Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Growing up destitute, Symmetra could have never dreamed that she would one day be lifted above her station and made into one of the Vishkar Corporation’s top light architects and one of their top henchmen.

Bent on improving the world, Symmetra has stood by her company, even in light of their forceful damaging of innocent lives in one of Rio de Janeiro's poorer areas during a brutal bid to take the city.


Only the future will reveal if she is blinded by what she deems to be the power to save or if she will realize just how harmful such dogged devotion truly is.

Jeff’s Choices



Trait- “My Work is Not Complete”

In the nexus support characters are usually the squishy heroes that need to stand in the back of the team fight and spend all of their time keeping the other heroes on the battlefield alive. Symmetra would be no different, but she would have one advantage over others. Her health would be represented in two halfs- health and shields. When the shields are depleted by the enemies attacks they will regenerate at a much faster rate than the normal health regeneration of a hero in the nexus. This will give Symmetra the ability to take damage and very quickly regenerate the damage taken to her armor and get back in the fight.

Mount- Projected Hologram Elephant

Q- “Homing Beam”

This is Symmetra’s largest damage dealing ability. When this is selected she will be able to select a target that is in range of this short range attack. Once selected she will fire a damage dealing beam from her Photon Projector that will lock onto the target. AS long as the target stays in range of the beam, AND the player has this “Q” key held down they will take damage. This attack ignores Armor and can devastate the enemy if they stay in Symmetra’s Range.

W- “Protection Turret”

Symmetra places a Turret on the battlefield that will do the opposite of all the turrets that we have in the game currently. If a friendly hero comes in range of the turret it will fire a beam on them locking on and granting them a significant shield for as long as they are in range of the turret. This shield will slowly build up and will continuously replenish itself as the hero takes damage. In order for the enemy team to play around this ability they will need to take out the turret, or burn down the target before the turret has time to replenish their shields. A Total of 3 Can be placed on the battlefield at once

E- “Teleporter”

When this ability is activated Symmetra will place a Teleporter on the battlefield that will allow one hero to travel from the Hall of Storms to its location. This teleporter can be placed at any location on the battlefield, but the “starting portal” will always be in the Hall of Storms. Once this is used one time by a friendly hero both teleporters will disappear and it till need to be redeployed by the Symetra player once the cooldown is completed.

Heroic 1- “Shield Generator Online”

Symmetra is able to select a structure on the battlefield and constructs a shield generator that is attached to the selected building. This shield generator gives the structure a shield that will work exactly like the cores shield. This ability can be placed on a structure and cannot be targeted by the enemy (example, they can't take the generator out and then the structure won't have a shield) They have to deplete the shield before the structure can take damage and the shield replenishes.

Heroic 2- “Huge Success” Passive

This ability allows Symmetra to place the turrets on heros and they will follow them around the battlefield for their duration. With this heroic 3 heroes will have flying shield turrets that follow them to any location on the battlefield. They can still be destroyed, but they will not be stationary targets.

Specialty Skin: Car Wash Symmetra


Kristen’s Choices






        Shield Steals

So long as Symmetra is dealing damage to an enemy Hero, the ally she has chosen to place Photon Shield on receives that much additional shielding.


        Photon Orb

                Symmetra summons forth an orb made of light that moves her around the map.


Photon Shield

This envelops the target friendly Hero with a shield that absorbs all types of damage until it is broken.


Sentry Turret

With up to 3 charges, Symmetra brings over her beloved turrets from Overwatch. These can be placed on terrain as well as minions, mercs and bosses.


Energy Ball

This mass of energy is launched from Symmetra’s gun, heading forward in a line and exploding when it reaches either an enemy or the end of the distance of travel. When it explodes, it deals as much damage as has been absorbed by the Photon Shield.


Team Teleport

After a few second delay to set up the portal, Symmetra and all friendly Heroes within the area of her ability are instantly teleported to where Symmetra has chosen on the map. This can only be activated if at least one other friendly Hero is nearby.


        Enter Darkness

Symmetra bends light to her will but no doubt understands the equally as powerful force of darkness. In a moment of duress, Symmetra reaches out to this darkness by eradicating all light around her. She is now surrounded by a dark sphere she can move around the battlefield that deals damage to any enemy it touches. When it ends, the rush of light back to the dark area causes a massive explosion.



Goddess of death, Kali was often portrayed with blue skin, bedecked in skulls and limbs and sticking her tongue out.



A classical Indian dance that focuses on an upright torso, bent legs and intricate feet, arm and hand work.