When you decide to move to Island Terrace, we give you an “Admission Packet” which contains copies of the documents listed below. We go over each document with you one-on-one, explaining what they mean to you and why they are important.

We do most of the actual paperwork for you!

We understand that you have a right and an interest in what this mass of government paperwork means and how they guide your life at Island Terrace. That is why we present the list here for you.

  1. Our Policy on Notice of Privacy Practices. We honor your privacy.
  2. Massachusetts Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment. You get to chose your goals for resuscitation and artificial life support.
  3. Our internal direct-dial telephone directory. You may call senior staff directly at their extensions.
  4. Massachusetts Health Care Proxy. You get to select who will legally represent you for health decisions if you are not able to do so yourself.
  5. Social Service Department's Consent for Completion of Admission Paperwork. We do most of the paperwork for you.
  6. A Guide to Nursing Home Care. The official Massachusetts guide to assist you in asking the best questions for care.
  7. Admission Agreement. A 10-point checklist of the key elements of what you are agreeing to do.
  8. Advanced Directives. An 8-point checklist of the key elements of your wishes for the extent of end-of-life care.
  9. A copy of our bed-hold policy. This stipulates that there is a policy on how long your bed will be held for you in your absence.
  10. A copy of Resident's Rights Regarding a Transfer or Discharge. Explains the few reasons for transfer or discharge from our facility, and what your rights are for appeal.
  11. A one-page summary of the Massachusetts Long Term Care Ombudsman Program. The Ombudsman conducts regular visits and you have a right to express concerns to the Ombudsman.
  12. A copy of the Massachusetts regulations (940 CMR 4.00) "Long Term Care Facilities" These are the regulations under which all nursing homes must operate.
  13. Resident's Bill of Rights. Summarizes all the above documents in "plain language".
  14. Privacy Statement. A single page that explains when we may collect private information about you, and where we are allowed to store that information.
  15. Consent form on which you indicate Yes or No to personal photography of yourself, vaccinations, and Laundry.
  16. Overview of the Family Council Meetings. These are your rights for you to meet privately with your family in some other room than your bedroom.
  17. Television Use agreement. There are a few reasonable restrictions on how you use your television in our facility.
  18. List of attending physicians and other medical providers. These are the people who provide services to you through Island Terrace.
  19. HealthDrive sign-up form. This is a single form to gain access to the medical services provided through Island Terrace.
  20. Copies of Vaccine information statements.