Policy Statement for AACTMAD Committees

Policy accepted April 4, 2013

AACTMAD is a participatory, membership organization which enriches people’s lives and sense of community through traditional music, dance, song, and related arts.

AACTMAD is a non-profit organization.

Criteria for program committees:

1) Committee should support, plan, and/or sponsor events that fit with one or more of the aims of AACTMAD (above).

2) Committee activities and budget must fit with non-profit status as approved by the AACTMAD board.

3) Committee activities are designed to be participatory for members of AACTMAD and the public.

4) Committee consists of at least two members all of whom are AACTMAD members.

5) Committee will actively participate in planning/supporting/sponsoring at least one activity or event per year.  More frequent events are welcomed.

Benefits of being an AACTMAD committee include but are not limited to:

1) Membership in a community of like-minded organizations and individuals

2) Access to AACTMAD shared facilities and equipment at a reduced rate

3) Ability to affect the direction of AACTMAD efforts

4) Possibility to participate in joint AACTMAD events such as Dancing in the Streets to increase awareness of activities

5) Shared presentation of information via AACTMAD publicity venues to increase awareness of activities

6) Shared experience on methods and resources to advertise and organize events and enhance AACTMAD-related activities

Benefits continued:

7) Access to information about individuals with skills important for AACTMAD-related activities

8) AACTMAD provides financial and tax reporting and liability insurance for committee activities and events.

Responsibilities of an AACTMAD committee include:

1) Providing information to AACTMAD by filling out and submitting the income and expenses reports in a timely manner.

2) Submitting an annual plan and budget to AACTMAD.

3) All monies generated by AACTMAD committees belong to AACTMAD to be used to further the mission of the organization.

4) Providing information to the AACTMAD board as needed.

5) Enriching people’s lives and sense of community through traditional music, dance, song and/or related arts.

6) Actively sponsoring/supporting activities.  The committee reviews activities annually and if no longer active/interested, will work for an orderly disbanding of the committee.

7) Actively supporting/promoting other AACTMAD activities and AACTMAD membership.

8) Responsibly maintaining AACTMAD facilities and equipment used.

9) Committees are encouraged to use the AACTMAD account, but if starting their own bank account it should be under the AACTMAD tax ID.

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