June 1 Thursday

P2,4,6 (120 minutes)

Plate Tectonics Lab

Start population graphing activity

Population graphing data

Carbon footprint webquest due 6/6 or 6/7

June 2 Friday

P1 (80 minutes) and

June 5 Monday

P2,4,6 (80 minutes)

Finish population graphing

Review graphs, Populations ppt

human populations

Biomes stations - species, threats, solutions

Carbon footprint webquest due next class

Finish population graphing activity

Final Review sheet

Final notes sheet

Review for Final after school MONDAY JUNE 5 right after school!!

 June 6 Tuesday

P1 (120 minutes) and

June 7 Wednesday

P2,4,6 (120 minutes)

Finish Biomes stations

Biodiversity and carbon footprint review

Video: 11th hour

For next year

Work on Notes sheet

Part 1 of Final Exam next class!

Bring notes sheet to use notes on the final

Bring Textbooks!!!

June 8 Thursday

P1 (90 minutes) and

June 9 Friday

P2,4,6 (90 minutes)

Final Exam Part 1

Book return

Study for Part 2 of Final Exam

Bring bathroom and homework passes

June 12 Monday

P1 (80 minutes) and

June 13 Tuesday

P2,4,6 (90 minutes)

Staff BBQ

Final Exam Part 2

Return books

Turn in homework passes and bathroom passes

June 14 Wednesday

Single Periods

P1,2,3,4,5,6,7 (30 minutes)

June 15 Thursday

P1 (120 minutes) and

June 16 Friday

P2,4,6 (120 minutes)


Sunday June 18th Father’s Day