Theatre Society Information Sheet

Welcome to Theatre Society!  The Theatre Society consists of actors, singers, dancers, stage managers, builders, designers, and many other roles.  Don’t be shy if you are new to the group – everyone here will soon make you feel at home.  You are sure to have a lot of fun this year learning everything that you need to know about the Theatre Society and theater in general!  Being involved in each and every show in some capacity is a great way to become an invested part of the club, but you can participate as fits your schedule.  You do, however, need to be a member in order to participate.

What do I need to do to be a member?  What does membership involve?

Fill out the attached form and return it to our club treasurer with your DUES of $25 for the year.  You can pay in cash or check whenever you decide to participate.  Checks for dues should be made out to MHS.  If this is your first activity of the year you will also need to pay your school activity fee of $25 (a separate check is required by the school made out to Medfield Public Schools). This fee is a school requirement and covers you for all activities for one academic year.  If you have already paid your activity fee to another organization in school please alert our treasurer of this.  

Fully-vested Membership:

After you have participated in four shows you are eligible to receive a letter.  Lettering entitles you to be able to run for an officer role within the Society  and also makes you eligible to apply for Theatre Society scholarships and to participate as a leader in other capacities in your senior year.  

In order to letter you must:  

  1. Have paid your dues for the year.
  2. Participated fully in four shows, meaning you have either performed on stage or worked backstage, fulfilled at least four hours of tech work (helped to build the show, paint the show, costume the show, etc.).  The Theatre Society is a strong collaborative effort and we all help to put our shows together.  This also allows us to become a stronger team and allows all members to learn as much as possible about all aspects of theater.  
  3. Attended all rehearsals for which you are called, including technical rehearsals, dress rehearsals and STRIKE (the day after the show closes when we take down the set and clean up the stage.)  Rehearsals will usually be held after school from 2:30 to 4:30 in the auditorium.
  4. Honor all requirements as set forth in the commitment agreement signed before each show and abide by all school rules as set forth in the student handbook.

As you probably already know, Theatre Society members enjoy working together to put on great shows for the community throughout the school year.  We also may participate in competitions and workshops.  We are involved in other activities such as special events with the historical society.  The group also plans other fun activities during the year and a very entertaining banquet at the end of the year!

If I have any questions about what Drama is like, who is a good person to ask?

Usually, the best person to ask about a show currently in production would be the Production Stage Manager.  General drama questions can be asked of one of our four elected Drama officers:

Megan Sullivan, President

Jane Clifford, Vice President

Angela Salisbury, Secretary

Matt McGlone, Treasurer

...or the club advisor and director:  Ms. Andrea McCoy


Depending on the show, we will be unable to cast everyone who auditions for an acting role.  Even if you are not cast, we hope you will still consider joining our productions in another capacity.  There are plenty of other places you are needed in a show!  And if you still want to be on stage…try again next time!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST!  For all Drama news: listen to the announcements, check your school email account, check the WEBSITE at, and stop by the Drama Board daily for last minute updates during the day!  There is also a facebook page just for club members.  In addition, you can find us on twitter and instagram @mhstheatre!