UNI Graduate/University Credit Program 2016-17: Overview

Partner University

University of Northern Iowa

Course Title

Professional Learning Applications for Teacher Leaders

Learn how to use and apply Google Suite apps to deliver learning outcomes for students.

Course Description

Workshop for teacher leaders in international schools for participating in a series of professional learning sessions and applying concepts to achieve learning outcomes within their schools.


The Loft - Professional Learning is offering university credit (including graduate credit) for participating in professional learning and applying concepts to achieve learning outcomes in your classroom at Singapore American School.

Course Overview

SAS teachers are being offered the opportunity to develop skills using Google Suite apps and how they can be used in education, with options to also:

  1. Attain Google Certified Teacher - Level 1 accreditation; and/or
  2. Attain 1 UNI Graduate/University credit.

Qualification Requirements - Summary

  1. Attend 5 different LOFT sessions in The Loft between January 12 and March 9, 2017. There will be a total of 8 sessions offered during this period.
  2. Complete and submit Leading Change through Classroom Integration/Reflection by March 16.

* Details listed below.


US$75 per person. This includes feedback from the ES EdTech Team, university fees, instructor fees and administration costs associated with the program.

Payment is deducted from Salary via Human Resources department after confirmation of enrolment.

Credit Received for Completion

1 university/graduate credit.

Note: This credit cannot be used towards completion of the UNI Masters program.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact Ben Summerton (bsummerton@sas.edu.sg) or Dr. Leigh Martin (leigh.martin@uni.edu).


The Loft - Professional learning


Complete one of the following three options, aligned with the Teacher Leader Model Standards. 

A) Presentation

Design and deliver a presentation drawing on evidence of your learning, applied in your classroom and impacting on student learning. Consider one or more of the following audiences: educators, parents or students.

B) Blog Post

Complete a 500 word or more blog post (or equivalent video) summarizing/reflecting on your learning experiences during the course. With your permission, we may post your reflection, or a link to it on The Loft blog (http://sastheloft.blogspot.sg) and onwards via SAS media channels. Contact bsummerton@sas.edu.sg to be added as an Author on the blog.

Suggested discussion topics:

* Include multiple images or videos from the event (taken by you or someone else) that add to your written piece.

C. Interview

Interview one or more LOFT attendees during, before or after having attended. Feel free to use the same discussion topics above.


Include a personal reflection on what you learned after conducting the interview(s).

Course Topics and Dates:

Jan 12 - Intro to curriculum, exam, UNI credit, and self assessment. Room M301

Jan 19 - Chrome Basics and Search. Room M301

Jan 26 - Google Drive and Docs. Room C200

Feb 2 - Gmail, Calendar and Productivity tips. Room M301

Feb 9 - Forms/ Spreadsheets. Room M301

Feb 16 - Google Classroom, Sites, Blogger. Room M301

Feb 23 - Youtube and Exam Eduspeak. Room C200

Mar 2 - Misc. and Review, Exam Prep. Room C200

Mar 9 - Repeat of Google Classroom, Sites, Blogger. Room M301​