You are a DOPPELGANGER who has to face five trials.

In every level you must kill every enemy, after the last one is defeated a new level will start.

There are multiple creatures in the dungeon, whenever you kill one creature you become a copy of it.

There are five level of power (white, blue, green, orange and yellow), whenever you kill a creature of

your level or higher you gain one level.

When you die you return to your last form with full HP but lose one leve.

If you don't have a form to come back or die at level white the Game is Over

Every creature has three skills, two of them with a cooldown that only goes down when it has enemies in LOS.

When there are no enemies at LOS creatures regenerate slowly


Cursors or Numpad -> Move

Space -> Enter skill mode (Left/Right Select Skill, Up/Down Select Target, Space Use Skill)

Esc -> Quit game

Executing instructions

Windows : Just unzip and execute UncDop.exe

Linux : It is distributed as a love file, you need to install the love and lua libraries. Instructions here https://love2d.org/wiki/Getting_Started


Windows : zip

Linux : love