Lake Mohawk Ski Jump Application

Jump Applicant Requirements:

• All participants must join & pay a membership fee to the Jump Club. Note: A one time jump session exclusion applies to all ski club members who wish to try it out before making a commitment.

• All participants must hold a current Active membership to USA Water Ski. A photo-copy of your membership card must be on file with the Ski Club.

• All participants must be a Lake Mohawk Ski Club member if he or she resides at Lake Mohawk.

• Guests of Ski club members are allowed to use the jump only if they meet all other requirements and terms of use & pay a club membership fee.

• Only club approved towboats that meet USA Water Ski insurance requirements will be used for jumping. Anyone in violation of this will lose their jump privileges.

• All drivers, observers, and passengers in the towboat must be Active USA Water Ski Members. Dock hands & rope handlers must also be Active USA Water Ski Members.

• All participants must sign an additional USA Water Ski waiver.

• Must be a solid skier on two skis, able to aggressively cut at the boat wake, get airborne and land in solid skiing position on downside of opposite wake – to be judged by Jump Captain.

• Be capable of a sitting dock start.

• Have completed two full seasons of skiing.

• Have a jump captain evaluate the skier and provide written approval prior to the first jump.

• Have a jump captain present to coach for the first jump session.

• All applicants must be 18 years or older, if applicant is under 18 they must have a parent or legal guardian present while jumping.

Terms of use:

• The ski club will schedule practice dates and times. Dates & Times will be posted on the ski club web page or in an email.

• Jump captains will be appointed by the Ski Club board of directors in March of each year.

• The jump will be only be used when the jump captains are present, unless permission is granted otherwise.

• The jump captains reserve the right to deny jump access to individuals who show a lack of proper skill or safety awareness.

• Helmets & proper flotation must be worn when jumping.

• Only approved jump skis or wakeboards with molded fins may be used on the jump Trick skis & shoe skis are only allowed for show practices or ski shows


Jump Club Membership

Single Membership: $125

Family Membership: $175

Make check payable to: Lake Mohawk Waterski Club


Print Name: _______________________________________________Birth date: ___/___/___

Lot # ________ Address: __________________________________________________

City __________________ State: _____ Zip: _________

Phone Number: _______________________________

E-Mail Address: _________________________________ *******

Signature: ______________________________________________

(Very important as most news and updates are sent via e-mails)

Approval to Jump by Jump Captain:_____________________________________ Date:_____________________

Note: LMPOA, The Lake Mohawk Ski Club & its board, including jump captains are not liable for any injury, death or other trauma that may result from an individual using the ski jump. The jump captain’s signature only indicates that the jump applicant has met all of the requirements and is eligible to use the ski jump.