Foyer Groups

Our Foyer Groups are an easy way for parishioners to gather together on a regular but informal basis, to enjoy one another’s company, to strengthen bonds of community, to meet new members and to get to know others in the parish with whom we might not otherwise interact.

Groups are made up of 6-8 parishioners: couples, singles, 8 o’clockers, 10 o’clockers, new members and longtime members who gather for a simple meal several times a year. Generally the host provides the entrée and others in the group complete the meal with appetizer, salad and dessert. Each group is free to plan its get-togethers any way they wish. Brunch, lunch, picnic in a park, a night at a local restaurant are all possibilities. The main idea is to simply focus on Christian fellowship, with a relaxing meal and developing friendships.

If you’d like to participate, speak with Judy Ackroyd or Becky Rylander.