This disclosure team is wanting to develop the long term possibilities of this disclosure for the maximum benefit of the planet.  

And they are wanting to involve many people in this long term development.

The Long Term Possibilities Following Disclosure

The long term possibilities following this disclosure are part of the operational considerations of the disclosure team, as it is important to plan for the immediate consequences of this disclosure from the perspective of its results to the welfare of current and long term planetary affairs.

The first long term possibility is that many of these undisclosed technologies are suitable to be adapted to the betterment of the entire planet.  And it is important to plan for the transition of these facilities to the public administration.

Another long term possibility is that the ET presences may be shifted to involve benign ETs who can be of value to the improvement of life here, and are able to be advisors and facilitators concerning the opening of other ET interactions.

The improvement of life here can be very much accelerated by the use of technologies from highly advanced ETs who are interested in providing us with appropriate assistance and oversight.  

The main need for the long term possibilities to be successful is that of assuring the complete and total revelations of all of the undisclosed UFO and ET activities, so that they are all brought into the post disclosure public information, so that they are all transferred to the appropriate public administration.

The long term possibilities are the most important for the benefit of the planet which is the location of such a mixture of people who are in their process of developing their interests and their capabilities for gaining off-planet travel and engaging with other life from beyond the planet.

There are many new associations which are involved with this disclosure team, and they are providing invaluable support to this disclosure from their own resources of many levels and alliances.

The past decisions on this planet are no longer appropriate to the current and future state of this planet, and are now superseded by the new levels of development on this planet.

We of this disclosure team are now preparing for the availability of many new ETs and their technological and their superphysical contributions to the immediate improvement of life here by their compatibilities with the life and people of this planet.

They are now integrating with the many people who are prepared to work with them as contributors to this unified and comprehensive endeavor to immediately improve the life of this planet.

The many people who are interested in the development of space explorations are the main body of people that is the focus of the disclosure team, as these people have a natural interest in the UFO and ET information.  And they are also beginning to realize that there is the possibility that some ETs are already interacting with this planet, and they may be in communication with the undisclosed programs which are known to be active.

This body of people is the main focus of the disclosure team, and is the responsible group which is already looking for the disclosure and its aftermath.  These people are the ones who are already discussing this possibility and its consequences with the awareness that it is necessary and timely for this information to be publicly available.

Working with this group is a priority of the disclosure team, and is a long term commitment.  The many people in this group are the providers of this disclosure information to the general populations.

When this disclosure occurs it will be an overwhelming realization for the general population and the many public agencies which are unaware of this information.  To make this disclosure a comfortable event, it is set to occur in a sequence of developments which are expected to be taken in by the general population as a major and ongoing development in the life of their planet and its people.