If we give a man a fish, we teach him to give us chips; if we teach a man to charge people for fish, we teach him to charge us for chips and to compete with us at the fish market.

We trust in the pursuit of payment in our pursuit of goods and services even though it is a more efficient system to trust in love (receiving and giving without the morass of competing for payment). A conditional economy (pay or be without) can cause us to compete for payment instead of do unconditional love. Even pursuing payment to give to our families and favorites takes means from others and might cause others to abandon the love system to pursue payment.

The following are some additional reasons for us to abandon serving the pursuit of payment to serve unconditional love:

Imagine we agree to abolish money and offer our goods and services for free, would you

Instead of perpetuating a conditional economy that makes losers, let us put our faith in unconditional love and make utopia.

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