Griswold TLC Monthly Update

TLC Goals

Student Growth

Creating a safe and caring environment

Clearly communicating the work of the TLC Team

Building an environment that creates teachers leaders

Creating growth minded lifelong learners

Our work so far?

All of our teacher leadership groups continue to work and find ways to improve the success of our students’ learning as well as our own professional learning.  We are constantly keeping student growth in mind. In January this has happened in a variety of ways.

The Instructional Coaches continue to meet monthly with the WIC coaches.  They are both involved in new coaching cycles.  Seth Lembke is holding three coaching cycles in the MS/HS in the areas of math, reading, and chorus.  Taryn Maguire has several cycles focusing on writing this time around while one is focusing on taking ownership in making kind choices.

The PD/Collaboration Facilitators at the elementary are organizing some learning labs for teachers to attend based on areas of literacy, writing, math, or science that individual teachers want to gain more information on for teacher growth.  These leaders are also organizing and helping to lead district professional development.

District mentors continue to work through half of the Iowa Teaching Standards with the beginning teachers.  Year 2 of The Journey to Excellence program will focus on the other four Iowa Teaching Standards.  After helping wrap up first semester grading and report cards, coaching discussions are currently also including the upcoming February Parent-Teacher Conferences and preparing for those.

Info on our goals

Our TLC goals cannot be met without continued learning by the teachers holding the leadership positions.  Our learning this month has consisted of:

Instructional Coaches

Griswold hosted a Coaching Lab with Diane Sweeney on January 19, 2017. This was day 5 and 6 of an 8 day training facilitated by Diane Sweeney.  She is an educational consultant who works with teacher leaders around the country.  Her book, Student Centered Coaching, is the focus of her work with our instructional coaches through the 2016-17 school year.  17 coaches are a part of our particular group with 50 coaches taking part in the training overall. The group pictured above was able to observe Brenda and Seth in a classroom setting.  Thank you to them for volunteering!  The coaches from 11 districts were able to see the coaching and teaching in action.  It was followed by a debriefing session where they talked over what was observed and what the other coaches learned.  Diane gave powerful feedback for everyone to take back and apply to their own coaching cycles.  

PD/Collaboration Facilitators:

These leaders attended a seminar titled “Teaching Transparently” in Des Moines on January 23rd. The keynote speaker was Kathy Patton from the University of Minnesota.  This seminar focused on the importance of looking first at universal instruction and then digging deeper diagnostically when students are in interventions. The group also attended the keynote speakers break-out session which provided them with some useful tools to start refining our data talks and some areas to talk about to make what we are doing even more successful.  Good News!! They observed that our district is already doing many of the things suggested that so many schools are just starting to think about!


Both Katie Elwood and Nigel Horton continue working monthly with their mentor/coach, Mitzi Chizik. Mr. Horton and Ms. Chizik work on attaining our building goals.  They are:

- Using FAST Data (aReading) the building will improve from 74% proficient to 80% proficient in Elliott and from 61% proficient to 70% proficient in Lewis during the 16/17 Spring Testing Window.(75% as elementary buildings)

- For the 2016/2017 school year it is our goal to move from 89% proficient to 90% proficient on the IA Assessments in Math (Grades 3-5).

Mrs. Elwood and Ms. Chizik meet to not only work on building goals, but to monitor our progress in TLC and Professional Learning.  The following are the building goals for MS/HS this year:

-In the 2016-17 school year, move from 76% proficient to 80% proficient on the Iowa Assessments in Reading (6-8).

-In the 2016-17 school year, move from 81% proficient to 85% proficient on the Iowa Assessments in Reading (9-12).