Software Support Tools for Earth Science                                                 Caroline Cooney

                                                        Et Tech 541-4202

Boise State University, summer 2015


Software Type

Description & Connection to Earth & Space Science

Relative Advantage of Using Tool in Earth & Space Science


Materials Generator

Teacher and student alike can create presentations for sharing, learning, and collaborating. Both tools can be used for collaboration and sharing knowledge.

Relative advantage is that students and teachers can easily create and share eye catching presentations.

Saves paper, students determine how best to share information/knowledge. Students can learn a new skill.


Google Forms

Data Collection and Analysis Tools

Teacher can easily survey students on lessons and class. Helps to inform teacher for future planning.

Quickly and easily compiles data from surveys into easy to read and understand information. Saves time.

Aspen X2 by Follett

Teacher can survey students, check attendance and other important statistics to work with school administrators and family to help student reach potential.

Compiles important statistics in one location to  help student and teacher.

Aspen X2 by Follett

Testing and Grading Tools:

Allows teacher to track grades, and student to view grades.

Easily stay on track of student progress, allows student and parents track progress.


My Haiku LMS

Exam View

Test Generator

Saves time by storing test questions in a “bank” for easy access.

Google Sheets

Graphics Tools

Create graphs of data from labs.

Saves time, teaches new skill.

Microsoft Excel


In earth science, sometimes I will have students create Piktocharts on different topics, and then share them with the class to help everyone learn. Students comment on at our class website.

Free, produces infographics to help teacher and student communicate in formation.

Easy, free, professional looking.


Teacher and student can easily share information.

Spider Scribe

Create concept maps including images and words

Helps students organize information and connect ideas.


Students and teachers easily create word clouds. Helps visually organize big ideas on a topic in Earth Science.

PB Learning Media

Planning and Organizing Tools

High Quality lesson, information, tutorials on a variety of earth science topics.

Allows teacher to organize information and share with students.

Live Binders

Allows teachers to organize information all in one location.

Can share information.

NOAA Jetstream School Glossary of terms and acronyms

Research and Reference Tools:

On line glossary of meteorological tools

Allows student quick access to weather terms

World Atlas

A great tool for earth science to help students’ geography skills. Important for finding earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes,etc.

Interactive and full of information not readily available on a map.

USGS Photo Glossary of Volcanic Terms

On line glossary of volcanic term.

Allows students to see definition and see a picture to help understanding