Future Tushu Returns

Previously on Future Tushu, Tushu went to buy an IPad

from the store when he saw a button, which took him to the

year 2072. In the future, Tushu was attacked by a supervillain

and Tushu’s future self saved Tushu and Kush was behind this

because Tushu killed Kush’s wife. Tushu and Future Tushu

were looking for Kush to defeat him, they think with two people they can defeat him. meanwhile, Kush said to his sidekick, “If I destroy little Tushu my wife will come back.” The Tushu’s reached Kush’s headquarters and they went in. There were so many scary things like blood oozing through the walls. Tushu decided to ask Future Tushu how he killed Kush’s wife. Future Tushu said, “She was an evil maniac and Kush didn’t know it, so he was forced to kill her.” Finally, Kush and Tushu fought, while they were fighting Future Tushu was trying to tell Kush about his wife but Kush didn’t listen. There was only one way to stop Kush, to kill him. Tushu and Future Tushu thought it was best to place a bomb and run away. They did that and behind them Kush exploded. Both Tushu’s were really sad and cried. But, that’s how it was meant to be.

To Be Continued...

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