Cricut Adapter - Instructions

        Please read entire instructions carefully before using the adapters, and ask any questions you may have. The link to our Etsy shop is at the bottom of this document.

Here’s a video of me showing the adapters →

        **NOTE: For adapters purchased after January 2017, the pen should be inserted BEFORE the adapter goes into the machine.

  1. Remove the stock Cricut Pen Holder carefully.
  1. There’s a pretty good video here →

  1. Insert pen / marker into adapter.
  1. For Sharpie “Ultra Fine”, be sure that the first gray “level” of the marker is showing beyond the adapter. A little twist as you meet resistance will help.

  1. For Sharpie “Fine” & Sharpie Metallic markers, the adapter should come all the way to the gray part of the marker.

  1. For Sakura Gelly Roll Pens, the pen should be inserted until it cannot go further.  There should be a “snap into place” like a pen cap.

  1. For Bic Mark-It markers, the marker should be inserted until it cannot go further, right up to the “lip” where the cap would fit.  It helps to twist the marker in and out, just like a screw or bolt.

  1. Place new adapter, with pen, in Accessory Clamp A, the same place you just removed the Cricut one from.
  1. The adapters are much shorter by design, so they will not be sticking out of the top of the housing (aside from the Bic).
  2. You’ll hear / feel a soft click when the adapter is in place.
  1. Close Accessory Clamp A.
  2. Craft away!

To remove the adapter:

  1. With clamp still closed, remove marker carefully (twisting gently can help)
  2. Open Accessory Clamp A.
  3. While holding the top of Accessory Clamp A, gently push up on the adapter from the bottom.
  1. It helps to use a free finger, or back of Sharpie, to keep the adapter centered from above.
  2. You will NOT need to squeeze the adapter.

Tips for success: