6th Grade Camp Parent Meeting - July 25th @ 6:00

~Some of the questions posed at the meeting are listed here.~


Q. What is the security like at Camp Marston?

A. It is an accredited YMCA family camp. Camp counselors are screened just as extensively as teachers. Many of them have been doing this for many years. It is in a remote area of Julian, however there are some private residences nearby the campsite. YMCA Camp Raintree is also nearby. For more general information, please visit their page regarding school camp.

Q. The YMCA website states the cost is $242, yet the Camarena presentation says $275. What’s the difference?

A. The YMCA website has a quote for the 2012-2013 year. (Camarena is attending in Feb. 2014.) The difference in cost includes CVESD round trip bus transportation.

Q. What will the bunking be like?

There are up to 12 students per cabin, girls with girls, boys with boys. Currently, we are the only school reserved for the week of February 24th. However, YMCA usually books up completely. If another school reserves the same week, your child may be with another 6th grade student from another school. Camp counselors are the only adults who sleep in the same cabin as the students.

If your child has particular medical conditions or needs, those would be discussed in advance with the teacher to better arrange bunk accommodations. These would be communicated to the camp counselors.

Q. Will the teachers be going?

Yes. The 6th grade teachers will be attending, however exactly how many will be determined if some students cannot go to camp. If that is the case, there is a chance one teacher may stay behind. Teachers do not bunk with the students.

Q. What do they kids learn up there?

The YMCA has a set curriculum that includes just about every aspect of outdoor education! Your child will also get to participate in some fun sports (rock climbing, canoeing, hiking), arts & crafts, and nighttime campfires. No student is left alone, and everyone is expected to participate as a group. We tell the 6th graders, “It’s school in the mountains.”

Q. What kind of fundraisers will there be?

That’s up to you and your child. We’ve attached a survey for you to give your opinion: do you want individual fundraisers or large group events to raise money? Or a little of both? Since camp is in February, the 6th grade needs to set a deadline of December (before Winter Break) to collect individual student balances. So time is of the essence! We will keep families updated through our website of which fundraisers will be chosen.

Q. How can I volunteer?

Join PTA and take the survey to give the 6th grade teachers an idea of your availability! When we begin to fundraise, word-of-mouth is the best. Tell your families and coworkers about it to help offset the cost to your child.

The YMCA does not accept volunteers for the school camps itself.

Q. Does my child have to go to camp?

No. 6th Grade Camp is not a requirement, but we strongly encourage families to consider it as a once-in-a-lifetime event for your child! Many children come back with a greater appreciation for the world around them, more maturity, and even more confidence. You may even discover you have grown as a parent from their experience, too!