Faith Adventures  

Faith Adventures is our program for middle-schoolers that engages them in learning and serving. We usually meet from 4-6 pm on the third Sunday of the month.

   Activities from learning about refugees to fun camping trips are all part of this group’s agenda.  enjoyed a These young people recently joined their peers from First Baptist Church to raise awareness and money about homelessness. This included an overnight sleep-out in cardboard shelters which raised over $6,000 to support the homeless. Faith Adventures brought the youngsters to a Vigil for the homeless in Newport and they also visited The Haven, a homeless shelter in White River Junction, to learn directly about the challenges faced by the homeless. Our youngsters also prepare food for the Friendly Kitchen in Concord. In addition, they have learned about wider issues of poverty and how homelessness might be prevented.


Plans for the group are flexible as new ideas and opportunities arise. All middle schoolers are welcome to participate.


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