What do I need to do in order that my child may receive daily prescription medications?

It is highly encouraged that students take their medications at home, but if this is not possible, then the school nurse will administer the medications once the following procedure is completed:

Physician orders and parental consent need to be on file in the nurse's office for inhalers to be used at school.

What do I do if my child needs to take a short-term prescription medication such as an antibiotic?

Complete the Parental Consent Form for Medication Administration.

Medication must be brought to the nurse in its original prescription bottle. The bottle will be used in lieu of the physician order sheet. Only send in enough medication to be administered during the school day.

What happens when my child develops pain while at school such as a headache or cramps?

The nurse's office is supplied with Tylenol and ibuprofen. The nurse assesses the student for the need for pain medication.

Parents must complete a Medication Agreement and Release of Liability for Students form. These forms are kept on file in the nurse's office and must be updated annually.

What immunizations are required?

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health mandates the following immunizations:

You must provide the nurse with documentation of the above immunizations. Lack of a current immunization record on file with the school nurse constitutes grounds for student exclusion until this regulation is deemed in compliance.


How often does my child need a physical exam to play sports?

Sports physicals are required every 13 months. In order to participate in sports the student must have on file in the nurse's office a copy of an updated physical exam performed within 13 months of the sport's season. If you know your child is going to participate in sports while at NCAHS please plan in advance, and make an early appointment with your physician's office. Remember your child's health is important to us.

Do you require a physical exam if not participating in sports? 

Yes; every student is required to have an updated physical exam on file in the nurse's office.

New admission students are required to have completed:

Please notify the nurse of any significant health issues your child may have or medications they take on a daily basis at home. This information is kept confidential, unless there is a need for teachers to know. Such information that would be shared with the staff may include such things as restricted activity due to a medical condition so other arrangements can be made.

What if my child is unable to participate in gym?

Gym excuses must be obtained from the student's physician. The note should include a diagnosis (reason for the excuse), and length of time the student will be out of gym. If the student had a significant injury and has been incapacitated for a lengthy period of time, then they will need clearance by their doctor for return to gym or sports.

What if my child has restricted activity? 

Accommodations will be made for student's activities on campus based on physician guidelines. This is extremely important for their vocational classes. Once again physician documentation must be obtained with reasons and dates of restrictions.