Success Criteria: 

*A conclusion that links back to the introduction.

*An introduction that grabs attention.


                      -Tells a story        

                      -Asks Questions

*Lots of facts

*Call to action / Recommendation

*Persuasive techniques

                     -Emotional appeal


                     -Expert opinion

*Introduction has a brief summary of main points.


Hook:(grabs attention) Did You know that donald

Brief summary:(state reasons briefly) Why donald Trump should be president (fake)


Reason 1: (sarcasm) he is very handsome and has made lots of decisions

Backup facts:

Reason 2:  

Backup facts:

Expert opinion:

Reason 3:  

Backup facts:

Emotional appeal: (something sad or heartwarming)


Link back to introduction:(repeating main points from introduction)

Call to action:(tell people what they can do)