Yumi loves Shishio

“Slaves are human beings, but prostitutes are no better than cattle.”

Name: Komagata Yumi

Age: 20-30

Love Interest: Shishio Makoto

Friends: Sojiro and Houji, Juppongatana

Enemies: Kenshingumi, Oniwabanshuu

First appearance: Kyoto Arc

Biography: Yumi was a high class oiran in Kyoto's pleasure district, Yoshiwara. Her status was such that even high-ranking and wealthy men had a hard time getting appointments to see her. Life was good until the Maria Luz incident in 1872, during which a cooly from a Peruvian ship escaped and sought asylum in Japan. The Meiji government granted it to him, but was then called out by the Peruvian government, which claimed that Japan's prostitutes were little more than slaves. The Meiji government responded by outlawing prostitution, thus leaving the women with no legal means of income. Yumi went from riches to rags with the stroke of a pen. Her luck changed when she met Shishio Makoto, who like her, bore a grudge against the Meiji government.

Personality: Hardened and bitter due to life as a prostitute, Yumi is nevertheless completely devoted to Shishio. The bounds of her devotion are shown during Shishio's epic battle with Kenshin.

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