Google Docs for a campaign speech

Goal of Google Docs for Writing:

Learn how to leverage Google Documents to improve student writing and engagement with feedback.

“...digital tools and platforms encourage ownership of writing and foster a culture of creativity.”.

Built-in Tools

Voice Typing - Speech-to-Text

Explore, Word Count, Define, Translate Document, Document Outline

Sharing & Peer-editing (view, comment, or edit)

Commenting - <ctrl+alt+m> - need to have text highlighted to add a comment

        Comments are automatically emailed to students unless turned off.

To change the notifications option click on comments , notifications  Options include: all, replies to you, none

Commenting Features Explained +email

Add links to videos to guide students, use Goo.gl URL shortener 


Version history *Saves are automatic, “Named Versions”, “Restore”, Use this to see the actual writing process and give feedback.

        Insert  Drawing  Image  “Take a snapshot”



SAS Writing Reviser -  tools to help make your sentences economical, varied, powerful, and clear.

Save As Doc - takes form responses from a spreadsheet and puts them into a document


        FormMule for an efficient feedback loop 


OrangeSlice Teacher Rubric

TextHelp Study Skills

Read & Write for Google - Text-to-Speech and much more

WriQ - helps teachers score and keep track of students’ spelling, punctuation and grammar errors so you can focus on the things computers can’t score.

Web Apps

Kaizena - Fast, personal feedback on student work

Grammarly web app - copy and paste a doc into their tool for a quick self-check


Analyze My Writing

Slick Write

Hemingway Editor


Google Keep - integrated with Google Docs, create a master list of comments

Evernote - easily collect and find everything that matters.


Screencastify - audio & visual feedback via screencasting

Alice Keeler Webcam Recorder

Simple Audio Recorder Extension

Ex - Mastery Vocabulary 

Vocaroo - Leave voice comments, gives link to the audio file for easy sharing


Grammarly - automatically checks spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes when you write. Doesn’t work in Google Docs

Mercury Reader - strips all the advertisements around online article


Publishing / Creating

*Lucid Press Layout & Design - desktop publishing for Google Drive

*Smore - Google Summit @Wilson Date Saver

Google Drawing - mind mapping/pre-write

        Google Drawings for Character Traits

        Google Drawing Templates

Lucidchart - diagramming/mind mapping software/pre-writing

Blogger - a part of GAFE, students can use their @share.wilsonsd.org accounts to create their own blog

        9th Grade ISTEM Student Blogs


Kid Blog - great tool with younger students

Have students write reviews books on Amazon or Google Play Store

Publishing to the Google Play Bookstore, or LuLu

Reading blogs, writing blogs, commenting on blogs, reading comments, it's all literacy and affords opportunities to develop a positive digital footprint.



Common Digital Storytelling Tools        


PicLit - Inspired Picture Writing

Make Belief Comics - Create Comicstrips

Voice Thread - Multimedia slideshow that holds images, documents, and videos

        Savagery vs. Civilization (Lord of the Flies)

Book Track - Poetry


Purdue OWL


Grammar Girl - http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/grammar-girl 




Google News Archive



English & Grammar playlist

Crash Course: Literature (John Greene)

Book TV - The latest in nonfiction books: history, biography, politics, current events, the media, and more. Watch author interviews, readings, parties, panels, and book fairs and festivals.

Vancouver Poetry Slam - Poetry from the weekly Vancouver Poetry Slam.

National Writing Project -  teachers in all subject areas and all grade levels learn new strategies to help their students become accomplished writers and learners.

Flocabulary - A hip-hop way to learn different vocabulary words, grammar, literary terms and other information from other subject areas

Youth Voices

This I Believe 

Additional Resources for Writing

Interesting Ways to Support Writing in the Classroom

PLN Resources

English Teacher Support Group

Twitter #EngChat hashtag

Pew Research Center & National Writing Project


Reppert Folder - https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B-VZhoHR5v6TUk9mLVM0Umx3UjQ