Setting up the Vulintus MotoTrak System

Updated 09/19/2018

  1. First, download the latest version of the MotoTrak Behavioral Program from the Vulintus Support page:

  1. MotoTrak 2.0 is the latest version of the behavioral program, and we suggest most labs start there.
  2. MotoTrak 1.1 is an older version of the behavioral program that was written in MATLAB. It is available for labs needing software continuity in ongoing studies, or for labs that might wish to customize the program themselves in MATLAB.

  1. Open the MotoTrak Web Installer after it finishes downloading. You computer may show a warning that looks like this:

Click on the “More Info” link, and then click “Run Anyway”.

Follow the prompts in the installer to install the MotoTrak system. It may require you to download the MATLAB Runtime Compiler, which is free software used to run our program. The installation can take several minutes.

  1. Now connect the MotoTrak controller to the computer using the USB cable provided.


Module Connections:

  1. Next, plug the provided 8-pin DIN cable into the appropriate connector on the module. The DIN jack is in different place on each module, but the cable will only fit in the appropriate connector.


  1. Now plug the other end of the 8-pin DIN cable into the “Module” jack on the MotoTrak controller.


For Optional Swipe Sensor Attachment:

  1. Plug one side of the shorter 6-pin DIN cable into the appropriate connector on the module.


  1. Plug the other side of the 6-pin DIN cable into the swipe detector attached to the cage door


For Optional Auditory Cues

  1. Attach one side of the 3mm audio cable into the jack on the swipe detector attached to the cage door (not pictured)

  1. Attach the other side the 3mm audio cable to the Jack labeled ‘Spkr’ on the MotoTrak controller


Pellet Dispenser

  1. Take the provided ⅝” tubing, and insert one end into the spiral pellet receiver on the MotoTrak cage.


  1. Place the pellet dispenser some distance above the cage. Cut the ⅝” tubing to the desired length and push it over the barb on the pellet dispenser. Make sure there are no horizontal sections in the path of the tubing in which pellets might slow down and get stuck. We’ll depend on gravity to get the pellet from the dispenser to the cage.


  1. Connect the provided square-ended cable to the jack on the top of the pellet dispenser.


  1. Connect the split square-ended cable into the jack labeled “FEEDER” on the MotoTrak controller.  Then plug the other end of the square ended cable from the pellet dispenser into one of the split cables (it does not matter which one).


Module Auto-Positioner:

  1. The 2nd square ended cable gets attached to the Auto-Positioner for the module.  One end of the cable to the Autopositioner and the other end of the cable to the squared ended splitter at the MotoTrak controller.



  1. Connect the 9V power supply to the MotoTrak controller at the “PWR” input.



  1. You’re now ready to run MotoTrak! Open the MotoTrak program you should see a display of the real-time signal coming from your device. A Vulintus specialist can guide you through the program in a phone or video conference and show you how to design your own stages and start running behavior.