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        Golf Rules(League)

(updated 1/2018)

This is a 2-person Scramble format. 9 holes, shotgun start.

  1. Men tee from the Silvers, women from the coppers (teams with scoring averages under 38 will have guys tee from Gold, teams under 34 will tee from black tees).
  2. Spin a tee for honors on first tee, honors follows on each hole.
  3. Both players drive their own ball, decide which drive they want to hit their second shot from, and play their balls from that point.  Continue this pattern until the ball is holed (one score for team). If a single golfer is playing, they can only hit one ball unless agreed upon before the round by the opposing team.
  4. Players may move the ball one club length in any direction (no closer to the hole) except on the green (both players putt from same spot).  The ball must stay on the same surface (i.e. ball in rough must stay in rough, hazard in hazard, sand in sand, fairway in fairway, etc.).
  5. Each team must keep their own and their opponents score to ensure scores are accurate.  Turn in both cards after your round.
  6. Players must observe all local course rules found on scorecard.  Ball hit out of bounds, or lost, will incur a stroke and distance penalty, unless partner's ball is being played (re-hit from same spot with a one stroke penalty).
  7. Maximum score on a hole will be a double bogey.  Once a team is 2 over par on a hole, pick up and move to next hole.
  8. Substitutions: A team may use a substitution player during the first 5 weeks of the league without penalty.  If both players are substitutions, they will still be allowed to play, however it will not count as a win, or help the team’s scoring average (forfeits will be counted as the maximum score of 54 and will count towards your scoring average (but not towards your starting tee box average)) .  Any roster changes must be made before the last regular season match. A team is not allowed to substitute a player during the last week (playoffs) and be eligible to win, however they may play for fun.  If a team is in need of a substitute for any of their matches, and can not find one, please call the office to request one (there is a sub list).  Please call the office if your team will be forfeiting. Subs are not eligible for LD and CTP contest winnings.
  9. Single Players: Any week a person plays as a single they may NOT play two balls, but instead will be allowed ONE Mulligan per hole (not to be used on the green).
  10. Playoffs: Seeding for season end tournament will be according to: 1.  League record, 2. Scoring average 3. Head to Head match up, 4. Number of eagles 5. Number of birdies, 5. Number of pars, 6. coin flip.  In the event of a tie score in the playoffs, winner will be determined by winner of hardest hole (men's #1 handicap, then #2, etc).  All male golfers will play from the same tee box.  If playoffs are split into upper and lower divisions, top division will play back tees, lower division will play the up tees.
  11. Etiquette: Please follow course etiquette, which includes, raking traps, putting sand in divots, repairing ball marks, and refraining from throwing clubs and cursing.