Playwriting Assignment:



General Notes (Before writing)


1)    What is the general idea? (Curricular area)

2)    Share your research notes on the curricular area. What outcomes (3-4) will be achieved?

3)    In 2-4 sentences what is the simple plot line of the script? (Synopsis)

4)    Outline the Beginning, Middle and End of the script in point form notes

5)    Who are the characters? Give a brief outline of their personality



The Writing process


1)    Follow the format given (Camp Sweet the Musical Script on Edmodo)

2)    Include stage directions

3)    No narrating – have the plot be character driven – writing in the 1st person

4)    Edit script – get rid of any personal “ism’s”, write as if the character is speaking

5)    Is the thought process and story clear through the character’s speech and action?





1)    Take on the character’s personalities (voice, physical attributes etc)

2)    Follow the stage directions

3)    Develop character interactions

4)    Listen and respond

5)    Revamp script if needed

6)    Memorize

7)    Props/ sets/ costumes

8)    Any tech needed?

9)    Tech rehearsal

10) Dress rehearsal

11) Performance



1)    Background information handed in (General Notes from above)– looking for 3 – 4 curricular outcomes in the story

2)    Written work and editing (Handed in twice – Rough draft and edited script) – Must get script approval before blocking the play.

3)    Collaboration

4)    Perform scene – meet with teacher 3 times

a.     Initial rehearsal (after the script has been blocked)

b.     Off book rehearsal

c.     Dress rehearsal

                                               i.         Ability to take on character traits

                                             ii.         Listen and respond

                                            iii.         All group members are performing

                                            iv.         Stay in the moment (focus)

                                              v.         All objectives are clear and make sense

                                            vi.         Have been engaged in the learning process

                                           vii.         Have taken personal risks to achieve success in the process


Recap of assignments:

1)    Background information (1 page)

2)    Rough draft of script

3)    Edited script

4)    Approval of script

5)    Rehearsal

6)    Off book rehearsal

7)    Performance