Dual enrollment shared costs are calculated using the State of Michigan formula to determine what portion is paid by PCS and what portion is paid by the student/parents. This applies to students who are eligible to enroll in dual enrollment courses and for courses deemed appropriate by the State of Michigan.  Per the formula from the State, PCS’ share per course is $541.86 in 2016-17.  State law limits the number of college courses in which a pupil may enroll to not more than ten (10) courses overall in grades 9 -12.

The following examples are presented to clarify the cost sharing for dual enrollment courses.

             WCC OR LCC                                                                                             U of M - DEEP

Course – Biology 101                                                                    Course - Engineering

Tech/enrollment fee                          $  28.00                            Activity Fee                                    $   117.00

Tuition ($155.00 x 4 credits)               620.00                            Tuition ($330.00 x 6 credits)         1,980.00

Contact hour fee                                   150.00                            Course Fee                                          130.00

Textbook                                                 200.00                           Textbook                                              200.00


Total                                                       $998.00                           Total                                                 $2,427.00

PCS Share                                               (541.86)                          PCS Share                                            (541.86)

Student/Parent Share                         $456.14                           Student/Parent Share                   $1,885.14

Students and parents financial obligation will be the actual course costs in excess of $541.86. PCS is billed by the colleges and universities for the tuition and fees and requires reimbursement from the parent for their share of the course cost within ten (10) days from the date of our billing to them.  Costs for textbooks will most likely be paid by the students and parents.