SGA Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

12:00 p.m. - CE 101

Call to Order:

Travis Hand

12:09 PM


Roll call:

Clarisa Carroll

12:09 PM

      ·        Those present were:

o   AfterMath

o   AAUW

o   Anime & Gaming Club

o   Archery Star Organization

o   ASAP

o   Campus Christian Club (North Harris)

o   Choir Club

o   Digital Media Club

o   DAAG

o   Earth Alliance


o   HCSO

o   Hurricane Men’s Basketball Club

o   Hurricane Men’s Soccer Club

o   Hurricane Women’s Basketball Club

o   LASO

o   North Star News

o   Phi Theta Kappa


o   Show of Hands

o   Student Nurses Association

o   Students for Civic Engagement



Approval of Minutes:

No minutes to approve due to it being first meeting of the 2014-15 school year.


Officer Reports:


President – Travis Hand (

·      Welcomed everyone to the meeting

·      Stated purpose of SGA

o   SGA is a vessel for communication with and among student organizations

§  Representatives of organizations can hear information and take this information back to their members

§  Representatives are also able to share information about events they are hosting

o   SGA provides opportunities to share concerns with the administration

§  Not a place to share individual concerns or personal issues

§  It is open for larger issues that pertain to the majority of the student body

o   Reminded students to renew parking permits in order to avoid fines

o   Mentioned that SGA meetings will run approximately 45 minutes to an hour

§  Number of meetings have been reduced so there may be times when they run longer in order to cover all of the items in the agenda



Vice President – Vacant

·      No report


Secretary – Clarisa Carroll (

·      Let everyone know about the Roll Call procedures

o   In order to be counted here, each organization must be present at the beginning of the meeting and at the end of the meeting

o   Question was asked by J.R. Wilson about staying the whole length of time

§  Dan said that clubs need to send representatives who can be at the meeting for its entirety.

·      Club announcement sheets are located in the back of the room and if an announcement needs to be made, they will be done at the end of the meeting


Parliamentarian – David Pham (

·      The meetings run according Robert Rules of Order.

o   The Robert Rules of Order is on the back of the cards

o   Please wait until you are recognized by the chair to speak

·      Talked about At-Large members

o   They are members who are part of the student body

o   They are not a member of a student organization

·      Discussed what “Campus Issues/Concerns/Compliments” actually entails. This part of the meeting is to raise any broad concerns that students want to discuss. Compliments are always welcome too.


A-Team President – Daniel Rios (

·      Daniel was not present for meeting, so Dan Mitsven made announcements

·      Photo Booth scheduled for Thursday, September 18th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Courtyard

·      Family Night scheduled for Thursday, September 18th

o   From 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. will be food and games out in the Courtyard

o   From 7:00 to 8 p.m. magic show will in Student Center

o   Asked for volunteers to help out with the event

§  Offered incentive to organizations - $100 in account to those who send 8 representatives to help out that night

·      Patio Party Yo! scheduled for Tuesday, September 23rd

o   Corn dogs and live musician

·      Oktoberfest scheduled October 1st

o   German Holiday celebrated in the fall

o   Bratwurst and sauerkraut

o   German music

o   Rootbeer

·      A-Team meeting times will be decided at a later time


Night School Representative - Vacant

·       No Report


Victory Center Representative - Vacant

·       No Report


Greenspoint Representative – Vacant

·       No Report


Advisor Reports:

Staff Advisor - Dan Mitsven (

·      RSO Leadership Workshop to be held October  3rd from 10 a.m. to 2  p.m. in the Student Center

o   Must have two officers present; one being the President (or equivalent)

o   Lunch is provided

o   Risk Management Training mandatory

·      Fall LEAD! Retreat is Friday and Saturday, October 10th and 11th

o   It is overnight at Camp Allen in Navasota, TX

o   Registration and $25 deposit is required

o   There are spots for 60 students to register

o   To sign up, visit

·      Lone Star  Leadership College

o   Deadline to sign up is Friday, September 12th

o   To apply, visit


Faculty Advisor – Vacant

·      No Report


Old Business:

·      No Old Business


New Business:

·      Approve appointment of Vice President

o   Michelle Horner ran last Spring but was unable to attend the election due to a conference

§  SGA decided to defer electing anyone for the position last Spring

§  Michelle was present at meeting and had up to one minute to say why she’s qualified for the position

o   Motion to approve Michelle was given by Student Nurses Association and seconded by Show of Hands

o   The motion was voted on and passed by those in attendance

o   Michelle is elected Vice President of SGA

·      Approve appointment of Interim Faculty Advisor

o   The Faculty Advisor who worked with SGA last year is on leave this semester and Lisa Schulze has agreed to step in

o   Lisa, who has served previously as SGA Faculty Advisor, was present at the meeting and given up to one minute to say why she should be interim Faculty Advisor

o   Motion to put interim advisor to a vote was given by Student Nurses Association and seconded by Honors College

o   The vote to make Lisa Schulze Interim Faculty Advisor passed by those in attendance

·      Elect members to the Allocations Committee

o   Consists of 4 faculty/staff and 5 students who oversee the Student Activities budget

o   The faculty/staff positions are appointed by the President

o   Two 2-year positions are available and need to be filled

o   Motion to open nominations was given by Hurricane Men’s Basketball and seconded by Students for Civic Engagement; motion passed

o   Nominees were Keith Koppert, Agha Hussain, and Lawanda Deason

o   Motion to close nominations were given by Student Nurses Association and seconded by LASO; motion passed

o   Each nominee had one minute to tell why they would make a good candidate for the position

o   Agha Hussain and Lawanda Deason were voted as members of the Allocations Committee

·      Elect members to the Ethics Committee

o   The Ethic Committee only meets when someone wishes to remove an officer of SGA

o   This committee consists of the Vice President, Parliamentarian, Staff Advisor, and three Registered Student Organization representatives.

o   Motion to open the floor for nominations were done by ASAP and seconded by AAUW; motion passed

o   Nominees were Jalen Jefferson, Daniel Meza, Rodnesia Bosley, Lawanda Deason, Joshua Navarro and Alyssa Snyder

o   Motion to close the nominations were done by North Star News and seconded by ASAP; motion passes

o   Each nominee had up to one minute to tell why they would be a good fit for the position

o   Jalen Jefferson, Daniel Meza and Joshua Navarro elected to the Ethics Committee.


Campus Concerns, Questions, Compliments:

·      No concerns, questions, or compliments presented by student body in attendance.



·      Women’s Resource Center: PEP Workshop, Monday, September 15th at 2 p.m. at the WRC. Tacos and Tango, Tuesday, September 16th at noon in SC-200. Chit Chat and Chew on Thursday, September 18th at noon in the WRC.

·      Students for Civil Engagement: Voting Party consisting of many young voters with live music. Houston celebrities, such as Bun B, Slim Thug and JJ Watt may attend. If any other organizations want to help with this event, contact

·      Phi Theta Kappa: Meetings will be held every Tuesday from noon to 12:30 in SC-208 They are open to everyone

·      Earth Alliance: Meetings will be held on Thursdays at 3 p.m. in SC-207. Looking into opening meetings up on Wednesdays. Like Facebook page @northharrisearthalliance

·      Student Ambassadors: There will be a recruitment for Student Ambassadors. Time is unknown

·      North Star News: Liaisons needed from all clubs and organizations. Email and submit name of contact person. Columns from any club are encouraged. General columns, no meeting times or specific events. Ads are discounted for clubs on campus. Any club with a liaison will have their club entered into a raffle to win an ad.


Roll call closure:

Dan Mitsven

1:13 PM

·      Went down the list and those present were:

o   AfterMath

o   Ambassadors

o   AAUW

o   Anime & Gaming

o   Archery Star

o   ASAP

o   Campus Christian Club (North Harris)

o   Choir Club

o   Digital Media Club

o   DAAG

o   Earth Alliance


o   Geology Club

o   HCSO

o   Hurricane Men’s Basketball Club

o   Hurricane Men’s Soccer Club

o   Hurricane Women’s Basketball Club

o   Hurricane Women’s Soccer Club

o   LASO

o   North Star News

o   Phi Theta Kappa


o   Show of Hands

o   Student Nurses Association

o   Students for Civic Engagement


Meeting closure:

Motion to adjourn meeting by Student Nurses Association, seconded by North Star News, motion passed and meeting adjourned at 1:15 PM.