December 15, 2016 – RELIEF SOCIETY


Thanks to Sister Wagner for the photos and notes of the meeting.


Special Musical Number:

 Left to Right: Sisters McColgan, Shumway, Newlin and Richins



·       Christmas dinner:  Know your schedule; arrangements are final; driver has to call the house or houses; thank them and let them know sister will arrive at 5:50 pm and leave at 7:20 pm; all cars back in garage by 10 pm; check out GPS day of dinner and turn in the next morning; pull into DA garage at 7:30 pm; if you have questions as a driver, talk to Elder Spencer.

·       Luz de las Naciones:  Mix and mingle with Hispanic community; proselyte and ask for referrals; invite them to the Conference Center in plenty of time to be there on time; all Spanish speaking sisters are going to the event.  Excuse yourself to be in the foyer area after the program; go home at 10 pm.

·       Monday afternoon KSL will do a special on Temple Square.  This will be shown at April Conference between sessions.  Act like missionaries.


Purpose:  Sister Cabello



Role Play:  Sister Leyes and Sister Hug:  Pretending to be at TC desk.


Lesson:  Howard W. Hunter Lesson 23 – No Less Serviceable


Notes from the lesson.

·       Sam was a great example

·       You don’t need to receive the glory to receive the blessings

·       God wants us to be here to serve someone

·       Ask Heavenly Father about why we are here.  He will answer us

·       Serve faithfully and quietly

Invitation:  Find someone to serve today!