Take a photo of your book checkouts.  Add audio or text to explain why you chose each book.

Take a photo of the book you are reading.  Add audio or text to talk about what you’ve learned about the main character so far.

Give a video book talk or snap a photo of the book and do an audio book talk

Record a group discussion about a topic/issue from a book

Act out a favorite scene from a book you are reading

Retell a story in your own words

Make a video or audio of yourself reading a book aloud

Make a video journal of yourself as a book character

Create tutorials for using the library

Create a sketch or infographic to share important facts learned from a nonfiction book

Create a sketch showing what you’ve learned about a character in a book

Create book trailers in iMovie

Post a photo related to a particular topic, then share facts learned about the topic

Interview another student about a book they are reading.

Create ads or commercials about concepts being learned

Take photos of completed or in-progress projects

Take photos of books and label them with genres

Record yourself reading a poem.  Add a collage of pictures to go with the poem.

Use video, audio, or text to respond to a reading prompt

Make videos to represent various aspects of digital citizenship

Snap a photo or video of a coding project

Find a photo to represent a book character.  Use chatterpix to make the photo talk as if they were the character.

Create a book in book creator and add to Seesaw

Design a poster to promote reading

Design an infographic about benefits of reading

Take a photo of a book you are reading.  Use audio or text to share connections or thoughts about the book.

Do some research about a social issue in a book you’re reading.  Doodle/Sketch what you learned about that issue.