Spokane Violin Studio

Fees and Policy Structure - Effective September 1, 2020

Your cooperation with the following policies will ensure the highest possible instruction will continue at minimum cost.

We believe in the importance of excellent musical training in a child’s total development. As in any regular discipline, the parents’ commitment and encouragement are vital, especially at the time when interest lags. Following through with projects begun is also an important lesson for the child. Thus we ask parents to commit to the program for the entire academic year.. 

The Studio reserves the right to discontinue any student who does not exhibit sufficient interest to progress.


1.  Enrollment.  Participation in music lessons must be made for the academic year.  Your tuition is based on the full academic school year of 40 weeks from September 1st through June 5th.  There will be 4 weeks off for vacation that coincide with the school calendar, resulting in 36 total lessons in a school year.  Students registering after the term has begun will be charged from the date of their first lesson.  Tuition is due by the 10th of the month, with a $25 late fee added after that.  If you choose not to commit for the duration of the school year, you will be charged per-lesson at the rate of $75/hour.

2.  Payment.  We accept cash, credit cards (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover), and checks made out to SPOKANE VIOLIN STUDIO.  We can send invoices through e-mail via payments can be made online.  Any adjustments made to tuition will be made from the previous month’s lesson count.

3.  Schedule.  Your lesson time is reserved specifically for you.  Allocate enough time for travel, weather, construction, traffic congestion in order to arrive 5 minutes before your appointment.  Late arrivals will result in a shorter lesson.  All lessons are by appointment.

For your scheduling convenience, a live calendar is available at http://www.spokaneviolinstudio.com

4.  Cancellations.  To avoid losing a lesson that cannot be attended due to other events, a 24-hour cancellation notice is mandatory in order to receive credit for a make-up lesson.  You have 2 weeks after the cancelled lesson to use your make-up or it will be lost.  ALL CANCELED OR RESCHEDULED LESSONS MUST BE APPROVED WITH NOTICE FROM THE PARENT, NOT THE STUDENT.  Cancellations due to illness (less than 24 hours notice) will be excused at the rate of 1 lesson every 2 months.

Examples of excused absence (with notification): extreme illness, car accident (one you are involved), funeral, planned family event or vacation, concert / masterclass / rehearsal.

Examples of unexcused absence: Too busy, extra homework, car won’t start, forgot, heavy traffic, etc.

A calendar of scheduled lessons is available at http://spokaneviolinstudio.com/clients/calendar

5. DISCONTINUATION OF LESSONS.  You are free to discontinue lessons at any time.  Any deposits received will not be refunded.

6. Summer Lessons.  The summer calendar runs from June 15th through August 21rd (10 lessons).  You may stop without penalty, or continue to take lessons as your schedule allows.  Summer lessons are given on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Because there are no other days allocated for make-ups, excused absences will be given a credit on the following month’s tuition.

7.  Vacations and holidays.  If your lesson lands on a holiday (Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc), and you do not wish to reschedule, you will receive a credit for that missed lesson.

8.  Instrument repair and maintenance. It is important to have a quality instrument in good working order, complete with an extra set of backup strings as well as 1-2 bows with ample horsehair. While you may try any strings you like, Dominant strings (medium gauge) tend to sound good and last quite a while, though they do take a while to break in when new.  ViolinWorks on Garland is an excellent shop that will help you keep your instrument in good condition.  If you are looking to purchase, check in with his inventory and your price range.  Make sure I play the instrument or bow first before purchasing. Rosin, shoulder rests and strings can be bought online at sharmusic.com

9.  Advice for success.  Learning to operate the instrument takes time, patience and encouragement. We ask that parents stay for the duration of the lesson and take notes to help your child keep specific practice goals in line.  Certain dates to keep in mind: Solo & Ensemble is usually in late January / early February.  Musicfest is the second or third week in May.  Youth Orchestra auditions are in June and September. All-state audition tapes are due at the beginning of October, and the All-state conference is usually in February.  Having these dates in mind for adequate preparation can have a profound effect on a student's progress.  Regardless of one's ability, it is necessary to allocate 1-2 hours a day of personal practice outside of lessons and orchestra to achieve adequate results.

10.  Contact information.  I am here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.  You may text me at the number below as well.


        Jason Bell

        2124 W. Boone Ave

        Spokane, WA  99201