Introduction to the Online Professional Learning Exchange

Welcome. I’m Dr. Adam Fried–one of the presenters in this Online Professional Learning Exchange.


The online exchange is broken into courses, with several narrators presenting the aspects of the materials and resources you might select.


In this video, I will describe the layout of material designed for your use and engagement.


Course 1

The first course entitled, "Setting the Scene," presents an overview of the Connected Action Roadmap, and sets the foundation for effective Professional Learning Communities as they implement the CAR Framework.


Course 2 and 3

After this, we expect that users will move through the conversations in Course 2 and Course 3 in order.


These conversations are the core of the CAR Framework and will focus your PLC on improving student outcomes through a viable, standards-based curriculum.


You may access any resource, in any order, as well as come back to materials and travel at your own pace.


However, following the path described in the next two courses will allow PLCs to work more effectively.


In “Course 2: Planning what Students Should Learn,” you will find conversations on:


  1. Unpacking the Standards
  2. Organizing Curriculum Units
  3. Developing and Using Essential Questions
  4. Creating Standards-Aligned Summative Assessment


In “Course 3: Designing Instruction and Understanding Student Progress,” you will find conversations on:


  1. Pre-Assessments as Guides to Instruction
  2. Designing the Learning Experience
  3. Analyzing and Using Formative Assessment Data
  4. Analyzing and Using Summative Assessment Data


Remaining Courses

Beyond this, other courses will provide support material and resources to deepen your understanding of the elements of the CAR Framework.


These courses include:


As you work through these courses, you will be asked to engage in reflection and conversation with members of your PLC.


Begin with the materials and activities in the first course to learn more about the CAR Framework and how to establish and develop effective PLCs.


Everything in this online learning exchange fosters collaboration and is meant to provide educators with tools to achieve the goal of improved schools and student learning.


That journey begins now!