Hi. Just to save time in explaining what I could use a little help with, I figured I’d create this document to do all the explaining!

First, the Freebies:

Get $10 instantly if your PC is secure

(no spyware, no viruses, no misc open ports, no major vulnerabilities)

Get free Uber Credit

Up to $20

Get free Lyft Credit

up to $25

If you are a hard worker, self motivated, good with people, independent, persistent and don’t give up easily, click here for the positions I’m looking to get filled.


I can offer you $100 up front.

All the below can be done with little effort,

sometimes all it takes is mentioning my

service to the people you talk to every day.

What are you interested in the most?

Booking Photo Jobs

up to $300 per booking

Sell services for PictureThisCity.com 
up to $500/sale

Sell Technical Services 

Up to $500/sale

Drive for Uber 
Up to $35/hour