0. Preliminaries

1. Saclay meetings

  Ev4 meeting

     Admin - Rooms and transport coordination. *Bob* do we have transport from

          Le Guichet to CEA on Monday, or do we just walk it? I’m guessing walk.

     Some Discussion topics I want to put in the agenda. Others?

       + Most important things for next year are gateway and multi (other than areaDetector

         work being carried out mostly orthogonally). So, given that what can usefully be said

         about this in a meeting?    

       + Normative types (obviously)

         Maybe precede the argument about type-id with review of what I’m proposing for

         multichannel and errors [2], so can see why I need type-id to version a system of types.

       + The EPICS V4 working group process. How software and documents advance.

         Assumptions about who can make implementations and

         based on what specifications.

     Question: should we try to make codeathon type advance on gateway and multi in

     the meeting time, or use the meeting time for

 Epics meeting

    + Talk on V4 will need examples of new features in 4.4. [1]

    + Bring Greg up to speed on talks being offered. Did last meeting solicit a real list?

    Didn’t see it in minutes.

2. 4.4.0 status

  I take it java is ready for exampleJava testing as the last thing. Is c++ ready for packaging.

  From the module tracker it seems not quite.

[0] http://epics-pvdata.sourceforge.net/home.html#usefulinfo

[1] http://epics-pvdata.sourceforge.net/internal/proposedChanges/featureListR4.4.html

[2] http://epics-pvdata.sourceforge.net/alpha/normativeTypes/normativeTypes_20140709.html#ntmultichannel






NEW TOPIC:  4.4.0 status

  I take it java is ready for exampleJava testing as the last thing. Is c++ ready for packaging.

  From the module tracker it seems not quite.


Here is what I think is the current status for creating the pre1 release

of 4.4:

The first step is to have every module ready to package.

For Java everything is ready except for exampleJava and directoryService

For C++ everything is ready except for pvaSrv and pvaPy.

Lets consider each:


This builds except that it calls a method that was removed


This can be fixed by first creating the top level introspection interface.

I suspect that if it builds it will work but can not be certain.

AI on MK: Marty will fix appendPVFiellds and test exampleJava.


I think that this can be handled just like caj and jca.

Thus it is an external dependency.

This means that Ralph can check the intended tag and make ready to

package true


This builds and has been tested manually with both the tests in pvaSrv

and with the exampleDatabase.

Thus Ralph can create the branch release/4.0 tag and make ready to

package true


Sinisa will have to state the status.

But from messages I have seen between he and Guobao I think he is close.

When the above are all ready to package the next step is to prepare


Who is responsible for doing this?

Status tracker


AJ: to DH, does the release build he did include pvaPy?

DH: Yes, it did, and it builds.

AI on GW: Ask Ralph to verify Hg tags for Java 4.4.0 release w.r.t. DirectoryService and pvaSrv.

AI on AJ: Ask SV to verify status of pvaPy. Create branch & hg tags, update status tracker spreadsheet, report to group when done.

AJ: Is 4.4 compatible with 3.15?

MK: let’s delay question of compatibility with 3.15 until after we have completed pre1.


AI: Change URIs in exampleJava to form proposed in normativeTypes_201409*. The one with type specific version numbers.

and test with eget of 4.4

NEW TOPIC: Saclay Meeting

AI on AJ: Confirm transport arrangements to/from the lab on Monday and Friday.

GW: Gateway: we’ll revisit RL’s requirements, but not try to develop outline design

Multi systems:

dbGroup depends on MD locksets. But MD locksets were rejected for 3.15 release by AJ and RL because they’re too intrusive for ITER. However, AJs says 3.16 will include locksets and is expected soon.

AJ: 3.16.0.x developer release can be produced as soon as MD locksets are ready. As needed.

AI on AJ: Create 3.16 branch. Notify BD and MD that 3.16.0.x releases can occur from there as soon as there is code ready that they want to publish.

MD: Haven’t looked at it recently, but have finished and tested it as well as I can.

The other “multi” system is MK’s

AI on Marty, give us demo of multi’s in easyPVAJava and Masar.

AI on GW: Send out URL of W3C’s html checker.

Ai on GW: give example of how to add package overview.html to each package for pvDataJava.