Statement of Solidarity with the NWSA Trans and Gender Variant Caucus

February 13, 2017

As feminist scholars and chairs of constituency groups in the National Women’s Studies Association, we have been following the recent communications on the WMST-L concerning the exclusion of trans scholarship and the blatant hostility toward trans identities and bodies, which ultimately resulted in a statement by NWSA Trans Caucus co-chair Cael Keegan and a boycott of the listserv. We believe that oppressive attempts to invalidate trans identities and bodies, ignore the contributions of Trans Studies to the field of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and forgo careful and critical engagement with intersectionality and privilege cannot go unchecked.

In partial response to these recent events, the chairs and co-chairs of the below-listed constituency groups of the NWSA have come together to issue a statement of solidarity with the NWSA Trans and Gender Variant Caucus, as well as other trans and non-binary identified individuals who have been subject to this oppressive behavior on the listserv and in other academic settings. We have also included action steps that we believe will be useful in our continued commitment to developing intersectional, trans-inclusive platforms for feminist scholarship.

In doing so, transparency is a vital and valued point of departure: the NWSA has no professional  relationship with the WMST-L. We make this statement, rather, as concerned feminist scholars who seek to promote and defend Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies as a field that is both intersectional and  trans-inclusive. Moreover, we have taken this step in the belief that the burden of speaking out should not fall to those who are most affected by anti-trans hostility.

Action steps


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Rabab Abdulhadi, co-chair, NWSA Feminists for Justice in/for Palestine

Melanie Jessica Adley, chair, NWSA Feminist Pedagogy Interest Group

Lisa Alfredson, Jennifer Hill, and Cheryl Llewellyn, co-chairs, NWSA Law and Public Policy Interest Group

Alka Arora, chair, NWSA Animal Ethics Interest Group

Aimee Bahng, Sara Giordano, and Rajani Bhatia, co-chairs, NWSA Feminists in Science and Technology Studies Task Force

Gwendolyn Beetham, chair, NWSA Contingent Faculty Interest Group

Krista Benson, co-chair, NWSA Graduate Student Caucus

Jaime Cantrell, chair, NWSA Lesbian Caucus

Nicole April Carter, Shareia Carter, and Ellen Collier,  co-chairs, NWSA Women’s Centers

Cherise Charleswell, senior chair, NWSA Social Justice Task Force

Jordan Clapper, chair, NWSA Feminist Masculinities Interest Group

LeeRay Costa and Christa Craven, co-chairs, NWSA Program Administration & Development

Erika Derkas, co-chair, NWSA, Reproductive Justice Interest Group

Qwo-Li Driskill and Ashley Falzetti, co-chairs, NWSA Indigenous Peoples Interest Group
Erin L. Durban-Albrecht and
Rachel Afi Quinn,  co-chairs, NWSA Transnational Feminisms Caucus

Amy Ferrell and Michelle Meagher, co-chairs, NWSA Feminist Publications Interest Group

Adam Foley, co-chair, NWSA Third Wave Feminisms Interest Group

Jennifer Gilley and Karla Strand, co-chairs, NWSA Librarians Task Force

Aria S. Halliday,  Stephanie McCall, and Anastasia Todd, co-chairs, NWSA Girls and Girls Studies Caucus

Ianna Hawkins Owen and Eunjung Kim, co-chairs, NWSA Asexuality Studies Interest Group

Cael M. Keegan and Rachel Reinke, co-chairs, NWSA Trans/Gender Variant Caucus
Lydia Kelow-Bennett and Kaye Wise Whitehead, co-chairs, NWSA Women of Color Caucus

Sidra Lawrence and Jessica Pabón, co-chairs, NWSA Performance Studies Interest Group

Heidi Lewis, chair, NWSA Feminist Media Studies Interest Group

Yi-Chun T. Lin, co-chair, NWSA Confronting Campus Sexual Assault Interest Group

Yi-Chun T. Lin and Jo-Anne Lee, co-chairs, NWSA North American Asian Feminist Caucus

Katie Manthey, co-chair, NWSA Fat Studies Interest Group

Jennifer Musial, Stina Soderling, Melissa White, co-chairs, NWSA Gender, Women's, and Feminist Studies (GWFS) PhD Interest Group

Abby Palko and Marta McClintock-Comeaux, co-chairs, NWSA Feminist Mothering Caucus

Sami Schalk, co-chair, NWSA Disability Studies Interest Group

Simona Sharoni, co-chair, NWSA Confronting Campus Sexual Assault Interest Group and Feminists for Justice in/for Palestine

Tamara Lee Spira and Heather Turcotte, co-chairs, NWSA Anti-White Supremacy Task Force

Shreerekha Subramanian, chair, NWSA South Asian Feminist Caucus

Mariam Youssef, co-chair, NWSA Social Justice Task Force