The Digital Academy

Day 1: Pre-work

  1. Download the Password Tracker. Keep it in a safe but accessible (to you!) place. Update it with your account names and passwords as you create them.

  1. Create a twitter account. If you already have one, you’re welcome to use it!  

  1. Create Wordpress blog. 

  1. Write a ~1500 word blog post about digital media.*

  1. Post it to your blog, and tweet a link to it using the hashtag #digitalacademy.  This bit is critical: if you haven’t got your 1500 words, you won’t have anything to do during the workshop.

  1. Sign up for an account with Scalar.

* What about digital media? Anything you find interesting. Blogs, Twitter, selfies, digital photography (it’s easy! What does that mean?), digital video, digital text (it’s all searchable now!), digital margins (they are endless! What can we do with them?), ebooks, podcasts, etc. What do all these things mean for libraries? For students? For the parents of students? For faculty? For teaching? For learning? For communicating? What would you like to learn more about, and why?

Day 1: Text


An open, flexible area suitable for working on laptops

Equipment Needed:

 One laptop per participant



Paste text into Hemingway.

Explore Hemingway’s analysis and advice.

Edit text.

Paste text into google doc.


Paste your text into Wordle.

Tweak at will.

Take a screenshot and post it on your blog.

Copy the text in a shared google doc (link). Paste all text  into Wordle.

Take a screenshot and post it on your blog.


Paste your text in Voyant.  

Paste all our text into Voyant.

Take screenshots and post them to your blog using hashtag #digitalacademy.


Reflection and break.




Read this article. Add a comment in the margin!

Post your 1500 words as a Medium article. (How to.)

Add your Wordle and/or Voyant images to your article.

Post a link to your article on twitter with the hashtag #digitalacademy.


With ibooks author, make an ebook out of your text.

Feel free to explore the templates and options!


Reflection and break


Add your text to a collaborative Scalar book. Tweet a link using the hashtag #digitalacademy.