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This document is intended to showcase tools to be reviewed by teams of teachers and guide ongoing discussions and planning for the successful implementation of the ELA academic standards.

Download the Standards

We recommend the vertically aligned edition of the standards in order to facilitate conversations with your department, PLCs, and/or vertical teams.

 ⊕ SDE.OK.gov/sde/language-arts 

 ⊕ Grade-level formats: WORD, PDF, Google Doc

Podcast On Your Plan

Connect to professional development on your terms and schedule! Subscribe to Podcast On Your Plan and access 54 episodes featuring Oklahoma education leaders and other surprise guests. Great for PLCs!

  ▶ All Audio Available via Google Drive.

Implementation Matrix + Collaborative

The Implementation Collaborative consists of Oklahoma teachers committed to providing feedback about their experience teaching the OAS for ELA during the Fall 2016 semester.


   ✔ Implementation Guidance for Teachers and  


PD On Your Plan

There are two virtual modules available for professional development. The first is a 13 minute critical overview of the standards. The second is an 8 minute introduction to aligning curriculum to the standards.

 /// ELAOKteachers.com/hellostandards 

 /// ELAOKteachers.com/bundling 


Three 4-8 minute modules provide guidance on individual standards and each features the teachers on the ELA Standards Writing Team. More coming soon!

 ▢ Standard 1: ELAOKteachers.com/standard1 

 ▢ Standard 7: ELAOKteachers.com/standard7 

 ▢ Standard 8: ELAOKteachers.com/standard8 


Curriculum Frameworks

Models of Instruction for Pre-K to Grade 12 have been developed by Oklahoma teachers to demonstrate lessons and practices aligned to the ELA standards.

  All Drafts: ELAOKteachers.com/frameworks 

  Google Drive folder: bit.ly/elaframeworks

Curriculum Maps & Pacing Guides Share

Oklahoma teachers shared their hard work to be used as sample/example curriculum guides. Share your efforts with the ELA community!

 ⇐ ELAOKteachers.com/mapsandpacing 

 ⇐ ELAOKteachers.com/pass2oas



✓ HB3218: SDE.ok.gov/sde/hb3218 (hb3218memo)

✓ Assessment Overview: bit.ly/assessmentbooklet 

✓ Updates: SDE.OK.gov/sde/office-assessments

✓ Resources: SDE.OK.gov/sde/assessment-material 

✓ Writing Test Memo: bit.ly/writingtestmemo