#160 - The Angry Chicken: “Title”

July 5th, 2016

• Garrett • Jocelyn • Dills



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Tinyfin card back instead of Halfhill this month

When asked about the Halfhill card back the official HS Twitter replied:
“What is this card back? NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.”

Brode Bellows

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Hey friends,

If you guys want every game to be a Crazy Game Story, try out my Wild brew I like to call "Show & Tell Shaman":


Turn 3 I coined out Ancestor's Call, dropping a Ysera that my Priest opponent had no efficient way of killing. Ysera drew me 3 Nightmare spells in a row before finally dying. I durdled around with Hexes and taunt-wolves until turn 8, when I dropped Al-Akir and cast triple Nightmare on it, for an 18/20 with Charge and Windfury. Well Played.

Keep on Cluckin' On!


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Dearest TAC,

I love the show and I love hearthstone but this June season is wearing on me.

I started playing hearthstone about a year ago and have never been serious about making deep ladder runs but have always wanted to make it to at least rank 15. Big whoop right?

I've never had issues with reaching rank 15 but this month is proving rather difficult. It should be noted that I've only spent about 60 bucks total on the game to get adventures and besides that I quest for new packs.

My main point is the majority of the opponents I've been encountering in ranks 15-18 (big whoop right) have been stacked with legendaries this season. Specifically, everyone seems to have Sylvanas. This all adds up to my minimal legendary owning ass getting my ass kicked by legendaries I simply have no answers to.

A couple questions I have is...

Where have all the players like me with minimal legendaries gone?

Does everyone play try hard decks these days?

Is hearthstone losing the casual player to the rich who own every card?

I've never see ranks 15-18 being so loaded with golden heroes and legendary cards. Are you seeing the same? Is this good for hearthstone?

If anything, talk me off tilt!!!

Help my wise council of the TAC... You're my only hope.


Hey TAC Crew,

So I know you all, particularly Dills, tend to advocate picking a deck and sticking with it even when you lose when trying to climb the ladder, but with so many fun and different decks floating around in standard, I've been having fun doing a kind of king of the hill setup with what deck I play. Basically each day I start off playing what I feel like then when I lose to a deck, if I can switch to that deck (I obviously can't do that for every deck cause omg the control warriors playing like 9 legendaries forget that). I'm currently rotating through Dragon Warrior, Zoolock, Aggro shaman, and midrange hunter. I'm mildly competitive in that I tend to play every day, though since I'm a full time student my goal each season is pretty much just to get to rank 5. I was wondering if any of you did something like this to keep ladder fun?



Maybe it's the lore nerd in my but one thing that bums me out about standard is when important lore characters leave Hearthstone's primary format. Vol'jin being the biggest example. It's a bit sad that the war chief of the Horde is painfully absent in standard games. Next year we will be losing Varian, so both of the faction leaders will MIA. I know I could go to Wild but I'd like to play them without navigating secret Paladins and Dr Booms.

Do you think they may do some reprint type cards for these characters similar to what they did with Deathwing, Dragonlord? I'd love to see something like Vol'jin, Warchief or Varian, Lo'Gosh.

Thanks for the show.


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