In addition, they travel unaccompanied, which is really a curious thing for us.  Since they are undocumented, they are also difficult to trace.  They will likely end up functioning as hot meat somewhere in Mr Azoulay's slave-economy.

Another example : I noticed that Morocco, like many other developing nations didn't have a chamber of commerce in Europe.   I started designing one which sells the trade services to any company, like a consulting company, and in partnership with the national chambers of commerce.  That is why I called United Chambers (like United Colors or International Colors).   He must have heard about it and he promptly hurried to fill the gap in Morocco.

When you look at these logo's CCBLM, CMCI, Maroc Export and AWEX, don't you find that they are all the similar, conveying “international colors” or “diversity”?   Morocco seems to entrusts the task of promoting the Moroccan industries to him, instead of Maroc Export.   The reality that he created on the ground is “division”.  All the Moroccan export units may have been shaped to the needs of Mr André Azoulay, and not with the best interest of the Moroccans in mind.  We have seen it with the Morocco-Belgium Partnership Conference and the Forum Halal.  If he helped shaped the new export units, you can be sure he has put people in there that he can use as spies for his country, while they are paid with Morocco's funds.  

That explains why Belgium runs after the same markets like Morocco.   For example, when Morocco tries something with China, within the same month Belgium also goes to China to do better than Morocco.   When Morocco tries to do something with Korea, then Belgium  hurries to Korea directly afterwards.   A lot of the renewable energy projects that they run in Wallonia are maybe applications that were thought in Morocco.   Perhaps the recent solar cell research collaboration between the Belgian IMEC Leuven and the Kuwait University was something that they looted from Morocco.  Who knows ?  There is not enough sun in Belgium for Belgium to be concerned with solar cell-based applications, to begin with.   In many fields it's Morocco who is developing Belgium for free, and Morocco is paying, with little benefits for Morocco.   That is how he was turning your world upside down for over 10 years or so  and you are only noticing this now.

One more example : I asked Mr Abdellah Haniy, President of the CMCI if his members were Moroccan companies.  He answered “no, our members are Belgian companies who want to establish in Morocco”.   What about establishing the Moroccan industries abroad ?  Would that be against the law ?   That CMCI chamber has no influence on the Moroccan exports, I concluded, and that is how Mr Azoulay and his friends at AWEX like it.   It was created for that reason, to be and stay under their control, and so that your country doesn't move up.  It also means to be a stick in my wheels, to compete with my chamber of commerce.  Mine will surely not be a criminal chamber that aims at leaking projects to everywhere, corrupting people, blocking development and growth, gang-formation, conspiracy, spying, deviating investments, looting funds, faking projects, violating copyrights, whitewashing of dirty money, nepotism, lying, creating division, human trafficking, prostitution etc.

Your Majesty, it seems to me that Morocco has given a great deal of autonomy to Mr Azoulay.  You probably discuss everything you want to do with this kind of man, and you entrusted to him the most strategic part of your economy, which is the international commerce.

I heard you complain about inequalities in the commercial relationship between Belgium and Morocco during your speech of 18 October 2010 at the Maroc-Europe conference.   Those inequalities wouldn't exist without your permission.   You have allowed it.  One month later, on 30 November 2010, those inequalities re-appeared.  Do you want to know why ? Because Mr Azoulay was taking care of everything.   You have allowed it again right after your speech.

Let me show you how Mr Azoulay is out of balance himself : you have offered him the world and you have placed him higher than yourself.   Despite all that you have given, the man is still not satisfied, because he continues to leak projects, to deviate projects to somewhere else, to manipulate your ministers, to corrupt people in the administration, to set the Moroccans up against each other.

What have you done to Mr Azoulay to the point that he does everything in his might to destroy your country's assets (people, projects, investments) ?    What sets him to operate with a determination to crush the entire country and it's people, slowly but surely, and with a friendly face so that nobody suspects his true plans ?  Everybody thinks he loves Morocco.  He even married a Moroccan to look less dangerous and approachable to all.  I'm sure they call him “my brother”, yet his aversion of the Moroccan people is horrific.

He copied me for 10 years or so, and I said not one word.  The repetitive behavior during 10 years is a real big aggression.   Then why is he so angry with me ?    In all the project documents that leaked towards him, did he find one bad word about Belgium or one sentence against the interests of Belgium ?   No, because my plan has never been to destroy the Belgian economy, but to build one for ourselves.   What is his problem?     The problem is that building something right for ourselves means the same like “destroying something” for Mr Azoulay.   That is what he believes.  

Don't try to reason or negotiate with him, because he will not change.   All he will do is make himself important with new promises that things will be better next time.  That is how he kept you waiting forever and that is also how the commercial inequalities perpetuate, with exactly the same meaningless agenda.

The Satanic Economic Policy Of The Godfather

Over the past 20 years there has been a slight weakening in the morals of the Moroccan population, so the Moroccans in Europe report.   There is still very strong resistance from the majority of the population, but fewer people condemn a Moroccan woman with a boyfriend or getting married to a European.  I call it the boyfriend-culture.  

I think you know how careful I am measuring my words here to discuss the unspeakable with you, because it is necessary.   We must tackle the issue at some point, because we are slowly being worked in it, and this is regrettable.  The question here is where does it come from ?   It's unlikely that our population would encourage those changes themselves.   There must be a mechanism somewhere that promotes these new behaviors.   If we can identify that mechanism, we can use it to promote higher moral standards.

I am illustrating the declining morals with the story of Wiame Legsaï, a young Moroccan woman who grew up in Casablanca and who came to Belgium to get an MBA.  In Spring 2007 a Dutch human resources consultant, with whom I discussed a partnership for our International Colors team building program, recommended that I should to involved Miss Legsaï (view her profile on  He thought that a Moroccan will be helping another Moroccan. When I visited her, I picked up with indignation that she was hesitating between a Swedish boyfriend and a Danish – if I am not mistaken about the nationality of the second one. I also made some other observations which today lead me to believe that she was a protégé of Sidi André, who may have used his long arms to arrange a job for her with Northropp-Grumann a leading American company in Wallonia, perhaps with some other perks, against the looting of my documents.  That is how this Moroccan helped me and how she promotes her country abroad, and how she got her MBA as well, I think. More on page .

The decline in the moral values is the economic policy of Sidi André.  It dawned on me very quickly when combining notion like “statut de la femme”, “ouverture”, “modernité”, and when knowing that Belgium was involved.   Sidi André takes the leadership.   I suspect he would only promote this type of women, because he needs them to help him drive his secret prostitution business.   It's part of the vast mechanism of the godfather to turn the society into sexual slavery.   It works for as long as the awareness isn't there that it concerns a business system, centered around tourism and prostitution.   To achieve massive results he founded a boyfriend-culture in Morocco,  with the following business model :    

  1. the film industry is used for promoting the “boyfriend culture” (people take attitudes from TV) and to stimulate the consumer market (people buy what they see on TV), and
  2. the tourism industry is for selling and cashing in on the “boyfriend culture” in particular.   I will elaborate this part a little further down on page .

Don't you see that he replaced a real economy with a fantasy economy consisting of entertainment, film, tourism and all the unreal things.   He is making of Morocco Cloud Cocooland.  These sectors cannot become the core drivers of your economy, but as additional streams of income for the country, provided that they are structured differently, to add value to other sectors.  These sectors were presented to you as solutions against the poverty, because of the low education rate of your population.  I don't believe that and I offered an alternative saying that you need more intelligent industries that transform materials into goods and that supply services.  How else are you planning to turn this “boyfriend culture” around ?   With what ?  

I connected the dots a very long time ago.  I was suspicious of the very rapid growth of the tourism sector during the last – let's say – 20 years, the strong focus on the Moroccan woman (legal status, employment, education, etc.), and the rapid rise of the film industry, not to mention the propagation of consumerism in Morocco.  

Imposing The Boyfriend-Culture

Not having a boyfriend is considered backward.  Those who don't believe in the boyfriend-culture, in dating and cheating with a European as way for advancing socially, and who use their freedom for developing their brains rather than the buttocks, get crippled by Sidi André's mafia.   I think that my parents got harassed and humiliated by the long arms of Sidi André, for conditioning me to use my brains because I truly believe that progress is possible without a European boyfriend.  Note that my parents are simple people who have never forced any marriage on me, and that is modern enough.  They unexpectedly got punished by the Belgian establishment as if they did (p. ), and there has never been any question of any marriage neither on my behalf or on their behalf.  It was all toxic rumors.

The electrocuted couple (the couple that has stolen the group-purchasing idea) subtly tried to work me into a relationship with a hairdresser named Chokri, a Tunisian.  I am sure he was unaware of the bigger plan.  He hardly started working into the salon or I disappeared from their environment.   I figured out that their motive was to prevent me from entering Morocco.    That was the reason at that time.  I would have entered Tunisia then, if  I wanted him.  He can be hairdresser there as well.   Later, when they sensed the potential for creating and attracting wealth, they didn't propose a Tunisian or any Arab or a Muslim or any other ethnic minority.  They want me to favor a Spirou, their ancestor from Wallonia, like Mr Crocodile.   All this is no longer about what I want or what Destiny decided already.  It's about what they want and that is incitement to prostitution.

Belgium worked very hard on legislations against forced marriage to severely reprimand the Muslim parents with severe fines and with imprisonment (what else did you think).   We can use that same legislation to reprimand them should they dictate with whom we should marry.  

Apart from “forcing a marriage” on me, there was not really much Sidi André could do to destabilize me or to manipulate me.    I'm not married to cause me to get divorced.   Knowing that I was living in a hostile environment, this is one thing that I wanted to remain protected from :   divorce.   I was never afraid of getting married, but of getting divorced, because with that you really fall under the spell of the poverty, the drugs and the prostitution machine of Sidi André, in one way or another.    I was aiming getting out of Belgium first, and then get married, because I wouldn't raise children in this place.

The whole of Brussels is divorced.  The divorce rate in the migrant community and particularly with the Moroccans is horrendous and exceeding the 50 %.  Ask the Moroccan Consul about it.  I have listened to a case myself, when I went to renew my national identity card at the Consulate :  

A very young woman with a veil and a long robe came with her brother to see the Moroccan Legal Advisor, to start proceeds against her husband.   She was married for 3 days.   Her husband didn't reappear for more than 9 months.   I learned about more cases in which the girls got married and immediately afterwards they were abandoned, even while pregnant.  You would think that marrying a close relative would provide stability.  Forget it.   Even family members are doing this to each other.    For what ?   For big bucks that the husband gets through the hierarchy from the godfather, to do this and to repeat a new marriage somewhere else.   That is what I think.   It's a business that circumvents the boyfriend-culture.  

Where does the Belgian system make profit ?   Through the legal system and through the prostitution system.  The Belgian Court Houses are filled with Moroccans every day for solving intricate legal problems related to divorces and alimonies, child custody, and then they all earn disdain.

That too is not my case.  I'm not married.  He can't buy out my husband.  So, the only option for Sidi André and his gang to circumvent the legislations against forced marriage is to cause financial and legal trouble for me.  It is to break me gradually in pieces, so that I would understand that the only way for getting tranquility is to marry a Belgian or to stay imprisoned in his country.  

Boy, I have never had to struggle so much for my freedom than with the Wallonia species, but I am a fighter.  Now, I am insisting on economic independence, to show that e-ve-ry-thing is possible.   You can achieve what you want.  You can be a Muslim, an Arab and a woman, a black or anyone including a European, man or woman and follow your dream, and do things with business, finance, technology, science or any creativity.   We don't need someone like Sidi André for making any social or economic progress.   In his world, you don't work yourself up, but you let yourself be pulled up by some jerk.  

For once Sidi André is dealing with a Moroccan who listens to what her heart and mind tells her, and who follows her dream.  He should have found out from my parents first if  I was at all someone who listens, before evicting them from their home.   He might have found out from my mother that I was born without ears.

What does he want ?  That I follow his dream ?   His dream is that I would become a bitch.  That is the only type of income he wants for me.  That is why he is busting my possibilities, so that I would have nothing left but to sell myself.    Now that shows you that he knows nothing about creativity.  Creativity is not following someone else's imagination.  How come he does not know that ?   This is because he is a monkey.  A human has dreams.  A monkey doesn't.  That is the difference.    

His Satanic Legislation

Being disrespectful of laws and regulations is typical for the mafia.  That is what Mr Azoulay does, and this lawlessness or impunity works well with certain Moroccans, as it turns out.  He achieves everything this with financial corruption, which make people forget the norms, the rules, the law, and the religion too.  This man is challenging our values the whole day long.  I think he has been around you for 20 years by now, and you are only discovering this today, like Alice in Wonderland.

Sidi André's mafia in Morocco focuses on the hasheesh (soft drug also called cannabis), on human trafficking (illegal migration), on sex (male and female prostitutes) and surely on children (pedophilia), and perhaps on arms (terrorism).  I am not so sure about any arms contraband in Morocco, but I would dare to relate the recent police discovery of artillery in the house of a terrorist in Brussels, who was planning to shoot on Judges and Inspectors in the Brussels Court of Justice  (see page  and visit

 ).  They also found huge amounts of money.  I hate to amalgamate, but this coincides with all the financial fraud discoveries.   It reminds me of the mafia in Italy also killing Judges when they feel they are getting closer to the truth.   Sidi André's mafia law has to prevail, also in Belgium.    

Sometimes I think that he is connected with Philippe Servaty, the porn film maker from Agadir, who disgraced 80 Moroccan women in 2005.  “Birds of a feather, flock together”, the saying goes.  I have the feeling that the pornographer and Sidi André are one of a kind and they could be friends, because who else intervened to liberate Servaty from the prison in Morocco ?  The liberation surprised the entire Moroccan population to the point that the Moroccans in Belgium declared a fatwa on this man.  He currently lives in hiding.   He was recently condemned by the Belgian Justice, whereas Morocco proved to be permissive in this law case, and the people are wondering why.    

Here is why : when 80 women are involved, you know it is a commerce.  As I explained further above, you have to read this type of phenomena from a business system perspective to understand it.  Sidi André prospers with dirty money from your fantasy economy.   I wouldn't be surprised if Sidi André has had a hand in that business, and that Philippe Servaty was simply released because of him.    

It fits the sex and tourism-oriented economic policy that the godfather silently elaborated, by weakening the morals at country level, with the mass media suggesting the boyfriend-type of life style in everything, publicity, reportages, tv-series, theater, magazines.  He leads by example, encouraging sexual relationships with Europeans, while keeping the country poor with people needing cash.

He thrives on the weaknesses in Morocco through which you will have a hard time finding the facts.    First of all prostitution is illegal, and he is using this void for growing his markets.  Secondly there are social repercussions for the individual who falls under the category of prostitution.  Thirdly, they often fall in that role more as victims than on voluntary basis, and it is irreversible.  Fourthly, nobody wants to be associated to the prostitution to handle the social problem properly.  Finally, many cases of sexual abuse which lead to prostitution go unreported.  

Because of all these reasons you have trouble finding the facts, and Sidi André has taken advantage of this complex situation.  The trouble here is that you cannot just find the prostitutes (male and female).  No one is going to come forward saying “I am dealer”, “I am a boyfriend” or “I am a pimp”.  Where do you start then ?    

Here is where you can start : you question the enterprises (the business), like the establishments where people meet (hotels, concert halls, etc) but also all the enterprises that Sidi André has attracted to your territory.   Question the people who work there, including those who got fired or those who left.   Where did they go to ?  Look for  any NGO in your society that he brought over, that he supports.  You will find that he does this with dirty money 90 % of the time.  Audit them all, for once.   Get the facts, get statistics, and educate yourself on the different types of crimes.  

Sidi André also takes advantage of a general lack of understanding of economic and financial systems, in addition to the wrong attitude towards opportunities, which I was able to observe from my end. He made you believe that development aid is an opportunity for your country.  He had you hesitate about your own authority to create wealth...  for as long as you thought that his country was wealthy enough to help yours become prosperous.   By getting him do everything for your, he weakened your power of control.

The pig tested all your weaknesses when the Moroccan authorities decided to let the pornographer from Agadir, Philip Servaty, return as a free man to his country, after abusing about 80 women, who thought they found a European boyfriend.   I guess the godfather intervened quickly to bail him out, otherwise his porno business won't produce a penny for corrupting your entire administration, and for building his Lavazza training centers in a record time and in historic sustainable architectures (p ).  I wrote to you about the pornographer in my letter of 9 November 2011, saying that Morocco has an irrational fear of the colonizer (attachment_12), if his liberation was more important than the 80 broken lives of the Moroccan women.  They went to prison.  He didn't.

All the Moroccans were talking about this injustice on the market place, in the shops and in the tube during the days after the pornographer was freed to fly back to Belgium.  “El fluss[16], economic interests”, they remarked with dismay, because they all realized it was the law of money ruling our country which is different than the law of the country.  They imagined that the interest was at royal level, because the only one who can grace an offender like that one is His Majesty the King of Morocco.   I couldn't locate the economic interest at all.   “What kind of financial interest ?”  I wondered, “because Belgium has nothing to offer”.  Now I see that the pornographer was of financial interest to Belgium, and you have been protecting that financial interest.  You have been protecting the stream of income from the prostitution and other crimes in Morocco for Belgium.    

What's more, after the pornographer left, you continued signing many cooperation agreements with Belgium, with bigger and bigger commercial contracts.  The Servaty case is not clean, and it is damaging the reputation of our country.  You continued awarding construction contracts for schools, hospitals, big hotels, airports, roads, and so many social and educational programs etc.  raising Belgium to become like the second or the third most important trade partner.   How blind can you be ?   I was stunned because our people over here are being crippled to the point that they go for kamikaze jobs in Iraq.  “Baaz”[17] as we say in Dareeja.  

That is the weakness which makes our population angry.   I hope that with the puzzle that I am exposing here, you understand that Belgium continued to fool you with a development aid envelope 'from the efforts of the Belgian population', whereas it comes from the efforts of sex slaves, junkies and other pimps in your country, who feed dirty money in the Belgian social security.  That is what happens when you don't apply your country's laws but the law of the a sex mafioso who you mistook for a serious business man and an economic advisor.  

The boyfriend-culture is the same like a slavery-culture,

Even the homosexuals don't agree with the (informal) boyfriend-culture

Then why should Morocco ?

The godfather makes the law, otherwise Mr Philippe Servaty would still be in prison today.   The Servaty case is the second big sex scandal in Morocco, known to me.  Some 25 years ago or more, there was another case involving 400 women in Marrakesh.  That too was obviously a  commerce, and perhaps also generating income for Belgium.  There are a lot more cases, as the women will never tell, but this business may have been going ever since 1968, when Belgium signed a cooperation agreement with Morocco.   By now there must be plenty of silent laws driving the Moroccan economy and society.

How To Kick-start Legal Actions Against The Godfather

If Sidi André bailed out the pornographer of Agadir, then a direct involvement of Sidi André in the scandal can be established.   If in addition to this the investigations confirm that there were commercial intentions behind the whole affair, perhaps you can track down the 80 victims, if they are still alive to deposit complaints against the one who bailed out the pornographer.  Have them request damages.

Under King Hassan II (may he rest in peace) there was a similar affair with 400 victims    Use it.   Use everything you can possibly find to get Belgium pay fines.  Apart these moral cases and from mine, there must be many other business and finance related legal cases which you can use to finish him off.

If a link can be established between the porn film maker and Sidi André, then correct this mistake now.   Add his connection to the film maker to the growing collection of judicial charges against him, so that the only way for Sidi André to come out of prison is to commit suicide.   Otherwise, some Moroccans would be capable of building a mausoleum for this monkey and organize pilgrimage, should he die free.  

You will find more approaches for catching him on page .

Sidi André The Magician

The trap was to make you happy with something that looks like he is developing your economy, like bringing in more European tourists to your country.  I am sure that it made you happy while you didn't see he was opening the door to a massive number of other Servatys for your country.   That is his kind of tourists.  As millions of tourists flew in the country, you were happy with the service that Sidi André was rendering to your economy.  

As the ass is the only thing on his mind, he doesn't know how to think of something else, he filled Morocco's portfolio with futile and fake projects.   It works like black magic.  It takes possesses of your soul and it only works until it loses it's effects, which is today.    

Futile and Fake Projects

In 2003-2004, I read about Morocco developing growth by focusing on the tourism.  I remember, for example, that they started the construction of hotels, riads, resorts and residences taking up endless kilometers along the beaches of Tangiers, all geared towards bringing millions of tourists to Morocco.   I thought they were replicating George Bush's construction bubble to stimulate the American economy about which I had my doubts.

Normally you would take it step by step, just like Club Med grows it's operations gradually based on exact and careful ROI[18] calculations, on the forecasts of the type of customer to fill the tourist site, and from where he comes.   From the controlled way of working you see that it is not the sex, but the wellness which is Club Med's core business and central value.  

I felt sad for Morocco's modernité and ouverture plan because the tourism was already an existing sector in Morocco.  It's nothing new, but it was presented as “new” and it worked.   It is not going to stimulate the exports (particularly not if your country doesn't own any tour-operators abroad), but it stimulates some interior consumption.  I didn't see what was so exceptional about that economic plan, but the Moroccan press was full of it.    

The nearly 90 % focus on the tourism sounded like a big threat for the true (industrial) development of the country.  Tourism doesn't require much talent, because the Sun is doing all the work.  It's like playing the house servant for the visitor.  It requires cleaners, cooks and waitresses.   It's not providing any new experience for the population to develop, and there are so many other sectors that the country needs.  I didn't understand the utility, and I wrote this in most of the letters to my government.

“Can Morocco afford to grow a tourism sector this fast ?” I wondered.  I thought it was a developing country, but the wild growth in the constructions sounded completely out of control.  Irrational is the word.  There was nothing that guarantees that the tourists will come, where they will come from and what type of activity they seek.   I wondered “who invests like this ?”

I don't know if the other beaches like Agadir were concerned or not, but I inquired with friends from Tangiers about the endless kilometers of new residences along the beaches of Tangiers.  They told me that most of the new constructions are unoccupied.   Is that the planned economy of your government ?   They simply damaged the ecology, turning the beach into concrete, and that's it ?  

When this is the observation, then the growth was artificial, and one should investigate what the true objectives were behind the rapid growth, where the investments came from, who instructed the plan, and who were the contractors.  It tells me that the Moroccan government of that period was infested with incompetent people, and interfering with a private sector, which is the tourism.  They don't understand how enterprise works, they just listen to any idiot.   If you are a developing country, you better try to understand by yourself how everything works first.  Don't bring in anybody from somewhere else to tell you how it should work, because that is how you risk bringing the mafia again to your country.  I advise to hunt all the Ministers of that period, you might come on a track directly leading to Sidi André and his mafia of Wallonia.  That is the idiot to whom everyone was listening without anticipating his possible hidden agenda.

His plan was to make his sex tourism bubble burst in your faces, so that the population avenges your “modernité” plans, and so that he can take your place.   That is why he married a Moroccan.  He hopes to earn citizenship with all the fake projects that he suggested to you.  If all goes well for him, we should eventually get Sidi Moulay André instead of Sidi Moulay Mohamed.   That is his agenda, remember ?

It was around that time (2004) that I wrote my very first letter to Ambassador Mustapha Salaheddine, suggesting my first innovation : the collaborative purchasing system (see attachment_13 – currently missing).  

Typical traits of suspicious business models

From what he copied from me, there is nothing complimentary.   All his projects and his business models are incomplete.  They are not growth models and they don't evolve.   They are also very quickly raised, and after the implementation nothing happens.  There is no renewal, no evolution.  You will find more traits in the Bongo example on page .   It is only impressive at the beginning stage.

You didn't see him shut off the direct access to investments for the Moroccan enterprises with a major Islamic bank, copy or steal new initiatives away from Morocco, like the Halal business and the saffron culture.  He even steals your international relations.  When Morocco works out a bilateral commercial agreement with a new country, the next day Belgium would rush to that same new country to compete with Morocco and perhaps in similar markets.  When Morocco decided to create an Islamic finance center in Casablanca, Brussels wanted to position as the future Wall Street in Europe... Meanwhile, this friendly partner blinds you with massive tourism.

To balance up the concentration of his efforts on the tourism with something else, Sidi André pulled Morocco into a call center craze.  He encouraged the building of the call center sites, but they were faked projects.  He saw the CENEBP document (which they took from the copyrights organization in 2004).   He read the words “outsourcing” and “ICT”, and together with AWEX they rushed into fooling Morocco to do like India, and become the answer phone for the companies in the French-speaking Western countries.  They made the country invest in ICT networks, new office buildings, and equipment, and bringing over the multi-lingual Moroccans who want to return home, just like my documents suggested.   I think the Moroccan Ministers of Economy, Industry and Finance must have earned good money helping Sidi André get approval for everything he wanted, in his rage to be ahead of me and to blind you with new things.

When he comes with new things like that, he is seen as a big friend of Morocco.  It must have felt like the relationship with Belgium was working better than expected.   However, the initiative was not based on a well-studied business plan with strategies on what to do if the call center business fails.  Now many are all empty.   The clients (mostly located in European countries) have taken the call-center jobs back to their countries to compensate for the massive rise in unemployment.   Now you have big buildings with infrastructure and equipment of which the loans are still running while the earnings drop and the capacity for repaying the loans also drops (who cares if it concerns the World Bank).  It caused the unemployment of the people who gave up their residence in Europe, believing that they will have a stable job in Morocco.  It was just Sidi André's cinema to show to the Moroccan government that he can attract the Moroccan competences living abroad back to the country, just like I mentioned in my proposals, but you believed him, not me.

Last year Morocco managed to fill the call centers back with new contracts.  One of them concerns the outsourcing of the help desk function of the Walloon employment authorities to Morocco through Econocom, a Belgian ICT company, and I think it was originally a Flemish company headquartered in Zaventem (Flanders).  Mr André Antoine, Minister of Employment of Wallonia cries his anger (attachment_14).

“To attract the tourists” Sidi André must be the one who encouraged Morocco in investing in the cultural sector...   And without any trouble, you bought into all his fairyland projects, building one after the other, art galleries, museums, theaters, concert halls, sports halls and everything of no industrial value, only very expensive loans... He kept you all waiting to see the real commercial enterprises, but you were all happy anyway.  He was modernizing your economy.

Another trap that made you happy was the numerous social and educational programs in the  Advanced Status (13 653/08 ) are curiously geared on the women (for the tourism) and students (to loot their brains). I didn't understand why this bilateral partnership with the EU was dominated by Belgium only, as this was the only country represented at the Morocco-Europe meeting where we met on 18 October 2010.  

Now I do : that “Statut Avancé” was made for filling the pockets of mainly Belgium with funds from the EU and it was drafted by Sidi André.  I recognize his style (see page ).  and his sinful lust for women... for their capacity to generate his kind of money... for him, not for themselves...

… Only he needs the money to roll in faster.  The educational programs are too lengthy and the tourists are not involved in the educational program...   Let's see if he has is a way to get the Moroccan women come out of their houses, massively.

The Godfather Of The Moroccan Women

He can get the women come out of their houses with jobs specifically tailored for them.   That's it !   He made you happy with the employment of the women.   You were busy changing the Moudawana[19] anyway.   As if by coincidence, he made sure the employment of women was presented to you as a millennium challenge from the World Bank, because otherwise you will become suspicious of him.  With the mighty World Bank standing next to him, you believed him faster.   You didn't know he was the World Bank himself  

He read something about a cooperative network in the CENEBP document which he got from SABAM, and for which an MEP was killed (p. ).  He thought I meant to create the Bolshevik type of cooperative and to throw my country's economy 100 years backward.   So with his accomplice, the Moroccan Minister of Economy, he started promoting cooperatives for women all over Morocco, particularly in the rural areas.   In the process they must have embezzled a lot of funds.

They organized cooperatives for the argania[20] oil producers, for the straw baskets makers, for the saffron pluckers, for the carpet makers, and for any possible activity which was previously done in the women's private homes.  It is of course cheaper when the costs are shared by a group than individually, and that is how far his understanding goes.  Now they love Sidi André so much in Morocco.   More doors go open for him, more contracts, more funds, more everything.   The women sing and dance for him.  He is gradually becoming Sidi Moulay André and Morocco is making progress and income...

…But not Sidi André himself.   He came to Morocco with the hidden agenda to bring your society out of balance in order for him to make money... or did you think that he was going to tell you his exact plans ?   The plan was to target the brightest people in your population, women in particular, to guarantee a richer genetic pool for his people or to have them work as slaves in his Belgian enterprises and in his tourism sector.  It is in his country's interest that the women of your country come out of their houses, and Mr Azoulay has done his job very well with his programs in the rural parts of Morocco.   Morocco followed his advice word for word, thinking that he cared about our population's financial wealth.  “Yes Sidi André, whatever you say”.  After a full decade of “modernization” according to the wills and likes of Sidi André, Morocco will deserve a “Statut Avancé”.  

With his economic slavery policy, his boy-friend culture and with his plans for lucrative mass tourism, he obviously started by loosening the moral values and by softening “the misunderstandings” about getting married to “impure” Europeans.   He gave the example by marrying a Moroccan woman.  Now it is “Halal” for everyone because Sidi André does it.   However, all by himself, he can't change the entire Moroccan society.  He needs mass manipulation.  The best tool for doing this is the TV, the Internet and the show biz industry.  

It won't surprise me if he was behind the numerous film festivals and the idea to create a Moroccan Hollywood, because the movies and the serials are lifestyle vectors.   They aim at presenting a lifestyle which the mass of your population can't afford, they aim to boost the Moroccan consumer market, and to break the moral restrictions.   When people can't afford that lifestyle, they go to work and take up credits to meet the illusionary need.   The result is a vicious cycle of debts.   I've seen it here in Europe, resulting in massive unreported private debts, particularly when the jobs are gone.  

Your people need jobs and careers in a wide variety of industries and not just in the movies and the tourism industry.  Yet, these became the top priority of the Moroccan economic policy for a long time, with now and then some wind and solar energy and the car industry, just to keep you happy, but nothing really serious.  Here is what tells me that it was a top priority :

Just from watching the Moroccan TV (which I rarely can do), I noticed that during the past five years the number of Moroccan TV channels have increased, to make our people more lazy.  The increase of channels correlates with an incessant hunt for talent limited to the show business (actors, singers, dancers, presenters, musicians, comedians etc.).  Are these the competences that will drive our economy ?  

I've watched a brief reportage with young people applying for an acting job, with very very long lines of people waiting to do the audition in order to win a role on the scene, with some fainting or melting in desperate tears because they didn't fit the role, or they lost the contest.  Now, the whole of Morocco wants to go into show biz.   It's either this or being eaten alive by the sharks in the Strait of Gibraltar.   I wonder if this was the plan.  

From what I understand, when I look at this economic policy, only the people's derrière is being raised very high up to standards, but their heads sound like a hole, just like Sidi André's dumbass.  Take the movies and tourism industry together and you have a hobby economy.  A fantasy economy.   If that falls apart, you have no more economy.  That is what he created.  Air.

Besides the funds he looted from our government to create such a shameful hobby economy, he needs a lot more money to corrupt everybody and to support his country, and it is not going to come from the women with their own trade in the cooperatives.  They usually command how much they want to earn.   He could use some who lost the song contest to become elite prostitutes.  That is not enough.  He needs more money to pay the pensions in his country.  The gross of his income will ultimately come from the ones without a trade and without much education, who don't want to be seen dancing on TV, but who watch TV all day and who dream of a standard of living like in the Mexican series that they watch.   Like Guadaloupe, a series in which the people have nothing else on their minds than the boyfriend.  These are the fashion victims who will always be looking to raise their living standard, and they are likely to keep on changing jobs until they find the right one which pays the best.  In this group are the girls who go to work to buy the clothes, the handbags, the shoes, and to get the haircut just like the actresses on TV, and everything for the boyfriend, not realizing that they are actually heading for prostitution.  This is the group of women who will take almost any job, and for this Morocco needs private enterprises, preferably those towards which the mass of women flow.  

A Business Model For Shrimps And Prostitutes

Also on the Moroccan TV, I saw the inauguration of one manufacture in Tangier, some 5 or 6 years ago or so.   They showed a huge brand new building with a very well lit workplace, with very long conveyor belts and shiny equipment.  There was a crowd of very well-dressed people visiting the new site, surrounded by the press, and pictures being taken.  They showed a woman dressed up for the job, wearing a white uniform, white gloves and a plastic cap on the head.   It was all supposed to symbolize a successful foreign investment of 10 million Euro, if I remember well.  

I didn't get what the activity was, so I asked my mom.  She said “they're going to employ women to peel shrimps in it”.   Is that it ?   Peeling shrimps is one of the most curious occupations I have ever heard of, but I didn't say anything as I anticipated the shrimps get caught in Moroccan waters.  It was considered a big achievement in Morocco, with the press, TV and everything... but why a foreign investment ?    

Is peeling shrimps the type of foreign investment that you would compete for with another country ?  A company with only one activity and only one product ?    For how long can a girl peel shrimps inside a freezing cold warehouse ?    Until her bones get inflamed with rheumatism ?

I learned more about this business a few months later, when the scandal arose in Brussel.  The labor unions protested at the European parliament against a few Dutch shrimp factories, like Heiploeg.  

  1. The labor unions called for a boycott of these brands of shrimps, in solidarity with the Moroccan women, because of the extremely bad working conditions in the shrimp factories in Morocco.  

Aha, the girls are badly paid in order to cause them to change jobs quickly, I suppose.  

  1. Europe was solicited to sanction the shrimp companies who produce unnecessary carbon footprint by flying the shrimps from the North Sea (Holland) to Morocco only to have them peeled, and then flown back to Holland for distribution. The air transport was excessive.  

The shrimp producers put forward that the labor cost is low in Morocco compared with the labor costs in Holland, and it makes the shrimp affordable, as if Morocco competes for that sort of employment.  

When you take their business model in consideration (fishing, cooking, refrigeration, transport by water, by land and twice by plane from one continent to another, and then packaging and distribution, etc.), you will find that it is full of expenditures which don't make the shrimp affordable or profitable, but more expensive.  What is affordable is to buy them raw, to cook and to peel them yourself, like it was done before.

With all these details one wonders how these shrimp producers  make money.    They don't.  That is my conclusion.   Even when the investments are supposed to be from the Netherlands, I think that Sidi André was closely involved, given a costly operation model that I can't attribute to the Dutch, who are known for being very sparing with expenditures.

They make money on something else than the shrimps.   I think that the factories where the Moroccan women peel shrimps are related to other more lucrative industries, but the links with the prostitution industries are not visible.  That shrimp factory is for mass producing prostitutes.  That is the cruel future that Sidi André wants for Morocco.  The job of peeling the shrimp is a pretext to make the women to come out of their houses massively.  Like this, Sidi André has plenty of choice

In all his development programs for Morocco, he focused a lot on the women.  He shaped manufactures where exclusively the Moroccan women are employed, but when you look deeper, all these manufactures look like freezing concentration camps for mass destroying the Moroccan women physically and psychologically.     It's slavery.

A mafioso does everything to erase the traces, so that you can't investigate.   If in addition he operates in a society where the people have no clue that they are being invaded, where they only see the factory and the pay without understanding the impact on the society.  These are the ideal conditions that allow Sidi André to go as far as he possibly can in making his secret industry work and at the same time he has every belief that he is modernizing Morocco's economy.

From The Factory To The Brothel

The mistake which Morocco is making is that the stories of the 80 girls who were disgraced in Agadir and the 400 women in Marrakesh have never been published or reworked, so that the people know what signals to look for in the future, in order to avoid falling into prostitution traps.   Maybe the girls were workers in the same companies.  Their stories are also very important for the legislators to provide laws and punishments for certain conditions, without going to the extent of making prostitution legal in order to make it traceable in the order.   They are also very important for finding the statistics that will help identify the hidden or the illegal practices.   Mafia practices are difficult to establish, when the awareness of the population and the authorities is sufficiently high in these matters.  

I have created a scenario based on the elements that I have gathered in a random way from listening to the stories of the women of various nationalities, from conferences about undocumented migrants, and from reading about human trafficking, drugs ( and anti-criminality programs like Criminon and Alconon by the Church of Scientology.

There is a book named “Ze zijn zo lief, meneer”[21], by Chris de Stoop  which I recommend.  Chris is a Flemish journalist who infiltrated the prostitution network in Belgium through which hundreds of Thai women got entrapped in the 80ies.  It was also related to tourism.  The girls got caught in different ways (employment, education, marriage, boyfriend, papers, or just survival) exactly like we see in Morocco, today.  They got shipped in masses like slaves to serve as prostitutes in Belgium and Holland.   That book may provide some answers about the situation in Morocco.   It could be the same team doing this after being deported somewhere else.  I was planning to contact Chris Destoop anyway for this case.  Right now, he is very concentrated on understanding the departure of hundreds of Flemish Muslims to Syria, a little bit like the article I wrote about combating suicide volunteers in “One Day Without an Immigrant.”

Here is a first scenario :

This is where they want our daughters to be :

This link is a video.  In the second part of it, you can view a reportage named  “A Million Dirham Baby” (like the Million Dollar Baby movie).  It's about a fat and unattractive Belgian man who married a girl in Morocco, he brought her over to earn money as a boxer.  He is her coach and he runs a shop for boxing gears.  Her family is happy, because they get money from this man.  

Do you think that this Belgian man is going to make an exemplary wife out of a Moroccan woman ?   No.  He is going to exploit her by putting her half nude in the box ring, to beat her opponent... in the beginning.   He will be making money, she never will, but she doesn't see this now.   You will learn from that video how according to him she would have perished in the poverty if he wasn't helping her (that is the message of the video to all the Moroccan women).  

She explains herself in that video that he helped her and her family financially.   She thinks that because she has a son with him, that he is going to keep her.  When she becomes a nuisance, he will remind her of “who pulled her out of the gutter”.  He will beat her head off and find another turkey.  To keep her son alive, she will have to continue as a prostitute.   That is how according to me, she will perish in the prostitution in a few years time, if she survives the blows to her head from a gorilla like him.    That is how prostitutes are produced.  

This is a scenario in which I presume Sidi André earns money.   He finds “wifes” for the European males, and the men pay huge sums of money, to produce prostitutes afterwards.   Perhaps you can verify with the travel agencies if he has close relationships with any of them (I don't want to accuse any, but I am thinking of Thomas Cook.  You could always see if he has shares, because in this way, he buy shares and gets paid in liquid money).   Unfortunately, the video above is not showing how the man met the woman in Morocco, but I presume it is through the tourism and the Internet (see page ).

You should forbid marriage with the Belgian species,

You should not recognize marriages concluded in Belgium also.

That is the solution

Here is a second scenario in the tourism, or the journey of a cute babe

With the kind of criminal wealth that Sidi André has, he had his male and female puppets in place long before the shrimp factory was constructed.  They get paid big bucks per captured dupe.  He recommended to the owners some competent Moroccan managers, supervisors and team leaders who he remote controls to help them catch the cute ones. The fat, the flat, the stiff and the god-fearing ones get fired and replaced by a younger rounder and money-seeking one.  Even if the kid peels ten shrimps an hour, they will find something “better” for her to do.  There is a chance that the company owner is not fully aware of how the workers are used inside the plant.  They notice nothing, because all the rest of the story happens outside the plant.  

When the cute babe starts her work in the shrimp factory, she is favored for a while and she gains trust in the system.  A little later, she will be asked if she has a sister or if she knows someone for a job at a big hotel with very good pay plus tips from the generous tourists, etc.   As she only gets like 160 Euro per month and the other job is 270 or 300 Euro or more depending on the tips she will get from the customers, she will say “I know nobody, I want the job”.   It turns out that she is asking for that “job”.  That is how subtly they shift with the responsibility for the further consequences.   She will be on her own.  

She is given a number to call by herself as if it concerns a different milieu, whereas in reality it is the same hermetically closed business and jobs circuit, combining legal and illegal activities.   She steps in a place like paradise which on the surface is a thousand times more cozy than the freezing warehouse with the shrimps.  Underneath the glitter and shine is the invisible hot meat factory of Sidi André, where boyfriends like Servaty will cheat with her, where she ends up earning nothing, because all the money is for filling treasury of a country like Belgium.

Directly after one boyfriend doesn't re-appear, she will meet the next boyfriend who also promises to come back, and then the next and next, until she falls on a dealer who has her smoke with him, “to help her block off the suffering and all the worries”.   That is when they give her to a paralyzed European boyfriend in a wheel chair who also seeks some “tourism” in Morocco.  All these boyfriends seem unrelated, but they are part of the same team conspiring to get the girl where they want her to be in the Sidi André's empire.  For earning something, she will need to find more boyfriends and to bring more dupes like herself.   She can count on very good pay for that sort of work.  

Only the victim experiences the invisible links between the people in one activity and another.  She is subsequently not believed by the Moroccan authorities, as a consequence of Sidi André's baksheesh with which he pays everyone in the Moroccan system so that his gang never gets caught.  He brought Transparency International to Morocco through his World Bank and he made sure the search for corruption cases focuses on the hospitals and not on his hotels and on the fake investments like the MDM Invest Fund with all the empty boxes.  He controls Morocco and therefore everything goes right for him, and everything turns dramatic for his victim.  Just the simple decision to ask the perpetrator if the victim is telling the truth, is enough to find her dead or reported missing, taking with her all the traces and the links.  May the cute babe finally find peace.

That is what the extended business model of the factory for peeling the shrimps of another country was all about, I think.  That business model starts at the shrimp factory, it continues in the tourism and it ends with the legal authorities who also participate.  It is corrupt from end to end, and that is the price Morocco pays for releasing one motherfucker from prison and for listening to another one.


You are out !   The godfather is in !   You must get out of his way, because he is Sidi Moulay André.  That's what you get when you respect a monkey.

If Sidi André was involved in bringing over the Dutch company to Morocco, then I am on the right track.   Morocco is on the wrong track.   Morocco has been on the wrong track at least during all those years that I have been ignored.   The former Moroccan Minister of Industry was on the wrong track too... but it is not his fault.   How do you expect to know what's going on if countries like Belgium have populated your economy with NGOs instead of enterprises.   How do you expect your establishment to see through business systems ?  That was the point that I was making in the  MDM Invest analysis (attachment_15).

Here in Belgium, the Moroccans are not protected from slipping into the prostitution too.  I was doing my best to develop activities, but Morocco is not doing anything at all.  Morocco is not helping her people prosper.  Morocco is helping the rapid propagation of prostitution.  

It seems to me that Sidi André want to overtake me with the Halal Village Concept, which he is transforming into a future prostitution machine, this time targeting the Muslim girls in Brussels.    I think that is what the Brussels Cosmopolitan project with his friend Didier Reynders and Mr Crocodile is about.   The latter may not know the exact intentions of his friends André and Didier, as this is a trait he doesn't share with them.   The one good thing about him is that he has never been obscene.  When it comes to these things, he is as naive as you are.   I bet that if he hears about this, he will do everything not to be caught up in crimes against humanity.  

It's your task,Your Majesty, to verify how the Halal Village Concept too has fallen in the hands of Satan, please.  


The Book Of Charges Against

The Godfather

André The Orchestrator

The more projects I was designing, the more they got stolen in labored ways, the more people from different areas got involved in the persecution of my personality, the bigger the mafia, the more money disappeared, the more time gets lost.   The cases of tough luck that I explained above, converge around my projects and then towards me.  Obviously the mafia wanted to cut the link between my projects and me, by erasing any possible trace of ownership, like the disappearance of the SABAM archives.  

I wasn't talking about it much.   I discussed the problems with my father, and because I didn't succeed in anything, he began to wonder whether I was at the source of all the problems myself.  I tried my brother, and he really thought that I started freaking out especially when I said that Belgium was making problems in Morocco.  “I think you are crazy”, he said with conviction especially when I told him that Morocco was a Belgian colony.  I made it worse when I speculated that the burglary in apartment has something to do with the steps I was taking for Morocco.   There was so much happening that he started wondering if I was imagining it myself.  It surprised me about him, because he is a highly intelligent man especially when it comes to interpreting visible data like finance, but when it comes to occult data, that is a different story.  As a young boy, he said he wanted to work in Wall Street.  As a student he used to work in a Dutch investment company.  As an adult he had a career with 3M-Harris, and with a French insurance company.  The one good thing that he did say when I told that my project got stolen, is this : “What are you worried about ?  They are going to lose money anyway.”

I think in 2009, he also sent a request for information to a Moroccan administration for something.  My father told me this and he checks on my brother to see if he received an answer.   One year later, still no answer.  “So ?” I asked my brother.   “What?” he said “these things take time, you know... but it will come”.  He is still waiting.  This told me that I was on the right track investigating and complaining everywhere possible to understand why the administration in Morocco doesn't function the way it should.

I was facing it totally alone, figuring out how I can make the invisible become visible. Before the burglary, I had no ground to go to the police with my story, and I ran risk that they too will say I'm crazy.  I decided to continue focusing on my goals and do better until I get where I want to be.  Meanwhile the bugging continued and I kept documentation until I saw a pattern upon which I started building my response.  I thought :

“If I encounter repetitive brutal situations in all the steps I take to create activity and income, like someone got killed, someone else got sacked, pushed out, robbed and harassed, corrupted etc., then this re-establishes somehow the link between my projects and I, which they meant to erase.  All these aggressions are not isolated, but effects of organized rivalry.   The same link that the mafia tries to erase, actually gets re-established through their own stupid rivalry around my projects, and the related investments.”

The link between the occult and the visible is what I needed to prove.  The more actors and victims are being involved, the more complicated it will become for the orchestrator(s) to deny that those projects were mine.   There are too many victims, witnesses and there are too many financial traces of corruption and money that has been transferred to the people who participated in the mob.  When he gets arrested, he will attempt to deny everything, like all  criminals do, but he will have to explain the mysterious circumstances in which someone got killed, sacked, pushed out, robbed, harassed, etc.  When he finishes his explanation the investigator can tell him “If all those projects weren't hers, how come there was so much violence surrounding her personality and her projects ?  

The Godfather's List Of Crimes Against Humanity

I have archived records of the repetitive injustices.   He involved many people and organizations into breaking me and the people around me.  His helpers resorted to criminality on his behalf, and they too will have problems with Justice, because of him.  Let me give you an idea of what he did to me and my family, and see if you still think that he knows how investments work and if his advise  is worth listen to for developing your economy :

I am dividing the aggressions in different groups :

  1. Aggressions on me;
  2. Aggressions on the people in my immediate environment (family, friends, relations);
  3. Aggressions on the international investors related to my projects;
  4. Aggressions on the Belgian civil society and companies

Mr Azoulay must have been digging information about me and my family with the collaboration of the ministries and the municipal authorities in Belgium and in Morocco.  It resulted in two major incidents in this direction are the attacks on my parents in Antwerp and the hostage taking of my niece Hafida who was sent to work in Washington, presumably for the World Bank.

For finding out who my friends are, the only possible source of information is Mr Crocodile, because I have no contact with the Belgian people, for exactly the reasons that you are observing in this document.  Now don't understand me wrong.  There are good people amongst them, and sometimes with the best intention in mind they unconsciously attract trouble for me.  What happens is they take pride in helping or promoting me.  I have known cases in which they can become so enthusiastic that they go and discuss me with someone that they know who can be of value.  

That person whom they know, turns out not reacting on a Moroccan in the same way like she would on a Belgian.  The other person does exactly the opposite and he or she creates difficult situations covertly intending to ruin my chances or the beautiful friendship with the person who takes pride.   That is how everything becomes complicated.  That is why I like to keep full control over my enterprise in all aspects.

Even the best of Belgian people don't expect a conflict to arise there where success should be the normal path.  I think this is what happened with the Beatrice Dewilde, the hairdresser (p …) who heard about the idea of group-purchasing of electricity.  I think that initially she sincerely meant well, because she asked if she could talk to her companion (like husband) about it.   She thought he was going to respect me like she does, and it turned out that he crooked me.

Al least, she is not like Mr Crocodile who never consulted me about anything at all.  He was conspiring behind my back with the others, like Sidi André, Jean-Claude Marcourt, Didier Reynders, and a lot of other people, to take over the control of all I do.   They kill the enterprise.

For all these reasons I limited my interactions with the Belgian people, as well as with the Moroccans living in Belgium.  Sidi André and I have no Moroccan relation in common (except yourself).   This makes that the only person that Sidi André and I have in common is Daniel Renson (Mr Crocodile).  It makes the investigations easy.   I didn't know that they knew each other until December 2010 at the partenariat Maroc-Belgique / Forum Halal, when I saw them talking to each other.   Now I realize they must have been in touch regularly with each other about me.    It is through this source that Sidi André found out about who my friends and who the other social contacts are.   As you will see from the list of aggressions further down, it was a good thing that by limiting my contacts, I have also limited the number of victims, Belgians, Moroccans and Europeans alike.

Aggressions On Me

He Directed A Manipulative Mob For The Survival Of His Folks Only

It all started with the theft of the group-purchasing of electricity idea by Mr Joseph Gheysens for which the government of Wallonia spent subsidies. I learned about it through the news on 29 July 2005.   Mr Gheysens name appears nowhere.  I was not supposed to know that he leaked it, but I knew he crooked me.  I didn't understand the hostility.

I also didn't understand why the government of Wallonia wants to obtain the information at second rate through an electrocuted couple (Joseph and Beatrice), instead of getting it first hand from me.   Why do they need to know more about something through an intermediary, instead of involving the right people immediately ?   I observed an improper implementation which was going to backfire on them anyway, in addition to the inconsiderate way of working on behalf of a regional government, and their interference in a private life and a private business.  Just from that incident, I judged that they were no good working with or talking to at all.  That was it for me, for what concerns Wallonia.   I also dumped Beatrice when I noticed that she changed.  I think she began to understand that I was a nice catch and that there were perks attached to the ambushes which she started to make to keep me around her as long as possible.

As I have never met or seen anyone from Wallonia, I thought the agitation would stop after this incident... but that is when it started for real.  The major suspect who was around me the longest is Mr Daniel Renson (Mr Crocodile) since the end of 2005, with long periods of interruptions between us.  (find out more about his profile on page ....).  From that point onward, I was under constant surveillance, and I didn't know it.  I was basically dodging him, but I kept bumping into him when socializing in Brussels, mainly in fairs related to entrepreneurship, like “Entreprendre”.  I respected him and I remained polite, because he is an elder man, and he said he was a business angel and a head hunter (attachment_16).   “One is careful with someone like that”, so I thought, particularly when the people are so opinionated against the Moroccans.   “What if his intentions are good”, I thought.  

Overall I stayed professional with Mr Crocodile, I kept shut about my plans and I didn't trust him, but I was not suspicious either.  It was until my friend Bart Schram began to experience violent attacks in his life, end of 2012, that I connected what he was going through with the meeting he had with Mr Crocodile.  

Mr Crocodile and his friend Jean-Marc Nicolic (or something) tried to hack my USB key through the local Wifi network at the meeting facility where I used to work, on March 2012.  I quickly pulled out the keys, and continued working off-line.   I also thought that he could be the one coordinating with the bailiffs when I was at home, so that they can come an harass me, as from April 2012.  In that period the incidents began to multiply and that is when I began shut off a door which never really opened for him completely.  On the basis of all my suspicions, I declared him to the local police on 11 May 2012, in the context of an unresolved burglary which took place in my apartment in February 2010 and in which SABAM papers disappeared.

It is hard to tell if he is connected or not to the electrocuted couple, but the possibility exists particularly after studying the Aramark case (see page ...).  

The BECI Was Ransacking My Sites

Other aggressions include frequent web site visits to the domain, immediately after I purchased the domain with Combell.  There was nothing published, and I curiously had numerous hits everyday during the first weeks.  I archived the suspicious statistics (attachment_17), and I remember having performed an IP-look up just to find that it was the ULB (perhaps Solvay Business School) and/or the Brussels Chamber of Commerce (BECI) who were checking the site regularly, most probably to loot the ideas.   I kept empty and I created sub-domains that nobody could find.  

He Paid A Dentist To Disfigure Me

There has been something which can be considered as a physical aggression, with injury, with the intention to disfigure, by my former dentist, Dr Leva, who I knew since 1999.  I was strictly keeping up with the government program for dental care, which entitles a full coverage if you visit the dentist every year.  The program aims to help the dentist take on problems at an early stage and to reduce health care expenditures later on as scientific research shows that a bad dental care causes other medical conditions (insert link).  That was the case with me.

Dr Leva kept a temporary filling, like a bandage, for 6 years in my mouth, until I started having something like an allergy in the face, damaging the collagen-layer, in 2005.   He also devitalized one root, through which the dentition grew slightly asymmetric between 2003 and 2005, with the aim to disfigure me.  End of 2005, when he discovered that I was doing medical exams to find the cause of the allergy-like infections and that I was getting closer to the origin of the problem, which is the tooth decay, he started hurrying to destroy my teeth.   Perhaps he was instructed by the godfather not to take care of me at all despite the government plan to which I obeyed, in return for huge perks and trips to Morocco.  Perhaps because of the perks for the demolition of my teeth during 6 years, he was able to open a fully equipped private dental practice of his own, with an assistant, in 2005, whereas most dentists share their cabinets.  You will find the full story on page .

Note that Dr Leva also looks like a frightening human being exactly like Spirou the Neanderthal hominid.  He has the ugliest dentition I have ever seen.  It looks brown because of the cigar, I would think.  I didn't want to judge him on that basis because he was referred to me by another doctor.  However I come to realize that you can recognize this species from their dentition.  Their teeth are square-shaped, the frontal teeth almost all look the same, and they are very small in proportion with their very big jaw.  Their mouths are like one straight horizontal line almost without lips and without much expression.  All the Neanderthals that I describe in this document have the same dentition.  Is it any wonder they would demolish the mouth of someone with a dentition of a much better quality ?

He Paid A Hairdresser To Damage My Scalp Repetitively

A similar physical aggression probably also with the intention to injure and disfigure occurred with the hair dresser that I started going to since 2005, after I dumped Beatrice (of the electrocuted couple).   The new one is called Colette Manirakiza.  She is a young and bright Rwanda-born Congolese woman.  She is normally very good in what she does.  We started off very well together, she was listening to my needs and for as long as she was respecting this the hair grew long and strong.  For example, I forbade using too many heat sources, I preferred to cold dry the hair.   It was always a pleasure to be taken care of by her, even if at some point she was using her child's bedroom as a salon, in her very small and humble social apartment,  which she shared with her sisters.

Looking back, she started changing a little towards October 2009, but I noticed it for real in May 2010, when she opened her new shop, in a really posh area of Brussels, after a long period of financial struggle and depending on social aid.  By then, I entirely entrusted my head to her without commenting about my needs, wants and likes.  I just let her do her job, like usual.  From that moment onwards, she started damaging my scalp repetitively with the sharp end of a comb with which you partition the hair mass.  This injures the scalp when the cream relaxer touches the areas that previously got irritated with the comb.  No matter how often I tell her to treat the sensitive areas last and to use the mild formula.  She somehow continued to treat those areas too soon and she stronger formulas for my kind of brittle hair.   The blow dryer also seemed to become hotter and hotter.  When I comment on that she would say “I suggested the dryer cap, and you don't want that”. Luckily I was going every two or three months, but each time I came out of the salon with blood on certain parts of the scalp, really hurting.  I healed them with my own preparation.  The last time I went to her salon was on 19 August 2011, because I thought I was paying too much money (100 – 120 Euro) for getting so much hurt.

The address of her salon was mentioned in one of the dossiers that I sent to the Moroccan Ministry of Economy.   It's the dossier named Anaccell Force, the partnership dossier concerning essential oil preparations.   This dossier must have landed in the godfather's hands together with the Concept du Centre d'Innovation.   Therefore, I think she too got paid to destroy me... I mean, if you look at her salon, and the expensive location of it, it says it all.   The full story is on page .

He Paid the Copyrights Organization To Deny My Creativity

An additional suspect is SABAM, the Belgian copyrights organization.   You wouldn't expect a copyrights organization to harm the creativity of the country where it is established, because the creativity will stop in that country, when everyone finds out.   You also wouldn't expect the simple fact of depositing your creations there to have the kind of incalculable consequences, at planetary scale, involving so many countries and so much money.  

Apart from these big suspects, there were minor actors who behaved suspiciously, like the bailiffs, the electricity board, the health care insurance company who sends me impossible bills.   A good thing that I stayed away the Moroccan embassy milieu, because they too are inclined to act on the godfather's instruction with big compensation.  One example is Wiame Legsai, see page .

The nature of the actions of all the suspects is criminal.  Besides the list above, there also was a burglary, a site hacking, the unauthorized use of copyrighted material, there must be a whole series of lies about me also, the pester by the members of the Walloon government through the media, offensive phone calls...   All was orchestrated by a man who I don't know and who never spoke with me, but who I identified by deductions on the basis of his Lavazza website and the degree of hatred.

What is the message behind all these aggressions ?   The message is “get out of our country”.  That is what we need to deduct from the list above, isn't it ?    With all these aggressions they can't say that they wanted me to stay in Belgium, can they ?   Who wants to work with people like this anyway ?    Nobody.   An environment where no project survives is an environment where nobody survives

Aggressions On The People In My Immediate Environment

There is a lot more crime, with lots of violence, which didn't affect me, but people who are related to me in one way or another, like my Indian-born training associate Bart Schram.   He was physically attacked twice, they robbed his USB key, and his home got burglarized in the months after he encountered Mr Crocodile for the first time.  

Work for Us Or We Kill Your Niece

I came to the awareness only recently that my niece, Hafida Mouali has been approached presumably by Sidi André, to work for the World Bank in Washington.   She did not apply for the job herself.  She did not choose herself to migrate.  She did not select the host country herself.  All this was decided and arranged by a complete stranger who appeared in her parents' house one day.  It's the godfather who imposed it on her.   When a human displacement is imposed by an outsider, it's called human trafficking.   I think she has been taken as a hostage to Washington.   The human trafficking and the hostage taking are a form of violence against our family.   I am requesting the Moroccan authorities to collaborate with the American immigration authorities to organize her return to Morocco immediately.   More about this is on page  .

He Paid Others To Evict My Parents From Their Home

Between 2004 and 2007,  my parents experienced unexpectedly big trouble, which was completely made up by the City of Antwerp.  They suddenly got accused of damaging the property to the point of building decay.  While the building decay is the responsibility of the landlord (Deldo – tire company where my father worked as a caretaker), the house got destroyed while everything was still inside and my parents were sent to the street from one moment to another, without explanation.

It was the City of Antwerp started harassing them.   Luckily they had their own property in another neighborhood of Anwerp (Borgerhout), where they moved to.   There again, the City of Antwerp declared their home as “inhabitable” and sued my parents.  They seized my father's income, which is a meager indemnity from the health care and they left nothing for them to eat.   They were supported by a huge number of Moroccan friends.    

I was unaware of this myself because my parents and I weren't talking for years at that moment.  They came to see me in Fall 2007.  They did mention that it has something to do with me, but they explained to the authorities that they didn't see me for years.   There was so much confusion which indicates that it was artificial.  The godfather was paying people to attack other blindly.

They finally appreciate and agree with my opinion, yet at times they still believe that the house they used to live in that was haunted.  It's the country and it's people who are haunted, but the money covered it all.  Since 2008, they return living in Morocco for four months, twice every year.   They are organizing to sell everything and to return to Morocco for good. (details on page ).

The Burning Of An Indian Investments To Prevent The Sponsoring

ArcelorMittal will certainly agree that Belgium is a haunted country indeed.  This company's export offices got burnt down to ashes just weeks after my visit to the company's foundation for the Center of Excellence in Diversity Competence and Globalization, to stimulate growth for the European SME's as a pacific starting point.  The Chairman, who is Indian liked the concept very very much.   It is when this was made impossible that I turned to stimulate the growth of SME's of anyone else.  

I will be contacting the company to re-examine the burning in a new context and to examine if  any corruption by the godfather occurred in the blockage of the funding procedure by Mr Paul Verstraeten, General Manager of Sidmar, a company which is part of the ArcelorMittal group.  More about this case is in the police report concerning the Liège Expo defeat.

Catering With The Fist

An Account Manager named Bernard Claus, at Aramark Belgium (an American catering company) got sacked during the period when I was developing a culinary arts training project with the Thai Cultural Center in Waterloo (Wat Thai Dhammaram) in which the Thai chefs (living in Belgium and without a job) exchange know-how with young Belgian chefs (attached dossier Aramark_01, _03 and _04).  The program attracted the attention of Mr Claus and Mr Koen Flamez, District Manager at Aramark (dossier Aramark_08 and _09 ), and we were discussing a contract to train their chefs at the NATO headquarters in Brussels, and to add value to their food design.  Through raging gossip the news reached the ears of the competition, the Belgian Sodexo who pushed Aramark with my program and without me out of NATO.  I never obtained precision about the exact circumstances, which caused the Aramark Account Manager to be fired.  Logically an Account manager would be fired for losing major accounts like NATO to Aramark.  You will find the full story on page ... .  For now, you can listen to Radio Contact presenting the program in their news on 27 July 2005 (click here to download MP3 full news or Thai carving).

A suggestion to solve this case is to gather all the witnesses and to start proceedings through the EU competition authorities and if justified, we can have Sodexo pay all the gains they made based on that our ideas for carving and cooking with Thai chefs, the loss of income for Aramark, for Wat Thai Dhammaram, for the carvers and me

He Corrupted My Lawyers

Miss Inès Wouters, the fiscal lawyer that I once mentioned in a letter to you, was sacked a few months ago.  She was the second highest associate at Afschrift, a highly reputed international fiscal law firm.   I know her from the Inter-religious conference by the Churches for Europe, where she represents the Buddhism, but I never approached her for anything before I wrote my letter to her on 19 September 2012 (attachment_18 and _19), in the context of the mafia contacting me to work with them or to pay my debts to Mr Crocodile.  Mr Mohamed Brika, who I met on 9 September 2012 at the Youth for Human Rights Conference of the UN (YHRC), recommended that I should work with her.   The affinity between him and her was that she owns real estate (a riad) in Fez.  I had a meeting with her on 24 September 2012, and I wasn't pleased with the conversation.  For more, go to page

It could the same godfather corrupted the lawyers in 1991, when I was battling for my innocence in a crime case concerning false travel documentation and white marriages targeting the Moroccans.   In this case, there was also an assassination of a Jewish woman in Antwerp who was helping the Moroccans.  She was found dead in the canal, with chains around her and with numerous stabs from knives.  Visibly she was tortured to death.   What struck the all the defense lawyers is that they never investigated the assassination.   That is how they knew that the establishment was involved.   The main message is “Anyone who helps the Moroccans will end up like her.”    

By doing nothing

you are exposing your people to this type of danger

Do you think this violence is normal ?  It is normal, if I were the one stealing the industrial secrets of the Belgians or if I was developing a machine gun, or plotting a terrorist attack.  It is not normal when they run with my innovations and right afterwards, they attack me, my family and anybody related to me like wild animals.  As the attacks are numerous they certainly didn't happen by coincidence.  If you agree with this rule, then the following shocking example also didn't happen by chance :

Aggressions On The International Investors Related to My Projects

Europe :

The Death of a French Member of the European Parliament

When I was gathering the material evidence to support my arguments in this report, I came across an envelope which was returned to me in October 2005, by the postal services at the European Parliament (Dossier MEP_01).  I suddenly realized that perhaps one person got killed in this rivalry about business ideas.  His name is Filip Adwent and he was a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) in Brussels.  He died in a car crash, in Poland in 2005.  The man was possibly with his entire family inside the car, because I don't remember the exact details, except that he was on vacation in Poland.

I was connected with his Assistant, Miss Dominique Rambaud-Segovia.  She was in charge of the dossier of the prisoners of Tindouf (Morocco).  She was planning to arrange European funding for the collaborative-purchasing[22] concept.  The word MEP is printed on the cover of the CENEBP document, which you already have.

For so far, I didn't think anyone would go to the extent of killing someone for the type of small ideas for projects that I had.  Today I am relating the disappearance of the MEP to the rivalry around collaborative-purchasing concept and Morocco, with certainty.  The mafia from Wallonia couldn't influence the funding process in any other way than by erasing a man with wife and children from the face of earth. You know what else ?   The group-purchasing of electricity was not worth the death, because they are not doing it anymore in Belgium.  More about this story on page .

It raises the following question : is a European Union possible when one EU member State starts killing the MEPs of another EU member State for interests in a third country ?

Morocco :

A Violation Of Morocco's National Integrity

I think he is the one who inspired the MDM Invest news articles with fake enterprises (I am sure of this because of the simplistic figures).  He is the one who sells debts to Morocco.  Not only he takes the assets out of the country and leaves Morocco with financial liabilities, but he also develops human liabilities by masses.   How many times didn't we see that he gives to the Moroccans the shit and he runs away with the honey.   For example : did he build any Lavazza Innovation Center in Morocco in partnership with some school or university ?   Of course not.  He doesn't appreciate the Moroccans at all... but the Moroccans were appreciating him, respecting him, inviting him everywhere etc.   That is how he colonized you all.

He is the one who impeded the intellectual property registration and he used the ideas himself for his Lavazza Innovation Center.

France :

The Corruption Of The HLM Kids In France And To Loot Qatar :

Could he be the one who inspired the HLM kids in Paris, who sent them to Qatar ?  I suspect that even the HLM kids in Paris, who went to Qatar, listen to Sidi André, instead of the French President. On page 8 in the Special Report about the Minorities in France, heading “France Between Two Fires” (attachment_23)

Saudi Arabia :

Corruption Of The Kingdom Foundation Staff In Saudi Arabia :

Could he be the one who organized the rejection of the funding proposal that I sent to the Kingdom Foundation ?   He could be the one who influenced Miss AbuSulayman to behave the way she did with me.  He may have coached her on how to deviate funds towards faked projects like Meedan, the Arab-English translation tool, as this opportunity was also formulated in the Digital Unity proposal which was sent to Miss AbuSulayman (attachment_25).   I truly think that Sidi André was very well infiltrated in the Kingdom Holding system.  He could also be the author of the fraudulent investment inquiries in the name the Kingdom Holding Company (attachment_24).   I also think he is the one who confabulated indecent news articles about HRH Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, scaring the women away from him, so that the women become available for Sidi André's prosperous business with which he can't be listed on Forbes.  

His Royal Highness, God bless him, protects the working women from falling into Sidi André's type of environment.  He is the antipode of Sidi André in everything.  He understands business and financial systems and I am sure that he knew all along what the economy of Belgium was all about, long before I realized it.   I recommend to consult with the Kingdom Holding Company and to forget development aid with Belgium for good.  

Manufacturing Legal Trouble for Prince Nayef of Saudi Arabia

Could there be a direct link between Sidi André and Minister Didier Reynders concerning the Prince Nayef Al-Shaalan ?   That is the gut-feeling I had when I read the news articles about Minister Didier Reynders making the unplanned visit to Prince Nayef Al-Shaalan.  It's the informal nature of the visit that says it all.   The choice of premise is also questionable.  It concerns the detention of narcotics for which normally the capital punishment is applied in Saudi Arabia.  Could it be that this case is fabricated, just like the bird flu and the coffee pest in Central America, with the intention to loot money ?

Sidi André and Minister Reynders are friends, hand in glove.  There is a very high probability that Sidi André is a drug mafioso in Morocco and in Belgium.   Therefore this case could be a setup between André and Didier.  The one creates the problem and remains in the dark and the other one presents himself as a Statesman capable of resolving complex legal problems and to loot the Prince indefinitely.   Didier Reynders would not propose to take over the job of Interpol and to resolve anything if he didn't know how the problem was built.   A first step towards the resolution is to find proof of Sidi André having links with the drug dealers and to cause him to confess.

I compare Prince Nayef Al-Shalaan's case with all that is happening to our investment projects.   Sidi André is spreading my models around, so that I turn to a Belgian politician like Didier Reynders for help, but I keep politics out of my business, and this is a golden rule.  Sidi André himself remains hiding.  That is why he never contacted me.  In this way I wouldn't know who is doing this.   He instruct his friends to do as if they are looking for the culprit, should I involve a politician.  

The dangerous part is that he is hiding behind other people whom he corrupts to act his way, just like Muna AbuSulayman so that I would think that the Kingdom Holding Company is an unreliable company.   He also uses companies mostly held by Jews  to get us all involved in anti-Zionist vendettas (see further down).  Should you accept the help of the Belgians, they'd want a share of the big cake, and if they resolve the problem, they would have bought their way in as “big friends”.  If you don't know that they are part of the problem, you would mistake them for brilliant people “of whom the help you might need again in the future”.  Therefore, you will indulge in signing lucrative business deals with their country, and that is what they want.   That is how they keep control over you and your country through “long-term partnerships”, just to make you pay, pay and pay.  That game has worked perfectly, and now the entire planet is waking up, all at the same time.

They are gangsters.  That is why I try to understand the problem first myself, with the help of the police.  I inform my authorities and I resolve it through the Court of Justice, to demand damages and make them pay.   All a gangster wants is that you don't go to the police, that you don't bring the problem to the attention of any authority and that you don't go to court.   That is what many politicians do in Belgium, they want to replace the juridical authorities, and that is why they are gangsters.

Attempts To Loot The Islamic Development Bank

They were lying about certain Halal concepts which AWEX looted from the young Moroccan entrepreneurs at the Forum Halal (Morocco-Belgium partnership), and they presented them to the Islamic Development Bank with whom they signed an MoU.  For more see DNA Business and Finance_Annexe I_to A Strategy for Realizing Arab Youth Potential, Part III 3 Development Aid Morocco Gate, page 65.   I think it is Sidi André who engineered it all.

The Concoction Of The Zionist Conspiracy Against The Muslims

Facebook Versus S-ME

In his determination to outsource antisemitism to the Muslims, he must be the one who has the guts to rob S-ME from Mr Abdullah Al-Zamil's and to please Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, and to cause antisemitic reactions from us.  

Groupon and Lyoness Cashback Versus CENEBP

He tries the same with me.  I think the group-purchasing concept became Groupon, whose boss is a Zionist (link to Wikipedia pages).  If it is verified that he has had links with this company in the context of the group-purchasing.   One way of verifying this, is to check who brought Groupon to Morocco recently.   Check if he has any shares in Groupon Morocco.   More about this in annexe_.

Codage Versus Anaccell

Audra Elena Shallal is a Paris-based management consultant, with a company named Boss Consulting.  She works as an external consultant for the OECD countries, who partner with the Islamic Development Bank in the MENA region, mainly in entrepreneurship for women and in business plan competitions (Codage_02).  I met her as a business angel at an entrepreneurship conference in Brussels (Codage_03) in which she said she was in contact with Arab leaders (Codage_04).  We exchanged business cards (Codage_01 – Audra's business card – not yet available).  I wrote a letter about the web-based personalized cosmetics company, as a sample innovation (Codage_05).   I thought I should work with her as a woman better, when it comes to finding investments.  So opened up about my situation and I explained everything about my life in a simple document (Codage_06).  She never replied to any of the letters and I stopped writing very quickly.  Any intentions from her side to cooperate didn't exist.   All she does is spying.   That is why I am against the interference of organizations like the OECD in the private enterprise development in developing countries.  It's just like the World Bank.


Maybe Miss Shallal was sent to that conference by André Azoulay, who learned from Mr Crocodile that I was going to be there (Codage_03).   Maybe Sidi André sponsors her generously all the time for looting the Arabs in the MENA region, where she is sent to by the OECD.  That is why these organizations were created.   If a financial link between them is established, she will lose everything, including her husband  which  I think she is from Jewish origin, the other family names connected to hers like Azencott and Pavlov (her husband).  That they come and show me the link towards this company later on, is to provoke anti-Zionist feelings.

It turned out that she quickly set up a cosmetics company based on the same principles like mine, immediately after the meeting.  I learned about it one year later through Mr Crocodile who forwarded the link of Codage to me, just like he was sharing a lot of other rubbish with me ( ).  I checked out the link, and it was very much like my Anaccell Corporation (insert link to, but because she found the means rather quickly hers is more sophisticated.  I recognized my own clues in an article from a business magazine in which this new company tries to raise “investments”, promising to the investors that the company has export markets in Europe, in the Middle East, and in the USA, and that they have sold thousands of pieces (Codage_07).  

Mr Crocodile forwarded the link so that I would call in his help, but I know that it is a way to find out more about my concept, as if all they have stolen is not enough.   I've never responded to the forwarding of the Codage link.  They don't know that I am investigating.  The name of Audra cannot be found on the Codage website.  That is why I have hesitated to mention her sooner, but I am pretty sure she is the owner of Codage and trying to loot investments, particularly from the Middle East.   One way for finding out if she is the owner, is to send an Arab investor who pretends to be interested in Codage to get the details from her (like when she created the concept etc).  

I am including a little more details about Codage versus Anaccell in annexe_.  For now, it is maybe interesting to note that my concepts have crossed the paths of Miss AbuSulayman and Audra Shallal.  Their paths have joined at some point, and could be complementary.  They have a lot in common. They are both Americans and they are involved in the world of investments, which is a very small world.  They met here[23] and they both were present at the Women in Private Equity forum of the OECD-MENA (Codage_02).   They may both have conspired with Sidi André to bust me from all sides.  Imagine that for doing this, Miss AbuSulayman received corruption money which is produced by sex-slaves in Morocco.

I noticed that the e-mails to Miss Shallal (which were sent from United Chambers Google Apps platform) have been damaged.  I am unable to download proof of sent, for the moment.   It shows that she was protected by the godfather's system, because he has ties with the Google company through Wallonia, unlike he has ties with Facebook and Yahoo.   He is indeed sending her to the Arab countries to loot investments and business projects, under the cover of a consultant from the OECD organization, and to block the economic development of all the Arabs.   

More on this story is in annexe... on page... .   You will also find some thoughts about her possible involvement and a possible involvement of Miss Muna AbuSulayman (and Sidi André) in the case of the HLM kids in Paris who have solicited the Qatar Investment Authorities (QIA) with a fabricated version of our Center for Excellence in Diversity and Globalization program.    I have shared my comments about the two women in my letter to the QIA (Codage_08).

Aggressions On The Belgian Civil Society And Companies

He could be the one instructing to all the Belgian employers the horrible discrimination tactics against the Moroccans in the Belgian job market.  Even if he is a mad man, it looks like the Belgian enterprises and the politicians follow-up his advise.  Perhaps they get paid or rewarded for doing this, you can imagine “investment against molestation of the Muslims”, particularly in the  economic conditions that we know today.    

They are currently targeting the Muslim girls in particular, perhaps in the context of preparing the Brussels Cosmopolitan environment (à la Halal Village).  They need to prepare a reserve of prostitutes for the tourists and themselves to exploit.  The same sex-slave model that they are applying on Morocco, will be turned in the other sens.   (more in annexe_)

He could be behind the (fraudulent) news articles about Islamic Finance at the Chaabi Bank in Brussels, just like the articles about the new enterprises in MDM Invest.  Our people believe this.   Maybe they bring plans to the Chaabi Bank and to MDM Invest, and then they never get an answer.  

That is how they create jobs in Belgium, with oppression, theft, manipulation, corruption, murder, slavery and all sorts of psychological and physical violence, which ultimately lead to bankruptcy for all.  That is what they did in Africa.  That is what they did with the European Jews, that is what they continue doing with the Muslims, the Blacks, the Asians, the Latinos and with the Eastern Europeans.   It won't stop because it is genetic.

This makes that everything about their democracy and human rights is fake.  You will see sex slavery, pedophilia, drug abuse and everything against the human rights.

We know now where the godfather finds the money to pay people to attack others, to buy the equipment for a dentist shop and for a hair salon, to pay the salary of someone's assistant, for rewarding the burlgars and the murderers.  What would be interesting to find out is in the name of whom he acts.  Is it his own, his government, or in the name of all the Belgians, or in the name of Wallonia ?

When Sidi André is captured, Belgium will not easily find another godfather as skillful as this one, involving many sectors and impacting many countries worldwide, because he is just like a secret Hitler, and he is backed by the World Bank.  There must be more Hitlers around, but it seems to me that he is one of the most important ones in Europe.  That is why I am convinced that it could cause Belgium to go broke, and perhaps to a certain degree some European regions as well.   If more developing countries scale down on tourism, temporarily, and all at the same time, you will see how it affects more the industrial economies than the developing economies.  

The Revenues Of Belgium

If Belgium has done nothing but making a laughingstock of your country and your people, because Morocco is poor, and because you didn't know that André Azoulay was a mafioso, challenging your values, you will now be able to make of Belgium the world's laughingstock.  It is by showing to everyone where Belgium finds the money for supporting her economy and her social system.  

My study coincides with a communication that I heard on in Eco Matin today (22 April 2013 at 07:35 AM) on the RTBF – La Première radio, which said that growth is possible with debt.  It appears that Belgium has been the object of a university study that was aimed at understanding the relative economic and financial stability of Belgium, compared with the other European countries which gave way under the weight of debts.   They are praising Belgium for her efficiency.   Apparently Belgium has something to share with the rest of the world, doesn't she ?

The communication happened right when I finished my study about how Belgium is producing the money to run the country while keeping the country's debt under control.   For this, I had to understand the economy of Morocco, however Morocco is not an isolated case.   There must be other developing countries which Belgium exploits for producing the dirty money.

My study consists of two 3 sections entitled :

  1. Where Belgium Finds Liquidity For Running Her Economy

This section is a narrative about the known and the newly discovered sources of income, like criminality.    I am illustrating my arguments with news articles that confirm my findings

  1. The Ratio of Revenues For Belgium

This section serves to inspire you on how you should present in figures the revenues (clean and dirty alike) for Belgium, and how they are linked, because they are part of one big business system.   My version is tentative, because there in no way I could know how much money or how much percent of the GDP each source of revenue is for Belgium.   I think this must be the problem for all the investigators. Belgium is being secretive about her sources of revenues and where they come from.

  1. What If The Conditions Change

This section shows what will happen with the revenues in one area if the revenues of another area are affected, and if the world begins to work with the awareness that the criminality in one's country could be linked to a foreign economic interests.   This awareness could give rise to reinforced security measures that will help stop the plague.

Where Belgium Finds Liquidity For Running Her Economy

Lehman brothers crashed.   Iceland collapsed.  Greece is wiped.  Spain is in trouble.  Cyprus and the Eurozone are sinking.  Belgium is bankrupt, but everything is still operating as if there was liquidity available.   Belgium is a country that should have gone bust a long time ago.    So far, nobody questioned how Belgium does it.  This study shows why Belgium doesn't go bust like Iceland and Greece, despite a population that depends for 100 % on the government, as calculated in “The Real Economic Situation of Belgium” on page 19, § 2 .   It manages to keep the AAA rating and they laugh at anyone who tells them to be careful with the spendings.  They laugh because they have an underworld generating huge income for them.

It we couple the real economic situation of Belgium to the real economic situation of Morocco, we get a better vision of how Belgium does it to have the liquidity to keep everything up and running.   She does it with :

  1. The exorbitant country taxes and the interests, thought these disappear in the debt and deficit of the country.
  2. The exports of criminality, like prostitution and drugs in the developing countries  
  3. Corruption and embezzlement, mainly of international organizations
  4. The exports of ammunition
  5. The World Bank and the like
  6. The European regional funds

Important Notice :

As Belgium consists of 3 regions (Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia) of which only Flanders is producing the major part of the taxes.  It would be unfair to appraise the three regions in exactly the same way.   The regions have each their separate governments for a reason.   It is because they invest differently and they produce differently.   Belgium has only one fiscal system (like one pot) which is shared by the 3 regions and from a financial viewpoint, it is difficult to see (apart from the taxes) how the rest of the money is produced and distributed amongst the 3 regions.  They also share one and the same debt, reaching 100 % of the GDP.  We don't know with precision the share of debt for each region and how it is produced in each region.  

While the sources of income from the public sector are different for each region and not shared, the sources of income from the private are shared.  That makes it difficult to see which region operates on dirty money.  Hence the tensions between the regions That is why I will be referring to the whole of Belgium in most parts of the text.  

Though my major suspect who engages in generating the grim type of income is essentially Wallonia, based on the crime rate which is generally higher in Wallonia than in Flanders[24],[25].   It is by resolving the case of Morocco that I found proof that Sofinex (Wallonia investment company) is very active on Moroccan territory (MDM Invest + Chaabi bank foreign line of credit for importing equipment).  I do not exclude the participation of the Brussels region because of the behavior of the BECI (the Brussels Chamber of Commerce).  Brussels is French-speaking, but it is technically located in Flanders.   The Flemish investment company isn't very active in Morocco, and their chambers don't seem to be involved in the crimes against.   I will clearly indicate where the a distinction must be made between the regions.  

That is why I will be referring to Belgium all the time and beforehand I apologize if someone feels offended.  I am offended myself by the discovery of the dirty money.   It affects the good and the bad people in Belgium, as much as the prostitution in Morocco affect all the Moroccans, good and bad.  

Further down, you will find an analysis of each of the 6 sources of income together

The Exorbitant Country Taxes And The Interests Are the First Sources

Taxes from the people of which the Flemish pay unofficially more than the Walloons.  What happens with the difference cannot be traced.  Hence the growing demand from Flanders to decouple it's fiscal system from the federal fiscal system.

The interests are generated by the banks and all the banks right now are operating on losses.  Belgium tries to attract wealthy individuals towards the country, but this is insufficient to support the public services and the social security model.

Overall, the margin of profitability cannot be high with the taxes and the interests because of the low productivity and the very high debts.   That is why Belgium needs additional sources of income.

As the most important person for the Belgian economy, Mr Azoulay needs more than one dirty money machine.  Lavazza is one machine which personally belongs to him and the Lavazza foundation must be a instrument through which dirty money is whitewashed.  I have no idea what else he has

Human Trafficking And Criminality Is The Second Source 

It has been reported that Belgium pumps dirty money in the system, when the Belgian police rolls up drug gangs or illegal arms dealers, and they find big amounts of cash. If they are doing it then it's the norm.  

Here is an example which suggests the Belgium police to be paid with the crime money :

In the Special Report named “Belgium the Sinkhole of  Europe” (attachment_23), page 20, § 1, I reported that Belgium counts on income from prostitution[26].  It's an official source of income, and this proves that income from criminality is part of this country's structure.  In this case, you better expect that Belgium is making this type of income on your territory for fueling her treasury.  She is taking advantage of the fact that prostitution is illegal in our country, and therefore you can't verify anything.

Another indicator that criminality is an important source of income for Belgium, is the systematic release of heavy criminals.  Belgium is lenient with heavy criminals.  They get released easily, unless the population protests.   Allow me to highlight this with a few major cases :

One example is the liberation of Michelle Martin, the wife of Marc Dutroux[27], the record beating child abuser and murderer. During very long years Michelle Martin has helped her husband Marc Dutroux [28], to catch, to sequestrate, to abuse, to kill and to bury six young girls (aged between 5 and 19 years).  

In 1995 it was the discovery of the century which made of Belgium the Land of Monsters.  The parents of the missing children demanded additional investigations to know if a commercial network of pedophiles was at the source of it, but the Belgian Court of Justice keeps rejecting this possibility.  They insist that Marc Dutroux was an isolated predator.    

The popular anger rose further when a parliamentary commission report revealed that the police and the judicial system failed to take into consideration numerous valuable clues that could have saved the children.  I used to think that the complete judicial apparatus was populated by stupids of ape origin.  Now I think they were part of a lucrative business system to fill the country's treasury.  

Michelle was released from prison in May 2011 after 15 years of detention.  Now, she is free and she lives in a convent with the nuns. Recently she took the train to visit a hair salon.  They were shocked to see the monster walk in, just like that and they refused to serve her.  For what concerns her husband, Marc, I expect tensions inside the judicial system between those who will work towards releasing him to restart his lucrative business, and those who want to keep him locked.  As the financial pressure on the Belgian system is growing by the minute, the need for skilled criminals is rising.  Marc Dutroux is too important for the country's economy to the point that he is always accompanied by hundreds of police men when transfered from the prison to the Court of Justice.  When it rains, the police even hold an umbrella above his head, as if he were a VIP. (

Everyone in Belgium knows that the Dutroux couple are preciously protected by the establishment.  The majority of the people don't know why.  We now that the couple generates income for the country with their crimes.   The whole of Belgium is searching who exactly is protecting them.  

While the Belgian judicial authorities systematically reject the existence of a network of pedophiles, a French female journalist investigated the Dutroux case to understand what happened with the children.  She declared that the tracks stopped at the doorstep of the Belgian Royal Palace.  Now that is scary because some children were never found.  I don't have the name of the French journalist, nor the name of the French TV debate in which she spoke, following to the conclusion of the French d'Outreau case[29].  

Note that there is a Belgian Dutroux case and a French d'Outreau case, which concerns a group of French children, who faked the Dutroux case, as if they were victims of pedophiles.  They amazingly conspired secretly and persisted in their game until one accused attempted to commit suicide. (  I wish that the Moroccan government had half the determination to keep plans secret in the same way like the French pamper-babes can do.

Another example is the Killers of Brabant (Les Tueurs du Brabant).  In November 2012, The Belgian Court has reopened an unresolved crime dossier dating from the 1980ties, when Belgium was terrorized by the Killers of Brabant (  

It's a gang of criminals who kill people in a coldblooded way in department stores and big supermarkets, just to run with the money.   They were so cruel that they continue to shoot on people who are running away, and they would blow off the head of any cashier.   Their crimes are spectacular.   They skimmed numerous supermarkets and to date, the killers have not been found.   For many years it remained a mystery on who they are.    Last November, Justice performed new house searches and hearings of witnesses. (  

The reopening of the Killers of Brabant case coincides with the revelation of the disappearance of money at the Belgian Ministry of Finance, and with other financial scandals, and with the new understanding that it is a mafia doing it all.  Once I read the news about re-opening of that crime dossier, I started thinking that perhaps there might be links towards Belgium in the Driss Basri dossier in Morocco (   I related it to the infiltration of Sidi André in the Moroccan institutions and administration, and the silent power he has on our politicians.  

If Morocco delegated her entire governance program and the institutional reforms in the hands of Belgium, then be sure that Morocco has become just like Belgium.  I've already made the remark that Morocco is a photocopy of Belgium in almost everything, just like Morocco used to be a photocopy of France, with the same type of pavements in the streets, the same electrical plugs, etc.  Now Morocco is a Belgian colony. Your independence, Your Majesty is only on paper.  

Another case that indicates that crime and government are intertwined is the ex-husband of Laurette Onckelinckx.    In the report entitled “Belgium Covets the Chaabi Bank” on page 24, § 3, I wrote about Minister Laurette Onckelinckx who divorced her Moroccan husband when he was found abusing his Belgian diplomatic passport to commit crimes related to drugs.  Belgium never arrested him.  Morocco did.  

Do you see in all the above cases how close the ties are between the criminals and the Belgian government ?   It's because the two worlds cooperate.   The high rate of suicides in the Belgian police force can be an indicator that crimes are State-driven and part of the country's economic system.  That is the top group followed by the drug addicts and the mentally disabled.  Nobody is questioning why the police men commit suicide.  The scientists  are puzzled about it, I'm not.  

I think that when a policeman is sent to investigate, he does not expect high-up people from the establishment to be part of the crimes.  When he discovers the truth, anything he does or says from that point onwards will backfire.  He knows he can be in trouble from all sides.  He can't report to his hierarchy without being seen as knowing too much.  He can't do just half the job and neglect valuable clues, without risking disciplinary sanctions.   He can't just quit the job, because he will lose income as well as the rights on unemployment indemnities, which you get only in the case of a lay-off, but not in the case of a chosen departure.  He can't stay in the job, he can't go out of it.  What's the other option, when it is no more possible to have a normal life, and you have a family to feed ?   It is to commit suicide.  

You will now believe that Sidi André is a godfather of an important mafia involving all the dirty stuff that you can image in your country, because crime is where they find the money to pay life-long employment benefits to the 800,000 Moroccans in Belgium, to supply the development aid envelop to you and to invest in Morocco. That is how they assert the superiority of the white human race.

It is worth to be noted that the crime rate is higher in Wallonia compared with Flanders (insert rates), and the genetics may play a role in this.  Flanders produces more taxes because of a stronger economy than Wallonia.  80 %  of the Walloon budget is supported by Flanders, which is disproportional with respect to the legal tax rates that are the same in the whole of Belgium.  This which makes that the Flemish people are actually paying additional illegal taxes in comparison with the Walloons.  It is understandable that this situation stirs a growing anger in Flanders whose economic development is strongly impaired by an additional invisible tax, particularly in these times of austerity.  

This leads us to one more of example of criminality : the Flemish citizen pays 2,500 Euro per year to support the Walloon citizens.  You will find an article about it in attachment_ 26, which is an article that comes from de Vlaams Belang newspaper.   Vlaams Belang is the extreme right wing party and one of the biggest political parties in Flanders.  The so-called democratic parties, particularly the French-speaking parties, don't talk with Vlaams Belang, and they don't let this party talk in public at all.  

I have always kept their newspapers because like it or not, they are straightforward.  With them, you know what time it is.  When they don't like you as a foreigner, they will tell you that in the face, and that is a lot easier to manage than if you deal with someone like Sidi André who says one thing and does something else.  A lot of their complaints point to a lot of things that I am denouncing in this paper, namely the criminality.  Vlaams Belang has already made the observation that the prostitution was rising in the immigrant population, and they are intolerant of this phenomena on their territory.  They also denounce the systematic release of dangerous criminals by the judicial system, and the fiscal abuse...  I kept one edition of their newspaper which literally states that Belgium is the country of the apes (Belgie is een apenland), and I'll send it across one day.  

From the 2500 Euro that each Flemish citizen spends on Wallonia, they are not earning anything back.  It is very much the same like the illegal contributions that the developing countries pay to the World Bank, it's like throwing money through the window.  From an accounting viewpoint, the money has no designation.  It is not a gift, not a tax, it's not an investment or a loan.  There is not clarity about the type of money it represents.  From an Islamic finance viewpoint, when the money results from labor and someone else tells you “give me your money”, that is called slavery.  

The Walloons call it solidarity.   Their argument is that Flanders has a bigger population (4 million) and more workers than Wallonia (3 million) who has mostly unemployed people, and thus they find that Flanders can afford to contribute more.  The argument of Flanders is that has a fast aging population for which it needs to secure the pensions and the health care, and that the Walloon population is younger and it doesn't have the same needs.    

My personal argument is that the living standards are the same all over the country, but that  the  Flemish population lives longer than the Walloon population because Flanders has a richer human genetic pool.  Throughout the ages Flanders was invaded by the Dutch, the Spanish, the Portuguese and the Viking, then by the Walloons and then the immigrants from Turkey and North Africa arrived.  Wallonia has never been invaded by anybody until the arrival of Mediterranean immigrants in 1950.  There genetic pool is not rich and consists essentialy of Neanderthal DNA.  Zoological studies say that the Neanderthal shares DNA with the chimpanzee[30].  Since the age of the chimpanzee is shorter than the human, the Walloons age much faster and they die sooner.  That is why there is a difference in the longevity of the Walloon population and the Flemish population, and not because of a difference in the standard of living.  

For the moment, the taxes are managed at federal level, through which the Flemish money vanishes illegally.  However, more and more Flemish voices are demanding a separation of the fiscal system. This is felt as a struggle for independence on behalf of the Flemish.  Wallonia resists the break-up of the country and refuses to relinquish the convenience of just receiving money, and spending it without worrying about how make it themselves.    

How to explain the high criminality in Wallonia

In the previous section we saw that there were no invasions in Wallonia and that their genetic pool remained unchanged.  Therefore the Neanderthal ancestry of the Walloon population could be one explanation.  The population is aggressive and physically extremely powerful.   That is why there were no invasions in that part of Europe. They use the physical power to force their way.  It works.  Hence the high crime rate in that region.  As the country  sinks in a deeper crisis the tendency to resort to violence and criminality for their survival is rising.  They will be looking to attack the weakest locally and internationally.    Hence the difficulties in Morocco.

The Walloon population has never been exposed to any other culture, until the arrival of the immigrants from Italy, Greece, Turkey and Morocco on their labor market.  The Walloons are reputed racists with areas in their region where the foreigners (non-whites) are not allowed entrance.  Both the lack of culture and the racism impacts the productivity negatively.  With so many handicaps, they have to rely for their survival on criminal activities like theft, colonization and slavery, etc., as described in this paper.  

Throughout the history of Belgium, Flanders has repetitively been a victim of colonization and slavery by the Walloons, and the illegal taxes that Flanders is paying to the Walloons today, are a remainder of the historic master-slave relationship which Wallonia continues to maintain with the whole world through the World Bank.

Wallonia mainly blames the foreigners for all the crimes, and the Moroccans in particular.  For a long time they tried to accuse us of the prostitution also, it works, but not to the extent that they want, because of Islam.  Now they are blaming the Eastern Europeans.  In East Europe the people fall at prey of mafiosi who promise a job and a better future in Belgium, often through regular programs of which they change the objective in the process, just like the student from Thailand comes through the authorized Erasmus program and who ends up in a human trafficking network, being exploited in a hotel – see page...).  

That is how a Romanian female industrial engineer, a Polish female doctor or a Bulgarian female architect end up earning money as a prostitutes in the red areas of Brussels, Antwerp and Liège.  These intelligent women can't be saved.  If they speak or try to flee, they are simply killed, to prevent the discovery of the unseen economy.  All this is because of a fine line between the government and the world of crime, especially when the former supports the latter and vice versa, as you understand by now.  For example, when gangs are rolled-up the money becomes the subsidies that they use for supporting the private enterprises to cover up for more dirty money.  

The high rate of bankruptcies in Belgium may be an indicator of circulation of dirty money.  I suppose that by the time the money is traced by the Judicial authorities, the owners of the company declare bankruptcy.  Since the Judicial authorities rarely investigate companies that have disappeared, the criminals get away with it.   They start a new company with another activity, just like Mr Crocodile has had many companies in the past.  It's only now that he has become a suspect that the tax authorities look into all his previous activities.

Another widely-spread phenomenon is that they have an awful lot of foundations in Belgium.  A lot of them “sponsor” NGOs in the developing nations.  It's probably another way for moving around dirty money and corruption, through the NGO's.  They purposely fill the developing countries with the NGOs, and the NGOs are rarely or never financially audited, like you would audit a company for the stock market.

Overall the criminals use vast financial networks combining all types of normal activities, usually requiring big amounts of money.  It is almost impossible for the financial investigators to keep track of the dirty money, particularly if they are tipped by insiders to the Judicial system.

An example of a company that I am suspecting of whitewashing dirty money is Bongo (previously called Weekendesk (see annexe_).   All this company does is selling gift vouchers.   It is a suspicious company because of it's curious business model and as I have been approached by this company for a partnership in a unique culinary arts project, there is a big chance that Sidi André is directly related to Bongo.  Perhaps it is one of his  dirty money laundrettes.  Here are the indications that make of Bongo a very curious company :

It's the extremely rapid growth of Bongo that tells me that (  Weekendesk was renamed into Bongo after two or three years of existence.  The quick change of name is already one indicator.  They started opening Bongo shops in the major shopping centers in Belgium.  I was surprised to find one at one of the most expensive shopping malls in Brussels (Woluwe Shopping), because I don't think that a separate shop is necessary for selling one brand of gift vouchers.  It's not even a specialist shop for different brands of gift vouchers.   The Bongo shop looks empty and very well lit just like an art gallery, with a dark wooden floor and white shelfs against a white wall, with the small boxes exposed on them, just like you would expose pocket books.  The items are treated as if they were a luxury item... Very André.  

A gift voucher is it is not the highest priority on the shopping list of the average consumer, so the shop is not busy.   It does not attract customers.  From the look of it, you can see that they pay more on space rental and on the salary of a shop keeper than they earn.   However, while the more dynamic shops have moved, closed or sold the key to someone else because of the expensive space rental, the Bongo shop seem to weather the storm for 8 years now.  How do they do it ?   With dirty money...  That is why I think Bongo is a money laundrette and that is why they need an individual shop for one single item of their own brand.  That is how many companies must be doing it to stay alive in Belgium, with the kind of salaries and taxes that they pay here.    

Another scenario for whitewashing dirty money and for pumping it back into the system is the labor  costs in Belgium (see The Real Economic Situation of Belgium” on page 14).   You remember that I explained that as an employer you pay almost 300 % of the gross salary per worker, and of which the worker gets about 45 % net in the hands.   I stated :  

100 % goes to the worker (from which the State withholds between 40 and 50 %).   Between 60% and 100 % goes to the taxes, another 100 % goes to social security (insurances, pensions, health care, unemployment, annual vacation, the asbestos fund, professional diseases fund, and a host of other funds for indemnities that are not translatable into English)  

That is where I think the dirty money goes to.   It comes in as capital investment and it goes out as employment taxes.   That is why the taxes in Belgium are the highest in the world.  The companies who work like this, have an interest to employ thousands of workers, to be left in peace by the juridical authorities.   It's like “you leave us alone, or I will fire everyone.”  I believe that GSK Belgium (GlaxoSmithKline) and some other pharmaceutical companies in Belgium work like this.   GSK Belgium employs about 7000 people, only in Wallonia (link to invité matprem of 27 March 2013). Are they making cars ?   No, they make pills and vaccines and they are mostly highly paid.   Can you imagine the salary mass of 7000 employees ?   What is the cost/benefit margin for one pack of pills ?   Curious company isn't it ?   I think it is using 7000 people to whitewash Sidi André's dirty money.

Another sector which would logically be involved in the transit of the dirty money at least, is the excessively large banking sector in Belgium.   I have discussed this on page 21 in The Real Economic Situation of Belgium, under the heading “Why is the Belgian Economic Wonder Based on Credit ?”   Why is Belgium permanently in debt... and never goes bankrupt ?   It is because making profits attracts the attention of everyone.   Everyone would want to know how Belgium does it.   Hence the reference to the Belgian Economic Wonder in the title.  Belgium will get a lot of attention now.  You give her what she deserves, it is to be on the map.   That  was the reason for stealing robbing absolutely all our plans.

The foreign companies that are established in Belgium get cheated in comparison with the local Belgian companies who receive extra dirty investments to whitewash.   Wallonia, for example, offered fiscal incentives and subsidies to ArcelorMittal when Mittal Steel took over Arcelor in 2007.     Like any company would do with the kind of labor costs in Belgium, ArcelorMittal accepted the incentives.   Today that ArcelorMittal has proceeded with the closure of the steel factories, the President of the company, Mr Lakshmi Mittal, was called by many names by the entire Walloon political class.   The names range from terrorist, thieve, greedy financier, lousy capitalist, and what have you for his decision to just close the shit.  The Walloon government is trying to find someone to take-over the tools, but if I were Mr Mittal, I would erase the factories or burn them to ashes, and then I leave.  They don't need the factories for employing the workers, they need them for whitewashing the massive gains Sidi André's mafia makes in the rapidly growing prostitution plague in India.

The entire Belgian system must be infested with an awful lot dirty money, including the universities and the hospitals that all operate on loss for decades on end.   Yet, they find the money to refurbish the buildings or to construct brand new ones, or to buy expensive hospital equipment.  The same for the public transport and the trains.  For a country with such a high debts, you have metro train every 7 minutes from 5:30 AM until 11:30 PM  There is heating in the metro stations of Brussels, but not in Paris.  The roads and the highways are relatively smooth, all the traffic lights work, and if you fly over Belgium by night you will think that it is the most illuminated country in Europe.  All the streets and roads are very well lit throughout the night.  The highways in Holland and Germany, they use cheap reflectors that don't require electricity.  

All that waste on a population of 10 million people of which only one million are effectively paying taxes, and at the expense of the women and youth of the Kingdom of Morocco and other developing countries.   No wonder when Sidi André says “jump”, everybody jumps.

The income from criminality is also used for supporting other criminal activities, like the industries for fake vaccines and man-made viruses and parasites, and for filling his Lavazza CSR foundation.  I imagine it is spent on the procurement of equipment for forgery, like in a recent case in Wallonia concerning the forgery of paper money, looking almost real[31], and another case in which Dutch postal stamps were forged and sold[32] ...And for the procurement of arms.  One example is the killing by the police of a highly dangerous criminal named Hakim Benlakghdem, who planned an attack on certain judges in the Palace of Justice in Brussels, beginning of this month.  They found a huge arsenal of sophisticated weaponry in his apartment and huge sums of money

If I group the crimes that appeared in Belgium during the past 3 months.  I feel that they are linked and they may run up to the same person.  Sidi André may feel targeted by the Belgian judicial system.  He does like the Italian mafia does, which is to get rid of the judges who know too much.   He is hiding it all behind a facade of “Muslim terrorism”.  

I don't know how it all works with precision, but if you want to find out how the dirty money from your country is whitewashed in Belgium, you will need to capture Sidi André.  If you seal the doors of his Anna Lindh foundation or one of his organizations, and you prevent him long enough from conducting his businesses while in detention, you will be able to see how fast Belgium runs out of cash and which enterprises go bankrupt, including in Morocco.  You will be able to observe which hotels, restaurants, bars and cafés in your country are concerned with harlotry and drugs, because the money will stop flowing.  You make sure they get shut with a seal, and you arrest and question everyone who was inside.  As they say in French “la merde finit toujours par sortir”.   His invisible economy will come to light all by itself.   We will then know how much his folks in Belgium are evolved, without money.

In Morocco, all his helpers will be waiting for a pay which doesn't come.   You will see his mafia members settling accounts amongst themselves.   As they've been working very hard and risking their lives without any contract, they can't seek justice with the Court of Justice.  Their world will fall apart like a house of cards, because of the expensive lifestyle that Sidi André supported.  You will notice which politicians have a share in that sort of business.  They will begin to behave strangely.  They will be absent, on sick leave and just preparing their bags and their wifes and children.  Make sure the airports, the ports and the highways are under strict surveillance.  

Now imagine Crocodile who invested 8 years in wiretapping me and shadowing me and now he is getting nothing.  Or someone like my ambassador in Brussels giving the Chaabi Bank Brussels for free to Sidi André, without any result for himself.  He is going to eat his heart out.

As Sidi André will be in detention, they will go after his Moroccan wife and rip off her diamonds, they will loot his houses and his companies wherever they may be, and so on.  When people lose their money in Belgium, they will go to court and have all his belongings confiscated including all he has in Morocco.  That is how you can have others uncover the dirty money for you.

If you arrest Sidi André for something very serious and unrelated to the dirty money practice, like the death of the MEP, there is technically nobody who will come and help him, because absolutely nobody in Belgium and in Morocco will admit to every using such money in their businesses, or even knowing him.

If you arrest him on the basis of his mafia practice, the prostitution and the hidden economy, then you will find all the 800,000 Moroccans living in Belgium massacred the next day.   That is why they don't mind having loads of Moroccan students come to Belgium.  They are all hostages to mass kill them in the gas chambers of Mechelen[33], which they conserved in perfect state.   I always knew that we were prisoners in this country for something.  You need guarantee the security of the Moroccans in Belgium before doing anything about the criminal business with Belgium.

Corruption and Embezzlement Are The Third Source

Most of the money generated from criminality is without any doubts used for corruption.   Corruption is first an expense before it becomes an income.  It is like an investment to encourage someone to do something damaging or unauthorized.  Corruption is dangerous because Sidi André can bribe the entire planet in any direction that he wants.  For example, he could bribe entire countries against yours, or certain religious groups to turn against another religious group (like in Syria or Lebanon), or to commit genocides (like in Rwanda and Bosnia).  

These situation are created with money.  There is no other explanation for people to turn like this overnight, without prior signals.  I can prove it with my own situation in which a vast amount of people participated in the looting of my documents and in making my life and the life of my friends and family miserable, and for a long time we didn't know why.  It's totally rational.  People would do it for a lot of money.  I don't see how else he can make an absolute stranger to cause you harm.   Certain historians report that the Holocaust was driven in exactly the same way, and perhaps the looting of the Jewish homes generated the necessary dirty money to continue the betrayals.  

Corruption involves a lot of people.  The money is produced somewhere by a group of people, it transits in the hands of more than one person before it arrives in the hands of the beneficiary, who often is not an isolated person.  It is an organized crime and it requires an awful lot of money.  The money is hard to trace because there is no trace of where the money comes from and where it goes to, particularly when people are handed money in cash or in goods.  

Sidi André corrupts around the world for being advantaged in business dealings, for obtaining secret plans or private documents like he must have done in Morocco to get hold of mine.   Their preferred targets are new approaches, something original which stirs enthusiasm and solutions to complex problems.

Now we know what they do with those plans, they use them to loot the funds of their own government (Group-purchasing of Electricity, Plan Marchall and Plan W) the foreign governments like the EU funds (Statut Avancé, Inter-nation), the US government funds (GSK-AWEX-Texas A&M), the Moroccan government (Forum Halal, Conférence des Compétences Marocains du Monde), and the international organizations like the OECD (see my letter about Yves Leterme), the Bureau International des Expositions (Liège Expo 2017) and their own World Bank (infoDev).  Their preferred targets are the organizations in which a large number of countries participate financially.   The type of money is called public fund, and a fraudulent obtainment of public funds is called embezzlement.

You would think, that they don't make money because they need to spend everything on job creation, on project development and on partnerships.  Here is what they do in Belgium : the same people and their friends quickly start-up companies with a profile that fits the project.   These companies get awarded partnership contracts, then they get the money, they spoil it essentially on leading a luxury life and on high salaries. That is where the gains are made.  It's just the maintenance of a certain standard of living, but unless they combine embezzlement with money from other criminality and some Ponzy scheme, they can't really become wealthy.

They extend the duration of the project as long as possible or until the funds stop.   They declare bankruptcy and then they need to corrupt someone to steal a new plan for embezzling public funds in exactly the same way for as long as possible.   That is how they keep on wasting everything.  According to me, this is the root cause of the financial crisis in the European Union, but they blame everything on the banks.

Here is the thing : instead of putting the money in the banks, they are putting money in the international institutions like the OECD, EU, all the UN organizations, the IMF and the World Bank etc, These are not banks, they are not investment companies, and they are not explicit foundations.  They are simply organizations who bribe their own populations with subsidies and who bribe foreign governments with aids.  They are playing the bankers just in the initial stage, afterwards, they don't follow it up.  Because of their size, they need an awful lot of money for doing this and it makes it difficult to verify how the money is spent.  Their size would double or triple if they hire people to verify the spendings.  These are the same people who are telling the savings banks to stop playing the investment banks and vice versa.   Well, they as public servants should stop playing the bankers, first.  I think that is how corruption and embezzlement will also stop.

One Sample Case : The Advanced Status (Statut Avancé)

This case is a bilateral agreement between two countries, Europe and Morocco.  However a third country, Belgium, interferes in the relation in order to loot the funds intended for Morocco, and nobody sees that.  

The Europe-Morocco relations conference in Brussels on 18 October 2010 where we met, was dominated by Wallonia, who did her best placing partitions between Morocco and Europe, because I didn't find any other European country at the conference. Even Flanders wasn't represented.  I have a copy of the program as proof (attachment_27).  

It's not because the European Union is located in Brussels that every time you want to get to Europe, you have to go through Belgium.   Don't you understand that Belgium – or Wallonia rather –  want's to play the gate keeper to prevent resources (information and funds) from flowing between Morocco and Europe ?   At first, I didn't understand why this bilateral partnership with the EU was dominated by Wallonia only.  Now I do : that “Statut Avancé” was made for filling the pockets of Wallonia with funds from the EU, perhaps also from the World Bank, OECD and from business contracts with the Moroccan enterprises.  All this in exchange for what ?   For the title of a “Statut Avancé” for your country.

“What is “Statut Avancé”, anyway ? ”,  I wondered to the point that I stopped listening to the conference.  You see, I was taught that “ASSUME makes an ASS of U and ME”.   So ever since, I started checking, because I don't want to be called an ass.

They promise an advanced status in comparison to whom and in what field ?  That “Statut Avancé” masquerade is going to expire now, in 2013.  Has Morocco already advanced in all the items in that unusually long list, since 2010 (see items from pages 5 to 15) ?   Has Morocco become any richer with it ?   You see what I mean ? That “Statut Avancé” was giving the illusion that your country will begin to progress now, in 2013.  I had the feeling your will see progress in 3013.

At that time I didn't know who wrote the The Advanced Status (doc 13653/08).  It contains a large number of fields of action affecting all the domains of the country, but really all the domains to be aligned with EU policy in a very short period, between October 2010 and 2013.  That is too many objectives to achieve over a too short time span and this in itself shows that the aim is to have no results.  

When it comes to the governmental agreements (political, parliamentary, cooperation on security and judicial cooperation) I have no comments. But when it comes to the economic, the financial and the social side of it, I have my own thoughts.  The “Statut Avancé” is built in this way : it is giving Morocco nice strokes on the one hand (through the political and institutional cooperation) and on the other hand it bites, it hits and it kicks Morocco out of the game, when it comes to free trade, freedom of enterprise, and economic cooperation.   The economic promises in it look so nice on paper.   The reality on the ground is totally different, as you have experienced with Belgium, who only wants to be involved at that level to advance her commercial interests and not your country's, both on European and Moroccan territory.  Who could be so dirty ?

Page 4 of the that “The Advanced Status (doc 13653/08) says that the agreement also promises poverty reduction, employment creation and social cohesion.  How come that with the  “Statut Avancé”, the youth were protesting in the streets again on 20 February 2013.   Were they celebrating the anniversary of the “Statut Avancé” ?   What have they done since 2010 ?  

It's a Morocco-Europe bilateral agreement.  Yet it looks like one of the two partners is in rush to get something done quickly.  If this way of working under very high pressure is not a problem in terms of Moroccan human resources to put everything in place, or in terms of the budgets, it certainly raises questions in terms of management, control of progress and the stability of the achievements.  Why the hurry?  Why not advance gradually and complete the partnerships in some areas first, then question the partnerships, before developing new ones ?   Someone doesn't care a damn about that program, who is it ?  Was it Morocco or Europe ?

That document was not drafted by a team from the European commission, but by one or maximum two individuals.   It is was not a precise program for Morocco, but a precise program which was unwritten for someone else.   That someone else does what a dishonest business consultants also do : he uses an enormous amount of confusion to muddle your mind, and he wants you to focus on your needs.  This way, you forget to focus on his needs, because that is the precise program that he is running.  That is why he got involved in the organization of that conference.  

Do you remember my first letter to you of 24 October 2010, in which I criticized the “Statut Avancé” (attachment_27)?   I showed in that letter how that “advancement” was rather a backward movement for the country.   I wrote directly after the conference to help save the funds for something better, and to help you stop listening to criminal advice for your economy, as fast as possible.  

Embezzlement Detected

I quickly made up my mind about that “Statut Avancé”, the same day when I heard about it.  Of course, if you read the well-crafted document, you would believe the agreement.  I didn't.  It's scam, most probably written by the venerated Sidi André.  

  1. He must have written the plan with the intention to embezzle or to help embezzle the European Union.  This is already very bad.  
  2. The aggravating factor is that he (or Wallonia) interfered in a bilateral rapport that doesn't concern him or Belgium.

Corruption Detected

Didn't you see that all the legs of Morocco were being cut with that “Statut Avancé” ?  Sidi André was standing in your way to European funding.  The truth is that for advancing Morocco, you have been relying on a mafioso for doing nearly everything.  Sidi André made nearly all the members of your entire government become rich through those impressive supra-national financial systems.  He made sure that the people at that level would not be severely affected by shortages, so that when someone like me comes along with a true plan, which in addition shows what they are doing is not standard, you would ignore this person.  The World Bank and the Sidi André were the standard.  It was indeed the standard for a criminal organization.

The Exports Of Ammunition Is The Fourth Source

Belgium is a weapon producer.   When this country shows concern for a developing country, then money is their only true concern.  Take Syria, for example.  Sidi André will do nothing himself, but he will remote control his friend, the Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders.

Minister Reynders has tried to convince the GCC countries of doing something together about Syria.   What does he want from Syria ?   He wants to exploit Syria economically.   If she has any natural resources, he wants them all.   If she doesn't, then he wants exactly the same like what his country wanted for Lebanon : a war.   He will make the situation worse in order to export weapons.   The longer the war, the richer Belgium gets.  

With all the information from his World Bank about Syria, he will take systemic approach to maximize the profits for his country :

He will start by finding ways for setting the Muslims up against the Christians or vice versa, whereas previously there was no conflict.  He will have Sidi André generously sponsor some rapists, murderers, police men and people in the public services of Syria from one religious group to target the people of the other religious groups, and that is how a civil war breaks.  

With his Princess Astrid's Red Cross, the WHO and the entire series of UN looters he will get in that country to select the richest people, starting with the ones who work in the medical sector, like the doctors, surgeons, and skim off the highly educated top class.  Like this he rips that nation of it's richest people by proposing asylum to them in Belgium.  They will be given residence documents and access to the health care in no time.   They will fill the Belgian bankrupt banks with Syrian money.  

The poor Syrians who also want asylum in Belgium, will be locked up in centers for undocumented migrants or just deported.   Another alternative is to offer them a job to sell weapons in contraband, of course, because that is the true concerns he has for Syria and the Syrian people.  He is not interested in their safety.  He becomes the employer to whom the worker will listen.  

When all the rich Syrians are gone and the Syrian banks are emptied, he will come back with an economic mission to “reconstruct” Syria's schools, hospitals, homes, administration buildings.  he will suggest loans from the World Bank/IBRD.   He will corrupt a bunch of Syrians at the top by making them rich, so that they continue to sign the contracts that he wants.  He saws power struggles and competition for big money.  It divides and creates factions through which the demand for bullets increases.  

His country already gets paid by the WHO and the Red Crescent for sending their NGO's.  Your country already contributes every year, but he will go after another check from the GCC to import from his country the best medicine, hospital supply, respiratory aid equipments, cardiographs and surgical tools... because Sidi André's mafia arranged for Belgium to be quoted by the World Economic Forum as “the best in medical care systems and with the best medical schools”.  

When he sees that you are not impressed, he will make you enthusiastic with a fully equipped mobile surgery truck in which everything works with solar cell panels, totally electronic, it's eco-friendly, supersonic, water- and bullet-proof, and what have you.  “It's newly built in collaboration with our interuniversity research center, etc.”   He makes the GCC's head spin and they sign the check to send one for Syria, one for the occupied territories, one for Egypt, one for Tunisia, one for Mali and to everywhere where the same man messes everyone up to bring big business for his country.

By then, you would have forgotten that it is the same man who sold the weapons and the bullets that crippled the people who arrive in his solar cell ambulances, that he ripped the country from it's rich class.  The longer the war, the longer his country gets rich because your country already pays for the UNDP, UNICEF and UNCTAD to guarantee the schooling of the Syrian children during the war;  His country already gets all the jobs, but he will come for an additional support “to print school books, to 'train' the teachers in his country's university summer camps, to buy bullet-proof school buses, and to install video surveillance for the playground, etc, etc. All imports from Belgium.   The GCC pays and pays, but the GCC products are invisible, their companies have no markets, your population has no jobs and your currency is invisible.  

For Sidi André and his friend Didier, peace is only in Cloud Cuckoo Land.  It's a fantasy.    It simply doesn't exist.   The question is, the day when there is no more war, will Belgium still exist ?  

The World Bank (and the like) Is The Fifth Known Source

Sidi André could also be the informal president of the World Bank.  It is a fake bank.  A normal bank does not combine contributions with shares and does not supply grants and loans at the same time.  The contribution system makes of it a fake bank.  The sales of loans and the debt services makes of it a fake fund or foundation.   According to me, the contributions from the developing nations go straight into supporting the Western economies.   Here is why :

With a real bank you can trace every single penny.  You can trace what comes in and what goes out.   With the World Bank there is no trace of what happens with your contributions, with the money that you are supplying for free.  You don't know if your contribution effectively went to the developing nations or not, and how it is used in these countries.   That is why I think your contributions go to supporting certain Western economies like Belgium.  

On page 38 of the IBRD Information Statement (see link further down), in table 11, you will see that the IBRD invests in securities like sovereigns with a minimum of credit-rating of AA-.  These are typically the Western economies.  Everyone else doesn't get a B even if they are richer than all the Western countries combined.  That bank is not on your side as you can see from table 11.  Table 11 says “fuck your currency”.  They are not concerned with your sovereign unless in the currency of the bond issuer or in the currency of a country with a “stable” economy.  I think that is how Belgium keeps her head above the water, compared with the other Euro-zone countries who are not aware of the trick.

Another proof that the World Bank directly invests in Western economies is that it has a investment activity (page 22 of the Information Statement – concerns the liquid assets) and a funding activity (page 24 of the information statement), which includes lending and investments (like equity).   You can feel that they are trying to cheat by having two separate chapters for investments.  The one on page 22 is for the Western economies and it concerns the assets held in highly-rated fixed income securities (investment in stocks, derivatives, sovereigns, etc).  That is for themselves, whether the World Bank invests directly in the Western banks, companies and sovereigns or vice-versa, they are working with your money.  You are supporting this bank with contributions and with high yearly subscription fees, for which you get nothing back, and only page 24 is dedicated to your country.  On those pages they don't talk about sovereigns and currencies anymore, but about “public equity”.   Are you still wondering for who and why they have created that bank ?  

You need more World Bank development programs preferably in all the areas of your country, and especially the tourism development program which targets your population's butts, if you want the IBRD to buy your sovereign bonds.  You need to tell your population to work harder and faster in Sidi André's black economy to climb higher on the ladder, so that your country moves from being called a developing nation, to being called an emerging economy for a few centuries, before you can belong to the class of  “developed nations”.   Do you see how this bank induces competition with as final effect to get you in their game (in Sidi André's satanic game), so to keep numerous tabs on you from all sides ?   What kind of a bank is this ?  A fake bank !

The only way to trace how your country's contributions are used and who is using them, is to stop supplying them.  It's illegal to supply those contributions anyway, because your country must earn something on this also.  It is money which you can't trace, just like corruption money.  Just give it a try, stop supplying and let's see what happens.  The chances are high that countries like Belgium are simply using them for developing their liquid assets, like my table says, because ever since the BRICS countries decided to start a world bank of their own to support the infrastructure of Africa, and who stop contributing to the World Bank, the municipalities in Wallonia started firing the civil servants by masses, which never happened before.  Another consequence could be  the budget cuts and lay-offs in the banking sector of Wallonia in particular.


Instead of contributing, lend money to the World Bank.  Don't have them talk you into investing in IBRD bonds, because you may  never see your money back.  The information statement document is not saying anything about the legal status of the bank and you will see it printed in that document on page 56.  So when the bank fails, the chances are that you will get nothing for the bonds you have would have bought.  I stick with my first apprehension and observation that it is an illegal company.  Thus the IBRD bonds are illegal also, and they are worth nothing.

Since you have no proof for the moment that it is a legal organization, and you have invested contributions in the past, which you would like to recuperate, I suggest to lend money to the World Bank when it begins to hobble.  Lending money is the most legal formula you can apply, even when you deal with criminals, because of the lending contract.  By lending money you are developing a legal context for yourself that covers your current and previous investments.  You will also be able to keep tabs on it's shareholders when the bank fails to repay the loans.  Turn the contribution into a loan so that you can trace it in the IBRD accounts, and continue to treat it as a normal bank.  

If you succeed in doing this, you might consider the next step of asking all your previous contributions back or to have the interests on the contributions paid out.  You can use this as a condition for the credit-worthiness of the World Bank, for future loans and for cheaper interest rates or lenient payment terms, because it is unacceptable to supply contributions and not to be treated as a shareholder of the World Bank.  It's simply theft.  

Always check with your lawyers before doing anything.

The European Regional Funds Are The Sixth Source

There is an EU average GDP per capita on the basis of which the amount of European regional funds is calculated for a country.   Whatever the EU average is, Belgium has always presented her GDP per capita as exemplary.  She is the best pupil in the class room.  She doesn't want to look like needing much regional funds for the whole of Belgium, but only for one province named Hainaut, in the south of Belgium.  Hainaut has been a developing region in Belgium ever since the creation of the European Economic Community in 1952.   Maybe they are keeping that region underdeveloped forever, for the sole purpose to be entitled European regional funds.

In “Belgium Covets the Chaabi Bank of Morocco”, on page 36, point 7.2 I analyzed the Crédit Populair du Hainaut (CPH).   It is a bank which was apparently shaped after the model of “Crédit Populair du Maroc” (CPM), and it is curiously limited to the province of Hainaut alone.  

If we put A and B together, we may conclude that the CPH was created to accept the European regional funds and then the redistribute them to any client in the rest of Belgium, without admitting the need of such funds for the rest of the country.  Otherwise Belgium will look like lying to the European Union, and she will get sanctioned.  

How can we find out if more than one province is supported  ?   It is by cutting off the European regional funds for Hainaut, be it just for one year.

The Ratio Of Revenues For Belgium

(hypothetical – it's supposed to make you laugh )

The Revenues for Belgium

(in % of  GDP)

Situation  1

Situation  2

The Exorbitant Country Taxes and the Interests



Human Trafficking and Criminality



Corruption and Embezzlement



The Exports of Ammunition



The World Bank and the Like



The European Regional Funds






Situation 1 represents the actual condition on 26 March 2013.  The estimates are hypothetical, because the rates are difficult to verify, except for the European Regional Fund .

The rate concerning the income through taxes and interest is very low given the fact that all the tax income disappears in the astronomic sovereign debts and in the public deficit.  I don't want to be bold.  That is why I marked it with 1 %  in order to show that Belgium balances her income for the most part with other sources like criminality, corruption and embezzlement, and the World Bank notes.   Hence the difficulty to find the real figures.  The rate of  38 % income from criminality is laughable because this rate could be exceeding 500 % , given the wide variety of crimes in addition to man-made calamities (like the coffee pest, swine flu, bird flu, and all sorts of contaminations).  

Situation 2 represents a new condition for Belgium or a change in situation 1, if the profound transformations which are now taking place on planetary level are accomplished.   One major transformation is the decision to create of a common development bank for infrastructure by the BRICS[34] countries, as an alternative to the World Bank, the press reported on 26 March 2013, from Durban in South Africa.  

This initiative is totally new because the World Bank wasn't a bank for the developing countries.   It wasn't a bank to begin with.   It invests directly in some sovereigns of the Western economies.   It has never been a special bank for the poor countries, but for the countries with AA ratings only.  

The areas that we need to influence through joint efforts are criminality, corruption, embezzlement, and the World Bank, in order to accomplish the improvements that we want in our economies.  It's the same areas which Belgium uses for growing her economy.  It is these sources of income which makes that Belgium has been classified as one of the richest countries on the planet, for such a long time.  

The criminality and the World Bank are part of one and the same system.  Corruption requires huge sums of money.   I can't imagine that the selfish Wallonia species would advance the cash from their own pockets for corrupting someone first, in order to recuperate the money under the form of gains from contracts, later.   The cash advance for the corruption comes from criminality like the drugs and prostitution and from the yearly subscription fee of 75 million dollars that every developing country pays, and from the contributions that the wealthier countries pay to the World Bank.  

As you can see, it is not normal for a bank to function with subscription fees and with money that it gets for free.  That is criminal.  That is why I am putting the World Bank on the same footing like a criminal organization or a mafia.   Hence the equal ration of 38 % in the table above for criminality and the World Bank.  One big criminal case that involves corruption is infoDev.  More corruption cases have to be revealed in order to confirm this supposition.

If we reduce the criminality in our own countries to zero, we can finally begin to increase the wealth in our economies.  We never will if we don't.   So, if all the developing countries would start increasing their vigilance on their territories for criminal influences from Belgium, for example by imposing travel restrictions, that will help the solution.   More solutions for supporting this transformation are on page .


Given the subscription fees that this fake bank receives, I am sure that 38 % of the Belgian revenues coming from this source is a very modest estimation. The rate could be 3000 or 4000 % or more because excess is typical for the very advanced primate.  They are not modest.  They don't have limitations.  They are megalomaniacs.   They pretend to be rich, with your money, and they pretend to help you with financial aid so that you listen to them, but it is with your money.  Do you see the tricks ?  That is how they've been surviving.

What If the International Conditions Change ?

How will they survive when conditions change from Situation 1 to Situation 2 ?  In the table above I projected that they will have to generate income from the taxes and by increasing the interests (let's say on credits and on savings), by applying for subsidies from Europe, and by selling more of what they do best.  

The first thing they do best is to develop drugs and vaccines for epidemics which they fake themselves, like the swine flu and the bird flu which affect all the countries except Belgium.  They employ people in day-time jobs and in well-reputed big companies like GlaxoSmithKline to prepare all that, so that you don't think it is a criminality.  So when the World Bank disappears, you will note and increase of epidemics.

The second thing which Belgium does best is manufacturing arms.  They have a company named FN and it is in Herstal.  When the conditions change, I expect the demand for arms to rise for three reasons :

  1. Sidi André is a merchant of chaos.   When the dirty streams of income for Belgium drop, and  the financial pressure rise, the likely inclination of Belgium will be to resort to starting a war or producing terrorist attacks somewhere, in order to sell the ammunition for the defense and the security of a country.  As we analyzed from page . it will require the corruption of players, who are prepared to risk dying.  That costs a lot money.    

  1. At the same time, when economic growth in the developing countries begins to take root, the need for more security for the population, the enterprises and the banks will increase against the looters and the merchants of chaos like Sidi André and his mafia.  

  1. They develop a natural threat (like the coffee pest on page ) to have the leaders take decisions under fear and anger, and in the interest of Sidi André's mafia.   That is how the mafia enters an area only to create chaos and to set up the citizens against one another.

My imagination here is limited because I am not a military.   To counteract the manufacturing of conditions in the developing countries needing weapons, some measures include :

  1. To make sure the money is not available for people like Sidi André;
  2. To create employment, because the players who would cooperate in the creation of chaos are available in the groups with no job perspectives;
  3. To impose travel restrictions on people like Sidi André.

If you try to counteract all that by preaching peace and understanding etc., you will be killed, because you will be killing someone's economy with your peace.   Hence the antagonism for true Islam, which is in itself an economic system.   Islamic finance, for example, is a wealth system and the antipode of the World Bank's debt system and Sidi André's business practice.  All those kamikaze and Taliban-like groups were probably sponsored by Sidi André's mafia to kill Islam itself everywhere.  

Imagine that the three measures above are applied, what will happen then ?   Sidi André's gangs will likely resort to starting wars and pests inside Europe.   That was the case incessantly during hundreds of years, until 1945.  Now we know it was all man-made.  I think that it comes from the same genetic group, and Europe should finally look into this problem for real, if they want peace.  

People think that the USA is the most powerful country because it is a big country, and also because it seems to patron the World Bank. The average people mistake the World Bank and the IMF for the FED, and blame the USA for all their misery.   Now we see that all the sources of income in the table above show how powerful Sidi André is everywhere in the world, for the moment.  Nobody would think that a very tiny country like Belgium would be most powerful, in the underworld.  Therefore nobody has ever blamed Belgium for all their misery.

Grand Conclusion

Morocco is sold out.   The Devil provided dirty money to any Belgian (and perhaps some other Europeans) who wanted to purchase property in Morocco.   With that money, they achieve 100 % ownership, and they get the legal documents delivered from the notary, with an official seal on it that says so.   The report about the real economic situation of Belgium shows that they are unable to buy so much property in Morocco, if they had to use their real savings for doing this.  

Or did you think that André Azoulay and his folks were going to use real money or money that they worked hard for to give to Morocco ?    They will never give true money to you.   They will never show you how to make money.  They will always seek to control your money in some way or another.  

Many members of the governments of Brussels and Wallonia, including city majors and their family members, politicians, lawyers and civil servants own property or real estate in Morocco.  They take their vacations there, most probably in order to buy more and to rent it out expensive to other European tourists, and even more expensive to the Moroccans who live abroad.   It wouldn't surprise me about them that they bought the property with recycled dirty money, because that is how colonization is effectuated, in order to earn real money afterwards through the rentals.  

They will not hesitate to complete the colonization by supporting a revolution in your country.   That is why Mr Azoulay does everything so that the Moroccans can't buy anything or do nothing in their own country.   The Belgians are oppressive and repressive with us over here.   They have been hating us so much already since the seventies and the eighties – thus long before 9/11 – and then I discover (in 2005 – 2006) that they own lots of property over there.   In Morocco they think that they are selling property to sympathetic Europeans, whereas the class of Belgians who were engaged in this were seeking to mark their domination over your country, with evil.  

Was this the modernité and ouverture that you wanted ?    Probably not.   It was the modernité and ouverture that Mr Azoulay wanted for Morocco.  

What is Mr Azoulay's function ?   Is he part of the Palace furniture ?  Is he the doormat, the curtain, or is he the microphone to spy on you all ?   Has he signed a contract with Morocco which says that he can interfere with our lives and businesses ?   Then why have you authorized him to carry out your country's economic plans ?    Now you have a problem, because if you intervene with his acquired habit to mess with Morocco's plans, he will find bigger problems for you, because he is a saboteur by nature.  

Frankly Your Majesty, Mr Azoulay is only the Governor of Essaouira.  His function is normally to defend the interests of his province in Belgium and Luxembourg, but he does precisely the opposite.  He gave to Lucien Leuwenkroon, who's job is to represent Belgium and Luxembourg, the role to defend the interest of the Moroccan industries in Morocco and abroad.   This role is normally reserved for the Moroccan embassy in Belgium, and all the other chambers that he created himself, like the Moroccan Chamber of Commerce in Belgium or at worst the Chamber of Commerce Belgium-Luxembourg-Arab Countries, but not for Mr Azoulay.  

Someone or something allowed Mr Azoulay to transgress the simple norm or convention.   How come he has so much influence ?    He is responsible for his country's exports.   How come he is interfering with Morocco's exports also ?    You know that he has been interfering with everything, and you will see, in the end he will tell you that he is not responsible.  What does that mean ?  

It means that he looted your public funds, and afterwards, you are on your own.  He is not in Morocco to pick up any bills, he is there to bust your finances, to gather as much money as he can for his country, and to rob solutions.  He was doing his job and serving his nation.  That is his role. Technically, you can't hold that against him, particularly if you have allowed it.

You can't hold against him that he got awarded Moroccan government money, if you approved it.  You shouldn't complain when on the one hand you want to be a sovereign State and on the other hand you are inviting an colonizer to shape your trade, industry and investments.   André was wearing the flags of his country.   You can't ask him to wear the Moroccan flag also.

His duty is to facilitate the structuring of any company.  He does the opposite.   He created problems for our investment projects by corrupting our officials to bring him other people's plans, and by spreading the information around in order to kill the business before the start.  That is not normal for a Royal Advisor and a Governor of a Province, is it ?   But it is the Belgian standard.  That is the standard that Morocco is following.   Belgium has never been at the basis of any other standard.

You may have instructed everyone to listen to him.  That is how he became “Sidi André”.   If you instruct the other to listen to him, he will instruct the Moroccan officials to brain drain people like me and to block our dossiers in all the administrations, because if the people don't listen to him, they think you will get angry with them.

Once you are cross with him, you will discover him for real.   You have never been critical of him before.   You have never made him angry and this tells me that he was unjustly seen as an untouchable authority.  A godfather.   Do this with anybody of whom the ancestor is a monkey, and he will take you over.   He is going to become violent and do whatever is in his might to stay on top of you... in your own country !

You now feel betrayed :

Mr Azoulay has build his influence on the Moroccan trade and commerce, on the basis of some naïve and incompetent Moroccan ministers who ignored that by accepting a development aid program, they were giving the control over their entire economy to someone who was waiting just for that.   Mr Azoulay took advantage of all the weaknesses in the Moroccan system.   That is called betrayal or breach of trust.  

It is unprofessional on his behalf.  It is also unprofessional on behalf of the Moroccans themselves to forget the standards of the roles and responsibilities of each institution, and that the Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Morocco, for example, is not part of the Moroccan institutional system but part of the Belgian institutional system.

In all likelihood Mr Azoulay created an informal atmosphere through which he confuses everyone about his true function.   He must have pushed the boundaries by encouraging the Moroccans to be relaxed and informal with him, to the point that nobody sees him as a Belgian, but as a Moroccan “brother”.   I imagine that he got all the Moroccan ministers run to him for all the answers, and he likes playing the “Guru”.   I imagine they talk to him about any letter that comes in from Belgium (like my letters to Mr Baraka).  He would lie to them and say “ah I know this person, she is my friend, just send me a copy”.   Whatever he says, they go and do it.   Your ministers are not sufficiently aware of how everything works to protect their country's interests and to tell him “if you know her, why don't you ask her to send the document to you”.  

The mistake that Morocco has made is to promote someone who doesn't deserve it and who is unqualified for that role, because another country designated to him the job of supporting their economy and the job creation in his country, not yours.   Whatever your complaint against him is, Belgium will try to defend herself by using this argument.  

On How to Catch A Son of a Bitch

You can't catch him on the fact that he betrayed you and that he wasted our time to a considerable extent.  You should have stopped relying on him sooner.  You should have known who you were dealing with.   When you met him the first time, how did you know that he was not a mentally ill person ?   Did you grow up with him ?   Do you share the same religion, culture or family with him ?  Then how do you know that this man's ethics correspond with yours ?    

In his case there are not even points of convergence between his culture and yours, and therefore his economy can't be the right one for you.  So why did you entrust the shaping of your economy to this beast ?   I suspect he was in Morocco since the beginning of the 1990ies, and I don't understand why 20 years later you are surprised to find that Morocco was advancing rapidly into a colony, approved and supported by your entire administration.   Your officers are all accustomed to having this very nice Belgian fooling them around every day.   He is Sidi André.   He is too important, because if he leaves, their career is finished.  I think that just like me, you are on your own, if you try to change around the system.

You also can't catch him on the fact that he betrayed Morocco, your country, because he is not a Moroccan.   You can only catch his wife as the co-author.   Legally, you are stuck if you keep your focus on the fake economy that you have ended up with and the human disasters in which fine ladies end up in the prostitution.

All this comes because you have allowed the wrong people to found your economy.   As I always said, the foundation of your economy must come from your people as they know which ecosystem is appropriate for delivering the best performances directed to meet your country's goals.   When you don't find the people in your country, get them from a system closer to your values.  Don't ever put the economy of your country in the hands of someone who is too far off from your own values.  The unfortunate characteristic of a value-system is that it is subjective.    

To catch him, you need to find objective grounds :

You have to follow the professional norms for catching him.  Whether you asked him to be your consultant or whether he deviated projects to position as your consultant, he made numerous professional mistakes and usually they can be measured by the financial losses that occurred in your country, and that he caused.    

If you employed him as a consultant, what you can do is to request a refund when no results have been achieved and / or when the projects were incomplete.   If he suggested projects to you and you awarded funds to him to do them, request a refund of all the money that he earned on the basis of my documents, since 2004 or earlier (2002).  

He caused Morocco to lose investments from the Kingdom Holding Company and the entire group of investors which the Kingdom Holding Company has called together to realize Digital Unity worth five times the price of the actual Internet, the global network of Centers for Excellence in Diversity Competence and  Globalization, the Halal Villages, the multicultural innovation centers, the biointelligent cosmetics and source control products, the culinary arts exchange programs, and everything, absolutely everything.  Make it big, so so BIG, that he will have to sell his World Bank to you to meet a quarter of the financial losses since the start of his job in Morocco, in addition to the damages he caused to all the women who lost their luck potentials because of his pervert business models, to the family of the MEP, to the campesinos in Central America, to the families of the black American top who died in a plain crash in Bosnia, to S-ME for the loss of revenues etc.

That is how you will catch him, based on things like the theft of the copyrights and related looting of funds on the basis of the copyrights. You will catch him on the illicit publications and the loss of income he created for our investors.   You will catch him on the basis of the deviation of the projects towards other countries, like China and Italy for the innovation center concept which includes a trade hub.   Perhaps you have entrusted other investments to him that have ended somewhere other than where they should be.  You will catch him on the basis of the corruption of the Moroccan officials and on the origin of that money, and all the things in the godfather's list of crimes against humanity as of page .

Let him prove that he didn't do all that.

That is how you do it with a son of a bitch.  With this approach, you will steer clear from the endless and intellectual discussions about your moral values and your religion with this irrational and savage species, who understand absolutely nothing of what you mean.   His lack of values has translated in an utterly unprofessional attitude.  He competes in a very unprofessional way against your nation, for example by making of me and my family a target in his country, and we don't know the man at all, by setting your people up against each other, by manipulation, by corruption and by faking everything.  That utterly unprofessional attitude results in a financial loss somewhere, and then you catch him.   That is the DNA, Business & Finance approach for solving problems.

The godfather and his gang are hoping this will never be known.  Note that first they do something horrible like this and then they become afraid for their image.  First they committed all the aggressions during 9 years (and even longer if we take all what happened in my life), and in the end they want you to work with them, as if nothing happened.  They don't seem to be very stable in their minds, do they ?   They don't consider their victims as human beings, but as monkeys like themselves, and they expect you (the victim) to appreciate them, when they become favorable to you.   It only lasts a day or two, and then they fall in their old patterns again.   They don't evolve.   If you stick around with them, you will also not evolve.  They destroy human beings.  The only rational explanation for this, is that they are monkeys, genetically.  

Had Mr Azoulay just let me do my thing, I would never have researched to understand the injurious obstructions to my personal growth and my country's progress.   He will regret all he did to me during the at least 9 years if not more.  Had he just let me do, his invisible economy would never have been revealed.  That is how stupid he is.

On What To Expect After He Is Captured

He could organize, for example, to spread molds and parasites on your Argania trees and on your saffron culture because now his mafia in Belgium has sufficient knowledge about these plants and about the parasites.  You will have schools full of infants getting a resistant flu, because that is what he cultivates at GSK in Belgium, in collaboration with Texas A&M to create vaccines.   He will get a big oil tanker cleanse it's bowel or break in two “accidentally” in your waters and poison all your fish for decades.  He could spread malaria in places like Marrakesh and Agadir, to help the program of his Princess, with her Roll Back Malaria shop.  He will sell arms to your worst enemies around in the area of the Western Sahara.  He will cause a Spring revolt in your country, pay a few families of kamikaze to blow up crowds of tourists, or to bring down planes.  He will do all so that you will have no more tourism, no more fish, no saffron, no oranges, no Argania trees, if you tell this man that his game is over.   That is how the Belgium is.   It is with this kind of terror that she kept a giant country like Congo under her control.   The Belgians laugh with values like peace, ethics, kindness, loyalty, reciprocity, etc.  Because these values don't bring money fast enough for them.   They believe in the mafia values.  When everything is cleared never go back working with this species ever again in anything.

Annexe I

The Central American Coffee Pest

I never inquired about the Lavazza Company[35] until a month ago when I heard about the coffee pest in Central America[36],[37], on 19 January 2013.  Since September 2012, a fungus was destroying the coffee crops in 5 Central American countries Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica.   That is where my favorite coffee comes from, because their Arabica is mild, floral, fruity in taste, really exquisite.  I buy Costa Rica, Guatemala or Columbia coffee from either Carrefour[38] or Cora[39].  The names of the countries are printed on the packages.  

I took the news report about the coffee pest with a grain of salt.   I don't doubt that the Central American countries are affected by the fungus, all at the same time.   The fungus will have dramatic consequences on the Central American economy with a massive loss of income, a peak in the unemployment.  The Central American people will be suffering more than they do.  They already come from far, and now the path has been made longer, and that is the angering part of the catastrophe, in addition to the need to convert their entire agriculture to a totally different produce, instead of their exquisite arabica coffee bean.  

When I see this disaster, I forget all I have been through with Belgium.   This is phenomenal and the press is not talking about it sufficiently.  The Central American economy is destroyed, and we hear nothing about them.  

What I think is false is the cause of the pest and the spread of it throughout the Central American countries.  It's “the 5 countries at a time” which doesn't feel right.  How long does it take for a fungal parasite to spread from one coffee plant to another ?  How does it spread, because this parasite is like a mold, it doesn't have wings or legs like insects do ?  It can only be spread by human transportation.  So someone spread it in 5 countries at the same time.  That is why I think it was done deliberately.   The coffee pest sounded familiar to me.  It's just like the swine flu, the bird flu and the future flu for which AWEX and GlaxoSmithKline Belgium need to build a bio-defense research center in Texas to produce the vaccines, ahead in time.  

I couldn't help but see a Belgium / World Bank mafia script in this.  I know they work like this.  They destroy in order to make money.  They win through evil.  By causing a coffee pest with a large number of coffee producers, people like Sidi André will make earnings by betting on the commodities markets, because it is his business to know when the coffee prices will peak.  In Belgium, he will use the coffee crisis to justify a general increase of the coffee prices in all the  supermarkets, in the hotels, the restaurants and the cafés, the airports, and at every public coffee machine everywhere...  The market is huge and he can help make income for his king through hidden taxes.  The coffee pest could also be a set up for the Belgian brands to beat the competing brands from the neighboring countries out of the markets, so that the Lavazza brand becomes successful.  

I have searched for indications in this sens : the radio news on La Première (RTBF – Belgian radio) said that the Central American countries export coffee mainly to the United States and to Europe.   They didn't say to which countries in Europe, and I immediately sensed the Belgian coffee brands were never going to be affected by this, of course.  Their suppliers are not in Central America but in South-America, in Africa and in South-East Asia.  The major Belgian brands are Delhaize, Rombouts, Jacqmotte, Beyers and Lavazza.


II started by checking what I had available at home.  I had Delhaize Fair Trade coffee pack with arabica coffee from Brazil.  The pack recommended trying their their Kenya Fair Trade coffee.  Delhaize is a Belgian chain of supermarkets and it competes with the French Carrefour brand.  

Delhaize is not impacted by the Central American coffee pest, like all the Belgian brands.   Carrefour supermarket and Cora are impacted.

Rombouts Coffee buys from Columbia, Papouasia, Brazil and Ethiopia

Jacqmotte buys mostly from East Africa, Asia, South America, and few from Central America

Beyers buys from Tanzania and Brazil

Lavazza provides no indications of the origin of the coffee beans. It hides the origin behind the word “finest coffee blends”, just in the case someone like me makes an inventory of all the brands to see who is impacted by the coffee pest in Central America, and who isn't.  Since I can't check it from the packaging, I have checked it with my tongue.  Lavazza tastes bitter (for me) and the beans must come from Ethiopia, New Guinea and perhaps Kenya also, but not from Central America.

The hardest hit by the coffee pest are the suppliers in the neighboring countries of Belgium, like France and most probably Holland too.  This coffee pest is of major relevance in the case of France because Lavazza has opened new headquarters in France.   In the attachment named Dossier Lavazza_10 says that “France is Lavazza’s main foreign market in terms of both consumption and turnover”.    These new offices are a tangible sign of the company’s desire to continue investing in the French market in “the most functional and effective way possible”.  

I have the feeling that André Azoulay is a shareholder of Lavazza.   I am confident that Sidi André will achieve his investments in France by the poisoning of the coffee crops in Central America, to bust all the French coffee makers and to make his Lavazza prevail.   He will soon be looking to loot international investors for the French market.

He has a Lavazza CSR[40] Foundation (Dossier Lavazza_09).   The Lavazza CSR Foundation is a mini World Bank.  It is just like the King Baudoin Foundation and the CERA Bank of Belgium, who are also mini World Banks and they all work together with the big World Bank.  He lives in Morocco, his Lavazza is registered in Italy, AWEX is everywhere and the World Bank is in Washington.  Unless you live in this country, or unless you research all these institutions, you wouldn't know that they are all linked.  So, for the average farmer in Central America these links are not obvious.

From reading about it, through this foundation he operates in Central America and he gains direct access to the communities.   He must be traveling frequently to Central America.  I suspect that through his foundation he prepares the field for the World Bank programs because the size of his foundation projects are too big to be supported with CSR alone.   Lavazza foundation is too small for supporting the kind of projects on his list.  Allow-me to summarize his CSR projects.  My thought are printed in italics :

(His program is not any different than any other program which he ran before in countries like Morocco, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi.   It is to sell expensive goods like electronics made in Belgium, crippling pharmaceuticals, spreading malaria, encouraging prostitution for increasing HIV-AIDS infections, encouraging the farmers in growing narcotics instead of coffee, building schools and universities for draining the brains , forming agricultural cooperatives in order to sell farming equipment with long term loans, looting the crops, supplying fertilizers full of fungus and other parasites, and supplying another one to resist the parasite.  It's all about selling and tying the countries to loans for imports.  It's about creating more misery by offering to correct one area in order to affect other area and to prepare a future business like this.  The Lavazza foundation is too small for addressing so many areas and entire communities, but his World Bank is big enough... for the moment.  You should see the number of countries in his Tierra! Program ( ) or Dossier Lavazza_03.

(What's wrong with the quality of the land ? Did he spread the parasite to kill the coffee in order to create new jobs, by turning the farmers into construction workers to build housing and infrastructure projects on top of the dead coffee ?  Is that what he means with “habitable”?   The building projects will be tied to expensive loans from the World Bank through which his friends in Wallonia get awarded contracts.  Is that why the plantations in five Central American countries at a time got destroyed by the coffee pest ? “Improving the quality of the land”, actually means “getting hold of the land”  perhaps for mining opportunities.  You can't grow crops on it but you can dig in it for minerals.  They will sell the best lands to the Europeans, and the locals will have to migrate to Europe to become prostitutes or live in the “inhabitable” areas where nothing grows but weed... Weed never dies.  That is why it is profitable.  Everything is geared on the further exploitation of the country and its people in his way, like he did in Morocco.  That is what he will do in Central America).

He says “new agricultural techniques”.  I think this is the technique that he means : it is Phytofed or Fytofed.  I am not sure about the spelling.  Fytofed is a biological fertilizer invented in Wallonia in a one man's enterprise, a TPE as they call this in Belgium.  It meams “Très Petite Entreprise[41]”  It will make the (coffee) plant more “resistant”.   This company was presented during the special news report named “l'industrie as-t-elle un avenir en Belgique ?” (Does the industry have a future in Belgium ?   On 27 or 28 March on  RTBF la première.

If the Lavazza company cares so much about the farming communities in Central America, the improvement of their land and the ecology in general, how come it didn't prevent the coffee pest from spreading to 5 countries ?  

It is because the only true project is the Lavazza coffee and it's chain of shops which need growth through competitiveness and profitability for it's shareholders.   All the rest is fake and serves as an excuse to enter the countries, to disrupt the economic stability and to loot their governments from funds.  It is also a way for him to interfere with someone else's coffee and to achieve profitability for Lavazza by killing the potentials of the competitors, at root.

The farmers in Central America will only see what is printed in bold, but not the thinking in italics.  What is printed in bold sounds human.  What's printed in italics is diabolic, because Mr Azoulay takes advantage of the believers.   The believers are pretty much the same all over the world, because their first attitude is to belief and to trust.  They go through life trusting God, accepting Providence and being thankful at all times.  They expect all the humans to be the same like them.  However, the only thing which is Christian about Mr Azoulay is his name, but his blood is not like the one of Christ.  His plan is not to save a nation, but to colonize.

“I will improve your life.  I will make you rich. I will improve the quality of your land and make it just a more “habitable” for you.”  The Belgians are very good in preaching with this type of persuasion, because this is how such a tiny European country was able to control a giant country like Congo, Rwanda and Burundi during a century.   It is by replaying the Good Shepherd, just like in the Bible, and they make the people wait and wait endlessly for the improvement of their condition.  That is what the development aid was all about.   That is what the World Bank was doing.  It was imposing programs.  Morocco followed someone else's program and ended up with a boyfriend-culture, instead of developing one's own programs.

Mr Azoulay goes to Central America with a list full of promises 'to wipe the misery of the population'.  He targets the weakest, which are the poor farmers, and with his foundation he act like Jesus-Christ who will save them, like a white god from Europe... a godfather.   “Don't be afraid, everything will be fine, the suffering will end and I will protect you”.   When desperate people hear this, they are prepared to believe it.  They would give him everything they have just to see their fortunes change.  So they listen to his instructions “bring me this... give me that... I need this...”.   and then he activates his true diabolic plan with corruption.   As he has nothing himself, he takes from one side and he gives to the other side.

“Actually we need this much money for buying the special equipment.  It's going to cost a little more than we planned for because the equipment is built in Europe and you will get 10 years of warranty for replacing machine parts.   I understand that you don't have the funds for this now, but the sooner you have the equipments, the sooner you can start making earnings so that you can pay for the tools that you use.  I can help you apply for loans to get the machines very quickly”.   That is why he needs an artificial coffee pest.  It is to get desperate populations pay for a destiny (loans and programs) that they didn't decide themselves.  

The people only see in him the shareholder of Lavazza.  They will not see in him a mafioso who spends his time corrupting everyone and supplying erroneous advice to populations that he basically hates, like the Moroccans.  They won't see that he is an agent of the World Bank and all those world governments that seek to inundate the developing nations with loans and interests, and with exactly the same vague programs like the ones of the Lavazza Foundation, totally geared on fulfilling it's own interests, full of empty promises with uncertain returns so that his white race stays on top every time and everywhere, including inside someone else's country.   It is this last point with which I have an issue.

In total, there are at least four indications that tell me it is him who caused the parasite plague

I agree that all this is no proof that he did it and is of no legal value, but I know his species differently than you do.  They are bad beyond belief and all their actions – no matter how serviceable on the surface – are ultimately based on hatred, no matter who you are.  

You are a Moroccan.  If you are wealthy and influential, you will notice nothing of their hate until the damage is done (A).  For example, they can get your wealth hooked on high returns while you completely ignore that there are mafia mechanisms behind the high returns.  Getting out of it equates your destitution.  

I am a Moroccan and if you are a poor sucker like me, they will offend and humiliate you, and they make you suffer to the point that you regret to be alive (B).  

If you take (A) and (B) together then the outcome is this : “They only look for the money” , and “they are not interested in your humanity”.   That is the proof.  

How else can I prove my strong feeling that it is him behind the coffee plague ?  

Could it be that this is the first time there has ever been such an agricultural disaster in the Central American history ?  I suppose so.   Sidi André picked exactly the region where the Mayan calendar originates from to spread a parasite and to kill the livelihoods of the direct descendants of the Mayans, as if by appointment.  

The Gregorian or the Christian calendar is based on the position of the Sun.  The Islamic calendar is calculated on the position of the Moon.  Both calendars allow exact forecasts to be made.   Why would the Mayan calendar be wrong ?  

You can see from the archaeological architecture that the Mayans were mathematicians, just like the ancient Egyptians.  The Mayans wrote the calendar to protect the people of the Mayan kingdom.  They calculated that starting from 2012 something dramatic was going to happen in their region, which they considered as the world.  Perhaps this very dramatic event will give rise to a new awareness throughout the world through which some major changes will begin to take place, and marking the end of a certain world.  The prediction is correct, when we apply that information on the coffee pest which has taken place.  

It's the disappearance of an entire economic system which is what the Mayan calendar predicted whether for themselves (coffee) or for the world (the economic system of the godfather).   If Sidi André was an intelligent species, he would have taken the wisdom of the Mayans into account before doing his CSR and his Tierra! Program with his Lavazza fund in that part of the world.  His was confident that his games were never going to end, that nobody will understand them and that with his gambling and his incredulity he was more evolved than the Mayans who predicted his end thousands of years ahead.

I am very interested in religion and philosophy from everywhere, in addition to my Islam.  I have always wondered which belief existed in Central America before Christendom was introduced.   I respected the Mayan calendar knowing that the Mayans, the Aztecs and the Incas were – and still are – very wise people, and they were right.   Sidi André picked the wrong countries, because they were already prepared.

Sidi André also picked me. This coffee pest is a deja vu for me.  One year and a half before the coffee-pest broke in Central America, I had exactly that vision about the saffron plant in my country.   Ever since Wallonia had stolen the saffron bulb from Morocco during a certification program to get a biological agriculture label, I felt that my country was in danger.  They probably fooled Morocco that with the label the product gets a competitive edge and easier access to the European markets.   Belgium sent scientists to “collaborate” with the Moroccans.  Morocco eventually received the quality label, but the Moroccans didn't see that Wallonia started growing saffron on her territory, in Hainaut.   They ran off with all the know-how and with the bulbs, with the intention to deprive Morocco of that income.

I started moving Heaven and Earth to make Morocco listen, and they were not hearing me.  I was in panic, knowing that the Wallonia species was not working in best interest of Morocco, but their own.  Moroccans usually refuse to believe that. The director of the research institute, Professor Zayer El Majid, who arranged the Belgium-Morocco collaboration was all praise about the Belgians.   In a phone conversation he told me that he was very pleased.  Even after I told him that they started planting the saffron in Belgium, he was till finding excuses in their favor.   That is why I turned to other countries to help me.  In DNA,Business & Finance report which I sent to the Islamic Development Bank on 30 May 2011, I reported that vision of exactly the same parasite plague with a fungus attacking the saffron flower ( just like the coffee pest) causing massive unemployment and misery in Morocco, India and Afghanistan, the major world producer of saffron.

The Lavazza Boycott

If there are official indications that the plague was deliberate and that a Belgian national did it, and the Lavazza company has something to do with the coffee pest in Central America, then the Central American campesinos[42] must take over the very stylish Lavazza chain of coffee shops, to screw Sidi André and his mafia.  It will kill him in the same way like he is killing me.  A take over will help establish a direct link between the producers and the customers in the foreign market, through which the export prices can be adjusted to fairer rates.   The campesinos will finally know what the price is of a cup of coffee in Europe.  It probably costs a full work day in the plantations.  

The Take-over Of The Lavazza Group By The Campesinos

To achieve the take over, we need to decrease the value of Lavazza, so to get it cheaply or almost for free.  We need to cause it to create debts and the only strategy I see for the moment is an international boycott.   We should leave the decision-making in the hands of the campesinos, who lost their crops, and perhaps also the bean that produced that particular type of exquisite coffee.  They decide who to involve, when it happens and how it will happen.   It will require a world -wide mobilization to raise the awareness against Lavazza, to organize pickets in front of the Lavazza shops and stores, to stop the workers from working for this chain and to offer to the customers other goodies from the Central American campesinos, to support them in a different way.

To compensate for the losses, the Central American countries should take advantage of the coffee crisis to bust up the World Bank and take out as much as they need to be covered for the many long years of inactivity or for the conversion of their agriculture.  Sidi André and the World Bank are one and the same mafia and this is an absolutely justified retaliation against them.   If these countries take out sufficient funds to stuff up their banks, there will be fewer funds left for Sidi André to complete his phantom CSR projects and for Belgium to create earnings by selling equipment with development aid.  Therefore the Central American countries should be fast and play the crippled in front of the World Bank, and stand with their hands out weeping “please save our lives”, and wipe their faces with handkerchiefs.   Make sure no country feeds the fake bank with contributions (money for free), the damn thing it's too big to save.

Of course, a country like Belgium is not going to say that they are impacted by that decision of the BRICS countries to start their own bank following to the Durban meeting  (when ?)  This means that the World Bank can forget the contributions from these countries and that one source of income for Belgium is disappearing, and they are keeping it quiet.  

They are not going to say a thing.  They are not going to say “please don't start your own bank” or “please don't leave the World Bank because we need your money”.  Nobody is supposed to know that a country like Belgium was earning money from the World Bank to support her economy and to continue to fool us with her status of “a developed economy”...  It was done with money from the poor countries.  If only the Central American countries would continue to hollow out the bank by picking up very big long-term loans to compensate for the economic loss through the coffee plague, there will be less liquidity in the fake bank for them to take.  These Central American countries will get the loans, because the World Bank has to keep the appearances up as if it will stick around for another 40 years.   The Wallonia species doesn't expect the fake bank to collapse, You will see them reduce the size of the bank, as if it were a real bank.  

Annexe II

My niece Is In Danger

Your Majesty,

Before taking on the difficult task to question Mr Azoulay, may I request to see to it that my niece Hafida Mouali is back safely either in Morocco or in Saudi Arabia with her sisters in Taïf.  

I think Mr Azoulay has taken my niece as a hostage to the World Bank because the man has taken too much from me since 2002, when I started depositing the first copyrights at SABAM.  He expects me to seek Justice or to avenge the 10 years of loss of time and the crippling poverty that I am forced to be in, as a result of his racist obstacles.   He doesn't know me.   I learned a lot of things about Belgium that I wouldn't have known without the obstacles.   He thinks I am a stereotype of Moroccan, who would resort to an armed Jihad against the Belgians.

He is waiting for me to decry the scandal, and to make me shut up, particularly since very huge sums are involved by now, he could threaten to send my niece back in a coffin.   That is how the mafia works.

I didn't verify anything about my niece with my family.  For a start, I can't afford making long  international phone calls, especially if I have to explain everything to people who understand nothing about all this.  After thinking it through I decided that it was probably better not to contact anybody myself.  If I tell my family that my niece is in danger, they will blame me for bringing trouble to the family, even though I have not seen or really spoken with my niece for 25 years.  In addition, my parents are on the lookout for the next best opportunity to make me forget all about my projects.  

Mr André Leuwenkron is working very hard on my relationship with the rest of the family.  He knows that any tension will make it harder for me to concentrate on our goals.   My family is indeed susceptible to buy into his kind of manipulation, since they let the girl go to Washington.  I suppose she was not sent to work in the White House, but for World Bank.  

Therefore, I am putting this investigation in the hands of the Moroccan police, to discretely question my family in Kenitra about the circumstances of her recruitment and her departure to Washington, and to follow the tracks of the Belgian people who came to her house.

In this section, I am sharing only the information that I picked up from my father, when his brother (her father) died in 2010.

Here in Belgium, we were not aware of her departure to America until my uncle Ali (Hafida's father) passed away, in Fall 2010.  My father traveled to Morocco when he heard that his brother's time was arriving.   He found him still breathing.  He took charge of the funeral arrangements, the administration of it, and he made sure that all his children were present before the man's last breath.  

My uncle has 10 children, my father saw the ones living abroad dropping in one by one.   Two nieces work as hairdressers in Taïf (Saudi Arabia).  Their names are Fatima-Ali and Hurriya.   He learned that Hafida was on her way.   He imagined she was coming from another city in Morocco.  

After a full day of waiting for her, he inquired where Hafida actually was coming from.   From Washington.  “Washington ?  What is she doing there ?” he inquired.  They were unwilling to answer that question.   My father was told that some Belgian people, “who know Naima”, came to my uncle's house to recruit her to work in Washington, and that they don't know exactly why they wanted her to work there nor what sort of job it was.   They also couldn't answer on his question who these Belgians are. “And you simply said “yes” to them ?” my father argued.  

If I had arranged a job for my niece, why didn't she or her parents thank me for it.  The story has been distorted.   I imagine that her parents just said “yes” because perhaps someone from the Moroccan public authorities (Makhzen) accompanied the Belgians.  My family is reluctant to say “no” to the Makhzen.   That is all I think it is.   They would normally say “no”, because some French people tried to adopt my niece when she was an infant, and my family said “no”.

My father was furious.  He was worried about Hafida wasting her life being totally on her own on a different continent, but it wasn't exactly the moment to clash with anybody about it.   She was the last one to come home.  I wonder if she experienced any resistance from her employer for returning to her country.  I am not sure if she saw her father still alive or dead, but she was able to say farewell to his body.   May he rest in peace.    

My father traveled back to Antwerp directly after the funeral.  He had my brother and I express our condolences over the phone to each of our nieces and nephews and to their mother.  That is when I had to opportunity to speak with Hafida.  She was surprised at my English and I was surprised that she was working in the telecoms in America.  “Aren't there any telecoms operators in Morocco ?” I asked.   She didn't reply.   Maybe she didn't understand what an operator is.    I told her that I worked for Orange before.  “Oh really ? ” was her answer.  As she was not specific about what job she was doing in the telecoms, I started to fish for the answers.  “Are you in the networking, in the IT systems, in the customer operations...?” I asked, while my father signaled to be brief as the phone bill was rising.  “Yes, we also do all that” was the answer she gave with a vagueness which indicated that she wasn't with a telecoms operator, but with something else.  I offered to conclude the conversation by exchanging e-mail addresses.  I spelled mine out.  I asked her to spell hers, and she kept repeating the words in full, “” she said, “like Oum Kaltoum's song”.  When it comes to Arab songs I felt beaten.  If I spelled it right, then this e-mail address is all I have about her.  

My niece never e-mailed me and I expected that because there was a degree of arrogance in her voice when I spoke with her.   She believes she made it in life because she works in the most powerful state on earth, which is Washington... She kept secret where she works.  

I never tried to email her either and I won't try it now, because my account is being monitored.   I noticed that the files which I sent to the Kingdom Foundation in 2007 have been made unreadable and incompatible with any application, like Adobe Acrobat PDF reader.  It concerns specifically the file with the enterprise laboratory graphics in it, which was stored as a PDF attachment.   I solved the problem by forwarding the attachments to a different e-mail service than Yahoo, but it shows that I am being bugged.

My father was unable to get clear answers about who the Belgians are who sent my niece to Washington.   Later on, my mother and my grandmother tried to fish for answers with Hafida's mother and brothers to know more about what she does in Washington.  They don't want to tell anything at all.   Why are they secretive about where Hafida works ?   It's like they are jealously protecting the gate of Ali Baba's cave.   Why did the Belgians send her to Washington ?  

My mom's sisters eventually picked up that she has a job “with a bank or something”.  My family is not well enough informed to know that the World Bank is located in Washington, and that this could be the place where she is employed.  My niece does not have any exceptional qualifications to be sent to work in a bank, in the USA.  

This case shows you how the World Bank recruits staff.  It is not based on talent or competence.  They recruit just about anyone, preferably those who have no idea who's interests they serve nor how the economy works.   They make these people powerful so that they become despotic, because that is the only strength with which they affirm their position when they are basically inadequate.   Inadequate people also tend to recruit weaker people than themselves to assure their position.   The entire World Bank operates on weaknesses and not on strengths.   It needs mafia practices for the bank to stay in business and for it's employees to stay in a job.

My family is surprised about such a big step for the girl.  It's like a miracle.  I can imagine that her father thought that Heaven has finally decided to send down some baraka on us all... We are all saved thanks to Sidi André.  His daughter made it into a bank in Washington.   What more can a father wish for before closing his eyes for good.  He nearly died believing that such a luck was never possible for his children.  God arranged for a happy end for him.   I am sure that while he is up there, he is still thanking Sidi André every second.  If entire governments were taking loans from that fake bank, how do you expect a simple girl like my niece or her superstitious father to know that she was going to work for a criminal organization ?    

Sidi André is a pervert.  The chances are that he smuggled her illegally to the USA, perhaps with forged travel documents, because I can't imagine the Belgians doing anything right for any Moroccan, and  that is their rule of play.   They won't deviate from it whatsoever.     Sidi André is not going to help my niece gain status or a green card, or do anything correctly.   On the contrary, he will involve her in anything that will give a bad name to our family and our country everywhere in the world.  It's the kind of reputation which caused a massive number of Moroccans abroad to change their nationality, just to get ahead in life.  

My niece is probably getting trained in how to corrupt the Moroccan government officials to get them to send the plans by their population to her, but I am confident that she will defend her integrity no matter how much money they offer.

At first I thought she was recruited to wiretap me.  It could have been the initial plan of the Belgians who needed to fill up the gaps in their Liège Expo model.  That plan remains sterile because my niece and I don't communicate.  

Afterwards, I thought the Belgians recruited her so that they won't be accused of kidnapping her.  She has been taken as a hostage of the World Bank and it is to threaten me with blackmail when needed, like “your plans or her life”.  That plan too won't work out, because I have empowered the Kingdom Holding Company to increase their assets with those plans.  It makes it more difficult for Sidi André to say to this company “your investments or her life”.  

Another plan could be to make me follow my niece to Washington, and to surrender myself to the mafia in the process.  They thought that I would drop everything to go there, or that I would send my business plan more easily if my niece is sitting there.  Well here is the thing : I just don't do that.

  1. She didn't tell me where she works.  So, how can I have the idea of sending anything to her ?    
  2. I don't know how she thinks and feels and how she is going to handle a business, particularly if it has so much value.
  3. I am not impressed by the mighty World Bank in the same way like my ministers do.
  4. I don't feel like starting a life in Washington.   I simply want to go home.

Overall I am not behaving the expected way, despite the numerous stimulations they have prepared to provoke a reaction from me and to flatter the ego.  If I was a conceited person and full of myself, I would not be capable of any inventions to help a larger number of people than myself.  Instead of creating my own company, I would look for a regular job.   It's like they are trying to excite me with the typical tranquilizers that have worked with the masses of people.

I am not attracted by the World Bank.  This bank has illegally been using my material to raise funds, and it caused losses for the investors that I have chosen for these plans and for my country.  It delayed our battle against the misery.  I will never work for an organization which puts sticks in the wheels.   If this is how it works, then it will likely supply lots of money for me to prevent the progress directly afterwards.  They pay very high sums for you to give up your ambitions, and so that they come and take everything that you have started.    

Now I understand the jealousy of some people like my ambassador and some ministers in Morocco.     I can imagine that their ego was hurt when they thought that I stand a better chance of getting in the World Bank and in Washington than themselves.   It made them refuse their cooperation with me and copy the suggested actions behind my back, just to get eligible for a seat at the fake bank, long before I take that action.  They never had a conversation with me to find out what my vision really is like.  I would have told them “you can have my position at the World Bank, I don't want it”.

Sidi André is not evolved enough to understand my plans.  He thought that I wrote those plans for the money.   Any money.   My plans are not about getting rich.   They are about getting wealthy.  They are about health and happiness.   You typically find that virtue in the land where your family is.   Sidi André does everything to get me anywhere, except in my country.   He does not want the jobs to be created in a country like Morocco and to make life pleasant for her population.  

He wants the jobs to move to his sad country to make his people rich.  But you see, my plans are not about the jobs, they are about wealth.   His plans are about richness in terms of “lots of money”.   Wealth and richness are two different types or organizations.  If you are rich, and you are not wealthy, you can become poor.    When you are wealthy, you will never be poor.  My plans are about getting organized for not getting crushed all the time, because this causes poverty.   The World Bank and Sidi André both do not fit in this mind-set, because they block the wealth.  They crush people in order to get rich.   Do you see the difference ?   I can only work with the investors who relate to a mind-set, like me.

You can test his understanding in the following way : ask him to go back living in Belgium.   He will say “no thank you”.  He will tell you “la Belgique c'est de la merde[43]”.   He would never want to return living in Belgium because unconsciously he experiences in Morocco a kind of wealth which he cannot find in Belgium where you have some rich people, but where nobody is really wealthy.   If nobody can create wealth in Belgium, why does he think that I can with my plans ?   He does not understand how wealth is organized and that it does not necessarily require money.  It requires real human beings.  He does not understand this because he is an ape and the World Bank is a monkey cage.  

My plans for this fake bank remain unchanged.  The Universe has technically prevented me from producing the large “Too Big to Save” paper by many irritating factors, and I got very very frustrated about it.  I had no more office.  However, imagine if I had sent it around and my niece works at the World Bank... she would never be returned to us alive.  

The Plan to Return My Niece to Morocco

I can't stand that my niece working one more day at the World Bank.  I am afraid she is in danger of being exploited in an illegal business of some kind, and of being hurt in retaliation for tackling Sidi André and his mafia.  Any action against him will definitely give rise to a series of aggressions against the Moroccan people in Morocco and abroad.   We therefore need to assure the girl is completely out of danger as soon as possible and particularly before questioning Sidi André.  

Here is a suggestion on how to bring her back safely, without revealing the context of her return :

It is by initiating an investigation on human trafficking on both sides of the Atlantic, and to sag Sidi André deeper into the ground :

In Morocco :

May I request to send the Moroccan police in Kenitra to question my family about the  circumstances of Hafida's recruitment and her departure to Washington ?   They could for example investigate who paid for her ticket and her trip.

Hafida's parents' home address is Rue 38 n°5, Bab Fès in Kenitra.  

The best is to speak with Ayad Mouali (my other uncle).  With him, you stand a good chance of obtaining the precise and structured information.   I don't have his address or phone, but here are some helpful phone numbers to track down Ayad Mouali :

Ismaël Mouali (Ayad's cousin) +212 650 999 063

Hafida Bint El Arabi Bouhammou  (Ismaël's wife and my aunt)  +212 664 598 055


In the United States of America :

Have the USA Immigration Authorities examine the conformity of the entire immigration of Hafida Mouali and look for errors in the procedure.  Have them verify if she was supplied false travel documents.

Her entrance to the USA can be invalidated if it was requested or arranged for by non-Americans or by non-residents in the USA, like a Belgian who lives in Morocco.  Her immigration case was not initiated by the US authorities, but by the authority of another country (Belgium) and this on the territory of yet another foreign country (Morocco).  You see, there are three countries involved : Belgium, Morocco and the USA, and in my opinion this cannot in conformity with the US immigration laws or the laws of any country.

In her case, it is the Belgian people who must have introduced a demand for emigration to the USA instead of herself.   That can be considered human trafficking, because there is no indication that she wanted to emigrate to the USA.  There is however an indication that someone else wanted her to emigrate.  The authorization to leave Morocco and to enter the USA in her case was obtained illegitimately.  Thus, she can be forced out of the USA on this basis, because she didn't decide the country of emigration and the employer herself, and that she didn't introduce the dossier for immigration herself.

Please request them to examine the circumstances of her recruitment, to know who arranged it all and why.  Have them tell her this :

“We are asking your cooperation because your case can help us assure the security of the other immigrants and of our country.   I am afraid you will be sent back to your family.  For returning to the USA you will have to introduce a new application with the US embassy in your country.   Here is your one way air ticket.  You have 48 hours to pack in whatever you need to take with you.   We will inform your employer.  If you cooperate, we will welcome you back next time.”    End of story.

If she shows resistance, this will work well :

“In many cases like yours the girls ended up as prostitutes or were never found alive, and you are very lucky to go home”.  

Upon these words, she will become very grateful, she will tell it all and she will leave instantly.  

Make Sure Sidi André Knows Nothing

That's the challenging part.  He will learn about her departure sooner than you think, through his folks at the World Bank.  We need to make sure Sidi André won't know that his illegal business is being questioned.  I am pretty sure that Sidi André has regular contact with her, just to see when she will talk about me.   Her departure will disrupt his plans and he will think it has to do with him or with Morocco.   We need to avoid that.  

That is why I am suggesting that it is probably best to make it look like it is the US immigration services who decided that, that they are not specifically targeting my niece or that the operation was exclusively related to Morocco, the operation has to come across like a routine verification by the US immigration services.  They should deport some more foreigners working for the World Bank.  Too bad for them if they get deported for one funny detail, just like my niece.  I am confident that the US immigration services will find many funny details and many false documents.  

Try to have the US immigration services continue to deport foreign World Bank workers.  That too will affect the bank's capacity to raise capital.  Drain them from human resources, like the manager of infoDev.   Let the bank clash with the local authorities about illegal documents because this bank thinks it is above the US law.

That is how I see her case be resolved by the US immigration services.  Nobody will know the true reasons behind bringing her back.   If it can be organized like this, it would be a great thing to show to Belgium and to the World Bank that American law prevails on US grounds.  

In any event, the case is worth a profound examination.

Thank you very much whomever takes charge of my niece


Annexe III

The Death of an MEP

His name is Filip Adwent and he was an Member of the European Parliament (MEP) in Brussels.  I was connected with his Assistant, Miss Dominique Rambaud-Segovia.   I met her at the hair salon of Beatrice De Wilde et Joseph Gheysens (the people who ran off  with the group-purchasing of electricity idea).  

Miss Rambaud is a French national with roots in Fez, Morocco (her grandmother).  In her function she pleaded amongst others for the release of the prisoners of Tindouf.    She was generally favorable to the economic inclusion of Morocco, and she was going to apply for support for working out the collaborative purchasing system that I intended with the British Computer Society (Steve Deighton).  I was thinking of doing certain parts here in Europe and certain parts in Morocco, since the Belgian market is too complicated.  

Miss Rambaud's function got interrupted by the sudden disappearance of her MEP, Filip Adwent.   The young man got killed in a car crash while on vacation in Poland.    I think I understood the wife and the children also died.

It was only on last Thursday 7 March 2013, when I started searching for more evidence in my archives against André Azoulay that I laid my hand on an envelope which was returned to me by the postal service of the European Parliament with a label indicating “Diseased” (see Dossier MEP_01).  I received it during the Winter of 2005.   The envelope is still as is, unopened.  

As I addressed the parcel to “Miss Rambaud, Assistant of Filip Adwent”, I wasn't sure who was  diseased.  I dialed up Miss Rambaud.   She was clearing her office and she sobbed on the phone, not knowing what to do.   She promised that she would find a way back into the parliament.    

At the time, I didn't connect the accident with the steps that we were taking for the collaborative purchasing system to create residual income for companies.  This is because I wasn't taking the group-purchasing of electricity for private consumers seriously.   It was an example that we made up to help visualize the idea in the mind of a beginner in this new area.  It wasn't a project in our  minds, only in the mind of the mafia of Wallonia who was taking it seriously without doing the research (see Dossier MEP_02).   They grabbed the opportunity and made it their project.  I was not prepared to fight over it or to go to the police for it, as it is an illegal business configuration in the consumer market.   I only advised the European Commission about it (see Dossier MEP_03), but I never thought that anybody would get killed for an idea, leave alone for a wrong one too.   That is irrational !  

Let me give you an idea of the magnitude of this folly :

Based on the press kit that I received from Julie Bolle, Assistant of André Antoine, then Minister of Housing, Transport and Territorial Development (see Dossier MEP_04), and on any possible news articles that I was able to collect (see Dossier MEP_05A, _05B, 05C), I did a step-by step analysis of the application of the system by Wallonia (see Dossier MEP_06) and I made sure it was stamp dated by SABAM on 14 November 2005 (see Dossier MEP_07).  I was sure that DG Competition would eventually confirm the illegality of Wallonia's configuration of that idea, even if in the beginning it wasn't evident, as the letter from Mr Herbert Ungerer indicated on 23 June 2006 (see Dossier MEP_08).

By 2007, it became clear to them that Wallonia was advancing in the wrong direction.  The letter from Lars Kjolbye, Head of Unit of DG Competition for Energy at the European Commission says that negotiating a deal on behalf of a group of customers is not illegal under specific circumstances.   Those specific circumstances do not exist in the example of group-purchasing of  Energy in Wallonia.   That is what I understand from his letter (see Dossier MEP_09).   The point here is that

Someone was killed for such a bad idea,

for something they don't understand

While holding the envelope, I began to realize that the useless death of Filip Adwent could well be connected to the rivalry from Wallonia.  Too many other strange things happened around me, like all the stress around the Thai culinary arts and the Aramark's contract with NATO (see page....), in that same period, and later on the burning down of the exports division of the ArcelorMittal company, three weeks after my presentation about the Center for Excellence in Diversity Competence and Globalization.   As it was difficult for me know for sure that all these things were related, I continued with my life while ignoring the magnitude of this competition until Spring 2009, when I started building websites and observing frequent visits (attachment_17)

I was using subdomains (like, which are difficult to find unless you communicate the address.  However, on the main domains (like I began to notice frequent visits from special search robots and from Belgian IP addresses, while nothing was published yet.  There was so much attention on those websites every day, many times a day, non- stop like possessed people do, and there was nothing to be seen, because I password protected the content.  That is where I understood that a large group of people were hungry for concepts and that Mr Crocodile was sending around whatever he noticed.  I kept records of the IP addresses.  Through and IP Look-up I found that the Brussels Chamber of Commerce and the Université Libre de Bruxelles (perhaps Solvay Business School) were amongst them.  They were already determined to compete with me like sick people, and I have not even started.

All this is nothing compared with the death of a man 8 years ago.  I can't forgive myself that an important man died and that I question his death only now.   This is because if you believe it was an accident, you don't normally question the tragedy.  That is why this element has not been part of my inventory of misfortunes for a long time.   Today, it is.   Now I think there are chances that it wasn't accident at all and that it was intended to make me miss out on fortune, once again.  

I also wonder if Miss Rambaud herself is still alive.  I lost track of her completely.  I was hoping to hear or read about her in the news as the case of the prisoners of Tindouf was unfolding, but I never did.  The prisoners eventually got released with the help of the USA, and that is why I wonder where she is.

Miss Rambaud and I must have been going to the most dangerous beauty salons in Belgium.  The accident and the subsequent death of Filip Adwent definitely deserves an new investigation in order to hang the whole of Belgium.   They have pushed it way too far.  They blow up anyone who wants to help Morocco, because Morocco is André Luewenkroon's obsession, as well as of Wallonia.  That is the only reason why they would go this far, I think.  And someone like me is blacklisted like a terrorist.  I am considered very dangerous, only because I understand what they are doing, better than themselves.

Annexe IV

Discovering Lavazza Innovation Center

Beatrice De Wilde, the hairdresser (p...) came to one session about table dressing and carving (Dossier Aramark_05).   She knew I was volunteering at the Thai Cultural Center (Dossier Aramark_07), because that is how I officially justified not having time for doing her beauty salon's web design.   In reality, I felt crooked by her companion who looted the group-purchasing of electricity.  I didn't confront them about it.   I behaved as if I was aware of nothing, and to allow them to make more mistakes until they are deeply in it.   As expected, Beatrice continued contacting me and I thought it was to loot more ideas about the group-purchasing of the electricity concept.   So I avoided talking about that.   Instead, I showed that I was “busy” with something else.

She didn't show interest immediately, but only a few weeks she expressed her interest for attending a training session.   I just let her come although I felt she was brain-tapping me, and I didn't understand what her interest was.  

Today, I think that she might have spoken with André Azoulay, who after looting the group-purchasing concept (which became Weekendesk/Bongo, Groupon and perhaps also Lyoness Cashback) wanted everything about the Thai Culinary Arts program also.   I really didn't think it was anything revolutionary.  I thought it was a normal evolution for the unemployed Thai chefs to showcase their knowhow on the job market.  

I think she was sent by the mafia to find out about where the Thai Cultural Center (Wat Thai Dhammaram) was located, and to know the names of the people.  She must have received lots of money and Sidi André must have been following all my steps ever since, to torpedo everything that followed and to cripple me, just to be the first as you will notice from his Lavazza website

Nobody ever spoke to me or contacted to say what they wanted from me precisely.  André Azoulay never said one word, but he continued to crush me in every possible way through others, while hiding like a snake in Morocco.  

While working out a Thai Culinary Arts program to allow the Thai Cultural I started brainstorming on pushing the idea a little further to include cuisines from the other cultures.   I called my program Prodigy Food & Design.   You will find a description in an email that I sent to Sam Vancampenhout, Food & Beverage Manager at the Marriott Hotels (Dossier Aramark_14).   You will also find the presentation of the program that I worked out for the Thai Cultural Center in Dossier Aramark_01, _02, _03,_04.

Now I'm finding everything back in a concentrated way on his Lavazza web pages.  It focuses on gastronomy (Lavazza_01) (like Culinary Arts), it has a Lavazza Innovation Center (Lavazza_09).   He made the connection to innovation and gastronomy.   It also seems to copy a sample program that I mentioned in Part II of the funding proposal to the Kingdom Foundation (the Aurum Helix Program, page 10), in which I explained that the HoReCa sector (hotel and restaurant sector) can be used as a starting point for other innovations (not necessarily related to food), given the high number of immigrants in these fields.   André Azoulay does exactly the same.   This could be an indication that he is the one who influenced Miss Muna Abusulayman to forward all my documents to him, perhaps with the idea to loot the Kingdom Holding company afterwards, with exactly the same principle, but applied on his Lavazza.  His intention is not to develop with the intention to develop people, but to loot funds without any real progress for anyone.... His World Bank has to survive, you know.

He also shaped a network of training centers (Lavazza_01) like the infoDev network of incubators and like the network of centers of excellence that I proposed to the ArcelorMittal Foundation on 14 June 2007.  No wonder he paid an arsonist (I think) to burn the export department of ArcelorMittal, just to be the first to experiment on ideas he didn't have.   He knew that Morocco wasn't going to wake up fast enough.   When you think of it that he is using it all to white-wash dirty money, then you realize how big the waste is in terms of time and economic progress for Morocco and for our international partners.

It seems like he is also grooming his Lavazza chain according to the Halal Village Hospitality concept (see example in France and Sweden in Lavazza_10).  A big The difference is that he replaced the Halal with “ecology”... Or did you expect that he was going to position his Lavazza with Halal ?   In the Halal Village concept, in point 4.2, I suggested to value architectures like fortresses and castles (to help maintain the local cultural heritage).  He turned it into “sustainable architecture”. In the Halal Village on page 9, point 5.1., I suggested in a table to put the training center on the top floor.   He also puts the Lavazza training centers on the top floor of his new Lavazza houses (Lavazza_09).  

In the description of Lavazza_09, I see he has used the open innovation principles which come from the Anaccell web site, to which he got access in one way or another.  You will find a printout of that web page in Lavazza_12.   You may request access, should you need an in-depth investigation.

To say it boldly, the only person I have sent password to have access is Professor Zayer El Majid, the man who said he was very satisfied working with the Belgians while ignoring that they robbed the saffron bulbs to compete with Morocco.  You will find my letter to Pr El Majid in Lavazza_13.   I wanted to be open with him, but I see that he could have passed everything on to Sidi André.   Sidi André may have passed everything on to Codage who didn't get the password from me.   That is how it goes.  That is how the West was doing it with the developing countries, to stay on top, I think, and leaving us with absolutely nothing to fall back on.

He must have passed the Halal Village concept on to his friends at the Brussels Chamber of Commerce (BECI) sometime around Fall 2011.  I think they turned it into the Brussels Cosmopolitan project (for more turn to page_).   Another indication that my document must have made the tour of Belgium is that it inspired them to target (for worse) the Muslim women.   On page 1 of the Halal Village Hospitality concept, I noted the Muslim women as a special target group as business tourists.  I think that is why Minister Didier Reynders hurried to Saudi Arabia to get a deal for the women's rights (see report “They Called Me a Bitch”, page 11, last §).   He took with him Management Center Europe, as the Halal Village concept was geared on enterprise development and entrepreneurship training.  

His Lavazza training center could be pointing in the same direction.  He is only waiting for my next steps.   My next step is to fly over the hangman from Saudi Arabia to be our guest of honor in Morocco and to show to the godfather what we mean by Halal.

The questions are :

  1. how did he get hold of that document ?  
  2. where does he raise the money to get the real estate up an running so quickly, because I defined the Halal Village in Summer 2011 and his coffee shops housed in “sustainable architecture” with a training center on the top floor is already up an running.

Please investigate to find the answer on question 1.  I sent the Halal Village concept only to our regular distribution list of Oriental Investors (you).    

The answer on question 2 is that he finds the money with criminality (see page )

He isn't just copying me.  He also takes himself for HRH Prince Alwaleed, with his Lavazza CSR program.  He copies a lot from my Anaccell Green Hope pages as well Lavazza_14.   and his Lavazza Foundation (note that he has 2 funds, as one is not enough)  (Lavazza_02, _03).  He has his ICP association, with which he interferes with the developing economies, obviously to corrupt the officials, just like he does in Morocco, to suit his despotic interests.

This makes that he mounted fake projects in Torino.  The public private partnership with the UNIVERSITY Of GASTRONOMIC SCIENCES in Pollenzo, with the THE POLYTECHNIC OF TURIN is an indication that Italian subsidies, or even European subsidies are involved.   You will find more partnerships in Lavazza_08.   He has shaped it all according to the letters to the Mariott Hotels in Brussels (Dossier Aramark_14), to our model of an enterprise laboratory and a partnership with a university.  He has taken everything we have, apart from the coffee.  He also has a  laboratory (Lavazza_05).   He simply cutted and pasted all, but absolutely all he could possibly find of everything I ever produced in my life, including the things that were at SABAM.

I wonder if these are the reason why he impeded my steps for the intellectual property registration in March 2009, with the Moroccan Minister of Economy.   Everyone in Morocco was helping him actively or passively.

Annexe V

In Memoriam Ron Brown

Those who read the very first draft of “Too Big to Save” will remember that I started the document by explaining how much I knew about the World Bank, which is nothing.   I only started exploring it when I discovered my projects being swallowed by infoDev, in June 2012.   The more I was exploring about it on the Internet, the more I came conclusion that it was a cruel bank.    

It's because of the cruelty that I associated it with the unresolved plane crash which took place 17 years ago, on 4 April 1996 in Bosnia-Herzegovina, in which Ron Brown – Bill Clinton's running mate – perished together with a group of black high US officials died (  (   In that plane was Lee Jackson, a man that I met three weeks before the crash.  In my previous notes, I stated that he worked as a banker for the IBRD in London.  

Visibly I was mixing up the IBRD with the EBRD and to tell you the truth, I was too inexperienced at the time to understand everything with precision or to ask the right questions.  I knew about the EBRD, because before writing the “Too Big to Save” draft I thought that this is were he worked.  Then I found Internet results that seem to associate his name with the IBRD.   Now I understand that he was part of the US Treasury Department.   I really didn't realize who was standing in front of me in Innsbruck.   You will find a notice about Mr Jackson here on page 6

After the crash, I heard voices in Brussels saying that Mr Clinton may have erased Ron Brown.  But I didn't subscribe to this point of view.  Why would President Clinton choose him as his running mate to win the election if it was to eliminate him just a couple of months later, and to lose the elections ?   That was my position at that time, and today I think the crash remained unresolved because they were looking for the answers in the wrong direction.  

While considering the total sum of intolerant patterns in the behavior of André Azoulay, his belgian mafia and his World Bank (whether related to my projects or not), I thought about the crash again from that  perspective.  Perhaps the investigators never approached the air crash from the perspective of the World Bank /IBRD.  The World Bank is definitely an organization which necessarily wants the white “superiority to prevail” at any cost, even if that means stealing everything from the developing countries, like infoDev steals innovations from everywhere, and even if it costs trillions to keep you all down and confined in your developing countries.  Such is the degree of hatred.  

Maybe Belgium is the mafia who erased an entire generation of black American top brains with financial decision power.   Even without any decision power, Belgium would still try to erase you.  All you need to be is competent and talented.  

Lee Jackson may have mistaken the IBRD mission statement for a true purpose in which he believed, which he carried out with sincerity, while this organization is not sincere about all they profess and do.

That is why I will be providing in this section a few names of people that directly lead to Belgium, with a little background information about them.   I think these people should certainly be questioned as witnesses.  There could be information that points towards André Azoulay or to his Belgian mafia.  It may lead to totally different answers to the crash.   Here is my testimony :

Three weeks before the crash, I saw the young man in Innsbruck (Austria), during a ski summit of the National Brotherhood of Skiërs (NBS - black skiers from the USA), which was held from 9 to 14 March 1996.  I was in my mid twenties and looking into organizing one or two touristic events per year in Europe for the wealthy black Americans as a starting point, to come and inspire our ethnic minorities, and to help break the way open for more constructive global interaction.  

I was introduced to Mr Jackson by Angela Shaw, a friend and a US corporate lawyer.  She pulled me along to Innsbruck to promote my thing and to meet with the NBS.  Angela explained my plans to him while I was gazing at the very tall and athletic young man, who you would mistake for a basketball player.   He nodded happily.  I remember him saying to Angela “oh yes Morocco is a member, yes”, but I didn't understand anything about all the rest.  

I was asked if I knew the IBRD, and I said no.   I knew nothing about banks and I was still learning about how to do a business plan and things like that.  Angela explained to me with words that sounded too difficult for me at that time, like “infrastructure”.   That is why I don't remember much of the conversation.        

He reassured that the plan was very good, I only needed to say how much I needed.   I reached out to shake his hand, but he spread his arms like an angel would spread his wings.  There was so much happiness around us for an idea that in itself was not exceptional, apart from the fact that we were not living in a normal world in which these things should be possible.   We are all excited about the  encounter and the plan.  Although, we never met before, we were like one family.  United, and that was the most important step.

I was too slow in making my first call to Mr Jackson's office and too inexperienced to get the ideas structured properly and fast enough, because about 3 weeks after our encounter, he perished in the awful plane crash.   Angela phoned me up to tell me the news. He was no older than 34 years of age, and that was it for Lee Jackson.  He was traveling to Bosnia and the plane was reportedly shot down.    I bought Newsweek to know more.  There I go.  I was already out of business without having had the chance to even think about it.   Luck seemed to escape me all the time, through circumstances out of my control, and right when I was about hit the target.  I wondered what the message was behind that brief and captivating meeting with Lee Jackson in Innsbruck and his brief visit amongst us on Earth.  

There were too many breakthroughs in preparation :

They needed to do something fast, to stop all these changes from breaking through.

Someone – perhaps in Innsbruck –  knew about the plans of these American people,

who were serving their country, working for peace, and going to

help humanity in the right way

I feel that the godfather could be directly be related to the crash.   He certainly will know more about it because I have identified three elements  

Angela Shaw was living in Belgium (between 1993 and 1997), she was one of the wealthiest black women in Belgium, with a very high standard of living, with three children in the most expensive schools, with a husband who seemed to be involved in the most advanced high tech, because in 1993, Angela had home computers and an e-mail address already.  Yet I've neven known precisely what her husband's profession was until other friends told me about it 2005.  I will tell you about it a little further down.

Just from her lifestyle, I figured out that the husband has a important function.   They live in highly protected areas that are not accessible by public transport.   Her first home was in a posh villa in the middle of a forest in Brasschaat (North of Antwerp).   The long private road towards the house was very difficult to find and it was purposely full of obstacles.  It was impossible to drive on it on a high gear, it would break the car.   Like this, they can hear someone coming.      

After Angela's children experienced racism with a neighbor and finding her cat shot dead in the bushes (as a warning) she quickly moved out and went to live in another big villa, this time with a swimming pool in Mol, near the Dutch border, also a quiet and remote area.    

Her friends were mostly women of color.  She would host them in her house to discuss plans for economic and financial development, which makes that Angela and I have friends in common.  All the women who viewed her as a successful example.    

She was a member of the NAACP party and a democrat.   When it comes to the minorities, she is an activist.  Angela went back living in the USA, in 1997.  She re-appeared in Brussels in July 1999 to send her eldest son to the university of Brussels.  He was looking for an apartment near the campus and he was in a hurry.   I couldn't help in finding an apartment, because I hardly settled in mine.   I was then working long hours as a consultant and adapting to many things at the same time, and I was not prepared to look after a full grown young man.   His mother being highly protective of him (first time letting him on his own) led us to clash in the period when he was about to start university.   He eventually found an apartment all by himself.  To refresh it he and his mother wanted the same people who refurbished my place.  These were two Algerian students who deliver magnificent work against some pocket money.

I warned that the students work “without an invoice” because they don't have a company.   But, Angela's son who needed an invoice, may have misunderstood it as something else.   “Why can't they give an invoice ? Why don't they have a company ?” he kept asking.   I eventually advised him to take the Golden Pages, to phone a renovations company and to buy the services from them, if he wanted an official invoice.   I received an angry call from Angela again complaining that I wasn't cooperating her son.  When you are limited in what you can do for him, she believes that it is because you don't want to do anything for him.   I worked myself through the discussion offering to replace the invoice for their performances by additional purchase tickets for the material, so that the students get the cash in their hands, and her son will be able to present a bill to his landlord.

We clashed again because the students didn't make it to the appointment at her son's house on a Saturday morning.   I was there also and I told her son before that if they are called up for a job that morning, that they would privilege earning the money than coming to his appointment.  The students phoned to tell that they accepted a more interesting assignment somewhere else that lasts one month.   I got the angry Angela on the phone again during one hour about why they can't serve her son first.   “you know he doesn't speak a word of French... and bla bla bla” she said.   Her son wanted them to start immediately.  He sounded like an emperor, and I was getting fed up with  having to cope with a stress which doesn't concern my life.

The very last clash was about money.   Angela wired the rent across to her son, and for some reason it didn't arrive quickly.   She phoned me up asking if I could advance some four thousand Belgian Franks (200 Euro) to her son.  It was the end of the month, and just like him, I didn't have that sum on my bank account at all, but I had 100 Euro left and I was waiting for my salary.   I offered whatever I had left to Angela or to wait a few more days until I get my salary.   “I am as bad as Western Union” I laughed.

She didn't believe me.  She started making remarks about my financial situation (compared to hers).   I was a bit sad about that, and I thought she might make a joke of me if I have to run after her needing the money back.   She didn't call again.   That is how we lost track, but in the mind we are somehow still connected through good memories about each other.  

Through other friends I know she now lives in Toulouse (France), and after 9/11, I was afraid to find an Angela who has completely changed, as she is from Bethesda in New York... But what if her husbands country, Belgium or Sidi André were financially behind the attacks ?

The only part that intrigued me about her is her husband, indeed, as well as his job that allows him to make fortunes.  It also struck us that he was never there.   He was always traveling to everywhere in the world.   Angela stayed home with the children.  She had the time and freedom to go everywhere she wanted.  She even attended the G7 meeting in 1995 in Paris about the information society.   That is the kind of things she goes to.

Who is George De Kock ?    

I have seen the man a few times.  He always seemed blissful and fulfilled, like someone who achieve exactly what he wanted from life.  He is someone who broke away from the Belgian narrow mindedness.   He loves dealing with all the races and he raised his children to be that way too.   He came along with Angela and the children to have dinner with my parents and my brother.  However, in the 7 years that I knew Angela, I have never figured out what sort of work her husband did, nor the company he was working for and that sends him to travel around the globe.  

Angela never told me a word about him except that he was in Canada, in Angola, in Nigeria, in Turkey, in the USA, etc.  I picked up once that he does something with CAD (computer aided design), but as it is not my business, I never asked questions.  Yet it continued to occupy my thoughts “how does he make so much money ?   Maybe I could try to find a job like his...”, I thought.

There was something mysterious about his work.  He was clearly in a position of power.   While his wife was very connected to organizations like the American Club of Brussels, the American Chamber of Commerce in Brussels, the US Embassy, SHAPE, NATO and the Harvard Alumni business club, since she is one of the first black Harvard law school graduates.  George wasn't in the same social group like his wife.   He seemed to live in a separate world.  He didn't seem to be as connected with the Belgian system as his wife was connected to the American system.  

I learned more about his work through friends, in Spring 2005, at a European conference.  I was with a group of friends from Denmark and we bumped into another group of friends from Holland who also know Angela very well.   They asked me if I had any news about her, and I said no.  They all remarked that she had very little understanding for people in a modest financial situation (so, I wasn't the only one).  

We also reflected on her isolation inside her husband's Belgian family.   Angela's in-laws are proud of George and his children too.  He “made it in America”... thanks to Angela, and he makes a lot of money.  But when it comes to Angela's black family in New York, with the Cherokee Indian blood... that must have been quite a bit of chock to them.  I have seen the in-laws once and they weren't very keen on Angela sending her son to Brussels, where too many “dangerous” Muslims live.   They are also not so happy when the children had friends around who were not white.   I'm sure that they will impose on the children to marry someone European to continue to please them   They could continue depriving a person of his own identity, to end up isolated just like them.   “I don't have the patience like Angela to live in such a divisive  family during all my life.   You should expect the same happening with all the Moroccan women who interbreed with the Belgians.

Then, one elder migrant woman from Holland asked me “the million dollar question”.  “Do you know what Angela's husband's job is ?”   “No”, I answered.    She stared at me long and then she told me that “he is a weapons designer” .   “Do you mean weapons for killing people ?” I asked stupidly and really surprised about such an inhuman occupation.    She continued contemplating my astonishment, while containing her laughter.   So, that is what he does with the computer aided design.  

We all loved Angela for her noble advocacy for minorities, the social cohesion and the economic inclusion, for the African women in particular, etc... But none of us understood how a woman who was preaching “peace” could be married to someone who is a weapons designer.  It is definitely not the kind of job that I would ever do for becoming wealthy.  

In this case, the plans for Bosnia and Africa that Lee Jackson had with Ron Brown, may have leaked through George,  Angela's husband.  He was with us at the NBS black ski summit in Innsbruck in March 1996.  He mostly disappeared with his children the whole day, skiing in the Alps, while Angela and I attended the summits and the parties.   It would be normal that she discusses everything with her husband.    

George De Kock could well be connected to the Belgian weapon's industry and obviously to André Azoulay.   He may also be connected or related with the World Bank / IBRD, and with and the interests in Africa.   Perhaps that is why there is a mystery surrounding his occupation.   In his milieu, he may have talked about his wife and her connections with the democrats party and about me.  

George is very supportive of Angela.   Angela was very supportive of Ron Brown.  She was active within the “Democrats Abroad” community in Europe.  She may have discussed everything with her husband in a naïve way, completely ignoring that if he tells it on to his folks, that they won't view things her way.   Perhaps he was proud and completely ignoring the impact of what he talks about to his double dealing Belgian colleagues, with their double standard organizations.

Ron Brown was supportive of the Muslims in Bosnia.  I am supportive of the black people (and certain people like Sidi André think that I am therefore not supportive of the white people).  Everyone is supporting everyone like it naturally should be between the humans.  However, those visits by the black Americans to Innsbruck and to the Muslims in Bosnia in 1996, their interest in Africa and my plans to re-invite the skiers over to Europe, was probably not the kind of cooperation that the IBRD wanted to see.   They see this as a threat, but I don't know for what.

Perhaps Sidi André's mafia started monitoring their moves from that point onward until the crash of the plane in Bosnia-Herzegovina unlike he monitors my engagement to help my country.     She was sobbing over the phone when she told me the news... As she couldn't finish her words, her supportive husband took over and said that she will call me back.

I hope you understand now, Your Majesty, why I wasn't very happy with all the show around “les compétences marocaines” by Ambassador Samir Addahre.  He was exposing our top brains to our cruelest enemies.   He was making a target of the best resources we could have, and which take many long years to rear.   If we ought to win, we have to be discreet, instead of drawing the attention of the enemies towards our assets.  

If you show to Belgium your selection of Moroccan competences, the chances are that they will slaughter them one by one in mysterious ways, just like that air plane crashed in Bosnia in “mysterious ways”.   They won't utter one word about it in front of you, because they don't want you to think of them as bad people.   The face that they want you to believe, is the one they sell for doing development aid “Reducing poverty”, “fair trade”, etc., so that you show them where your assets are.  All they do is increasing poverty and calamity, because if your country gets better, they won't be able to earn a cent on you – so they believe.  They need the misery to continue forever, and not everyone is aware that this is how their system works.  Instead of explaining to the black Americans what they really wanted to achieve, they preferred to simply shoot down the plane, and basta !   For as long as nobody knows who did it, they look good.

You will also understand why I prefer the “multi-cultural” rather than only the Moroccans, the Arabs, or the Muslims should we really want to win.  It's a strategy to make it harder to target one specific group and to wipe them all at the same time, like they did with the black Americans when they sat in the same airplane together.  

There might be other examples in Morocco of talented people who died or got crippled in mysterious ways.  It could be as a result of people being paid by Sidi André to cause misery for competent people.   So, please investigate and add that to the godfather's book of charges.

Annexe VI

Is Miss Legsaï  Your Investment ?

I went to a demonstration of Insight, a tool for personality tests which impressed me a lot, because of a high degree of accuracy.  I had a chat with the Dutch consultant who was prospecting in Belgium, to find clients.   I explained my diversity team building program (International Colors) and he suggested that he knows a Moroccan young lady who would be very interested to work together with me.  Her name is Miss Wiame Legsaï and he though I should meet with her.  He invited me to join him to a club for young entrepreneurs where she is the was the vice president or the general secretary.  (I think she was with the Flemish

There, I learned from her that she did university in Morocco and she came here to get an MBA.  When I explained that the outsourcing is foreseen for Morocco, as a starting point, she pulled up her nose, she shook her head and she said that she doesn't want to work with the Moroccans.   “They're too difficult” she said.  “Is that why you stay here after getting your MBA”.   She said “yes, I don't want to work in that country, I want to stay here”.   As she continued to make the wrong bets, I frankly didn't see how she can cooperate with me, like the Dutch man suggested.   I was speechless listening to a whole host of her excuses for not dealing with Morocco.  

I wondered what my people have done not to find a job in Belgium and in Morocco, and to pay taxes for people like her to be sent abroad and to decide not to work with the Moroccans.   She should refund the student grants back to the Moroccan government.   If Morocco would make a rule of this, I think a lot of highly educated Moroccans will find it cheaper just to return living in Morocco.    

“How about taking the Moroccans from Europe with you to work in Morocco ?” I asked. That was the first time she heard of this trend and she said “Maybe that can work”.    “That is what my outsourcing project is about.  We prepare here and then we transfer abroad, and we keep activity at both ends through remote technology ”.   Although she showed more enthusiasm, I my heart was still bruised by her first reaction about not wanting to work with the Moroccans.   In other words, she only wants to work with the Belgians.

I never told her what exactly I was planning to outsource, but the godfather must have imagined call center activity, with multi-lingual Moroccans returning home with a job.   Around that time there was a rage for call-center facility, in many new buildings.   Within the 5 or 6 years the activity has dropped, today, they are out of work, and a lot of buildings are empty, because the clients – mostly European companies – have repatriated the activities to stabilize the employment in their countries.   This will not have happened if we outsourced activities that are imagined by ourselves to our home country. I wasn't talking about picking up the phones, but about other skills.

She told me that Microsoft's CSR Director was coming to the club that evening.  So, I kept waiting for him, but he didn't come.   Even if he did, I doubted very hard that he would favor my projects.   If he is a Belgian, forget it.  The CSR[44] world in Belgium has been made water-resistant by CSR Europe, which is headed by a Belgian.  It is a platform of CSR funds from multi-national corporations.   As CSR is generally directed to underprivileged target groups, they made sure in Belgium that the ethnic minorities don't have access, by the creation of CSR Europe, which functions as a broker.  It's like a gatekeeper for allowing in who they want, shutting out who they don't want, and for looting their brains.

Some 10 days later, she phoned me up in a hurry to tell me not to send to Microsoft, to say that she was interested in that project and that she can help me find potential funders (almost the same words like Miss AbuSulayman of the Kingdom Foundation has used to lure me).   This is the same person who previously said that she didn't want to work with the Moroccans.   She wasn't the same girl anymore.   She became sneaky.   I gave her an appointment to meet one Saturday, in two weeks time.  

She waited one week and called me on a Saturday asking me where I was.   “I am at home” I answered.   “We had an appointment”, she said.   “That is next week” I answered.   “No, it was today, I am waiting for you”, she argued.    I was feeling that she was in a hurry, but she hurried me.  I took my bag and I just went.  The sooner I dealt with her, the better.   Now I realize she was perhaps in a hurry to get the corruption money

I got there fast, because because we both live in Woluwe.  I am in the Flemish part (Sint-Stevens) and she in the French part (Sint-Pierre).  For a student, she was living in a very nice little house.

I learned she was from Casablanca.   She said she was in contact with Ambassador Mustapha Salaheddine.   While we were talking, her mobile rang and she started talking very amused with someone and I understood it was related to Morocco.    She interrupted her phone conversation, she whispered to me “it's the Ambassador of Morocco”, and she picked up the conversation with the Ambassador.   I doubted that he would call a 23 years-old citizen, on a Saturday afternoon and giggle on the phone with her.    Today I suspect it was Sidi André himself or the Ambassador was mandated by Sidi André to help in the setup.

Morocco has spent huge sums of student grants on her, to have an MBA, and now she is a secretary with Northrop-Grumann (find her profile on LinkedIn).   That is how close she got to the top with Sidi André and with her MBA.  I think he awarded her that position with his long arms.  She must have gotten hold of that MBA from EHSAL (a Flemish business school in Brussels) also with the blessings of Sidi André, because when I spoke with her, I didn't hear an MBA, but a typical bitch talking.  

She told me she was part of an EU think tank and that she had a Swedish boyfriend named Lars who works as a consultant with the European Union.   He could help in attracting European funds.  She obviously tried to warm me up with a promise for funds, but I prefer to do that myself when I want.  In addition, I switched off because  I couldn't believe my ears on how unconstrained she said she had “a boyfriend”.   This girl grew up in Morocco.   Is that still an Islamic country ?   What happened with our tradition and values ?   What kind of mother did she had ?    

Actually she said that she had two boyfriends, a Swedish and a Danish or a Flemish.  I don't remember the nationality of the second man.  All I remember is that she had two, and that she was hesitating which one to take.  She was probably speculating on who was going to have most of the money.  I guess that is what controls her choice.    

Is that the upbringing she had in Morocco ?   Well congratulations, Your Majesty.   I was disgusted, but I kept my opinion for myself and I let her continue her talk just to hear what other shocking things she was going to say next.     She said “Lars wants me to join him to Sweden, to meet his parents... but I don't want to go with him... I think he wants to get married”...   “ And what do you want ?” I wondered.  

The Swede seems to have more values than her and she is supposedly from an Islamic country... .   She sounded from a lineage of prostitutes.    Today, I see in her a (re)production of Sidi André.  He makes her believe that what she does is normal.  However, once the barriers of ethics are broken, there is no more limitation and thus no turning back.  That is what the godfather is doing in your country.  He is switching around your Islamic ethical system to fit his consumer market.  Wait until you find out what his consumption products he produces in your country while pretending the modernization of your country.

Not only is this tart preoccupied with “a boyfriend”, but she admitted having two.  She is his very well trained little traitor and a puppet, at age 22 or 24, when I met her.  When this woman gets fired from Northropp-Grumann,  she will have no other option but to join the godfather's prostitution mafia with her MBA, especially during these economic hard times.   That is the “Made in Morocco” which the godfather wants.

I shared the  “International Colors” with the Legsaï woman, to see where it will end up (attachment_11).   I followed up the meeting with a registered letter to her house, with a recap of what's been discussed and to confirm the documents that she received from me (attachments_29A, _29B, _30, 31).  I never contacted or returned to her.   My brother found that I was acting a bit aggressive.   Aggressive ?  Does he think that a woman with two boyfriends has any feelings ?  

I found everything back here :

I think because of the registered letter, she didn't use the paper for looting the funds herself, but a friend of hers named Samira Majdoub did  made Explore of it (look up in blue USB key or go to the internet).  It's a kind multi-cultural recruitment agency, because that is all they understood.   Later on AWEX took over the concept and launched the program Explore, but you can easily detect that they are using the program

Aren't you shocked, Your Majesty ?  Is Miss Wiame Legsaï a Moroccan investment or someone else's ?   Either her values are totally screwed up or I am backward.  Just from this example, I know where Morocco's economy is heading to, without statistics, because someone like her can't be corrected anymore.   Didn't you notice that we continue to have more and more Moroccan women with European “boyfriends” ?  I even heard that a married woman without a boyfriend is considered backward in Morocco.  The godfather really got Morocco where he wanted Morocco to be : in the gutter !  It was a development cooperation for your population's behind.  That is the “Modernité” of your economy which you outsourced blindly to someone of whom the ancestor is a hominid.

Annexe VII

The Dentist Who Wants to Destroy My Smile

There has been something similar to a physical aggression by my former dentist, Dr Leva.  I was strictly keeping up with the government program for dental care, which entitles a full coverage if you visit the dentist every year.  The program aims to help the dentist take on problems at an early stage and to reduce health care expenditures later on as scientific research shows that a bad dental care causes other medical conditions (

That was the case with me.   Dr Leva kept a temporary filling, like a bandage, for 6 years in my mouth, until I started having something like an allergy in the face, damaging the collagen-layer, in 2005.   He also devitalized one root, through which the dentition grew slightly asymmetric between 2003 and 2005, with the aim to disfigure me.  When he discovered that I was doing medical exams to find the cause of the allergy-like infections and getting closer to the origin of the problem, which could be the tooth decay, he started destroying my teeth.   Perhaps he was told not to take care of me at all, against perks from the godfather.  

As I wanted to understand what was going on, I got the opinion of two dermatologist. As there were no antibodies for any allergy, they couldn't explain the hives on my face.  I started connecting it myself with the bandage which the dentist didn't refresh since 1999.  When I asked him to refresh it in 2005, he said “that is not necessary, it's well in place.”  I started wondering what his further steps were going to be concerning that tooth.  

Back in 2001, Dr Leva also devitalized one root, through which the dentition grew slightly asymmetric between 2003 and 2005.  Perhaps he intended to paralyze the right-side of my face and to disfigure me in the long run.  I could already see it from the slight sagging of the right eyebrow starting from 2009, and then I understood that it is an imbalance in the facial nervous system which caused the sagging, which resulted from the devitalizing of that frontal tooth.  

End of 2005, when I noticed the asymmetry, I dialed the number of Dr Jack Vanreck, the maxillary-facial orthodontist who removed all my wisdom teeth in such a remarkable way in 1996.  I felt nothing at all and I was back at work within the two days.  It removed my fear of dentists for good.   I thought, this doctor will tell me if it's the bone or the nervous system that caused the asymmetry.

I learned from his wife that he died of a heart attack because he worked too hard.   He was a fantastic aesthetic surgeon who applied his science on helping the poor.  He worked as a volunteer in the Philippines, every year during 6 months, correcting hare-lips in young children for free. When he was still alive, he showed me his 'before and after' surgery pictures.  You would think the children were never born with that malformation.   The more gifted and virtuous the soul, the sooner he leaves, I guess.  It's the ones like Sidi André, who stick around us for too long.

With all I knew about cosmetics and about the bones being more flexible than we think they are, I took the remedial steps myself to slow down the disfiguring process by bringing awareness to that area of the face, by keeping that side alive, by chewing crispy food on that side of the mouth, and by keeping a smile until I find a way to correct it all.  It corrected itself for a great deal already just by doing that.  The eyebrow is back in place and the dentition regained a satisfactory symmetry, but it can always be better.  

I continued to search what causes the allergy-like hives in the face.  From looking at the swollen hives under my eyes and the changing aspect of the skin, I knew that my system was responding to an inflammation in the head area.   I returned to the Edith Cavell private hospital where the defunct Dr Vanreck used to work and where they have the best selection of doctors in Belgium.  I wanted to have the cavity of my ears, my throat and my nose examined in-depth, but in Belgium they won't examine just for the fun.  You need a valid reason or a prescription from another doctor otherwise you don't get a refund, and it's not cheap.

“My breath smells” I told Dr Dewever, “I don't smell anything”, he said.  “Yes you do”, I argued, “I can see that in your face, you just don't want to tell.”   “I think you imagine that” he reasoned.  “I do smell something now, don't you smell it ?”  I insisted.  “All right, let's do the examination, just to reassure you, because otherwise you will never believe me”.  So he put down “halitosis” on his paper as a valid ground for the exam.  He proceeded with the checking with his camera and with plastic tubes attached to it which he pushed down in all the cavities.  He found nothing at all.  Then I explained the skin disorder and that we don't know where it comes from.  

He advised that I should talk to my dentist.   “That is all I can tell you”, he said.  “I just saw him” I replied.  “I go every year.  Every time he cleanses the teeth, and he says everything else is OK” I informed (see attachment_32  with the overview of all the visits).  “Well, I saw a serious decay on a tooth near your left jaw... and it is older than one year”  he described.   “It can happen that the dentist didn't see it because it is really hidden far back in the mouth... You know what, I will send you to my colleague Dr Delepaut, to have the entire head scanned, it shows really everything about your teeth.  She will tell you which tooth needs care and you take that evidence to your dentist”.    

I went to the appointment with Dr Delepaut.  They had me lay down in a big machine like a cylinder that shuts me in.  They asked me not to move and to shut my eyes.  I somehow peeped through my lashes to see what was happening.  I saw a scanner oscillating around my head and being shoved back and forth.  The exam took way much longer than a session for passport photographs.  The doctor kept scanning the head really thoroughly.  

I was in the dressing cabinet when the doctor opened the door on me still half naked.  “What are we looking for actually, because I didn't find anything at all” she commented.  I explained about the skin allergy, the hives under my eyes, and the bandage that the dentist didn't refresh since 1999, and the sagging of one side.    She promised to study the radiography again.

When checking out, the doctor handed me a bag with the x-rays.  “These are yours to keep, I have mine, we will send the report by postal mail”.   She advised me to show the x-rays to the dentist as soon as I could, to have one big carries removed, which she noticed in the far end on the left side of the face.  

I went back to the dentist, Dr Leva,  to tell him about a caries that he didn't see. “Who told you that ?”  He asked.  I gave him the x-rays.   He immediately had a look at them.  “The nose and throat doctor told me that and I needed a head scan ”, I was talking to him naturally without realizing that he was upset.  “The doctor said that the carries is hidden so far that you may have overlooked it”, I told him.   He started breathing faster.  “Why did you go to a private hospital, they are expensive... next time, ask me, because I have colleagues that I work with”.    He checked my mouth and said “I'm sorry I really didn't see that.  Let me take care of it now”.    I still believed him, until he started working on the tooth.  

I didn't understand why he was acting so excited.   I was feeling anger in his brisk gestures, he became nervous, and it felt like he started drilling a real big hole in the tooth, bigger than it should be, just like he was drilling in a wall.   It felt like he was destroying half the tooth, taking the good parts out as well, because there was no smell.  

I didn't feel comfortable any more and I examined the eyes of his assistant, who was holding a pump which sucks the debris out of my mouth.  She was looking at the dentist with an expression saying “what the hell are you doing ?”   “Your employer is destroying my Julia Roberts kind of smile”, I thought.  That was it.  He left me with half a tooth, which he didn't fill properly, as if he was hoping that I would let it fill with food and let it rot for another 6 years.  How I regretted returning to him.  

“What's the name of the doctor you have been to ?” he asked.  By that moment I was alerted by his restlessness, but I continued to behave normal.  “I don't remember, but I am awaiting the report.” I answered.    “If you could get me the name of the doctor as soon as possible, I can ask them to send the report to me, I will keep the x-rays with me, until I get the report.” He said.  

He called me up the next day already to see if I have found the name.  He became pushy.  I just gave him the name, but I sensed that he was trying to stop something.   Perhaps he attempted to erase the evidence of his malpractice.  

I phoned with the federal social security services (INAMI-RIZIV) and I explained that the dentist didn't invoice me.  They advised to get the observations established by another dentist before the start of any treatment, and to send the report to them including the x-rays prior to the tooth job.   They sounded angry, and I knew that they were going to start an investigation against him, and I judged that it was too soon.  

I had trouble finding a dentist who wanted to establish a report against his colleague.   I told my story to Dr Farhi, my General Practitioner and he referred me to his dentist.   He dissuaded me from taking legal actions against Dr Leva for letting my teeth rot, during the period when I was respecting the treatment plan.  “You will not win, all he will do is sue you for defamation afterwards, and that will cost you”, he warned and I believe him.  He is an activist, just like Dr Vanreck, and he heals with plants in addition to regular medicine. “We live in a dictatorial system, and the Belgian medical world is one big mafia against which no citizen wins... They won't even take your case seriously, as one tooth is not life threatening... just stick to my dentist, you will be fine with him”.    Today I understand more about the mafia that he means.

The x-rays were still at the horrible dentist, and I sensed he was going to give me trouble returning them to me, particularly as he feels he is caught.  I had to think about how I can have him return them to me without resistance.

I hurried back to Dr Delepaut at the hospital, before Dr Leva could speak with her and convince her of sending her report to him.   I found her, I told her about the dentist, and she advised “change dentists, in any case everything is traceable on our x-rays, and our hospital doesn't send the reports to the doctors but to the client.”   To help recuperate the x-rays from the horrible dentist, she wrote a small note suggesting that she needed the x-rays back.  “Give him the note, take the x-rays with you, and go to another dentist”, she instructed.   She wrote a second a version of her report, with additional observations, this time related to the facial skin.  She was adorable, but that is how that hospital was keeping the reputation high, it's with the client satisfaction. (attachment_33)

The godfather may have traced which doctors I go to through insiders at the federal social security (INAMI), or through my health care agency (SECUREX), or through any hospital system as everything is one database.   If ever this is confirmed, then it is one of the highest violations on privacy, because it concerns the medical records.   I think there is link between the godfather and Dr Leva.  The financial situation of Dr Leva's activity can provide the clues that we need :

Some clues are that end of 2005 there were changes in his office :

He is one of the fewest dentists who constantly has an assistant working at his side, holding the pipes, passing the material to him just like during a surgical operation, wiping the mouths of the clients, preparing the fillings, cleaning everything and organizing the x-rays, so that he only needs to come in, to have a quick look a the radiography, and then he starts working on the client.  He needs 4 hands, whereas most dentists that I've been to work alone, with 2 hands.  His tariffs are not more expensive compared to the other doctors.  I've always been wondering with what he pays the salary of the assistant.

He figured out that I could be wondering how he does it all.  The man has been practicing for over 35 years .  He was already 60 years of age or so.  Only now he wants an office of his own, and he can afford the equipment, because that is the reason why mosts dentists share a cabinet.   Where does he get the money from to pay an assistant, to rent or to purchase an new office, to buy the dental supply ?    And how come that Geneviève, his assistant, who was working part-time can afford to drop everything and go to school to study dentistry, and to realize her dream.    Dentistry is very expensive.    I now realize that they may have received cash from someone.

Even if I didn't ask to hear about his story, he started telling me that he applied for a loan to buy his equipment, and when they said no, he cleared his savings account and took it to another bank who said yes.  “That is the way to do it”, I said.  Though, I understand that a bank would hesitate to supply a loan to someone who is starting up his business at age 60.   What if he dies before the repayment is completed ?

Today, that I am fitting the case of this dentist into the big godfather's puzzle.   I think it wasn't with savings that he went to the new bank, but with a booty from Sidi André.   The savings that he was talking about were rather corruption money.  He has an interest changing banks in that case, because that changes his financial history.  

Another clue is Morocco, where Doctor Leva started going to very often starting from 2002 or so.  He loves Fez and Marrakesh, and to sooth the clients in his office he plays CD's with lute music.  It reminds him of the desert... and perhaps some women too.  The man is widowed.  He was divorced from his wife who later on died of cancer.   Maybe he was awarded free trips from Sidi André... to help him forget his wife.   Another clue is that he lives in Mons (Wallonia).   He also ugly and looks like Spirou, the Neanderthal.   Maybe he was ordered by Sidi André to disfigure me against anything he and his assistant wished for.   That is what I am thinking today.

The medical overview of my timely treatments by Dr Leva (attachment_32) didn't correspond with the state in which my dentition was found by the new doctor end of 2006.   I didn't say a thing until Dr Triffaux, the new dentist, made the remarks himself.  “When was the last time you have been to the dentist ?” he asked.  “One year ago”  He couldn't figure out why his colleague devitalized that root, because it looked perfect.  I asked him to establish his observations on paper before starting the treatments.  

He was willing to draft a report (see attachment_34), but he didn't see the utility. “There is nothing you can do with it” he said.   I explained “Right now, I don't know myself how I am going to use the report, nor if I ever will, but I prefer to have the document ready, should I ever need it for something else.  I could for example develop another type of medical condition that originates from the bad dental care, and it wasn't my fault”.   He was skeptical, but he took his time preparing the report.  

He started by taking new x-rays and by removing the bandage which was there since 1999.   My skin improved months later, and I have no more hives now.   I knew that it was the bandage which was actually producing poison in my body, hence the continuous inflammation, and the allergy-like reactions on the skin.  I educated myself in these things.   By that time, I started developing cosmetics and pills for myself based on essential oils, to dis-intoxicate my entire system, from the bone-marrow till the skin. I named my products “skin immunity system” (see page …).  I managed to reverse the damage.  

This major attack happened before 2005, when there was no question of a Center for Excellence in Diversity Competence and no question of Arab investments in Belgium or whatsoever.   You see how hard one must fight and how long it takes in Belgium just to get one thing go right.

The perfect timing for using all the medical reports is now.   I will pass it on the financial police to see if he was corrupted and I will contact the federal social security (INAMI-RIZIV) with a more complete version of my story.  I can show them how Dr Leva made the health care bills rise for everyone instead of pushing it down.   There where all the doctors thought that the victims of medical errors never win in this country, and that I was going to lose my legal battle against this dentist, I will turn out winning.   From now on, they will understand that the crippling medical practices or any irregularity no matter how tiny, has to be read against a wider context of a mafia ruling our health, our wealth and our happiness.

Annexe VIII

Torture At The Beauty Parlor

Colette Manirakiza was my Congolese hairdresser since 2005.   She used to be gentle with me and the hair grew long an strong particularly with the oils I developed myself.  It used to be a pleasure to be taken care of by her, but from May 2010, when she opened her new shop, she seemed to damage my scalp repetitively with a cream relaxer, no matter how often I tell her to treat the sensitive areas last.   When I specifically request a mild formula or a kid's formula, she would argue and go for a stronger formula, and she kept treating those sensitive areas to soon in the operation.  It's like with the dentist.  Once the job has started, it becomes difficult just to take your bag and go.

Technically she can work very well if she wants, particularly with difficult chemical products, like cream relaxers, which very few salons use in Belgium.   However, she was no longer listening to me, like she used to in 2005.  Today, I am placing her changing attitude against a  context of corruption.   I think she may have started listening to someone who taught her how to do it right 50% of the time and how to disappoint 50 % of the time, through which a person hesitates to keep her or to dump her.  

She knew that I was using essential oils, and given the results, she requested several time if I could teach her about essential oils and how to use them.   I kindly told her that I hadn't finished studying myself and that it's part of the training for the beauticians, later when the company is up an running, but not now.   She was interested to know what was in the things I was using, and I advised she should try to do her own research in order to get the best understanding of that.    

She was a struggling single Congolese young woman of 34, who after losing the lease of one shop, she started using the child's bedroom as a hair salon inside her tiny social house, which she shared with one or two sisters.  She did that for more than a year between 2008 and 2010.   She could only serve one person at a time, and no more than three, because there was no space.   She couldn't make enough money to convince the banks for a credit to start her own shop.   She has one school-going teenager and she was pregnant.  The bills were adding up.  During the period of working from home she had to bear the costs of delivering a baby.  She gave birth to a baby daughter in April or May 2009.  

I never commented about her personal life, but frankly it wasn't according to acceptable standards, except perhaps in Belgium.  Just to give you a picture : she has always been a single mother of two daughters with different fathers, visibly whites, cause the daughters are light-skinned and she is really very dark.   The daughters have never known their father.   It is shocking, but I never criticized, because it is none of my business.   I don't normally discuss other people private situation with others, but this is an exceptional dossier, and I would like to open your eyes on a world that you ignore.  I would also like to show you the kind of black or migrant woman who Sidi André and his mafia would support.  He supports people who mess up the lives of everyone, including themselves.  

Because I never criticized her, she talked to me about her life.  So I learned that while still being pregnant of one man, she was dating a Togolese young man who was at the same time a sales man in the cosmetics.  He had many salons as clients, and he was making good money.  I had a hard time believing that a Togolese would accept being her “fiancé” while she was giving birth to the child of another one, unless he doesn't have any morals... or unless he saw money.

One day, in Summer 2009, I learned she was going on vacation to Togo for 8 weeks with her fiancé.  Today I wonder how an independent professional who wasn't making money just a minute before could suddenly afford to take a exceptionally long vacation.   She hardly gave birth, her baby was only three months.  So I asked “are you taking your baby with you to such a hot country ?”    “No” she answered “my sisters will look after her”.   I learned from her that the day after her departure to Togo, they had to take her baby to the hospital with a fever after crying long hours for her mom.  At her return the baby didn't want to look at her, she couldn't stand to be in her arms and she would throw up any food her mom gave her.  She was fired as a mother.  It was amazing.

Shortly after she returned from Togo, things started to speed up in her life.  She told me that she found a shop not far from her house on Place de la Commune in Audergem.  Her fiancé signed with her as the co-owner of the shop to help get the credit from her bank.

She started changing towards October 2009, but I noticed it for real in May 2010, when her life seemed transformed by the new shop, in a really posh area of Brussels, as part of a brand new shopping mall, the equipment was all design.  It looks very similar to the Lavazza design for shops.   She had an automated coffee machine for hot drinks (instant soup, coffee, tea, hot chocolate) and she offered the drinks for free of charge, though she didn't change her hair dressing tariffs much.   Perhaps the coffee machine was from Lavazza, but I didn't pay attention to it.   I could see from the very comfortable arm chairs in true leather, that it must have been quite an investment.  Her life was totally something else  compared with the long period of financial struggle and depending on social aid.  All this in Audergem, an upscale and leafy suburb of Brussels, a few blocks away from the Center for Economic Development of the ACP countries, which is a big organization full of people with afro-hair.   I was so happy for her, and I wasn't asking too many questions about how she was doing it, because of her “fiancé”.  

Shortly before the opening of her shop, she broke up with her fiancé.  She took over the contract on her own.   In spite of this she could still afford on her own quite a posh hair salon, with the latest seats and mirrors.   Today I think that someone other than her “fiancé” changed her situation fundamentally, and that her “fiancé” was hired to “play the game” to fool everyone, including the tax man, the notary, the bank and me.   Someone must have offered a lot of money to her to do something.

From that moment onward, I started spending my time with her shouting “aaai, uhu you hurt me !”   She digs holes in my scalp with the sharp edge of the comb and after the damage is done she just says “oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you”.   Then she expects me to pay the full amount, which kept rising ever more, every time I go to her.   One day after she finished my hair, I pulled up my own lotion to sooth the scalp.  While rubbing it in, I told her that the injuries heal quickly with the essential oils.  Then she asked again “is it possible for you to teach me about the essential oils, because I am really very interested ?”   I guess if I don't, she will face bankruptcy, because that is what the Orchestrator will do to her, as a Congolese, afterwards.  You will see.    

Her name and address was in a document named “Anaccell Force – Dossier de partenariat” (attachment_35).  It was about a hair serum which I invented and which I included in my intellectual property demand to the Minister of Economy of Morocco.  I was using that project as a shield to protect the other projects, so I really didn't care which salon I was putting down for a partnership.  That was one of the business plans which I filled up with simply anything, to see what will happen to that one too.    I included that dossier with innovation center dossier and I mentioned both dossiers in the letter to the Minister of Economy of Morocco, so that if they recognize one, they will have to recognize the other also.   If they recognize Anaccell, they will have to recognize Aurum Helix as well.     Anaccell was copied by Geomer (see p. _ in attachment_) and Codage (see page _).

All the dossiers must have landed in the hands of the Orchestrator, who must have contacted or visited the hairdresser with corruption money, perhaps under the form of subsidies or an easy bank loan.   It could also be that Mr Crocodile could have served as an agent for arranging all this.

I decided to stop going to her in August 2011 as the scalp sensitivity kept increasing since  2010.   I couldn't afford the pain and the money.    Though I was not a frequent visitor.   I would normally go every 2 or 3 months, and that is how the damage has been kept limited.  

I will report this story to the local Belgian financial police to question together with the tax authorities the investments of Colette Coiffure, to understand how her situation transformed radically in less than one year, starting from Summer 2009.

They could also question Mr Crocodile if he knows anything about Colette Coiffure, as he could have acted as an agent.

They were all avenging something that I still ignore today.

Now, I look like a blond Jimmy Hendricks.  It's better for my scalp, but not for my career, because like this, nobody will believe a word about my innovations, especially without the copyrights certificates.  The certificates could be somewhere in Sidi André's desk.   For the time being, I am taming the hair with lots of hair pins and with a headscarf.  I identified another hair salon, and I wait for better times to start going there, if I need to be here in this hell of a place.

Annexe IX

There Are No Human Rights Without Capitalism

On 9 September 2012 I attended the Youth for Human Right Conference in Brussels, as I learned through the organizers that some people from the Moroccan government were going to be present, and that it might be interesting for me to meet them, to help resolve my case.   Would I try one more person from the Moroccan government, after 10 years of trying everybody ?   Why would it work this time ?  

I really wanted to check out if anybody at that conference was going to help me defend my human rights.   As my problem involves investments, enterprise and trade development, it doesn't feel like “a human rights” problem to most people.   If you choose for capitalism, you are automatically viewed as someone against the human rights in the system as we know it today.   It's predominantly the West European capitalist system which is limited to money only.

I met Mr Mohamed Brika.  I didn't know who he was, and I still don't know which function he has at the Moroccan government.   He didn't need to be introduced, because his outfit told it all.  He was wearing the traditional ivory djellaba, a red fez on his head and the canary yellow shoes.    I explained my problem to him in every possible way, the whole afternoon and I continued at the dinner table.   He eventually asked “why don't you take a lawyer ?”  He said he just met a lawyer at the conference, miss Inès Wouters.  

She was a lawyer at a leading fiscal law firm and she was one of the speakers at the conference.  Miss Inès Wouters was the second highest associate at Afschrift, a highly reputed international fiscal law firm.   She was sacked a few months ago.  I know her from the Inter-religious Conference by the Churches for Europe, where she represents the Buddhism.  She is a human rights defender when it comes to freedom of religion.   Mr Brika had a chat with her and he thought that she was sympathetic because she has bought real estate in Fez, Morocco.  

I turned quiet.  Mr Brika must have seen something in my eyes that made him say “don't be distrusting, I have spoken to her, she will help you”.  I was amazed at how he thinks that those Belgians with real estate property in Morocco are necessarily our friends.  The entire Moroccan government has been making that mistake.   When my country needs to sell off land to unrelated foreigners, that is a sign of desperation... that is when you really have nothing left to sell.  

I told him that I knew miss Wouters one year before I met him, and that I saw her every month at the Inter-religious Conference, and I could have approached her about my case.   As he already thought that I was distrusting, I didn't dare to tell him that I am weary of all those Belgians who bought property in Morocco.   They are not the ones who will help my country win anything against Belgium, particularly if they compete for the same jobs.

Had I said that, Mr Brika would have thought that I am being negative, and I understood that he tried to be helpful.  Instead of explaining all this, I took the next best argument, which is that I couldn't afford a lawyer.   He offered to pay for the legal costs.  “This changes everything for sure”, I said to him.   “You make sure you contact her in my name”, he offered.  I explained that the kind of tasks that I had in mind for her was going to be limited to the handling of letters, and to getting access to the results of the police investigations, as this can only be done through a lawyer.    I was hoping that he wasn't boasting, making my hopes rise, just to drop me afterwards.

I immediately started writing my first letter to the lawyer (attachment_18).    I thought I was doing the right thing by copying Mr Brika on the e-mail to the lawyer, to let him know know everything that he will be paying for (attachment_19), particularly to show that I followed up his advise.    He will see for himself where we will end up with the Belgians and where the ill will comes from.  

He wrote me back very quickly asking me to remove his name, and not to involve him in subjects that he knows nothing about.  In other words he is removing the offer that he made himself to cover the legal costs.  The man has changed.  It felt like he wanted to have nothing to do with me any more.  (attachment_20)   You can really feel from his words that he backed off with fear.  That really is not normal.

I wrote back to Mr Brika saying that I respected his choice, and that I wanted to show the trust which he thought I didn't have, when he suggested me to speak to this lawyer, and that I was going to find another way for covering the legal costs. (attachment_21)   Like this, he will discover for himself who is not cooperating.

Is this the first class human rights activist of my country ?    If Mr Brika can't help the one who will help his country, what is he fighting for then ?    The outcome is that I didn't get his help.   I have to give up my human rights for what ?    For working in favor of the human rights of a mafioso.   Is it with this attitude that Morocco will resolve the drug and the prostitution problems ?   No.  It is because of these attitudes and because of a wrong understanding of capitalism and human rights that Morocco will always need foreign aid for resolving simple problems, and thus will always be exposed to colonization.  That is what you get when you approach human rights without capitalism, but from one single mon(k)ey view point.   I think Mr Brika's reading of the “human rights” is like the one which was monopolized by the labor unions for centuries and not by the capitalists.  

Mr Brika (or someone who abuses of his e-mail profile behind his back), responded by sending me an invitation to get connected on Twoo an Internet dating application, as if he means “here, find your solution on Twoo”, “your human rights are here”.   I was not flattered by it.  I found it unprofessional and that is what one needs to examine to understand if there is something else behind it.   I overstepped the insult and I made it part of the investigation.

I sent a message to Mr Brika through that application saying that I wasn't searching and that I have no time for social media, but that I registered anyhow...   Inside I found almost the whole of Morocco selling themselves.  “Are the Moroccans also into this ?!” I wondered with stupefaction.   Why would anybody accept a wedding to be arranged by a software application ?

Today, I figured out it could be used as an engine for attracting women to the prostitution.   Twoo is owned by a Belgian company located in Ghent (look-up in moniteur belge).  It matches the boyfriend-culture of Sidi André, and perhaps it was recommended by him.  That is how he does it, like pedophile networks do.   They hook people through the Internet.  It's worth to have it checked with the police, particularly since the software doesn't reveal much about the identity of the dating candidate.    I wish they would shut it down.

Overall I sensed that Mr Brika may have spoken about me with someone in Morocco.  

Perhaps he has spoken to Minister Nizar Baraka, of whom he said that he was a very nice man (maybe only with him), or perhaps like many people in the Moroccan administration, he forwarded the e-mail to Sidi André himself.   The chickenhearted response from Mr Brika indicated the presence of terror.   Terror from another country.   What is he doing in the government of Morocco if he is listening to a government of another country  ?

It could be worthwhile to collect his observations.    It might provide more clues about the way of operation of Sidi André and his acolytes in Morocco.   Sidi André may have learned through this source that I was taking steps with a lawyer and this resulted in the mafia not calling me in September.

After sending the letter (attachment _18 and _19), I phoned the lawyer and I took an appointment to see if she was going to apply the human rights that she was preaching at the Youth for Human Rights Conference or not.   The appointment was on 24 September at 14:00 H.

The conversation with the lawyer did not go well.  When I asked if she read the police declarations that I sent to her, she told me she doesn't speak or read Dutch at all, although her family name is Flemish.  

She was friendly, but when I discussed that subsidies were applied to the projects that got stolen, she was indifferent about the abuse of Belgian government subsidies, and thus she indifferent to the copyrights also.  

When I spoke to her about the group-purchasing idea, she said that it wasn't mine.  She even argued about the legitimacy of the system saying that it was allowed, and later on I realized she meant group-purchasing of energy in which you purchase a combination of energies (electricity, gas and petrol) for a reduced price with the same supplier.  That is allowed indeed, but group-purchasing of electricity, which is organizing purchasers to extort a deal from a supplier, is not, unless under certain conditions (attachment_).  I didn't correct her, because I really didn't care about having her as a lawyer if she lifts her shoulders for all my questions and in particular for the country's subsidies.   I think I know now why she wasn't concerned about the subsidies... They don't come from her people's efforts but from my people's butts.

While she was answering a phone call, I glanced at her office.   There were piles of dossiers on the floor which need a lifetime to sort out.  Against her walls are pictures of Tibetan monks and of the Himalaya.   I see the kind of freedom of religion that she defends.  It's the one in someone else's country.

When she finished her call, I continued our conversation about whether an idea was mine or not.  I told her, “when it comes to my ideas, when I find that someone solicited an investor with my models, I send my proposal to the same investor”.  I watched her face and I continued : “When I found Wallonia selling one of my projects to China, I promptly sent my proposition to China... that is how I resolve the copyrights problems”.   She was shocked.  I could see her eyes popping out of her face.  She thought that I am only concerned about Belgium and Morocco.  No.  She interferes with her kind of human rights in Tibet.   I interfere with my kind of human rights also.

I discussed my personal situation and particularly the rent through which I am unable to pay her in advance.   She asked me what I was doing for living.   I told her that I wasn't earning anything, because I am dedicating my time to fighting the injustices surrounding my investment projects.   I didn't specify because she has received the police declarations for that.

She mentioned to me that she has a friend at AWEX, who could be very interested to help, and that there is no reason for me to be unemployed like that. (Why the hell would I give my private projects to AWEX ?)   I said that I have a problem with AWEX (they already looted me so much).  She asked me to look at the personal contact she has, and not at AWEX as an organization, and I couldn't agree with that.  (AWEX is directly related to the godfather).

As I have gone quiet, she added “I understand that you would like to be independent, but when you work with investments, you will never be independent.   “I know that”, I said, “but it is my freedom to chose the investors that I want to work with, or not ?”    She rolled her eyes and she said “if you found investors, how come you are still struggling with the financial problems”.   I have gone quiet again, so not to tell her what I know.   Instead I said “I think you are right”.    

Furthermore, she told me not to worry about the invoice at all (how magnanimous of her, isn't it ?)  She recommended that I should go to the social services for resolving the rent.  I told her that they are strict about supplying social support in Flanders, particularly if you are able-bodied and capable of accepting a job with an employer, and then I will not be able to continue what I have started if I work for an employer.   She said “come and live in Brussels, where it is easier to obtain social support and social housing”.  

It is in my interest to stay in Flanders, but I didn't tell her that.   There were she crossed the line was when she proposed that I should share the apartment with another girl or host a student, in order to at least get half the rent paid to the landlady.  With all the rest that she said before (AWEX and the denial of the group-purchasing idea), it sounded like “invite a spy to your house so that we know more about your investment projects”.    She wants her type of capitalism without the human rights, so that only she gets rich.  I guess.

Overall, she wasn't prepared to help me win, but she offered to keep contact as friends.   She wants the informal relation with me, and I don't accept that.  Either she is my lawyer or she isn't.   I didn't discuss anything in-depth, because she appeared busy, accepting phone calls and sending e-mails while I was talking to her, and she seemed to have an argument ready for every aspect that I was discussing with her.  

She is a friend of Mr Beheshti, and on my way out of her office I specifically requested to keep my dossier quiet.   She said “in any case, I have to respect the professional secrecy”.   “Yeah right”, I told her “that doesn't stop you from you talking”.  She reassured me, but I didn't believe in her.

Because of all these elements, I didn't return to her.  Everything indicated that she was already informed before our meeting.   She wasn't acting as lawyer who defends my rights, but as someone who wants to direct my life.  “Do this”, “go there”, “talk to this person”, and “be my friend”.   She wants me to live by her instructions.   It's only all right for her to have real estate in Fez and perhaps also in the Himalaya “to do her meditation”, but it's not OK for me to have a home in my country, unlike I fear for the Tibetans.  

The result was that the mafia didn't call me in September or October 2012, when I was preparing to meet them with the police.   It could be that Sidi André received of all my police declarations in one way or another, perhaps through the lawyer and her friend at AWEX and / or through Mr Brika.  

I stayed away and she never followed up either.  In February of this year learned from people at the Inter-religious conference that she was fired from her function at Afschrift, and that she now works in another law firm related to “human rights”.   She is now defending all the women's rights... except mine.   How come ?  It's because her human rights are without capitalism, but about keeping people poor.

Nothing would have happened to her if she were a professional and if she respected the occupational secrecy rules for the lawyers to the fullest.   She was with Afschrift Fiscal Lawfirm long enough not to be fired for her Buddhism, or for her defense for Tibet, or for the religious freedom.  At Afschrift, one would rather get fired for fiscal reasons and not for one's recreation.  She was either not bringing enough money to the company, or bringing in the wrong money to the company, or she was not defending the fiscal rights of somebody, because all the rights are basically financial rights.   There is no capitalism without the human rights, and your human rights are worth nothing without capitalism.  

Capitalism means the preservation of the spiritual, mental, physical and financial integrity, and the related rights.  It affects a large group of people, whereas human rights are individual rights.  I can't give my rights to you, I can't borrow your rights either, but I can share my point of view with you, my belief, my food and my money.  

Capitalism means building up.  It does not mean “destroying”.   The antipode of capitalism is poverty.   Without any human rights, you will have poverty.   That is the case in Morocco, with the slavery economy of Sidi André.   Sidi André's system wasn't capitalism, but colonialism.   He knows nothing about capitalism.   Islam is capitalism and human rights, like most religions essentially are, and Morocco never needed development aid to get an economic system.

Annexe X            

My Parents Got Punished For My Choices

Sidi André has probably speculated about the mentality inside my family, and he took the wrong decisions concerning my parents.    His decisions were based on caricatures.    If I were a caricature, I would have accepted a regular job with his World Bank   Since my parents and I are not caricatures, he started forcing us into fitting his box.    

My parents are not responsible for my choices ever since and I took full responsibility of my own expenses.  Ever since I was a university student in Brussels, I didn't return living my parents.    I started working, I continued taking classes in the evenings after work.   The relationship with them was not always easy.  The issue I had with my parents is that they didn't let me migrate to try another country.    They thought that Belgium was a good country.    “I'll go to Morocco then”, was my reaction.    “Morocco is very difficult”, was their answer.

Despite their praise of Belgium, they are not modern enough for Sidi André and his gang, and so they got attacked and driven out of their home in 2005, and it was all based on wrong assumptions.  Examples of assumption are that the Moroccan parents generally remind their children of their origin and our religion, and that they forbid dating etc.   In Belgium, they imagine that the parents are teaching the children not to like the Belgians and to return to Morocco, which is not true.

My parents trusted Belgium from 1968 until 2005.  My brother and I never did.  We've had our share of difficulties at a very early age, at the universities, where the professors also conspired to make us fail by artificially lowering our grades or cheating with the evaluations.  At the grammar school we were high achievers, and my brother in particular was always the first in his year.  

Suddenly we were last.   At the colleges and the universities (we tried several) we became “retarded”.   We understood that it was a Belgian policy to protect the future labor market against the competition from the immigrants on their territory.   We both short-circuited the Belgian system by relying on the foreign companies for our employment and for our further development in this country, until we find a way to leave.

With the results that I am producing today, Sidi André and his gang are wondering how come this Moroccan doesn't like his country.    It has nothing to do with the education from our parents, but with the education of the Belgian school system.  When you have the potential and you don't have the corresponding degrees, you don't support a system that keeps you in this position, with your potentials, do you ?

Because of this attitude and all the personal choices that I was making, my parents experienced unexpectedly big trouble, which was completely made up by the City of Antwerp.  They were housed by Deldo (a tire company) where my father functioned as the care-taker in exchange for free housing.   After 30 years of loyalty towards this company, my parents suddenly got accused of damaging the property to the point of building decay.  While the building decay is the responsibility of the landlord (Deldo), the house got destroyed while everything was still inside and my parents were sent to the street from one moment to another, without explanation.

Friends helped them collect the pieces and move into their own property in another neighborhood of Anwerp (Borgerhout).   There, the City of Antwerp started harassing them with exactly the same argument.   They declared their home as “inhabitable”, they got sued for it and they made my parents pay huge fines.   They seized my father's income, which is a meager indemnity from the health care, because he lost a great deal of his sight when working in the steel industry.  They left nothing for them to eat.   They were supported by a huge number of Moroccan friends.

My father searched for help, not understanding what was happening to them so suddenly.  He finally found help with his labor union.  Recently, my father told me he got refunded some of the fines as the reasons for evicting them and for suing them were unfounded.   Now I think that Deldo and some people working for the City of Antwerp were given high sums to cause trouble for my parents, and to make them suffer and loose everything.

I was unaware of this myself because my parents and I weren't talking for years at that moment, which doubled their suffering.  Their opinion about Belgium diverged strongly with mine.  They were pressing me to organize a family life in this country, while I was struggling for a way to get out of here.   They weren't helping me because of the different plan I had in mind for myself, and this made my life harder.  

After this housing betrayal and the artificial harassments by the City of Antwerp, they changed their opinion about Belgium... for good.   They came to see me in Fall 2007.  They finally appreciate and agree with my opinion.  Since 2008, they return living in Morocco for four months, twice every year.   They are organizing to sell everything and to return to Morocco for good.

In December 2012, my father told me that in 2009 or 2010, the City of Antwerp refunded the fines that he paid.  They didn't say why he got refunded   The establishment realized that they made a mistake in 2005.  The massive destruction of their residence was an error of judgment.  Though, how come they changed their minds ?

  1. Mr Crocodile gathered most of the clues about me and perhaps – in the effort to find out where I get all the ideas from, and with whom I discuss them – he made the observation that I wasn't directed by anyone else but myself.  As I wasn't discussing anything with him, he found out that I am singular, relying on myself for absolutely everything, even when it concerns the car.  I bought and sold by myself, and I let no mechanic fool me.   He eventually judged that there is nothing he or anyone can do about my mental independence and I don't need his protection.   They were wrong about my parents.

  1. The refund happened at a time when I started accepting Mr Crocodile's financial help (2009).  It shows that my parents couldn't help, and that they disabled my parent's capacity to help me, to create the condition of dependence on Mr Crocodile.

They will have to pay a lot more, because they confiscated the income of my father.   After the eviction, a mediator was appointed by the Court of Justice of Antwerp to manage the accounts of my parents, to make sure they paid all the fines and the debts first.  My mother accounted that they left nothing for my parents to buy food with, or for medication.   Today I think they did this, so that my parents wouldn't help me financially.


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[3]        “Sidi” is a honorific title in the Maghreb countries, like “Sir” in English or “Monsieur” in French.


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