2015 Wedding Guidelines for Kramer Vineyards

Reservation Rate:

Site fee is $1750 for weddings up to 75 guests.  A 50% down-payment is required in order to secure date. For more than 75 guests, there is an additional $15/person charge.  Remainder of payment is due at time of event.  ______

Maximum guests:  The space can accommodate: 125 people.

Down payment is fully refundable up to three months prior to event date.  

Outdoor wedding site:    Available from 9 am until 10 pm.  No exceptions._______  

Rental companies may deliver items the day before if there is no wedding that day.

Minimum wine purchase:   1 case per 20 guests. Any combination of sparkling and still wines are offered at a 15% case discount with the exception of already discounted wine. Wine is to be paid for when selected.  With a one year commitment to our Cellar Door Wine Club, discount is 20% off cases.  Please note: we cannot accommodate off-site wines. No hard liquor._______

Catering:  You have your choice of caterers.  We have a list of recommended caterers who have been here in the past and did a great job.  You work directly with your caterer on the menu, and other food-related issues.  It is recommended that some appetizers be provided before the wedding while people wait for it to start. Please provide water, and non-alcoholic beverages before and during the wedding.

 Items included in site fee:

--One complimentary tasting for the bride, groom, and up to four of their guests to select wines for event.  Please make an appointment.

--Tables & chairs:  Four 8 ft banquet tables, four 6 ft banquet tables, 12 round 30” diameter glass tables (seats 4 – 5 people), 90 white resin outdoor chairs, two 2 x 4 ft tables, wine barrel buffet table, and one 4 ft square cake table. Set up and tear down service of these items is included.  The wine barrel buffet table is three wine barrels and two doors .  Barrels can also be used as appetizer tables.

--Stemware:  One sparkling and one regular wine glass per guest. Additional stemware available at $1/glass. _______

--One small tent for music/musician, a table and a rug is provided.

--Licensed alcohol servers included: Wine is served by the taste/glass.  Sorry, we cannot allow open bottles on tables. We can accommodate up to two cases of bottled beer. Please note: we do not allow hard liquor.  No person under 21 can be served.  Legally, we will refuse service to anyone who appears intoxicated.  Oregon liquor law is very strict.

--Porta-potty:  We have one on site.  Included in site fee.

Additional information:

Our home is available for use by the wedding party to prepare for the event beginning at 2 pm. Decoration of site can occur any time the day of the wedding.  All people and personal items should be removed from the house by 10 PM________

Rehearsal on site is available pending scheduling around other events.


Parking:  For weddings less than 60, one person is necessary for parking.  Greater than 60 in attendance two volunteers must be provided to aid as a parking attendants.  Over 100 guests, three volunteers are required.  This is to maximize the number of parking slots.  Parking is available at the wedding site, in the upper vineyard, at the base of the driveway just below the house and at the tasting room.  Caterers may park in the driveway by the garage.

Rental Items:  Dishes: $5/place setting including two forks, two plates, spoon, knife and coffee cup.  Set up at no additional charge.  

Coffee urn:  $70 for urn serves 35 cups and our own Wine Country Coffee Roasters Coffee.


Referrals are available  for local caterers, flowers, wedding cake, wedding planner, and party rentals.

Communication issues:  Two weeks before the wedding, the bride and groom need to email Trudy trudy@kramervineyards.com regarding final arrangements, i.e., guest count, when caterer is arriving, flowers, wedding party, guests, cake, where tables and chairs are to go, when rental items are arriving and company name, DJ or musicians and when arriving, and any other special arrangements that have been made.  If renting tables and chairs, caterer usually puts them in place and sets the tables.  

A note from the owners:

Please understand that your special day means a lot to us. We work very hard to help you have a joyous and memorable occasion. We welcome you into our home with the understanding that you respect the facility.  

We agree to the above conditions for our wedding dated ____________________


Date Signed____________________________________________________________


  Wedding Date:__________________

Weddings at Kramer Vineyards





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