2017 Farm & Food Expo - Schedule in Brief
All Activities held at Spokane Community College

Friday, November 3

9:00 AM    Farm Recordkeeping for Productivity & Profitability Intensive Course

1:00 PM    Jean-Martin Fortier Intensive Course

5:00 PM    Roundtable discussion featuring Fortier, Curtis Stone and more

Saturday, November 4

8:00 AM

FULL Adaptive Gardening Solutions

FULL Farm Transition - Passing the Farm to the Next Generation

FULL Keeping Noxious Weeds off your Property

FULL Land Access

Opportunities for Veterans in Agriculture

FULL Preparing for Your Lender

9:00 AM   Curtis Stone General Address

10:30 AM

Bark Beetles: are they coming, or are they going?

FULL Beginner Soapmaking: Cold Pressed Soap

Grazing in Perfect Harmony: Multispecies Grazing

Growing Heritage and Landrace Grains

FULL Guarding Poultry Against Predators and Pests

FULL Making and Using Apple Cider Vinegar

FULL Permaculture...What is that?

FULL Rainwater Catchment for Irrigation

FULL The Art of Natural Dyeing

FULL Why Keep Bees?

FULL Pruning for Fruit Trees (2 hour course)

FULL Baking Bread 

FULL Curtis Stone $80,000 on a Quarter Acre (2.5 hour course)

11:45 AM (Lunch A)

Botanical Jewelry

Different Beehive Styles

FULL Heirloom Yogurts at Home

FULL Old World Breads: from millstone to hearth

FULL The Extraordinary Elderberry

Wildlife - Thinning for fuel reduction and forest health, and having your critters too!

Black Gold: Biomass to Biochar

12:45 PM (Lunch B)

FULL A Plan for Food Self-Sufficiency

FULL Making Electricity with Sunshine

Reading the Pasture: Four Ecosystems Processes

FULL Charcuterie

FULL Keeping Chickens Alive

Keeping Noxious weeds off your property

2:00 PM

FULL European Hand-Tied Bouquet Workshop

Fire Ecology - Dry forest

Healing Hooves: Vegetation Management with Goats

FULL Humane, Clean and Efficient Poultry Processing

Making Kim Chi

FULL Products from the Hive

Rebirth of the local Malthouse

FULL Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation

FULL Simple Cheese Making

FULL Some equipment for vegetable growers using open-source design

FULL The Lost Apple Project

FULL Water Law

FULL Site Assessment and Landscape Design

3:15 PM

Brewing with Heritage Grains

FULL Christmas Tree Farming

Fix that sore body by building your core

Home Orchard Pest Control Options

FULL Home Spa Products

FULL Honey Bee Species

FULL Hugelkultur - Mounds of Fun!

FULL Selling Eggs to Neighbors and Strangers

FULL Small Batch Canning

FULL The scoop on poop: Making manure an asset

FULL Traditional Hide Tanning Overview (2 hour course)

New Cuts in Lamb (2 hour course)

Selling eggs to neighbors

4:30 PM

FULL Disaster Preparedness for the Farm

FULL Fermenting and sprouting whole grains for feed

FULL How to Make Kombucha

FULL Simple Cheese Making

FULL Keeping Honey Bees Alive

FULL Ponderosa pine Ecology

FULL Soil Biome and Gut Biome, Restorative Power of Heritage Grains

FULL The Naturally Clean Home: A DIY Workshop

FULL Water Strategies Using Permaculture Principles