New Container-Drainer Product: Profit Opportunities for Dealers

Drain Smart saves money, mess and time for container & pot gardeners

Drain Smart discs are a new, innovative product designed for the container-drainer market sector as an alternative to gravel, bark and packing peanuts; found to hinder rather than promote effective drainage[i].  Drain Smart’s proprietary technology encourages healthier and stronger plants by eliminating long-term soil saturation that causes root rot.


Made in the USA, Drain Smart drainage discs are extremely simple to use and make an ideal impulse purchase for container and pot gardeners.  The eye-catching packaging tray is designed to be used at point-of-purchase, on the container-drainer aisle or on the garden accessories fixture.  They make the perfect accompaniment to anyone buying a container or pot and plants/flowers.


Key Drain Smart product features:


Easy to use - Drain Smart discs come in two different sizes; 12 inch for larger pots and 6 inch for smaller pots. Consumers simply place the flexible disc in the pot.  The discs can be custom cut, and then the pot is ready to be filled with soil and plant.   The discs are reusable making them extremely cost effective, and are easy to store for the next season - unlike bulky bags of gravel and bark.


Proprietary technology - Drain Smart discs are composed of thick nylon mesh with a layer of geo-filter fabric fixed on one side. The disc is installed fabric side-up, and then the topsoil is installed on top of the fabric. The filter fabric is designed to retain the soil and allow water to pass through the mesh, into free space, and then out of the planter drain hole.  As the soil is prevented from migrating downwards, the soil establishes a structure that continues to facilitate drainage hence promoting healthier, longer-lasting plants.


Urban gardeners – Drain Smart eliminates staining and mess on patios & decks by preventing soil migrating through container holes.  This makes Drain Smart perfect for urban, city, patio and deck gardeners predominantly located in larger towns and cities across North America.


Pricing and margins - Dealers can benefit from healthy margins on Drain Smart products.  The MSRP is as follows:



3 pack of 12 inch discs


5 pack of 6 inch discs



Supply and Availability – Drain Smart commits to fulfilling orders immediately.  For larger orders, where additional stock is required, fulfilment may be up to thirty days.  For orders, please contact Steve Butler at  All Drain Smart products are guaranteed for life.


Steve Butler, founder and CEO of Drain Smart comments:


“We have been rolling Drain Smart out across a number of dealers and the initial feedback has shown that consumers, especially urban gardeners, love the simplicity and ease of using our drainage discs.  Because they can be re-used again and again, this makes them an ideal alternative to messy, bulky traditional container-drainer materials such as bark or gravel.  With healthy margins, they make an ideal impulse purchase, and our experience has shown that dealers have had most success when Drain Smart discs are merchandised near the cashier register, and adjacent to pots.”




Drain Smart is distributed by Jensen Distribution Services and Potrisers Inc. in the USA, and Eddi’s, the largest garden product distributor in Canada, making them easy to source for dealers wanting to stock Drain Smart in their stores.

Drain Smart is currently implementing a comprehensive marketing campaign for the first six months of 2015 in order to drive consumer awareness, and support dealers through public relations, social media, trade shows and a dealer-targeted awareness campaign via newsletters and one-to-one meetings.        

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Drain Smart is the #1 container-drainer company in the USA.  The company was founded by Steve Butler in 2011 to provide innovative container-drainer solutions in response to the increase in urban gardening, and the popularity of containers and pots for patios and small yards. Steve is now a leading authority on the latest developments in container-drainer technology and practices.  



Notes to Editor

For further information, please visit the website at, and see our short video on the benefits of Drain Smart.  For an interview with Steve Butler, founder and CEO of Drain Smart, please call Emma Nicholson on +1 206-407-3732 or email Emma at


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Photo: Drain Smart drain discs: five pack of 6 inch discs

[i] Research by Linda Chalker-Scott from Washington State University ‘The Myth of Drainage Material in Container Plantings’ reveals that gravel and bark are ineffective as container-drainer materials.



February 2015