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Video introduction to Technology Enhanced Learning

Hello everyone.

Welcome to Technology Enhanced Learning.

By the end of this workshop you should be able to plan, produce and distribute a short learning activity in your discipline using  academic multimedia and readily available ICT (smart phones, tablet computers, web-based resources, etc).

The aim of the workshop is for you to propose solutions to common problems such as:

I have been involved in developing technology enhanced learning solutions for over 20 years now. Frightening when I think of it. And yet this is certainly a field where the more I know the more I know that I don’t know.

My earliest ventures into the field were in the early 1990s, adapting mathematical models of energy production, transport and marketing into simple learning exercises for a Postgraduate diploma in the economics and management of the international energy industry.

Perhaps the biggest lesson I have learned over the years is that less is more. Whatever you teach and however you teach you need to give your students room to learn. For me, technology enhanced learning is all about finding that room.

If you have heard me before, you will have heard me say that, regardless of the mode of delivery, there are a few key approaches that lead to better learning outcomes.

And, I could add one more thing: expect, allow for and welcome unexpected learning outcomes.

This workshop has so many unknowns that we have to accept we are on a voyage of discovery together.

You will be expected to be resourceful, to stray off piste, to use your own technology and maybe even to subvert to bend the “rules” to your needs in the service of your students learning. If you are not making it up as you go along you are not at the leading edge.

On this site you will find slides, videos, text, and I hope, without too much pain to give you each a page to showcase your developments on the day.

I am going to return you to the “live” me and get started.

Good luck and have fun!