86CUP 2017 RULES


Cars are classed into 4 different classes according to their level of preparation. A driver can only sign up for one class per event.

Drivers can earn championship points in all classes up until (and including) the September 2017 event. After the September 2017 event, drivers who have entered more than one class can no longer switch for the rest of the season and must communicate the board which class they are sticking with. Similarly, after the September 2017 event, drivers who have not entered any prior 2017 events will not be able to earn championship points for the rest of the season -event finishing positions are kept, but championship points for event will be awarded only to qualifying competitors as if non-qualifying drivers had not participated .

 STOCK CLASS - 0.5 modification points max

The purpose of this class is to keep costs to a minimum and be attractive to a drivers with stock or minimally modified vehicles. Drivers of all experience levels are welcome. Certain modifications are not allowed in Stock class:

- No Level 2 Front Aero

- No Level 1+ Rear Aero

- No Level 1+ Rear Wing

- No tires below UTQG 140 or over 225 width

- No light-weight aftermarket parts, no aftermarket body panels, or any interior removal (unless necessary for safety equipment).

- No forced induction

STREET CLASS - 4.0 modification points max

The purpose of this class is to allow moderate modifications to a primarily street-driven car. Drivers/owners are granted flexibility in choosing different modifications, while competing in an even playing field. Street class cars typically feature one of three major areas of modifications: aerodynamics, forced induction, or substantially increased mechanical grip. 2850lbs is the minimum weight for Street class with driver and FULL tank of gas.

MODIFIED CLASS – 7.0 modification points max

Modified class cars are expected to have several dedicated performance modifications. Cars in this class will typically have two of the three major areas of modifications: aerodynamics, forced induction, and mechanical grip, and are usually readily identifiable as a track driven car. 2750lbs is the minimum weight with driver and FULL tank of gas for the Modified class.

UNLIMITED CLASS - Unlimited modification points

Minimum weight for Unlimited is 2700 pounds with driver and full tank of gas.
Other than that... anything goes!


Please see https://www.86cup.us/calculator

Disallowed Across All Classes




Each class has a minimum weight: at any point during the day, a competitor with driver inside must meet that minimum weight. If and when a competitor is found to be below minimum weight, he will be penalized 1 second for every 25 pounds he is under the minimum weight. If this is the competitor’s first violation, the first 25 pounds will be allowed as leeway (for possible scale-to-scale variation), but he will be penalized for any further discrepancy. Also, if this is the first violation, he may choose to forfeit all laptimes he has accrued until the weighing process, add back weight to his car to meet minimum weight, and re-start new timed laps instead of taking a lap-time penalty. Any repeat violations will automatically incur the lap time plenty as outlined above.

Weighing Protocol

One competitor from each group (Street and Modified) may be selected at random to be weighed at any time during the day. The probability of being weighed is directly proportional to the number of points he has accrued throughout the season (for example, this is equivalent to adding one’s name in a hat once for every point he scores, then drawing from that hat at random). That means top drivers have the highest likelihood of being weighed, and drivers who have yet to score points will never be weighed.

Weighing Logistics

Two drivers from each class may volunteer or will be randomly selected to participate in the weighing process. Only drivers from a different class may weigh one class (to create impartiality). For example, if a Stock class participant is being weighed, only the two drivers from Street and two drivers from Modified may assist in the weighing process. All who participate in the 86CUP implicitly agree to help with the weighing process if called upon, barring any extenuating circumstances.


Championship points for each class will be distributed according to event results. The finishing position for a driver in a given event is determined by their fastest recorded lap time achieved during a competition session. Competition sessions will always be 2, 3 and 4 unless otherwise communicated. Championship points awarded based on event finish position:

1st - 10 points,

2nd - 7 points

3rd - 5 points

4th - 4 points

5th - 3 points

6th - 2 points

7th or lower - 1 point

No extra championship points may be awarded beyond what is outlined above.

Only events that are announced at least 3 weeks ahead of time can be counted towards championship points. If an event is added or moved to a different venue within 3 weeks of its date,  any points awarded during that event will not count towards the championship.

86CUP reserves the right to update rules during a competition year in exceptional cases. For updated rules to apply to any single event, they need to be announced at least 3 weeks ahead.

The best 7 finishes of 10 events will count toward the championship for each class.

In the event of a tie, the participant with more 1st place finishes will be awarded the championship. In the event of a tie after the first tie-breaker parameter, the participant with more attendance will be awarded the championship. If there is still a tie after the second tie-breaker parameter, the participant with the faster time at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca event will be awarded the win.

Prizes at individual events for each class will be awarded regardless of number of competitors in the class. Year-end prize winners need to have participated in at least 5 events. Unclaimed prizes and prizes without a winner will be thrown into a raffle pool to be raffled to participants at the end of the year. One raffle entry will be issued to every 86/FRS/BRZ owner who attends the season finale, even if they do not participate in any 86CUP events.


A competitor may also be spot-weighed if two peers (or at least half of the participants of that day, whichever is less) from the same class believe the competitor to be in violation of minimum weight. That competitor will be liable to be weighed on the spot. In addition, if a competitor suspects another is underrepresenting his points, he may bring his concern to a member of the 86CUP board immediately, so that a board member can audit the car at that point, and compare the setup to that declared on the signup sheet. If a participant fails the audit, he can choose to: 1) correct the violation and forfeit all a previous laps and redo timed laps for any remaining sessions; or 2) take a 1 second penalty for every 0.25 points he is over the limit.